Hot Corner 8.1.18 (HR 1)

The Hot Corner with Harris and Lynch
Wednesday, August 1st
Plenty of trade talk after the MLB Trade Deadline passed yesterday!

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Hey Mike Lynch here and I'm Patrick Harris you probably like baseball which is why you're listening to this this is the hot corner podcast look like satellite baseball I guess I'll tune in based. Pretty neat so thanks to its limits is brought you buying your local less Schwab tire center doing the right things since 1952. Baseball. This is the hunt corner Rivera suddenly and spray it would. He had to scamper home to want zero. Dive on baseball. Waiting dogs as a hall of fame third baseman. And much cooler yeah. And cross country flights slowly destroy the Seattle Mariners. The number of Beers is actually. Highly disputed some saved fifty some say as many as seventy Beers which is an absolutely insane amount of beer nobody can drink that much. Now when an attitude like that. Now here euros for the hot corner Patrick Harris assemblage that strokes and with the Yankee unit back to Mike Lynch me looks really hot spontaneity young man. Okay about about about about about a song will you attack. Good job might not get them. We'll get me into the hot corner though. I do want some very. Must be a Wednesday. First Wednesday of all you are so pure cover million. Wo man. Should have shared that with much. Why not no because spits you off the semi of bush. We are yelling at me now no I'm I'm following what. The joke was that was said before retract my ex yeah I tend to among the Crowe guy who sparkling flavored what are your LeCroy and boy oh boy excuse me. Guess he chipped you men if you look good or just 'cause it rhymes LeCroy board. Is an in thing though it. And embody that. That weren't the other day it was late and never thought this way but he said LeCroy is like you strangling drinking sparkling water and then someone in the room. Way down the hall from me yells a random flavor and you're like yeah that is what that is like. That's worthy opened the show up and yeah up so here we are. And not happened. Yet. Two bullets one yellow it doesn't. I can't match. And that happened. But well welcome into the show we are allowed to get to you today. Be doing this I think there's a ton of stuff going on in this baseball world. People move in places. I believe that these trade deadline. Was yesterday the day before. Today the day before must be a Wednesday is must be the day before Wednesday. And that happened doesn't trade deadline yesterday will make sense every day is a Wednesday. It's not every day that she did to travel in a bullpen card from one locker room to another. That's kind of ran. DC then no it does say is that due to. I'm in a Marshawn Lynch is the imagery does all of them blankets and he'd be on this. There was a there was a reliever for the Rangers. Who got treated to the Diamondbacks while they were playing each other. Any just jumped on a golf cart went over to the really locker room I did not see you got it all are you are not bad JT and thank you wrote thank you Joseph isn't that really happened that really happened there in the middle again he jumped on the golf cardinals like well you're in the locker room. I'll play for you that's squalor of I mean you see guys obvious that he cried on the way but any game all the secrets away who was good deed sure ain't. Of tigers center fielder lunch in a couple years ago and was like crying as. That was the Mets shortstop who thought he got tree that was Wilmer Flores or ask you'll still. Still met her. A Porsche. We. That or a guy. Sorry due to yeah keep cutting edge I just stuck women with the Mets so he was crying and it turns out but he wasn't treated so this crime for not them. Well maybe he was crying because I was happy that he can get yeah maybe or he was crying of happiness that you finally got traded away from the Mets. I don't think that was what it was no I don't think so now I'm demands were did when he was traded eat probably crying now they can't be traded from the Mets yeah. I was asked why and yes whatever grass they lose point five to four. I'm sure he's very much Julie can least carve out. Couple minutes from nineteen yesterday the stood. The Washington Nationals. Well I favored teams to talk about put up not five not ten not fifteen. Not to put me. 25. Runs boom on the New York Mets roasted who scored four. Jose Reyes technically they scored three. Well those drivers time runs DF creator reliever for the national who should also talk about it'll get there and as part of his game. Do Jose Reyes comes in to pitch. In the eighth inning I think it was I wanna know what kind of pitch that was. Does that feel like it became infamous side and then dropped thing you know and almost a late curve meets the slider well he knows one of his pitches like a similar but it ended up like right in the meat of the plea he was trying to he was throwing me for Spitzer essentially with a side arm. It was just like when needed America look anybody true side army it almost like he was standing still. And just winging it is that the most playing time he's saddled season. We probably could really forty pitches and give up six runs two homers and triples doubles everything. He was just serving it up on a silver platter. It was here's why ED TU seventy mile an hour fastball. And then here's my reared 62 mile an hour at a wing and it curve ball fame. It hit Ryan Zimmerman in the arm. And he faked charged the mound on Jose array a thousand best moment of the whole game. I mean he's like I should I go issues is gone and shallow grave without a bit of changes they busted out a brawl erupted. I think it was nineteen nothing in the fifth inning it was just an atrocity you math do you see the that the Mets Twitter account. They they were they were riding high on and they were like hey guys out of the first inning where we give up an early touchdown what will get this back we will get a feel gold medals towards us ourselves Williams. Last three final. Monty I covered emerging from that and I'm pretty sure I read something that in the eighth inning the Mets broadcasters were just reading random blurbs from the press report. For the game really and yet they relate taking turns just like. Reading you know that the random stats you give way it was probably a pretty long game 25 before. Yes that's what Sean Kelly got so sad about because apparently the home day he claims I don't believe this he claims the home plate umpire told him to speed up. Or is when he called for a ball. And then the second base umpire was like hey man if you move too fast and McCauley for a balk. So we threw his glove down easel pissed off a temper tantrum now. This is all BS if the teacher is gloved down after he'd give up a three run home run. And as he tourist club down he stared into his own dugout. Because he didn't want to be in the game in that situation I was watching MLB network this morning. In on Italy's central. The morning show. They've played the clip is the good news broke they Kelly got DF eight at that during the show with a loser both Mark DeRosa in the got they had on their resume as a former GM have a look at each other went. A loaded and one of the and I came to keeping you down my 24 runs in Sean Kelly gets put him. He's he's trial like I'm better than mr. old. Chromium for dissenting full and Sony lost to pitch to him about three run home run throws a club down good layers of dug out immediately gives DF had. And we'll get in the nationals at some 45 because there's a lot going on there but. 11 of my favorite things that I saw in reaction to this game. Is that in Jacob to Grimes last four starts the Mets have scored three runs for him. And last night the Mets scored three runs for Jose Reyes on the mound and as a fantasy owner of Jacob to grow on an keeper league I am livid. That pisses me off and I blame Sean Kelly. That's leveling OK it's your fault it just this fall yet you are the reason. You are the reason that I meant. I just there they were so many little things are making him that were so much fun. So I just want to Carlson time port 25 to four not the record for runs scored. For some reason I am very specifically remember the record in the American League disease thirty to three win by the Rangers over the Orioles. In 2007. I don't know why so specifically remember it. For some reason that Philly lose game one of a double header. And could be wrong but I just that is burned into my memory. So I got to sign into your Indo owning my keeper league. And he's been on paternity leave because his wife the beautiful gulf each. And so Yahoo! told me that engineer end zone probably not. Might be able to come back on Tuesday but probably not safe bet it's just go ahead and send them. So I have to dissent him. He winning three for six or three for five with two runs scored and or Maria it's them. Thanks yeah it looks up thinks Obama. X. But sucked. Sucked really bad. Pissed off. The flight was you've got to see the highlights and I was like okay is sort silence and you see into your Indo and rake a. Double bases clearing double the first spring loaded clearing double and does become hamburger people right now. This tax on the battery incident I signed razor one curveball but clocked at 490. Romans laughing because he barely made contact Kathy good. It. Yeah it happens. It happens. Poem and looking in the box goers whole areas. Little Jose Reyes I forgot that Jose Reyes played for the Mets because they've they've brought the pitching coach out there. If he would throw it forty pages yeah demagogue I asked him he says Hauser armed or use. Not my arm that's the problem is the fact he had two runs awfully good equipment and meanwhile tenor rule work. Who's five and twelve on the season. The rose seven innings gives a one run at seven k's and no walks pretty easy going you know one run in Europe nineteen to nothing monsters Stephen match gets the loss with point two innings pitched sensor. And getting an MRI were forearm discomfort always about why you suck you out why you lost this Stephen Madsen is gonna have surgery yeah. Tommy John surgery foreign discomfort or so goodness. Tancredo. Tommy John today and also big news. Oh good Oakley well the trade deadline did happen yesterday and there's a lot of stuff we wanna get into will try to cover the top the hot top. Up blue Buick there. The hot topics of the trade deadline and about fifty minutes or getting to the importance of relievers at 745 on a bash on the nationals. And in any 8 o'clock hour. A couple teams in the American League east and decided to just we quit let's just get rid of at all. And we'll do that you can find us on Twitter Mike's a migrants 27 you can find me PDD 085. Are fantastic producer mr. Joseph Fisher a Jo fish three F five SH. Three. Go ahead dresses we like it better needed it takes on 553 of five. Two big aces got moved yesterday oral over the last few days I should say and we'll do that next. This is the hot corner on 1080 the fan. Terrorism when John Kennedy. Seven's morning here for a Portland sports leader don't you forget it. We're watching the cubs around does the pirates right now. Then that leads into. Couple gives that now play for these teams. I guess we'll start with the starter for the cubs tonight who pitched fairly well very well one of the best starts of the season that would be Cole Hamels. The new starting pitcher for the Chicago Cubs be the tank costs arranges. You know Cole Hamels pitched a no hitter in Wrigley. With the Phillies. No with the Rangers he did then linked in three years ago and a number that I remember watching and I was like good for him. I don't know how to feel about this trade him because Cole Hamels has not been that great this year but his home road splits were. Hysterically scary. Like in Rangers ballpark killing a nine ERA number road he had a good two ERA so maybe it's great. New York Rangers ballpark I am not the rigors of pitchers gave him but it's hot in Arlington and the ballpark is. There's a wind tunnel that Shuster worried out to right center field yeah I don't want anything to do with playing for the Texas Rangers. So. Desolate and we'll begin but he really hasn't been that good this year. But and he pushed amazing in this first himself into this is something we've seen through this it's like. Oh man this has available everybody wants this guy it's like. We'll all the murders shore they're off field problems and Chara and maimed in the Indians Jonas partying in there really Coastr alto and look at their numbers like all audit. People saw it right why is everyone excited about this isn't the best available guy and if if because Adam Jones won't go anywhere right. Suddenness of the of the starting pitcher mark it was weird this year there was not a lot equality there. Numb I mean the yanks go and get JA happ. Which I at least pitched well this year but it's still not like blowing your mind read the judge they have and Lance land Lou brings guy Kevin gospel. They did look out. And earn a day and Brad Brach I didn't realize they got him as well. Colds is take your role in Iraqi staff in the gym for prospects in return so Cole Hamels goes to the Rangers. Will will talk about the big one next in the end he was clearly the best pitcher on the market if he was traded. But yes I mean. I think Hamels helps because the comes irritations and little bit if you this year lesser is not quite as dominant Darvish has been heard all year right he's gonna come back soon but he has been heard all year. Penders hasn't been quite as good child would be a movie did to the bullpen. So he's Sox right human things so they come out the kind of a weird spot other starters. And if speaking of I was warming up now. And with any grimly. If towards it to. Lit the other day and you and this is a reward it's how glad were winning this game. It's helpful that they get Cole Hamels closet pixelated they have been great. He could give me the number one starter in the playoffs is accused which went thus you have ranked clusters not official last few weeks now and then and I'm glad you mentioned how Hendricks is there for a he existed. X is a guy who was Cy Young candidate. I am winner and you went in recruiting and but I exciting candidate. Sure preschool youth and means chunk. Austin never showed again. Conduct. An angry at all I promise I'm fine and pulled from the couple years ago and even findings he ring deletes. And then that leads us to probably the prized position of all starting pitching which ice still don't really understand this deal either. Is Chris archer from the Tampa Bay Rays goes to the Pittsburgh Pirates who are only. Three games out of a wildcard berth. Despite their being one C 34 teams vying for two spots ahead of them. So we know why not let all the pirates they send Austin meadows and Tyler glass now. Paris went for it because they also got Unocal from the Rangers as well also get lower their bullpen therein and which is interesting. So for two reasons. Won the pirates who literally never go forward Newton and they decided not to keep Garrett cold because there weren't going forward yeah they were like we suck. And now they're going for when they're not really in a position to compete. And they traded away their top hitting prospect also matters who's been hitting well in the majors by the way in one of their top pitching prospers who has not been as good as as meadows but you know. Doing okay this year in Tel plus now. And they also have a player to be named later that dishonorable or was it clear of real value so another pretty highly rated prospect I assume. Offer Chris archer who is nothing good for three years and dumb. Maybe to seize the chance to superior may be just isn't as good as he replied he wants. Or is I don't I don't get this at all. And full disclosure part of it is because I've Austin meadows and fantasy league. And the rays sock in it they plain and and moos is eligibility who will murder. The entire organization raised on sucked on her own right around 500 debates in the Washington Nationals will now that they have Kevin here Meyer and nobody else. Simply put a gloss to the fact Houston and Austin shot at my favorite team. I did read this the tea may raise. They've only got two guys they have they've a payroll going and it's when he nineteen of ten point two million dollars. 'cause they 08 point two each having cure Meyer and they still owed two million dollars to Evan Longoria. Every other player is arbitration. Orb or not arbitration eligible like rookies and people and garbage deals. I would like to throw this out you by the word. The Tampa Bay Rays who have been to. The only team baseball is here to be doing leave the opener strategy he bullpen game strategy from now have. One. Starting pitcher Ennis Tyler glass now still like smells in the DLC is no rumors on the deal. Outside of that. They're all bullpen or you're looking into his pupil Prosser resources or children or Mallard and about Amber's looking at the depth chart on your spam. And their starting pitchers are the Toronto sky stand back and each wanted to but they're not starters their openers old man. So Chris archer was gone I must confirm this Chris archer force traded was the only starter that they had. The other four spots were filled by their bullpen strategy it's. And them them on. Oh yet do you even on roster resource our great friends over there that we've never met but we just like them. They've and they have a do you name Yoni sure Reno's right his she's won their openers he is their current ace right now. And then it literally says number one it yeah on each share knows number two bullpen game. Note three Tyler glass now. Number four bullpen game more fun I've bullpen in game. And Yani cereals is basically a bullpen game. Let me Cummings does he pitched like two. Or three. Two pence or pensions and sometimes he comes in second. The next day. Like a cynic is the opener and then they'll British rows back here and for like a couple more debt at a couple more innings and this has got Portland Devil Rays and Allred so right now they're only starting pitcher in my humble opinion is Tug us now until Blix welcomed back confident they did it Tommy Fam. They did do that in a team that's selling. Bought a player that has not been as good as advertised which of those interest and that's so weird. Is no options news. It's gonna walk a separate confused but it's not that the that the fact that we had helium Alex Smith and Willie a damp a dominance. Good job those pacers named Joey window yet CJ crown known I don't know who that is and all his guys because they're merely spoke to Michael pariahs. They just got him in the trailer yes cheeks Elijah does an eighteen from Arizona who. Purdue they give to Arizona. I don't know he risks. And I season and I think that happened. And so clinical team Q Tommy Fam they're fourth that are in the heat you know right. It's like hey guys. Appreciate. There may have Gmail ensure effort out about that. Chi man surely there's just making names out hope that sounds like you're making it where do you find it on the bench. So on the bench Gmail and chocolate if me dad. I seeds here legislative but I still feel you name and got him from Milwaukee is you may indeed be great at the deadline. They may just sold everybody except for famine really got I don't know if you're kidding cheer my you're like really guys. Really can't give me any sort of love. It's like that it's like real motto in Florida. He's like you treat everyone but yet because here are your centerpiece clearly you'd think that. I don't wanna be here anymore shut up and sit down with the all right so what do you think you're archer on the on pirates finesse and since we're coming in front of the race. Better than what you had to. Better than Tyler Laszlo not as good as Gary Cole you're still not making the playoffs I think he'd change of scenery is gonna do wonders for him. He's been Tampa his entire career. Outside of two seasons he has played in a losing situation. Every year now he was eagle eat peace one of the best starters in all of baseball for years of strikeouts for years. And the last couple years he's falloff. And I just wonder if playing in Tampa and indeed. Dark. Disgusting. Tropicana Field death area that he plays in has finally gotten to him if he moves he beautiful. City FC west park. With the yellow bridges in the city skyline he managed better and keep thinking about how bad the rays are and how they maybe we give them to Portland. And us credit. Rather it is. And law. Yeah I'd rather an expansion team affirmative peck but as those I still think Pittsburgh doesn't mean the playoffs imminent and they went forward but. I don't think senator. So weird go for Latin. Newman a you have previously admitted that they screwed up last two years by not going forward depth by going for now which was the worst time to go for a century from coach and we suspect this story feel good that. RO we come back we did I think the most important move of all of this MLB trade deadline is. The amount relievers moved we've seen a lot of it lately but this year has been a DZ will do that next but first here's Joseph sports. This is the hot corner with Paris somewhere in John 1080 both Israel and. Go below the trade deadline things just put across Jamar end. Brewers get Jonathan scope. Dodgers gave John ax Vern. Doctors get Brian danger Dodgers give Brian Dozier to not start at second because they need more in fueled much idiots brewers also got might miss caucus you know Phillies Landon Wilson Ramos. And Erin loot from the blue jays earlier. Indians really pushing that and memories of this Martins sort of America's Cameron Maybin. Who would you rather have nobody and rather be out of the race and protect halfback but. I don't want me here. And it's funny if if if the Indians got Brad handy yesterday. Instead of like a week ago I'd be like yeah baby you go for it. But now it's just like we are Brad and you're like oh nice was trade deadline gonna look like. We Jonas Hiller to improve. It. Three warrior MEL central here I'm. Braves braves get Adam devolved I don't think anybody remember he still played his good the Red Sox for some reason still don't have second baseman so they have Ian Kinsler Pedroia was heard yen. Yanks grabbed Lance lay in the yet. Pitch today because Sonny gray sucks sucks and answer session for circus maybe some Ingrid is also starting rotation spot. Can hope the Mariners did Zach Duke and Adam Lauren why law hip. I was exciting it is relievers limited more relievers were decent. I think Diamondbacks got JD Graham and Brad Ziegler you know. The Phillies grab as Ruble Cabrera. I'll lose before yesterday and yet yet the Diamondbacks got Eduardo Escobar the other day to view he's had a great season. Oh here we go this is it John if you're listening Sam to leave by allowed. Yes Clinton went to the Mariners got a maybe it was just her for the first time I believe huge market for him to. Nobody literally nobody had heard of a different. But even cardinals fans news knows. And the brewers bad you're looking Soria the Astros ga it. Roberta as soon know which will talk about the top of the 8 o'clock hour and then needs to be disk that does need to be discussed. And as we said you know familiar to Oakland Britain to the Yankees. A lot of relievers moving around and I think this has been the comment. Kind of that you ran then I wanna say. Let's see who won the World Series here for the club's. Get at this. Brings up things for the cubs. Was. The Red Sox. Maybe. Well now the royals the royals OK so area. Since the royals won a World Series we've seen the importance of portable Pennington before you in my right I believe so it was giants royals cubs. Astros yes I'm on my missing a Red Sox who have little or no there's thirteen. Our and he was Red Sox giants cubs. Red Sox giants royals cubs Astros and since the royals won a World Series. We've started to see the importance that it is the bull pin it down the stretch unless your the Houston Astros last year the terrible and yet somehow still won so it doesn't shock me that. At the trade deadline. The majority of the teams in it that you would say have a true shot at winning this when relievers because like I look at the rulers. And I say okay you grab Jonathan scope you grab my stock is that's huge for you. But as unto him that much for you right it's more the like. It's more like the Diamondbacks short that would keep Graham and Brad Ziegler and things like that you're kind of like okay these guys believe the team they got an area creditable if fairly soon. And I would even argue that the Mariners to an extent O'Connell like that like hey we'd like our team let's just get some pieces and call the main Zach Duke at a more an all share the united humble and and into Ramallah. Beautiful. And so I think I mean look at the Yankees okay sure they had JA happ Lance Lynn but the big one for them I think was sacked Britain. Yes I agree. I think what's really. Interesting. Is how visible Penn idea that was birthed by the royals who had three guys. Has morphed into. Six mountain. And you could probably think the Yankees for that is they just built a Super Bowl Penn and are ones doing well. If our starting pitcher sucks it doesn't matter because there to take in my effort to innings and have great pitchers the rest of the way. Figure out this way. Someone was texting in about the some prime time yesterday. No I men DA he's not revenue and go for I was like in reality think about it they don't have anyone go to. 'cause you've got Jonathan holder who no one's heard of and you should nobody's ambition really well for them this year tolley keenly still in the minors by the way. You've got Chad green. You've got Zach Britton. You've got dull and intensive so you have David Robertson. Any overall this Chapman ruled that seven guys yet seventh it's a lot of them better all. Good two he league relievers not to mention you had you know have a starting staff. Of let's see here Severino open. To knock gotten. CCC CJA happ and lamb slain. Poland which then pushes Sonny gray to the bullpen was pushes him to never be used ever again but I but I mean it's like now. Now all you got just dudes everywhere yeah and that's the thing is the Yankees do you need starting pitching and could be good really good but he's he's just an average guy Lance when just an average guy. And you want. So Brian Cashman said words gonna get a hug another reliever because we want heavenly bullpen. A of the Diamondbacks did. Dialects couldn't get another starter then this is starting pitching staff for the billing consistent right we had a really good bullpen and they went let's get two more bullpen arms Graham. You saw the Phillies go terrible pens okay we could use another guy and they got a bullpen arm. We've seen so many T even you saw the Indian zero a couple weeks ago they got two guys yeah. Our bullpen has been atrocious we have two good guys in the bullpen and in Miller and Alan. Let's get two more storm opened in stopping this bad. You no longer is that the two iron or three guy it's a four or five guys have been coming in the fifth and we'll. As a gives you alarm or did you learn more opportunity to situational. You know you can kind of say instead of just like. Oh man we you know lake look at the cubs and Indians here they were to grocers cubs are all a sham any means grab Andrew Miller. And it's like oh let's just get his lanky lefty who can pitch against anyone announce Lleyton though let's get this kind of quick smaller righty for this position and then we'll get his lanky lefty for this position and then all of this kind of stuff and Al oil piles together. I mean is if you look at all of these. Reliever. Trades. Disease in your mind push anybody. Or is it just going to be kind of a wait and see thing well. It's tough to say if it's gonna push anybody because none of the relievers who were trade honored our top line guys. But the world goods they all have written ones right but they're they're all good and so those were brutal soon. They all had an on again let's let's say a bomb and only three issue ERA is no good not great but. I don't know that's gonna help them now. What if any of those teams make the playoffs bats and iron to see it come and come into play because as you know very well as all the guys out there know very well. The psyche make the playoffs the decision to pull starter has to be faster and the decision to changing out of the bullpen has to be faster but just have to. Well but it does because the stressful and it's one bad pitches is thrown by the guy you decided to leave him. M Grady Little. It's because well because in the series yeah so to have all of these options available to use gonna help then. So I think the Diamondbacks are really good team they could certainly make the playoffs this year. If they make the playoffs if they're not wild card game for instance it's going to be a lot better for them to have six guys in the bullpen may trust. Depending on him to go up against flakes and the Braves. And the Braves heavily to guys in the bullpen they trust then that's gonna be a big difference. Now when Zack Greinke throws eight innings and the media I think you're totally right by the way smaller shout out to John solo shot out to John expert. Thank witness that we we do is still somewhat okay they're Dodgers want you mentally being traded some but he four. Good for you'd you'd know what is it if the and my slogan might as well Julio Franco with the group all right coming up next. I could not even though open the show with that I could not miss the chance to talk about the Washington Nationals. And how they might be the most is going team and the trade deadline will be the next some 46 on to any event. This is not hot corner where terrorism when John DN AB program. Coming over the top of the 8 o'clock hour ribeiro was soon yes traded to the Astros but that's not the news. Fire sales as well. And then we have fair or foul also known as four of the thirty. 444. Port. Russian to have it be legit because Joe's. Here to detect it and now. It's really tough -- is like my Karrie do fear felonies you're like yeah I think there's something in the next ten minutes and then ten minutes goes by Michael. Who. I can name all the starters on the French national team can you. Oh no. I don't know some. In the Hindu moon. Tomorrow I'd forget some but the cap room to eighty. These groups if from like him in fact I love. You in anyway. I wanna uses up to me for no reason whatsoever outside of just my own personal enjoyment. Talk about what you look at emulate them for a bunch flashy as the donor. Only for my personal enjoyment. I think the Biggest Loser in this entire tread trade deadline is 100%. With added out. The Washington Nationals know why you syrup because they didn't do. A day. Now home thing arbitrator Brennan can sort of the cubs also Laurie my dad and from whom. So they traded a good player away could motor like every other good player were rolled onto because we're not so clear their GMT. Said. I think we can win this year were not sell and anybody yeah right. Lemon went on scored 25 runs Mary's right all shot up the Mets are terrible. So to mean that's the loser of the trade deadline who's the Mets the Mets Obie does that in trade their guns yet because the Helm. The worst farm system maybe like second worst farm system. And they have no good players they know good hitters all they have over a couple of pitchers whose value pay Michael welcome foretell. You lay off the local boy is not editing these terrible. Always on the message front wise terrible but. They have to grow all Lucinda guard and Zack Wheeler is pitching like old Zack Wheeler only got to get rid of loses its Ruble Cabrera like who wants that they're only good hitter. And they don't trade anything you can give the many value you know I don't blame the Mets too much I wouldn't you were to do gram Orson to guard right now it's only the walking next year. More problem might. Well he should. But really he's free agent next year and although he might be a free agent next year ode to gram Cleveland is beautiful. In the early fall. For it is absolutely beautiful but. I did an agent said trade him or resigning him I was kind of what he said some assuming a conference of soon if not at into the air yeah was probably not going to be here but soon. So just the the Mets needed to do so I agree with you at the nationals they need to do something as well. But those two teams having room where the buyer for a loser they just sat their hands until it was too late to. And then you saw reports on trade deadline day harper might be available. Teams calling having a deal on players and men pros had a heart attack my phone was it was like Indians and checked in on Bryce are pros like you lose. Michael make it by an Indians are tortures the the report Dan said they had a deal in place for harper was done and Rizzo the GM came in and said no. I think how to deal Triplett Kirk I. I guess they just understood okay so the Mets not doing anything to me is is kind of the equivalent of if the rays. Didn't move archer orally the Padres on do anything or. A team that doesn't matter not doing things one thing that. Like this it teammate. Literally sat there and couldn't decide if they're gonna buy or sell so they just stood pat. And that she was garbage and why the guitar is a great players. Right as a breast is going to walk they said that Mickey Callaway has already lost the clubhouse and like three months in this first managerial job that's crushing we can use pitching coach those eating them but he. Thumb I still just don't understand. How the nationals. Didn't do. Anything every team dude don't rulers are doing stuff don't braves are doing stuff. The pirates of how. Absolutely nothing. He treated Brin can. It's. But the only thing I don't understand more than the nationals that the missing that is above me I mean I don't understand the Dodgers either. Others are loaded due to bear may just so they went for him. OK so all manner expert and Brian dose Russa who you need you need 87. Infielder. You're probably gonna move Dillinger to be ultimately that's what he said. Which they do in an outfielder so absolutely wide angle like the great you know the onus Martina or Cameron may be right and nurtures them both of them. And you know that shortening know news. I don't hit any it is some I think everybody's socks when I think baseball nobody's winning the World Series this year. That's how I feel. As the result on the screen for a while or is that she's all over the place dozens if you know I am. Doctors 751. Clubhouse well it was. An asylum and that's fresher. It's just and I'm glad since you can't play you have time to groom your beard did you see the did you see the weird like. Mean it happened on Twitter returner today now so Dozier get you didn't these races tweets. It's on at Q and deleted his whole Twitter comment. It's an all you must be really did get booed off the map so I hope. I couldn't get upside continues O'Brien. Those are gets in the game late 'cause he was traded on trade deadline day when he goes into the dugout introduce himself to Dave Roberts. I think you might have played with had a previous topic can't remember exactly ten. And as he does that Justin Turner gets up and walks in the event of a dog how to. Well and walks to another bench to sit down. In the first like or third quarter comic goes. What did Justin Turner he walked we wanna say hi it was new competition in the infield that's another reason on the long list of why hate him. In Justin Turner on Twitter response of that guy the next saying goes. I introduced myself to him in the clubhouse. I moved over so the other coaches consider highly technical equipment and super glad that in the long laundry list of things that you be developing. And I was like I saw that allows like a lot of Justin Turner walk away if of those weird but they know. So what's your ideal infield for the Dodgers and turner at third if he's healthy they're a child or shorts on a short. Dozier. At second. What about the NL home run leading Muncie biologists are already forgot his first name Max and I know whispers Max Muncie first doing. Or indoors or play first in the Belgium now filled with. There was another guy hits. It at I don't know dude would've Corey see your two miraculously play and he won't. I'm old now they each in just to create drama. Thanks to those other guys Matt Kemp with the fact. Yes he'll twist it's kicker and he's her cousin who. We know I just some oh screw the ball in the in the gap him in right so that is Lorenzo Cain have a triple track and like with stock is set to play. You know glossy easel for one and he sucks a like into the site can I never like to actually huge in the muscular he pride that's like 6000. And we don't believe that's possible. Anything's possible if we. True also mean are we come back. We had drama closer drama I could I couldn't be more excited about that this guy was treated for this guy and we'll do that next seven did BA dot corner to an eight event.