Hot Corner 5.30.18 (HR 2)

The Mariners are good! The Dominican Republic! Fair or Foul! And more!

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Hey Mike Lynch here and I'm Patrick terrorists you probably like baseball which is why you're listening to this this is the hot corner podcast well I kind of like baseball I guess I'll tune in based. Pretty neat so thanks to its limits that brought you buying your local less Schwab tire center doing the right things since 1952. Baseball. Yeah baseball is you can sit that your neighbor have a conversation or you can just completely ignore them. Baseball spoken here. It's time for the second game of our radio doubleheader. That is a good. Plus they. This is the hard corner where terrorism whereas she's a deep dive on baseball on the hottest topics in sports. It's suited to the bottom of the sixth and I just can't get my. I saw that man with the at all bad it's quite a game but then that guys and let you know that guy hasn't blinked this entire game just that did I'd idiot out on a Thursday afternoon. This is the hot corner where terrorism and sure it's a real. You right now on Jenny you can. And into. Help us please somebody help us no food and yeah. I remember sir I'm somewhat. Close finishes for Joseph the capitals are no injuries to English and I got to my life as the cause of the felt like they might actually just gave up two runs lot of stuff going on since he stepped out of the blue might ultimately the only other treatments ID three minutes isn't. We've gotten some responses to my query. Like peas. First of which says caddie shack no competition. That's called a shot early this interesting because I hadn't seen caddie shack for a long time probably until about four or five years ago took the loss yet. But I never quoted it because I didn't know the quotes either so for me. That was completely off my radar until I watched. But I could see a lot of people quote. Bill Murray and it meant in the gopher analysts afflicted Dubai and the though who called yeah. And Clinton. Went concerned you know back happening I could see that being true. But then again also. It's a very specific sports movie and it's not just sports and it's a golf will be returning narrows the audience. Is this heaven now. Iowa. And then. If you gotta be saying hello to a little friend got to be scar face 100% I have never seems surface yet so you know I chino point aren't there I think that's a trend yeah I know that you know the lines of I do know the line no it's colosio bad guy like this for a long time. Really bad impression that's what I take a nap for an hour. But I don't actually mean for you personally I don't. Ever say that either so I spotlight but you know the reference yes I do know the reference. How many times that reference come across in your life so many. I'd there's. An unaccountable and hurt that all of them accountable number even a word. Unintelligible yeah until Asia visit in accountable uncomfortable feeling the most uncomfortable Peebles said that they losses when you'd wants like MTV cribs. Every rapper. Or like they had the scarface poster. They need to have a poster or the DDD thank ready to go in the united scarface on a loss of Danone denigrated ago. I felt like balanced like a threat about it in TV cribs directory every single person. Who showed their house has surfaced some work somewhere in the house he's it was like. An ongoing band it was like on the TV when he walked into a room every time every time part of me makes big imparted faces an MTV might have to still keep its purpose. It's it's a really mimic movie and all the I relevant you know shoots people with the I remember being in college it was like every Stoner d.s house had a had a every guy you went to buy a week from had like scarface poster on him like sadness couch and each. Wanted to be scar face and how it now menu so bad hot in Pullman Washington that now it's Walter White yet yet in our Jesse pink and although I didn't want chisel watched. Britain. Jesse. Tell god to Patrick not to Britain I don't have seen it. All of that Jesse is a good number two in the show OK now did he need to watch column was. Busy catching up on August. About animal house is. I think. Maybe that's a different question maybe that's the most mustard Bermuda people probably haven't seen him. I don't know man a seal law ought to scar face yeah but and that stairway to heaven post I'm thinking like in in Joe's theory here. You're going to like some drug dealers house and it's like you open the door and like yet animal house on the wall behind him and you're ever seen them as needed. America. My stars colleagues here's the real question how many drug dealers houses have you walked into. I'm not knowingly. Knowingly knowingly 00. Via. Unknowingly probably many college I don't know after the fact I've reported that Pete sells a bunch of Indian and yet. What I've testified sell drugs to walk into a drug dealers house every day but doomed she should. He answers yes we have the answers yes it really never knowingly walked into the drug to assess. On the now and welcome. And took it took me awhile you to dabble in the world. It's a fun world doubt here that kids hugs not drugs. Unless it's you know. An offensive hug the dog in fact just don't touch. Must belong. Justice justice of don't touch and want to look getting one. Don't see anything to anyone to shake hands just dot don't even do that because that might be offensive. In the days and hey ladies how are you in the scarlet and I. Slap on. Identified by either gently but your like hot rap and I knew that though. And I was like hello ladies. And people. She was like thank you. Hello ladies and the person could yet she enters. Thank you very much like to get air catchers mice that has a great look at it let's right now and I was like sleeper though I'm. Yeah. So keep those coming and if you want yeah I don't Kramer closer to England to Kramer put yeah but I think most people and really seems this teams signed impacted in their Kramer poster back by Edgar springs. Yes I guess that is best for her poster that is the trailer proposed. Well mariners are losing currently two to one which is dominating performance from Matt Moore on the mound. But more interesting is that team owners are put together themselves and as little streak here they've won let's see. 12344. And 6789. Out of their last. 1112 games at a map is correct something like that. Which is from my money makes them the hottest teen. In peaceful. Move let's go look at the last ten and find out if passion terrorists it is correct. And they'll Miami loading on weapons and the real question is is what game was the first game without Robbie. And though. Here we go. Well I've got conspiracy theories Robby to those cancer I was glad it's they are tie it to for the hottest team in baseball know the other one. Now with multiple teams Red Sox three and two Maryland Missouri into Milwaukee Brewers nationals during two in first. And the brewers during. All of those teams were expected to fight for the playoffs. Yes thus. The mayor's office team and it's okay. Scott service manager of the year Robby to those kids. Axed him for Cy Young Felix rejuvenated. He's not. Judy no month of June right rounds were not sure that's happening yet who is still about 196 impacts in the race. I. King Felix is not good not good end a month of June you know well and starts in two days Tsotsi I have I have a buddy of mine. That is he died partners and I think a talk about a decent about these days he said cost trying to figure out trying to remember what he said yesterday. But he was like he he said Felix is just not good and I was well. When was the last time you better fancy. Last year probably but I mean like late realistically because he was gonna hurt last year it has some guys for a data but some guys might have been like injury I'm I'm already give up Felix is my king boggle club. Felix is not good anymore nope. He is he is a serviceable Major League pitcher and by service so I mean he's like a number four star who is no longer days out or number two starter. Moral of the story was as he Aaron output of five something. Spivey three I was about to say I bet you he's ERA is higher than the amount of money I have in my wallet. Five victory I think I've four bucks they don't tire. However. This team's pretty good. Yeah lately they're winning they're winning close games if you look at it in their wins. 5432321043. Loss. 214331210. Loss last night at 95 but they were down in that game and tied it 55 in the eighth. While I even know that so that was almost every game Mosul one run game yet they're they're the only one in this streak that they've been on is day. Law they beat the tigers seven to two like a week and a half ago. That makes a little more nervous about the streak. If it's been that many close games it's kind of a positive negative thing we did our what matters little last week and also it again pretty when he missed a putt. I said this debate is the very last segment last week I said it. I get so much joy from poking fun at the Mariners it's such low hanging fruit and ultimately have the show it's so much fun to me and I sat there and I said. I can't do it this year I actually think the Mariners are good. Actually think back. So there's no low hanging fruit there's no poking fun to me it's it's changed and for someone like me who loves to find things to poke fun of for the Mariners. Me saying that is like a Felix should be a revelation from mariner fans in terms of at least how I viewed as teams they have been. Doing a lot with smoke and mirrors to be honest with you there. They're down in a lot of games mimic a late comeback is July 8 inning game for the entire take deleted him the ball that media has. They're getting clutch hits from some of their players even though they're not hitting super well throughout most of the games. And he does have some big home runs Anders had some bigger and bigger names really big he's got more involved lately figure. I did dodged. Somewhat major injuries although. Whose attempt to broke his foot. I thought us also have a foot injury up ultra finally Nelson Cruz I mean he likes steps out of the dugout hurts now he is she's time but it. It made me permit dated may be used to Gordon got hurt him. But. What I a year ago Gordon fractured toe on the deal. But they're gonna do smoke and mirrors and it's it's working and. It's were and so far. What I like about this I've always been a big fan of any sport. Of teams that win consistently close games I'd never paying Don teams for always being in close games do you wanna be close games of course not you wanna blow people out. But he is exciting to the viewer. And it is a confidence boost knowing that your team can win in that crunch and I think. This huge trillion dashing dooming the wild card game could not win a division right critical wild card game Paul I don't know they beat the Rangers tonight they're tied I mean they lose the tiebreaker for wins but they're tied for first. In the west I know were not even in June but I'm just saying. I looked I've always liked team that's close and adding. Denard Span helps that helps that Al feel a little bit I mean at least a veteran presence is not a bad over 2:40. Am but Coleman. Does that was a great threat that you have won these close games. And you just got a closer already has twelve saves thirteen saves only add Major League roster and he's going to be your setup guy. Behind me be the best closer in baseball right now. That's how you win games that's how you win games long term is bull Campbell Campbell and we see this every single year the Astros last year are the only exception for teams winning World Series with a mobile ads. Every team before that as one. Indians cubs. Named honorable and noble. It did I'd like to smear team on the matter I think the Mariners need like one more good bullpen pitcher. I don't know if that can be done internally if they have a guy in the minors or someone just gets on a hotter streak who's on the current roster but. As you know. In this world baseball. You need more than 22 is better than one Tuesday so it's a step in the right direction but you need more than two as well and down. You know when you look at gas and granted they won the World Series with a really bad bullpen. By goers will kind of piracy Tom and it's not doing super well this year earlier amused doing OK but it's not contestant tells talks most of the time. But. So maybe there an exception to the rule because they were their starting pitching is yours. I mean it's it's a literally unbelievable under the tree and pitching and their lineup is good when they get hot. But if you look at the other teams the Indians who were the bullpen your idea he's there with the bullpen and the Red Sox to there was partially a bullpen and either the Dodgers what do they do that the trade deadline last year just beats Babel and up there was good last year from the KC royals they went to two World Series grow with some of the nasty is I mean they. Created what we do with pulpits now the giants did it to to set up guys and closer and all your set of dudes are closers like so the the Mariners a little more work to do with that but. It was step in the right direction it was a good trade now we had a pokes fun injured opponent for being betrayed Kimi well. As we stuff is you got to Mao's near party you're the bees Jerry photo hater of all time I am. Awful time I don't know about that I'm a big Jerry to photo editing my social might hate Jerry to total more than probably certificate. But and so what was it hasn't Angelos and oddly though owner of the angels price our yakking my it. But the the fruits of the gene cigarette. Mitch ten (%expletive) tower on walker trade. And I got this one where you. I mean yeah sure you give a danger more former view of who was highly rated prospect he came up last year and he's got lit up book and you're your farm system already sucks. Yeah I mean so you give up a good player for that kind of a cholera book of you give declare for the Calgary got back. He might turn out to be some good but for right now when. Honestly here you could be in a kind of a win now mode and you should be probably based on the the age of Samir veteran players. As the matter securely onto while pitches so that's the thing. Good job Matt Moore college of Matt Moore was just bringing it and Mike's you know it's just Argentina. Him scoring a run on a while projecting confidence aren't. I think I think there close and they're both I think they're close to I definitely think they're in win mode at now you know us will fall the mayors all season long and chat about this I mean. We're like a month and a week away from big John. Oh yeah let's keep that much so we'll keep it updated on that mayors are up 32 right now as Matt Moore for some reason can't locate pitches anymore I am shocked. When we come back there's a tiny little country in the Caribbean. That seems to be in the news more and more and more but is it more about the country. Or is it more about the players will do that next this is the hot corner on 1080 the fan. Arizona Lynne Shaw and 1080 program. Eight Tony three here. Mariners this score another run it's 42. Boy. Matt Moore wants jettisoning really badly. Am a wild pitches lot of wild pitch is some sac flies Texas looks like a hot mess right now. Absolutely I'll mess right now. And suddenly he's lost to Richard Adams with the only loss series and had forcefully a month you know Michael you can't win them all. Well Molson people still go Pablo. And I kind of wish we could go. It feels like one of those years were it to everything's working out Korea in the go into Texas. In you lose a series where you were up ten to five. In you lose twelve to ten in the last concerns. And you play the Astros and you push the Astros and then you get swept by the tigers you're like IA IIIR. I says well maybe. Easily push the Astros did you did you lose listeners I don't know what is in the middle of Idaho exert there's a fourteen inning game we taxable play and so Verlander had its long. Which he did which you know distance and then the yanks fans booed him because he's religion and any tipped his cap. The party was like I hate it or you get a split that I liked him four names like what like it. Can really Justin Verlander is the when he tipped back chat to the Yankee fans booing him. At Q classy move. Super class LaBelle it's not classy. You think that's classy yeah he might as well flip the bird he's getting booted. And it's because he's been doubted the Yankees for years it goes. And our guys and a hug him and his state there was some law on the line and as I hate those Yankee fans and their bill and they know that need you know you must've done something it was those fans and he has those kind of thanks yet that the cap things and thanks for coming I say this with a giant smile on my face. That that's the equivalent of a middle finger. Yeah it is I think. It's a good luck and are gonna fail they're like goodies like who put baboon and me that is dominated usually has bird on put him in the recruitment. That might be your boo it. Us mixing stuff in the wake of Robinson and I'll be suspended for eighty games is actually has something do with him medical debris of a larger topic there was a report they came out the other day. A from the Dominican Republic that Cleveland Indians third baseman Jose Ramirez. Was about to be popped eighty games 48 PED suspension. That was denied by him need to weed out fake news Francona came on the team has been notified them baseball finds out they don't for the team immediately follow the law. What's it seemed to me is that this is any yet another high profile player. From the Dominican Republic. That was probably in the Dominican Republic in the offseason I imagine. Mama. This leads me to this question of what are we really doing I understand the concept of wanting to go. Home wanting to be it's like with you are from the Dominican Republic and you playing Cleveland. Or you or on any radio shall Portland and you're from Jersey I understand the idea of wanting to go home. Say hi to it Sam wander round where you grow up loved moment. In this day and age why on earth are you going. In taking any sort of drug. Has to mean the only reason you're going to major public health is because cheap right. I mean that's probably not true but I. See your point that Steve that should be your thought if you see a player exclusively using a doctor in the DR should be does he -- of stuff so. Open up and it's dangerous to two. To say that because I'm not assuming I mean I am IV because it's slimy but you kind of are assuming a book it's not just you were all kind of assuming it yeah. But. I don't wanna. Put a blanket statement over an entire country where I'm sure there are legitimate doctors who do legitimate work at players of course grow up parent and maybe it's a it's a cultural thing I don't know a lot about the DR culture. Some are gonna try to speak on map but maybe it's a cultural thing where. In that country you go home and you support your owing you go to your own doctors because you want it's almost like a you eat local right I eat local using local cause you wanna support local people. Mean thing right maybe that's the same thing. Growing up the Dominican Republic or maybe many other countries to work you go back and support the people that helped reads you. You have all of this money you can live this really glamorous life in you wanna give back to them by. Using their services. Maybe this is a comforting to I don't know. I guess what concerns me so. So I worked in the beer industry can. Now we are all very communal we are all friends each other oral supportive of each other despite the fact that we do have to compete with each other world leaders sport. Let's say we lived in a world where I went to. My buddies at culmination. And every time I was CNET culmination it was like. That has breaking rules. He and have a beer I didn't have a beer there. You're not allowed to have Beers and a place that your place I'd have abused their way either. If that were the case wouldn't step foot in there. Jesse I mean but there's no rule that says he and I don't do it and I'm lucky in that neighborhood. In my view that walking past it but that's as a. Them and walked in signed but there's not a there's no rule says you can't go to a Dominican doctor why would you do leave it. Once again that's my point you can go home you can go to locals out of the fan you know help the kids in the neighborhood to all accustomed to that. And again I'm not sure. Maybe it's cultural maybe it's just a couple of hoping maybe that's who you grow up going to you trust him he's helped you in the past. End. Look at it as bad as it may seem because it really generalize or get these these stories that come out I don't know zero Marist and was real it was a hoax but. Not I'm I'm assuming you large percentage of the doctors in America or color or not hoping baseball players cheat. That's my assumption I guess I guess maybe there's a few bad apples maybe reducing multiple baseball players but to meet. I don't know if that's if that's a fair assumption to make about an entire group of professionals in the country you know. I am sure there are fantastic doctors and dealer. I'm sure. I I would never say they're not however. You are playing baseball for a multi billion dollar organization. Bolton billion dollar sport. The doctors. In Seattle Washington. Are probably better as a whole and doctors Dominican Republic. Probably. But right. So I'm defending that siren I know you I know you Arnold devil's advocate and I know you're playing doubles I'd just like I cannot fathom this there's so much on the line for you. With money. And status. All these people have egos why would you risk. On the flip side or right if you guys really scared that was your leaders is about eighty to eight points. If you got the best possible health care that you could have. Playing for Mitchell baseball. If it was me and I was not from this country I would still use. Yeah right I was told bill this is amazing. Why would I not take advantage of of this. Unless allows you watch. Him that's a point in the matters that's where the the sadness comes in the Blake. You wanna cheap and try to get away with that the maybe it's always are during Medea. That's important. Here's some Jose Ramirez playing the next eighty games when we come back fair or foul is next and first here's Joseph was sports. In match. It's. And it. Final corner garrison Lindsay on Jenny need and. 836. In the homestretch. We'll do next week. We talk about Justin Verlander he's good. Wolf here it happens this expense. Lemaire Torres he's been pretty good too. My age what's your pants republics. Were not public. School. Hello yeah and it's and it's over to Joseph this is fair found yes fair or foul or students fail or have abbreviated. 45. When we're texting back more. Or do black and that's a funny word yeah for now. Our first one he said that Justin Verlander has been really good one pitcher that's been very very very good over the last three seasons all his whole career basically. Max Scherzer IMAX. Yeah breaking news he is kid. Struck out eleven. Orioles today and it besides the last week where he only had four strikeouts he's had. But here ten starts and all of them have come with a at least seven strikeouts. Games have 789. Strikeouts and then 1010101111. 1113. And fifteen. Fractures or is dealing. And he will win his fourth sigh yeah on his third straight this season fair or foul. Cool this is a really nice question. Mama are gonna pass this last week I believe Europe Powell and guess what actors are still good and you know I hate Max Scherzer so this is like humble pie to its Max. From. Let's see. Have fourth street so I am in the third in total the struggle third straight Erica. Let's think about this. I'm I'm gonna I'm saying fair. I think under is quickly usually MIM the National League in my head Hersh does not have a Nadal many years always hurt. And he was not as dominant com bomb Carter's hurt Carlos Martinez not as did not answer and be top of the confrontation has not been supported. Darvish did back in time as inconsistent clusters and consistent nobody on the brewers is really knock in and around. Area has pitched well but not enough to go wrong maybe. He just that the DL did any yes and a guarded. But to Ramos and the deal early cabbage I think it's a blisters or blows up by your season eleven of them I think it's fair as well and look I will I will outside hold out for Jacob to ground but I think I think that's fair. All right on to our next team and pictures. No stupid green and you mentioned. One of the National League teams there briefly the brew crew. They're playing pretty good. Are they so good at that they have the best record and that baseball brewers best record or not baseball and the national leak arrow now this is fair. They do have the best record in the nationally. At least they did on Monday as a tonight. Do they have the best record yeah fare a little and say I'm home on CS I really like this brewers team. They have they have young random pitching gonna take flyers on fantasy my English is pitching as the per Mike Lynch is advice. But the outfield is loaded the team is hitting. Craig Counsell looks like he knows what he's doing bullpen to the bullpen. I like the steamy affair they've got. What might be the best reliever in baseball asking Josh Peter got he's not even their closer no and they just got him back. Yes it is fair. I think said that at 303621. Which is two and a half games above the Washington Nationals though. How about some props for the group or I did give us last year though the kind of a lot yeah but this this year is different they are Christian you LH Lorenzo Cain at apple tends betters they've got a bunch of young arms in the starting rooms and are now older and there were last year you out IA. I will be instant watch these guys but they I. It's tough division to division we'll see. All right. And on net to do the biggest debate over the weekend. The brawn James is still the best player in the NBA all right I don't think that's a debate is that. I hope it's done now the real debate in baseball. It was the Anthony Rizzo slide and I'm just gonna ask you guys just put it out there because I wanted to hear what you got to say. The Rizzo slide it was dirty air or file. You mean I'll I forgot it and talk about those odds it's fair it's dirty slide he. May be in the in the old rules it wasn't a dirty slide but he slid into the catcher's legs. He wasn't anywhere near sliding into home plate and he didn't fly with the intent to injure you almost did the ankle that really awkwardly inside of his slide any forced her to go 900 yards into the air. When he hit those dirty slut there was. In the fact that Joseph Maddon is still playing dumb about it is is really really insulting to baseball fans like and it aired burns is losing his mind on MLB network about it. Yeah haven't you check your top priority is always time yet you need to want to go and find clips have been well let's look while Eric Byrnes didn't play in the with the rules that we have now. Yes when Eric burns played that was a clean slide your your goal you could run through the capturing Eric Byrnes played. You could knock them out here to score the run and knock the ball out of his hand. Back and it wasn't dirty slide but now it is now all you need to do to capture needs to clear the plate in space for you. And you need to slide away from the country kid to be running into people he very obviously. Slid into his legs stuck his legs out. He didn't. Yeah the tax line 55 through five BP to this for a could say this is what they say bow illegal. But not dirty. If my memory serves me correct anti results led to got back catches away and they scored two runs after that was a slight illegal yes it was a dirty. And out there though they got two runs out of it like cleats up and your junk that's dirty. Has never big fan of the Buster Posey rule in the first place is an illegal 100% like. Like really bad into the of injured him yes really badly. But I think to play doubles have getting sick foul the legal about thirty. Scored after it out simply because he couldn't because he threw the ball to right future alt motions cleared mostly because it's you know. Lakes are being tripled from under him. Pay two runs to drugs to do in the game they were in the game they gonna fight today so maybe. Bye guys I got yes that's what I forgot to mention we have benches clearing I don't know there was much of a fight wars prefer awful. The first couple and a baseball fight it was after so it's to tirelessly and hard to second base right. Our enemy not our last one real quickly the Diamondbacks have been playing pretty putrid lately you know only two games back from that NL west and still above 500 but fair foul the Diamondbacks are batting a league worst 215. Batting average. Hope 215 as a team yes. There Campbell that now. I find that hardly simply because of one of our favorite players he helped apple Apple's response really you pleasure to accelerate you're using 200. I was plastered and and check this week went over the last thirty days he's batting just as bad. Let less than 200 old man that the worst offense in baseball limited best hitter was. AJ Pollock and he got hurt again. Numbers keep me the crazy plane healing broke his thumb when he landed into the ground I don't remember when you do that. Tutored and emptied I've been off the grief political weeks. It. Refuge at the worst in baseball. You're telling me that they're batting worse than liked. Kevin cheer Meyer in the streets of Tampa. I'm gonna save foul. I'm innocent of their top bottom three right now bombing of the worst and he said he said there over 500 in three games out of first yeah I'll double checked into games and suffers from a summer I'm pretty sure that over yep number 19 streets are ceremony at 828272. Games back from the Rockies that means that like Greinke in Corbin. Or just pitching out of their minds. But they're not but they're not there or that's a performance pitching really well though I'm saying foul but this close also fair. It is fair. Its new fifteen. Well of course the whole season and for the record Tampa Bay Rays are batting 262 which is tied for third in the MLB Paul Gasol to shut my mouth right away go race. Down their with the directs a Padres who are second worst in the league you know added 23 and 33 record Erica battle to 2008 the question I was gonna ask his. What number is higher the Padres. Batting average as a team. Or the total dollar amount for Eric Oscars deal I think it's a close look at Google's huge 48 follies they get to fifteen ganging I don't know much he's made him to Tony for the Padres in blue jays to 29 the aura Rangers and my lowly Orioles at 231. Com and on time because spent two hours ahead of Hillary jays Fisher also well. Which is suck too that's fair foul there ego thank you Joseph we do that every single week at 830 when we come back. We'll figure this out as we always do hot corner attending the Fed should. This is the hot corner with a terrorism wins on Canadian Australian. I think him and go see solo tonight. I've not seen it but it's been getting him in public interest shock and personal. I know it's so look I finally jumped on the old and wagging got with. Everyone else and Washington anymore last night for the first time. Dogs are going to see an idol feels that a lot should probably on TV or something am I going to happen. Ivins I don't I mean I'd kind of already know what happens things have been 900 means Leah Erin but now I don't feel as bad. That's great I like it yeah I was awesome great movie I'm not a big superhero movie guy really battle Los accused. Movies leaned up to it just kind of get an idea of what's going on but yeah I love a good villain. And now promises to do that he is CA he beat analysts' earth promise I've heard saying those Panos Donna CA app when everyone is saying. But just Roland yes and Josh Charles Ross he's great eighties green everything he does Billy. Yeah from them and that's needs to be said that CN spoilers repaired I'm always seemed to marvel movies. Guardians of the galaxy. Parties galaxy going to edit page in this has plenty of them side as the editor would have his to a minimum interest in the but it's actually supposed to be like what happens in the comics it's not like he does do that well I understand but it's like. I can tell you what happens and everything that happens if any or they're just going to disregard wool and also annoyed for the third volume. Yeah they're making a third on the thing our man. Didn't think we. I was on I think it's again maybe that you have to see in his in a theater. Would you like what I. You live like literally less then. A quarter mile. From and that's opium yeah do you drive descendants of Peter do you know it's literally I like that rock do you gamble a little stones and I'll always ends and so I'm not I'm not some white hit it fat as it is just drive. Everywhere get a bar across street that the smoke I drove no parking every Friday get a driver on the order. Not the ideas that I just is just an interest in Aleks Maric. I I have I've seen the glories of the youngster movies there also hum ice sheet I don't know what qualifies as a marvel movie into sort of superhero movie. Because obvious yes of the trilogy of the bad hands DC is that DC I'm okay about those re elect those. They have to look of list through and actually watched it's like holt Iron Man and man or the war. Lack an older Black Panther Party Captain America. There's actually you know people of giving you like lists of what order to watch all the movies and yeah I've seen that includes like agents shields and yet they're clearly shows two of an exit like Jessica and Joan yes like a mountainous and through all these seasons just catch up yeah I just watching movies just tears yet I've seen six marvel that is well. I've seen in all three iron man's. Both parties of the galaxy and I saw ant man those are the only ones this. I was ant man you've never seen Captain America leasing and it was pretty funny cause cholera is pretty fine. Yet Ivins in any captain America's any of the fours any of the avengers. Didn't see the hole didn't see Spiderman. I watched the newest Spiderman and the first 3045 minutes I was really wondering what the hell is going moment that movie. I was not liking it out all but a solid second and third act and it made up for and surprisingly. Turned out to be I think the best Spiderman movie ever made. So it's not hard because they'll so I like the first parliament to inquire at the very first one. I don't know where sucks very personal and that's it. This train is about TD real really hard LB tonight has around to asking which players the next Mark Reynolds. Well at that. I'm serious it's a roundtable it's an art and it's led up. And like Harold Reynolds is like really make his series are you right now about who he thinks is the next Mark Reynolds and seriously Graham singers the best is so funny. I don't know what one of the course the criteria for who is the next Mark Reynolds a guy who sticks around forever to sort it all runs but kinda sucks but it's kinda didn't. Plays multiple positions. Kind of him. Russell Martin just played second base error reaching for segments my goodness you see that Pablo Sandoval played second today. How fat easy I don't know split for the giants still play from the giants and Anna Schwartz is. Sprite get out for vacation mode. Return to the real world so great and hit it I had been common on that have a bad Hanley Ramirez being released ahead Sox yeah. That's the best thing we end that Sox. But he's a Yankee more. Well Hanley Ramirez you sock dude but Haley against the Yankees he was money. Anytime there is very musician Gary TVs and you two run homers and know that the number one office in baseball in the Ramirez gets caught. You guys ought to do because Mitch Moreland is good news player personnel Jack is you suck. You hear that. And know you're listening out there you saw. Voter. I don't journalist harvest pros. Crumbs you do hostess and when it was first I know my. It's tattooed on my butt. It is now that be weird wow. I love my. It's just as agents before LA promise broken if it when everything. Two at 1 June the fifth. We'll go back and as they go do is I'll Gloria from my Glenz Joseph Fisher I'm Patrick shares. Goodies of that I would do like. Apologized much. He's already on top of him when he's going down a half hour later it's still an amount that's a lot of times mend and on your knees and they're not doing him first Sones who implement melt under the nozzle and school. You gotta be in to do it doesn't have a huge load either doesn't like a good rugby action argued down for a.