Hot Corner 6.27.18 Hour 1

It's Mike's birthday, and we're doing our All Star Ballots! Also, Fantasy Grind. 

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This is the hood corner and Rivera suddenly and she Raymond would like to. Give him to scamper home to want zero. Tenth event. Dive on baseball. Waiting blogs as a hall of fame third baseman. And much cooler yeah. And cross country flights slowly destroy the Seattle Mariners. The number of Beers is actually. Highly disputed some saved fifty some say as many as seventy Beers which is an absolutely insane amount of beer nobody can drink that much. Now when an attitude like that. Now here euros for the hot corners of the country terrorists assemblage that strokes and with the acne on his back and Mike Lynch mutants really hot spontaneity young man and okay about about about about about a song will you attack. Hey you yeah. Does that give them. Welcome me into the hot corner. Promise me Wednesday. Feel like a moment all around again descend down. Patty you're getting crazy Patrick reportable surprise to me tonight. Played all coy earlier I don't know start amount that the fact that if it. Bill I know I just to told all right Michael you've got a text from my wife at some point. Or face a message or some things look I jaws met her all right I don't know anything. Happen. Where have you pimp some strange attractive woman was talking to me in the least I can say it was yeah what do you mean anything you want to protect at the humility in the building sure totally them. That it just does that that threw him in the bone picture I thought that was so Alps from our. Cannot confirm nor deny. Well thank you for being part of a little surprised me is appreciative no problem my friend happy birthday thank you you know you you only reached 35 once. And when you everywhere it'll be six years from now we'll get there I root for you we we we. Do you not heard from me at 29. I mean 29 euros in the millennial. Weeks I am right on the cusp of millennial and not O'Neil C that's funny because I think I am on the coast to. They knew what thirty I'm 33 okay. No thirty my premium by being I think technically you are no I don't think anybody used 33 really acts like a millennium yeah those. Those people. Those people Jew people what you mean you can go to I always feel like I hear there's like a deep range set. It's like you your born dean. 82. I think they like to say that to say eighty to who threw 95. Or something intent. Your a millennial Nia polite Goldfein someone that was born in 1982 and go find someone born in 1995. There are quite different very different lake varied and all would the typical millennial. Trappings. None of people born 82 really do them well. New edition is an entirely different generations know like I like the Talking Heads because I listened to the Talking Heads not because someone told me they were cool. We that's our history I was it the Talking Heads oh really yeah I think that's our hope hope a like they're one of the most one of my least favorite bands and bands that people. And the like I just think there's so park it at a a amongst jump in the Willamette. What about like call all the notes do you like Holland notes and other OK yes he did this is the difference this than ever NC I am yacht rock. You are not. Now like yacht rock for me is awesome. Paula notes we have thumbs up Lional Richie become you'd just like the really really chill. Alloy it's oh you simple beats not that music. It's got music are you calling the hall and notes simple beads nom calling its Talking Heads simple they're songs are just like. Spent at bat. Bad bad but I mapped mapped out. And I'm like oh my god change something please anything. A home like hawks boom boom boom boom room. And how that's. Okay but then like right after that simple beat quote unquote. You great lyrics who craze but I need to like both. My I think this is the most angry I've ever been a chew on your birthday. If people know is your birthday legs and I'll do this'll date now on I don't like Yahoo!'s every year before us that in no no I don't like to I wanna be like. Hey look at me it's my birthday guy ain't bad but. Now. I didn't even know I was doing it came today because because my wife Kelsey who is here. She set out Saturday will do because Wednesday work until 9 o'clock in the and tell us easier you probably shouldn't tell the girls sitting in the studio with you can protect ethnic and at. And Eldorado on Saturday because I worked a Miami Hillary to do once they're nine. And she text me she asks what did you have for lunch time went to zoo plans to amateur for lunch and who knows Tony. Again I don't eat dinner and I was like why but that's how I know you love her. A woman says don't eat Mike's like. OK I won't 'cause like OK any other persons like Mike don't need your like you know after you hit it out I really what I want to review again and get out of my room. We. I'm an authority go locate here and oh will big burger itself. What will in studio dinner so in the breaks if I come back into from a segment nice sound weird despite a that is Walt and number. While Levy your 29 yes how. When I make you you were a true new millennial. Still him in his balls that's true so when I may view it seemed like you were 26. Or point 505. Or 33 to four years ago or leave them and makes mean that made me between nine. Come in mold. I like how I can't dole you're not old yet don't worry I can't correlated my birthday with my life I can only correlated other people's birthday with my life. Is because you're not a big Bertha got no not at all I don't care at all no not at all so NASA tried to give me some crap about this today and it's like. I think it's OK to still care about my birthday I don't need to go crazy or anything I think there's an excuse to do something special you know you add that that you have to you have to nail down it's OK to be your birthday. Oh my god what is gonna end Odom like I don't know go home and sleep Patrick I think what would you say to people who say after Britney news thank you oh. Well yeah thanks appreciate it I'm sure yep. And he'll try that but at what you do I don't know we'll figure it out yeah I had to work on my birthday. I was of the restaurant downtown and like I'm working and walking and Amanda you do and I'm good and Dario. I still got a little -- a must have as Robert they don't feel good but job telling people they had wanted to be bragging right right right so much and bright hasn't yet on a would you date well I had lunch in a mom and now here in. Yeah. The Thursday let's do this. And some dude walks in the door and a good friend of mine. Actually I actually I don't know who's a threat in my of the in my but it went for I don't know I don't. So many Watson and like them is actually working in any. There were like yeah is there there's like a great don't wish me happy birthday and we didn't front as they're like one. Now that dad's birthday today you know that. Yellow louder for everybody in the restaurant here. Someone walks by and it's your birthday Moseley Anna. In and I mean I have done today what's the date today I had that today with one of our promotions yells Matty she walked in here in my and I missed it it was her birthday and and I was like yeah she goes oh happy birthday and ocean like a top two unions happy birthday I'm sorry I was like it's OK I wasn't broadcast at its talk I mean we. It's OK he's like I sought on FaceBook I. Just actual path to prepare our bed and broadcaster for his normally I'm pretty good. Excuse me about catching birthdays because a FaceBook you know there are always thinking is this for every day and you have notification in the morning. Up close prepared yeah. I think my reality is that they just. Revealed FaceBook that much anymore. But he price I don't want to Derek. You see it again as an and you decide whether or not to care of the fifth that person's birth yet. Cool critter a lot of friends on their from high scorer like. Among running on that person's wall I'm trying to I'm trying to think whose birthday is accurate I do care much over they might because they do love you thank you. Rome obviously my mother my sister her daughter. Might elect who friends. December 5 August 5. Hopes that's the debt that's the thing though is memorizing birthdays at the top one. Like I. I have friends who I'm I probably should know their birthday gotten I don't know they're perfect yeah I don't generally when it is like it's in the middle of April. Kelly my cousin who I care about the most of anyone in my family in terms of people my age gland. It's like I think it's may 23 maybe it's may 24. Paul seemed unfazed. Yeah I don't know her remember. Herb but the best friend his birthday is December 5. Yes yes yes that's his pertain I don't know how I remember that and then I got another buddy what are my other best friends he has twin sister. I don't know why that's a factor but maybe it's because you double up but I'm lucky because their birthdays 8580. That is just like yes easy easy semi mental note there's no easy one for me 61789. And owns an armor that yes six to 85. And owns that sometimes I forget no quote yup to. Oh good though really well. Joe's out socially and Mike today on his birthdays. So hopefully this shows sucks a little bit less than normally we have. I don't know what are we doing today we get a vote for the all star game you know we. We realize the next weakest fourth of July. So we will not be here on Wednesday. Sold at ethnic yeah I don't wanna be here in the for the two. You guys don't wanna listen to us on the for the for the July by 7 PM I should be three sheets to the wind you can have a barbecue. I said he wanted to watch some fireworks 7 AM or 7 PM 7 PM Muslims fans lucky you. You sleep at. Night irrational and yes so I think we're gonna do all star voting pool will dive through that me. You're hearing here. I'll sneak in a little World Cup action but we will indeed too much for Diaz does I guess everyone hates the biggest global event in the world and again I won't get into that and a console will spend the rest will spend most of the time just gonna talk and all star voting I think there's some really cool stuff some captivating things some positions that are. Up from grabs and we'll chat about that will do Finnessey at some 45 as we always do mikes in the house in the any questions comments. And or concerns you can hit a sub on the fan Tex I'm 55305. You can also quite as on Twitter. My semi glitch two point seven you can find me PDD 085 it is up harass us we like it when we come back. I can't believe we're already here I can't believe it's already almost feel surname we always look forward to the season starting in men in them. It's our capitalism. More hair will do some belt and we'll do that next does not corner on 1080 the fan. This is behind a corner where the Arizona and John and maybe Beltran. Did ads kind of funny. You know you never know. Mayors in May quite a scuffle. Right now with eight year old Orioles from Baltimore to the acts like telling us they try to. Think I'll see her come back and save the debt it is 77 in the top of the tenth while. I don't know who don't want to be freaking out I don't know who did anything but I do know that. Having Kelsey you're headed tying home run because Chris Davis and a three run home run. But I believe given me two run lead so we. Did they get Oakland's Chris Davis knows us from a checked Chris Davis they had was pretty atrocious yellow he hit a three run home run and so. As a pinch hitter not ridiculous he started almost we started it in on. Champion Amir famous beat of you know. I think we're gonna sweep the Orioles and Kristi was just in at three. You know he's on pace for like the worst thing ever. The worst thing ever yeah. Dislike. Not season just getting worse life year ever yup that you can sail and makes twenty million dollars to hit as badly as he does. He's fine he's having a great leader and who gets to go home to a huge house in multiple cars that are real number. It's close of medicine at the twentysomething milk I know it's twentysomething. But I guess that close it is it is it on the closest and it when he with a closers and a third. Because that's a real thing I don't know. You gonna have to check. Ten year old week he Gould's Sheen go to the sport Trac site that does all the contracts you know I'll pass I don't really care about Chris Davis. Now or afford to buy a new I'll do the research. Well let's get closer to the twenty years making two point one million dollars thing god and be really brutal. As a 21 million dollars is not really brutal. The air for a guy hitting 160. In June. I'd rather pay 2129. In that eight million dollars is like. Two other players. But maybe sorry I'm Indians and we don't need anybody except that provision glimmers regulate twelve mil year. Yeah that's who he was bad in the beginning of his career cat just the equipment the all right all right all right well work like Mike mentioned before the break we're gonna be out next week because before the July. And then that. The week after bad. Is leading up to the all star game. We Dowdell starting their rent before the Ulster argument in the week after that led big John on the door you know yearly halfway do the show happen during the season. Comment. Catch of what's been happening and predict the future all that kind of jazz if you've if you've never caught us would John. Highly recommend that show you have congressman John that you know which again into Talladega still highly recommend that he had some of our better show for the three of us can just. Talk baseball for a couple hours and all star voting is due July 5 so since we're not here next week after it was Smart enough. To have us vote regarding ranked its interest in this year I've been keeping an eye on who's leading vote getters right now. And I feel like baseball fans. For the first time a long time. Are paying a little bit more attention to who's. You know if you noticed that too not just like star star star who's not a big Goodyear star here sir there. Ambrose is turning a whole vibe there might be some some players up there were. Get some more love I kind of knows that too I don't I don't like to look and see what. Lake filled them the leaders are because because I don't like that to dictate because I like to be such a fan of the game that I want to actually make sure that I'm voting late. Spoiler alert. I'm gonna vote for Judy Martinez he GD so I so badly wanted to bring this up here this week. Maybe we should do all suck and I we were just gonna do like voting. Less civil Simon jade because our I assume you're Moehler Julio. Juan Julio Martinez I seem to remember. He certain someone out of three of us on the show who said that he sucks and he guaranteed he was gonna have a bad year. Now they've got some it was a me. To think Joe's not here. That's joke guys I tell you. We gotta talk about does his ideas are pretty bad your your random hatred for JD Martinez. Calling him a bad player who's gonna suck for Boston and house like duties one of the best hitters in baseball there's nothing random about my hatred for one do Leo. He is hitting like 330 and leads the league in home rock and yet in a small part of a loaded lineup Mike geez I can do it too. All right we'll do that later we'll do Elena overseas tour. It will clearly it. But what are you or do as soon go as the web is surely Leslie why does open up they also are ballot that starts. First base for both leagues so it's just two positions because it's easy all right let's start the American League. Without boring you with people like some guy named hours and some. Huey. Some do and who knows neutral job somebody name Olson. You and your big guys people lesion consider for first base in America only we got was a break you from the White Sox yet. Mean he Cabrera who was hurt so he will not be able to play a ranked but you know me being they have contract bonuses. Your mirror killer Chris Davis. Joey Gallo who has the most home runs ever instill any warning. Joe Mauer slow but steady. Mitch Moreland. For the Boston Red Sox our schools and Justin Smoak. Well by the way looking at this this is the worst of valor for first baseman I've seen in a very long I was just about to mention a human growth first baseman especially in American League it was like. Hey we have a DH but we have a second DH let's from a first base and they're usually pretty good yeah this is kind of brutal. I honestly had been for all those listening I have not looked at the ballot until I just opened it right before the segment. I don't know easily who I would vote for. Mean Mitch Moreland numbers of the best. Right well look across the board you know. But he also hasn't been starting all year he's been he has now women are of him but he was it very kind of every third day player to start the year. And I don't rely giving votes those kind of guys I think I'm gonna go Jose bring you he's been the most consistent even though it's not the sexiest numbers. Of all of the first base in the American League Alison I don't. I don't think there's anybody else I would even consider. Honest I'm looking down loyalist I mean. According to forty though. Yeah I mean amigos are rated. Hungary L from the Astros but again hasn't hit that hasn't been at the plate as much he did serve suspension. He might be a racist. Hum. I forgot about that. Yeah boy I'd love devote our pools that's gonna happen. Yeah moral and decent bootleg Mitch Moreland has a hundred less. Plate appearances. Or at bats sessions aid and Jose agree. That is. That's why am I'm voting for got to be you gotta play the whole first half of the year I'm with you on that and so evil because Avery yeah. Because they're brain. Current. I mean here is is a totally had that this is sewed. And while I hand. Current. Only actual like Eric and his stance with the this once and it'll be an instance the National League in the Kathleen. Which I'm sticking with plays and went to exit its MOB it's CBS and and that CBS would be fun I mean. He'd be falling now and his slate. Sitting here talking pretending like I know what's going and but hoping that is Internet that's always great to me pulls a suit brought got to America and came so how's how's how's Jose Abreu doing in the old ballot. He is currently in first by quite a bit. He has a 400000. Mission vote lead over you'll agree on second. Mitch Moreland isn't third MM. Albert Pujols to me Cabrera and fourth and fifth so curry Ellis second. Baseball fans Intel makes me feel like you're right that they're paying attention because nobody knows who are realists know. They really don't a mustard are there's no. I don't know. I like that yeah me too. All right let's suppose they're very across the board in three let's which oversees the National League there's a bunch of dues that you know oh okay yes. I think if you're in dire basal fan you know Josh Bell is because of his hype as. The prospect indeed. According Dellinger. Brendan Bell. Simply grown adults from the league and the chairman pretty you do your team. There already memory use those you deceive your the next coming out and a great hitter for the giants and is terrible honestly looking nonetheless this one is super easy for me. As because. The main competition. Is now just running in the format called Goldsmith muse now by the way Merrill we talked about electoral council on their customer. He was talking he was hitting 200 yet in every scene to 64. And enjoy motto is hitting a 301 bit having a really down your power wise. The answers easier as Freddie Freeman right there and say number 300 is healthy he's got fifteen homers. 54 RBIs six stolen bases on Brenner and five at bats he got to give a different. He might be my age MVP. Who both nationally and lets slip sleuths flew. Or oil or anything or there's a total names on this Josh Bell coney Ballinger Brandon belt Justin board. Homer under read fan fan favorite love him in Miami even though there atrocious. Ian Desmond. Freddie Freeman Paul Goldschmidt Eric Hosmer. Anthony Rizzo. Carlos Santana. Eric games he's got thirty home runs yet no Asia nine all right disease yeah. Not as good as we thought joined by our own Ryan Zimmerman that's a huge class the National League who would have thought is loaded him first as a huge class but if you look at the stats it's like. And yes not even close to me Freddie Freeman Rizzo seven and down years Santana is Santana. Hustler is common around as is Paul Goldschmidt but the reality is the answers pretty framing click. Check. That's. Dope. So in fifteen minutes we did first baseman. Mo he had to find the web snippets you wouldn't mind is going to be a long show up at the are we come back we'll try to power through the infield at least and then maybe get to the alpha will do that next but first here's Mike was sports navy Beltran. 732 here on Portland sports leaders there are two outs. Top of the eighth. There on third. We're gonna stay down to three. Killing him giving an update on this. People and ask me all week. In the anything or your your your baseball guy right he did that you do say you know that's stupid little thing down the Willamette you do that right. My guess you didn't. Addresses how they they it's like to cute little radiation don't you know I'm famous. Now. We are famous okay. That was asked me you know to New Orleans they win the question now is answers. We used to play with little balance. They're like and they do them. Think that at all I don't know in Oregon State Abu Ahmad a huge College Baseball guy either but I've been watching the Austrians obviously. They just are I don't know part of saw feels better organizations knock him hints that they did me earlier rounds but. Spam it's it's been tough it's it doesn't hasn't felt right for the bees. Don't know anything about it. Couldn't tell you they should win I see a three next to them in a five Nixon and some assume they're. Better yeah most of authorities say it would remote cultural series this year so I got nothing but respect for the organ state program. There were some people that I went to high school with them into our state and in. To play baseball in I wish them nothing but the best. But if you wanna play real baseball cherry wood bats to strong and up and. By the way Freddie Freeman is Killen in the National League voting wouldn't do this again. Use up by 400000 votes over Anthony Rizzo 633 K for him what I'm looking at as of Monday June 25. Freddie Freeman has when he 100. On when he 200 votes basically and resort has 900000. Blow last you know what you can ended or an anomaly and M Monday June 25 Freddie Freeman. 20001099. I senator for two Rizzo at. 899000. Program the other one I opened both from a week ago. Yeah Mario. Freddy Freeman. Is real good so million votes basically yeah hi I'm better than you guys are a lot. That's swings into the second base category. Matthew breezy and we'll start in the American League you got some usual suspects heroes failed to Dave Brian Dozier. Dean Gordon. Play second base definitely he's not a Roy and so these planes again liberals want. Huge day they'll try to be Smart about that and taking a shot at Robby can known it's like no food. In Q is there he's it's Jason Campbell is he's it's just Larry he's sucks but he doesn't you are among cada. My suck he strikes shuttle loss there on out there. Fan favorite of the show room meadow door because of anybody punches Jose Batista we love you to claim their or is. Telescope wolf you know about your friend or fewer for him he's a free agent limos and as the league's. I saw this and I really didn't know up until I saw the article today it said his was able to be having me quite as 345 average season in history. He's hitting 345 yen easily in the AL in hitting. I mean he's the best player he's so good. He's so good and he just does not get as much respect as he deserves there's nobody else is second base I think comes close to this I think I'd give. Between probably jet Lowery Anglia were Torres a second players vote. But I'm going out to me all the way here easy clicked well when America deserves respect on the royals he does he's a bright spot I mean really really crappy team. And Michelle make all star team is being a bright spot on crappy team that's not true ask your Costner. No they only let you in as a bright spot on a crappy team because they have to have a represented unity to exactly who's the dude for the royals years ago. The big dude I feel like his name was like a big dude yeah he's like a big deal they don't. Billy Butler and a guy I was like is names like. Buses are big time slump affect the fact that some big giant floor knowing Billy Mueller Billy boat that relate that. Isn't switch your the National League this is actually probably one that tighter races. Fur for some all star voting here some names to throw at you on the alleys. Hobby by as. Logan we know Nazi in his name. Sterling Castro's have a decent season scooter Jeanette. Josh Harrison. DJ LeMay Hugh. Daniel Murphy. Who's now finally back from injury and not hitting very well we don't panic. Cole in the long. Welcome back to the bigs but he so this one's actually to me because. I wanna give it to the guy who abide now the numbers as having the best season him. But I also like you the two players at the top of the list a lot more the guy who I want to give it to you for the numbers and also having solid seasons I wonder if this is one of those cases that the numbers are a little misleading. Well I don't think Simon's huge and I think 336. Innings employing every single game that's pretty incredible for guys who nobody knows who he is it's got thirteen home runs is small dude that plays second base idiot for a game last year remember. I'm 53 RBIs also who. Were second most on this list behind obvious bias but. I just like Ghazi Al reason hobby by it's a much more. But I don't care about scooter Jeanette this is where that lake. And all star voting comes I know play but the baseball purist in me is gonna vote for scooter generic as he deserves as you're gonna over scooter yeah nice lead the fan amigos I want Ozzy album is a one on bills. These wells and open yeah I'm not voting for scooter I'm for sure voting for Ozzie obese. Hogan because I mean there's a lot more that Ozzie I'll bees has done that is not translated into stance is scooter Jeanette having a bettors to this school year Fo Sho. There's no doubt about that. However I like. The atmosphere in the quarters he is the base. Think it's not it's not Acuna Muqtada it's not Dansby Swanson Acuna Mittal has been on the DL for the last month he's coming back on Friday. It's not him it's not teens he Swanson I feel like Ozzie Al bees is the leader of this braves. New generation yet he leads off every game two Emmys just Israelis a firecracker and I from a lot and I think his stats are not showing the love that he deserves for that so to give him the love he does there's of that. He's must earnings. Well in the NL he is the starting second baseman bobbled just by 300000 votes over hobby by as sturgeon are very close by men as well we're all over millions of those three. Get the votes that they all deserve. But that's one because you would go scooter Al b.s by as right hip and I go. Al bees scooter bias do so by as is and second because he's the second baseman for the cubs and he's flashy and aired but also going to see them. He has he had dinner last night yeah. Thanks Ali. I got you in go places. You know I guess some decent growth in September and elegant better. Try and it affects. The long haul it's along all. Our house majority shortstop. This is always fun in the American League because these guys are always having decent seasons I mean somebody my hand not his greater season is somebody has been it's literally like. Well which awesome shortstop in the American League do you like more. Is basically out his goes right you got. Machado Lynn door Bogart's you've got Correia. He had DD if you wanna include the mayor mayor for mariners fans to guerra. I mean loaded loaded and Brooklyn Simmons. I mean no but. Since for road and he's good at it I know but I amount including him in a star shortstop group all right but you're gonna you're gonna include secure it got it just check him. Have you seen consider this year he's incredible he's seen entrances humans yes he's good but not great. I don't even know where moment ago well actually do know where I'm an ego the weird thing is. The star shores up not having the best season so far not just the couple are playing pretty well but Carlos Correia. Nonbelievers season's over Merrill. 268. And it's funny did you like and you're like this T sixty it's great for him but for him it's not. And last year I got traded Carlos Correia in my keeper league. Who knows that it assures that for ten years initial assessment to sixty if I'm Doris sort of opinions. This was tough for me I think. I'm bouncing back and forth between Machado. And cigarette. Machado is just rim. He's kind of cooled off lately he started off the year just like hitting 370 or something insane. He's the only oral doing anything new and which is amazing is in nineteen homers he's 55. RBIs and they're that bad have I mean they've probably scored 65 runs and he's not all year alone wow. How funny would it be if he had ten runs scored it completely. I was looking for the wild drought I don't know we're jerky strips. You know up. Other regular secure though is still a touch screen not on here and it's not. Still Sharon I can compete with it. I'm David Sierra I think. I've watched a lot of mariners this year cigarette is so fun. He's an amazing fielder and he's hit mobile 340. In your fourteenth storm bases give me ginger. Com this is a tough one for me. Just because. Just because they just don't know where to go necessarily. And there are some other things at play here like I think Escobar on the twins. Has had such a great season that he definitely deserves some love that'd be nice to give him some love. Mom. Just I just don't. No DD was hard but he's kind of cooled off yet. My shot was grave but he's terrible what if we vote a shot go in. As the shortstop and we don't have doable vote anyone else in the on the Orioles. So that's her that's kind of a big deciding factor there's literally no and also would even consider voting on the ass that I I want to give love to Simmons for the angels. But I'm gonna pull the card rate here. And I'm and vote for Frankie when Norton blown down so aren't. No nominee Donald take them back I'll tell you what I'll take them back as much as there's muscle I'll take them back a notable for Escobar a Minnesota all the hard. OK. And I only twins but you like guys who are having great years but never there'd never expected a great idea I do I'm a big fan. Switch over TV and without so much out of leading by the way yet. So what do I need to move from the channel four and internationally when he and his season and it's actually interest in Korea isn't second. The Astros fans right now. D.s in third so yankees fans than theirs frank UN door for the gene cigarette fifth. There is in the top five at Brigham yeah I wouldn't be shocked if you know if they just gonna say hey Correia Olindo or less people in her term commuters every year will win dory is well indoors have any Goodyear. Korea's eminent a year but hey you know he dazzle have six more of these under your belt let's sew listing these advocates. What do the nationally sighed oh my god this is awful. Paula good post officer in the American League apparently yeah yup raining Crawford. And you go. Training proper for a story Trevor story get Addison Russell. Ms. dean's response from entry turner to hit those weird good option for fifty but at at our Florida and all of them. Honestly I'm looking at this and I'm like. I think have to pick traverse corporate insurers story because of his sixteen and 58 I mean I'm what funeral and also against Brandon Crawford could be an option on taking aim for sure draining Crawford. I don't want to see Trevor story in all star game strike out. What about returner Allen Jerusalem. Not a great year but I like complete but but Ed to 68. Do 61 excuse you know yeah yeah I like the guy you've swayed me help all picked Crawford Europe. He's emanated jeer yeah I was the only guy worth a damn in the nationally is first it's. Feels like the National League shortstop position is the American League's second base position. You know like I get on base ID these things. But I'm not sexy enough flashy also literally no obvious to Burrell hitting it past the printing preference soon and 300. All right so that's that only come back we'll try to knock out. Holding fantasy professors who do finessing panacea and this annual. I got some really fun come stats and stories and things like that I learned that to affect fantasy. We'll do that next it's some 45 on 1080 the fan. Arizona enjoy and maybe we shouldn't. Yeah Americans are up in the tenth it is seven. With those sugar Diaz on the man who does this kind of fantasy because cedar fly in the tenth two home runs and five RBIs and as a student. A bad thing. Present terror we'll hear from them. Edwards is right here that's awesome and you have a look to use your belt but it's. Better than any extent human right before them anything's set their address. I think the mirrors one as there interviewing people on the field honoring an organization just got a leadoff walk in the night. The domino on nobody up. I need. We'll keep you there and you do decide to change the there's a pinch hitter is names Andy's from Salem. It themselves incidence and I was thinking no but I was like it says sophomore Patrick can you ever seen it in from Canada that. You seem boulder Meyer mentioned yeah. I was feeling they're likely to. And Johnny's a bit the play he's from Jeremy don't care line and give him a round of gloves if you. That's a which. It's. That you reference folder of yeah all of baseball we'll look basically does these guys we've bagging groceries applicable certain program. So what's your it's it's rare that you come like a loaded with fantasy stats what do you got for me I'm interest lemon tree well. And as soon as this metal bat fiasco ends. The Dodgers and cubs will be on ESPN and number quite excited to seed. Excuse me. Sorry meaning crude in between break because Mike's wonderful wife who. Where is her favorite food which I'm more excited of crude the most perfect that they don't insist that it. If hobby Baez who plays at third base today. Chris Chris prize on the DL and he will qualify and Yahoo! board third base who. Guy east. And him got him on a team I love the position players day and the fact that he can play third base is Megan I mean really excited to do it. Which means I mean is being can't be far behind right. Depends on league implement the league rules also attend any different. 220 games right when he went to games and I just takes until the next season though like K he played this when the enthusiasm won't give him an eligibility. You know. So that for me opens up hobby bias which really excites I do I was looking at the waiver wire the other day and there were two players. Added one of them who were available like sixth position at beats them. Both having pretty decent seasons as well and one of them was the why did not add it was the Marlins Derek Dietrich. Oh yeah he is available M. I think it was like oh. He is available like first. Or some second third in the outfield or something. Smells like OK and also some pretty good and pretty good guy and others GK Hernandez from the Dodgers blues like at every position known to man and for the Phillies right. No the Dodgers and that he played for the Phillies now know Cesar Hernandez on the Phillies. These days if it keeps it Hernandez is on the Dodgers. And he's written well we have like four home runs the last we can only do I gotta deal spiral out of L one honestly Gary Sanchez in the deals all Adam yeah let's did you of the Mayhew that's how old I found him. I had these impacts. Unified. The other Singh thing laggards are these are my handle because they knew it forget. An underrated thing to you you still write things on your hand all the time Yemen left hand is usually covered this race ended. If I ever get stuff written on my right hand then I need. As I do you can't write with your left and how are you read what he's this really badly. I found out this is. Actually more a baseball thing that a fantasy thing but I think there is some fantasy value to it is well. Louise Severino. The peace quote unquote for the Yankees but he fears the ace the ace for the Yankees is on pace. To not just have the most wins. But have the most dorks. In the American League since 2003. RY yes. He is on pace to start 36 games wow. The last time that was done was in 2003. By a couple dudes named Doc Holliday. And Greg Maddux. And those are the most starts and a season since then. Question. Why. Why is it just now severing nose and in this category of Iraq. It is they're doing every five day dreaming of a five man rotation. He's healthy but because he hasn't missed starts. I think everyone else says mr. Starr who remiss starts earlier in the year shares there's been scratched rain delays are saying since 2003. In the American League Yamon that's the crazy part people take days off. People get bumped around noon and do an extra day in the I remote and they're gonna take it. But Severino is young and he's being overworked by any means amateurs and that. But he is young. Why not throw merry five days I didn't see no reason to hold him back. I did see an article on. You were saying he might even be messiah of the American League this year stops. Stop I like him but stop there's two days ahead of them there are two dudes ahead of them but I think you might be encroaching on dude number two and then will be quickly towards do number one of his community or even lower. He's been absolutely unhittable this year even when he's bad he's beaten and I've seen almost every one of the starts this year he was really bad two starts ago it missing location in eight innings shut out of this like he. He can't leave because I didn't have my good stuff than it ever had tried to tune out. These. He just threw the fastest strikeout pitch. Since the sort of tracking strike up at speeds that a hundred more miles an hour some points up for maybe for starter I think those and well. Bullies that he needed he's got a shot at. Sorry that he wants it I mean Verlander and clue were pulled out lit up. Their last two games clue grapple with a second Berliner a pool in the fourth they both gave up six runs. Com. If you wanna fly under the radar just hey sand if you have a bad outing just give up three runs give pulled in the sixth married don't don't give up six dimple in the fourth and that ER AO continues stay low because you know they'll look at that they'll look at that stats. The year clover be Hernandez. Britain beat Felix first Cy Young was because he had better stats and everyone knew Felix was a better picture via. Yet yet because of the end of the day they look at those stats. Right now all being earned run average sevens and second two point 10. Berliners jumps played from one point 61 point eight thought oh my god he's human. But not really hit the cylinder dude and he's dating Kate Upton so I AM. Number any reason American League. Blake snell of I don't well he's been a man crush man crush big time man crush on legs now the remember how good he was supposed to be. Yeah he was just awful for year after here I'm on a fantasy team when he was supposed to be good and he was really good and in the next year I picked him up and he was atrocious and he has been like three years and now he's and now he almost threw a no hitter you know. We'll that's fantasy. And how much fantasy that was good about gently hot fantasy stats. It's gonna talk about Severino. And talk about how we buy is getting a third base that option Yemen that's why like coming by as instead of you know Bryce Harper unbiased clashing exciting. It's not arrogant you just called him arrogant cocky. Last segment there is a pickup but I have a good second base Frankie for us. Hewitt. Right are we come back we'll get back an all star voting was sort of third basin and into the outfield arkansas' still of three to. Top of the ninth with two outs for his state does have a runner on third good leg my friends this is the hot corner on 1080 the fan.