Hot Corner 5.30.18 (HR 1)

Patrick is back! Robots in baseball? The guys discuss the possibility of automated strikezones, and our weekly Fantasy Grind!

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Hey Mike Lynch here and I'm Patrick Harris you probably like baseball which is why you're listening to this this is the hot corner podcast well I kind of like baseball I guess I'll tune in based. Pretty neat so thanks to its limits is brought you buying your local less Schwab tire center doing the right things since 1952. Baseball. This is the hot corner Rivera suddenly and she. It would like to hear him to scamper home. Two on zero. Dive on baseball. Duane dog says hall of fame third baseman. And much cooler. Actually destroy the Seattle now. The number of Beers is actually. Highly disputed some saved fifty some set as many as seventy years which is an absolutely insane amount of fear nobody can drink that much. Now when an attitude like that now here euros from a hot corners of the country jurists assemblage that strokes into the acne on his back and Mike Lynch me looks really hot on 1080 young friend I had gotten out of out of out of out of there pregnant. And we'll commencing the hot corner. It's nice to be Wednesday. Welcome back but he or it's always a Wednesday down thinks we did he had the solo show without you because you were doing your yearly pilgrimage to the middle of nowhere to camp and do. Campy stuff yet it was fun. We get time I found out today so we do we do a lot of rafting. Out there and amateurs who drink. Is that that does have an although this year I was surprised I think I drink this less this year than it normally do I came back wandered. Who is weird from usher is less eagerly dues. Less than most people would normally do or less than you guys would normally do it right is probably less than what we normally blow those guys may have myself personally. I do a little less I found out though. After doing some digging. So. We wrap this river. It's pretty rowdy. Not for the faint of hard. And after I dumped my boat at this really big river really big wrap in and slam for a while. Pulled over on the shore for a little bit to collect my breath. Had a beard. The decided jump back on the boat and finish off the route and I could not find my life Jack. I thought in these state of confusion and everything after swimming in this very cold very fast river for a while. That I took it off and said it somewhere and it floated away. Well I have. Now looked at go pro footage carrot and photography from the side of the road and I've come to realize that I did this entire run. With no light jacket. Well yeah well that's. Stupid and brave. And and stupid it's the dumbest thing I've ever done in my life excuse me what's really hot. IA cannot. That it looks really stoop at that but I don't think there is is single thing in my life five dumb and dumber than that. And you just like jackets number one priority it's number one thing of course it's in Helmand is number two I've got a helmet on. Where's my lag Jack and nobody saw that you were right elect and everyone that knows honorable with has done rivers for decades. And nobody saw there was some so you just at some point while forgot to put it on yet. Ended the entire tougher on. Slam slam. And a lot of good I'm alive could. I'm glad and a special because of where you were we don't know if we would know that you were alive know that if you are gone missing yet take a little bit yeah. Yeah probably. She openly Lewiston. That I don't. You have to like you know a hundred miles away from okay 130 miles away from warrantless. Yeah and you're here. Last week you missed. We made fun of my inability to do anything outdoors and it became a book. How long would likely to survive in the wild and RJ came in with three minutes at the end of the segment he started a 24 hours and as I continue to tell how little I knew it was lowered to three minutes and I'll let you know also deals have been thought I would like bigfoot in McLean ousted for because it be running from like a spider there's a so you did that. Is that does that set up for a a greatest hits joke. Potentially impact I don't wanna hear yeah I would have to go back and listen to but it could be a potential greatest hits it it's where to do a best of sudden without the other person manner. So maybe it's not but well I mean if it's that ridiculous and I did last time with that Patrick's rant about Palin's publisher of but the thing that saved it was the very next week. Having that backup or the second segment beat him totally in a hypocrite on everything Olympus are pretty cool after he gets back into Augusta and amazed that a law or that I watched all their. So then yes I would maybe use this conversation. Aaron. All of America be invested kind of thing status nearly losing his life because he wasn't wearing a life vest hey I blame my friends. Not notice how my fault that you didn't notice it on your own shoulders and body. I wonder like if a lighter red now. Let's weigh down. So good swimmer who thought we we did that we talked about the rays starting Sergio Romo has their opener. Which we both thought Missouri interest and you miss that we talked about. The Braves in the Phillies. I believe them both. Playing each other the day we were doing the show both of the top of the NL east which process was sexier. I said who do actually believe and I said the Braves and I don't believe in the Phillies haven't welcome back on earth and the teacher you that is so great and then that was about it. I think that was all it did well. So that's what you missed last week. I'm not too much but what really say I missed anything and I didn't just joke sounds great team we're not missing and tonight. Mark I think we are racial like that manager oh do we oh do we. Thousands of snapping for an hour but I didn't get the finish line I was 100% to snapping for an hour and you are. You are you wonder now opera let me tell you because we tried to wake you up by saying like K after c'mon pat. Like Joseph capture on the shoulder. Yet like push you. To get you to wake up one of those shelves. Startle yeah when I go down a man called. In Italy down. In each chair in a room that I was talking in with speakers and advise against you talking up with me doing typing tests loudly. With Joseph entering in talking to me elk and you didn't move. That's an I mom that way at home as well and it's not just snaps it's when I go down I go down. And it's. I don't know if that's all the hard drugs I'm on four worldwide but I'm gonna go ahead and say yes probably I do agree thinks show Jim whatever which one of you are Jim Bob Jim Joseph cooter. Yes I. I don't know what is this I just. It's time to sleep stunned sleep and give rev troubles trying to falsely. Very very rarely I'll have the you have something to do the next morning you know you have to get up force here Cadillac guy got to make sure I flawlessly on time and any pressures over the falling asleep in the can't. Because ordered telling yourself losing him to falsely. Others to be probably once every other month or so. But generally provided tired I'll pass right now. Yeah I usually don't have problems with the mostly because they're usually substances at hand that will help you follow sweeten and I'm not talking about racist pills. Com all of that would also files and apparently that'll hopefuls sleep I've never had one of those before a federal before. Ought had half of one that sounds great but it drink a lot so that usually helps you pass out. Yeah well the patent drinking some drink sleeps and never did drinks leads never make you feel fully recovered you wake up the next morning like. I know I slept eight hours and didn't move but I feel like it didn't see the ball well and I guess I haven't had a good night's sleep and private six years. Well Kelly don't really Aaron what we got a lot of stuff going on tonight we I think we're talking we're doing what we do to robots. During robots mariners. Tiny islands in the Caribbean may be fantasy. Correct. Not that cool kind of fantasy but you know the kind that I suck at. And you fall off the face of the earth morality and and yeah pair fell and then that sounds about right yeah so we'll do that today. Fantasy will do our Finnessey segment some 45. As I think we've decided we will now always do at vary five because generally the first segment of our sports is stuff. Those two segments yet so do that at some 45 as well always do we've got the guru mr. Mike Lynch in the house so give anything. Questions comments and or concerns much fantasy and it is up on the fan takes line at 55305. That bad boy also lets you interact with a us. Throughout the entire show he can also find us on Twitter Mike said Mike Lynch 27. You can find me PDD 085 however I've probably haven't we needed in two and a half years. Are fantastic producer Joseph Fisher is at Joseph officially FISCH. Harass us we can't alleged. When we come back to start this bad boy out of rob Manfred likes robots. Is that crazier than Jerry like monkeys. Probably not because I think is Steve might actually like robots will do that next this is Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. It's. Yeah. Yeah. This is my hot corner where terrorism when John Canadian girlfriend. 715 here on the fan this is the hot corner. Michael and scratch cares Joseph Fisher with you as we do this every single Wednesday in a beautiful day it is. Mike do you feel better. Being able to step away from your investigative journalism you've been doing on the all about the frankly Angeles suffered from her or what was one of those most regatta like well this is a lot of work but I'm kind of excited well. Look let's be let's peel back to her old curtain I didn't exactly do a lot of investigative journalism I I. Took probably about seven minutes all Reich has journalism's dead for now. I took seven minutes on his putter when I saw someone read tweet something. It was the worldwide while the guy on Twitter is a big MBA Twitter guys really fight he retreated something and it led me down vortex of all these theories about why. The Bryan Clay and slow burner accounts for his life them. And I was enthralled for about eight minutes I was listening to it in the parking lot until I teaming here and to demand. I'll try at all Paula said about it so. Was like my eight. Investigative journalist author investigative journalism is stealing others investigative journalism then yeah now that's exact. What I was doing welcome to what we do now on the Internet. That's what would it was made for right and I just saw about six people go buy him a children the bike town bikes. Well I tell my he'd come by X covering us that they make them bright orange. Hot probably to distinguish between the fact that they are not someone's bike sharing the city's bike who. They're not the city's ball you don't Jimmie and their shared by excavate what to say and I go this weekend for Memorial Day may have green. Scooters and bikes scooters like electric little like people raise their talent Razor Scooters but their electric game changer it goes and green bikes. When. Bright green probably is like hey nobody's gonna have a bye to this color very few people well. And makes little more obvious and electrical Orangemen excellent steel and also Nike one of their primary colors on trial another shoe boxes are orange and sheer. I'm just just you know. Strung out there. Just. Thrown out well rob Manfred came out today or the article as those came out today and of rob Manfred talking about robots. So excited about this and never thought we actually get there it's kind of like blurs ball. In future Rama and finally at this point with the game is evolving that we don't even need players anymore or just use robots. That I'm really excited it's like live video game right is that the article says. No. What was I reading you were reading. Whatever reared sarcastic hopes and dreams of formulating your brand all right I'll ride it wasn't that will rob Manfred starting talking about basically. Wrote a computer software programs being able to call balls and strikes in games yes this. Conversation is. Coming back to this but it was interesting. Because he had some stuff to say that is a little more progressive than I think anything we've ever heard before especially from a commissioner in baseball you have especially from a guy whose job indeed I would say of the only major sport that holds on to how we used to do things back in the day. A friend says something like this was kind of kind of existing he's been on top of pace of play issues things since he came into the league what liked what. Mean 1415. Of amount long earning. Is there probably while brother. An and I've got this quote from me says I think we're much closer than we were a year ago to having the tech technological capability to actually coal. The strikes so. And Ken Rosenthal. A per the athletics. Or the thousands of people he works for a guest adding that the league has quote worked very hard. On the pitch tracking software. Called pitch aspects. Chet. The accuracy is way out way better than it was a year ago the technology continues to move it actually moved a little faster and I might have thought. Which is well mantra said which leads us to this. I don't know Ernie you know where we start on this while he's starlet is this a good idea a human element. We've talked about opera for a right so I mean I guess for a start is. In my opinion is. I didn't even think that Major League Baseball was considering this as a possibility. Part of me went. Yes there is to be replaced. Yes they're instituting more advancements to game the call right yes they want to improve pace of play but I also thought that. We were at a point. Where there was going to be a line where they said the umpire still important part of the game. The game within the game of the pitcher in the batter in the empire and figuring out what's a ball what's a strike and what you can get stretched in the capture framing the pitch all that kind of stuff. I thought we are gonna keep fat. For lack of better word sacred means so. The fact that they are this far along in testing it and seem pretty serious about it. Is very very jarring to me as a baseball fan. I guess I guess one of the one of the things that that pops out to me on this is more the idea of why is this being associated with the pace of partly. Is umpires calling balls and strikes really affecting pace of play no are they letting stuff get away so much that it's. Allowing more hits more walks more. Time at the dish I don't know I'm I'm confused as to why. This is being attached to pace of play. I don't think it's being attached to pace of play amount way. And eggs being attached to pace of play in the opposite way as saying if you were to institute as we don't want us to take you long time. Two to radioed down to be on cedar that's behind home plate that's a striker ball. Imagine how slow would be if it was like pitches thrown one. 23. Strike because like the systems take me a second to a semi information down. Became the name of the empowerment of the guys retired now who literally would stand up turn and then to a strike call or just stand up and stewardship it was a ball. I forget the name of the empire he was. Really infuriating to play with her to watch as it is to watch a game with because Ehrlich that a strike. And okay it was a strike it takes place three breaths is with a stress I think that's probably where. Their concern. Is if that takes a long time but if it's an instant thing like. This is a strike umpire hears that the second the pitcher's glove calls it. That's what I think they're talking about they don't want to increase the pace of play if they instituted and then make it a thing. Is there room for him. What did you mention you mentioned something that I was thinking of. The fact that they are this for a long. Yeah with that's weird to me. It is kind of weird here here's another quote from rob Manfred says. The remains of fundamental question owners are going to have to address when you take away the home plate umpires control of the strikes on you take away a principal piece. Of his authority in terms of managing the whole team. We haven't had a lot of conversations with. The umpires on this topic but I do think there is a serious management of the game issue. You'd have to think about with respect that change. That's interesting I almost don't buy that because if that's your biggest concern which is aim major concern. Wire you. Putting all this time effort and resources. Into this technology its impact pepper seconds I've I've not I didn't read the article I just saw the quotes by. That's some that I again I'm old jarred by that comment. Is is the ability of the home plate umpire to call balls and strikes out much of a deterrent to tried to take over the game from the players in the manager's. Do you made you debut an umpire behind home plate as someone who vindictive label called pitch a strike because. You managers young annum or the batter game look after a bad call is that what they're talking about with control. No and no. I think what it is is. That at times. Just because you are Clayton Kershaw. Doesn't mean you always gonna get that call. I think umpires in baseball do great job hell however I have seen. People like Kirsch not not a specifically but it just using him as the litmus test for being. The best or aura Max Scherzer they're quite different pitchers so let's say a Kershaw or scherzer. I have seen them benefit from a umpire giving them may be a little bit of slack. But not much this is like the NBA. Where Damian Miller gets those calls in the regular season because he's an all star but has no playoff pedigree so he doesn't get him in the post season. I'm hoping umpires are doing that. That's a suggesting to me however I do think there are times I've seen guys like Madison Baumgartner throw pitch knocked it back call. And turn his back to the arm and is. Pissed often and I think at that moment the umpires saying sorry my friend. This is my game I don't think they're being vindictive but it do you think they have some form control. Well. Sure but and that is the way to show sent right. I get that so I guess to put my argument areas for my question around is. If it is a robot arm then and Madison mom garner can't try to take control the game either because. It's a strike or ball. No matter what he throws it's a Boller strike he doesn't have control the robot has and. There are a lot of pitchers that do think when they do it on a run. When they get to the fifth sixth inning. And they're on like a two hit shutout. And their teams got four runs on the board those guys mentally do think they're in control Aaliyah and think relic perpich game scenario you'll see right at umpires give pitches a little bit more try to help guide at a perfect game. And that would completely go away and robust strike zone again I don't know if I mean maybe candidate if people are accident but as we talked about it before but. To me. One of the biggest things that's fun about baseball is that game with and again and I was discussing earlier in the segment. Of the catcher in the picture in the header in the empire. That that that's a game with a team is fascinates me to death it's like the best part all I wanna do is look at the body language of the header after a agency with the umpire does or she would have pitcher doesn't he have a catcher turned to goes house on a strike catcher frames the ball doesn't of the Coleman drops his head Muehlegg who act has played its bet. But also. Every umpire is different. So and every single game your not a 100% certain. What is going to be a strike that night in that changes the approach the hitters have changed the approach of the pitcher. And and let's be honest there's a lot of umpires who were a little bit generous with the zone it's really hard to call the correct zone I'm not saying it's a negative and sang it's hard to do. It I've seen a couple of pars the last couple weeks rolling their perfect. And abolish just off the zone and like outside android. You have to really did call but. You know. To me that's part of the strategy of the game that's part of the fun of baseball is not exactly knowing going in. Am I gonna get this call you know me I'm I'm all for the human element in game by game and things being different. So I don't know if you wanna get into that as a fan we have to break but does that to me it's. It's a whole other topic but if if you implement this. That kills one of the most fun enjoy his parts about baseball and. I agree and there are some things that I'm reading on the fan takes like 55 through five keep them coming and wanna read some of these when we come back we'll keep talking about robots. I don't know I'm excited about this news. From here on out this is now called robots we'll do that next but first here's Joseph was sports. Yeah. The this is blow hot corner where terrorism in John 1080. And I love. That. The editors the processed it yet trust the process that's I just and I like it at the bottom. Some cool stuff coming across in the eye and back to the song was clearly well I didn't. My love. My. But moved. Nom nom nom. If any net to drop it justice oriented for yourself. Us some cool things come across to fans thanks I'm 55 through five article are visiting as we disagree. I think there's a couple ones that I liked and it's a good split down the middle you know as the first couple texts our all for a buddy it's. Good mixed crowd on the tax on the ninth. I like this can we get retractable roofs in both leagues playing the same set of rules for him robots calling balls and strikes to shape fair play and that's a fair point or it. I also think there is crotchety old man on along with a shotgun just like me is slowly bit by bit the art of baseballs being loss becoming more more scientific for lack of better word. Of course getting the calls right is good thing but for some reason baseball. Like out one night that's. Is agreed tax because. I feel like baseball's the analysts say the only sport to ensure a diehard fan of like hockey with sesame similar up fighting and and the cross checking rules and all kind of stuff but. I. I grew up playing NFL targeting ailments just throwing out the red baseball. Jobs are going that obvious also to cerebral spore so many different things going on the same time. A feeling if you start trying to. Simplify it and make it easier. That that's your restaurant the art of baseball's gone the Droid baseball source to leave when you start trying to make its so easy you know. Right this is the one that I that I kind of wanted to get into. I can't remember which. It is or isn't a strike I'm totally behind a computer calling balls and strikes. Umpires just aren't consistent. I understand. The point 100% do I see which means. Umpires are not consistent. And is that built into the game that's not the point that I think is textures trying to say. What I will counter with is go look at the human element on any sort of calls in any major sport. NFL refs are not consistent and the arrests are being killed this year NBA refs are probably the worst rats of all of them. Outside of pac twelve college what ever rest there the worse. But NBA refs are consistent their rules change from players and what year. To where at least in baseball. Umpires. They change from umpire to umpire like I would say if a guy's got a little being lenient strike zone he's not going to be. Moral lenient as Max Scherzer is on the mound. He's not going to be. Less lenient because quarry clue overlooked Dedham weird one time he would generally BA refs they do stick to their heads were NBA refs I mean. Strike zones don't open up closed down because it's the playoffs right it's like oh we let you travel all the time and now's the playoffs. That's travel movements like. I'm confused so I guess that's Miley think if you have this opinion and totally OK with you having an opinion however you better. You damn well better have that opinion in every other sport. Because I don't wanna hear it. Like if you think the human element is bad for baseball than human element is bad. For every sport I mean NFL I think NFL gets away with help or their officiating is. Because that sport is soda and popular. Yeah. I I agree with you on this I love concept that every play has holding on it or not calling it will yeah when it's egregious exactly okay. Eight tagged out is he tagged out but it's not I don't decided not call that a strike because it's you know seven to zero in the ninth inning all right and ending. In baseball's offense and that is that every play like that is now arguable by a challenge as unless you have almost all the challenge. Oh or after the seventh inning so any player like him back. If it's considered. Maybe in the past it was called more leniently or something in baseball Stallone goes bank. And I can reveal that he can get the call right. And balls and I'd get that Texas coming from right oh I wanna percent to I don't I don't like him I don't want you to think I think I don't figure dumb. I totally get it. In the in the purest. Form of sports. You should get the call right ranked agreed guys will all here for any any game they call a strike is a very specific. Result of an action in baseball. That you would like to be right a 100% of the time. So I get why he says that however. And a however I personally. Love the human element I've loved it and all sports then I. I'm download more replay on dollar trying to get the calls right but I love but there's that question of was a direct call I mean I review it. Was that a ball was that a strike was at a catch and you debate it creates it creates a conversation with your friends. It creates a thinking process with you it adds a different layered of the game and there was just purely on the on the football or whatever game you're watching. And I've always been a proponent of the proponent of the human element when talking about these things because to me it's just. It just makes it more fun it makes it more fun and maybe in some ways it makes makes it more relatable because. What. You sitting there in your car where you're listening right now. Joseph or average guy from Portland cannot do what any of the athletes are doing you can't. You can't relate to community can do listening your actually play him in a foreign now you can do your little 1% but generally you can't do that. But. Even though it's not necessarily true you'll like can probably be around if I could figure out what's holding me in you and that's rule are relatable aspect for you go how did. The guy does not call I could do that called clearly a. And HDTV. You know I didn't HT TV with cameras flying around and Chrysler's that's it's a mix of moral label you know it's like. You look at a guy like drop a really. Close pass in the NFL or reference to decide whoever's head Yoko. Can't believe it I mean some people Cuba and I at least from me on my acutely be dropped applause Michael's kind of a tough catch you know I don't like contests will. Even at times you're like I can't believe he didn't catch a ball you know like are you serious I could have caught that ball all right me and my six year old daughter to have caught up all together. Mueller water add. It appears that adding touch that one ended. Exactly I think that's the difference and in the human element for me with the raps as I'd like the fact. That I can be like. Clearly that was. Call tiles I'm superior to you remember interviewed today. I also think that. One thing we have to keep in mind and this could just be where technology is advanced and how the human race has advanced to their member. Every sport is built on the human element. Everest yeah because when baseball was invented. Almost 200 years ago robots were in horror movies yeah robots will there were movies. They were called talkies my trip it moving pictures yet. I said 200 years ago but not a hundred in palm at the civil war there was some Joe Schmo who was calling balls and strikes. Yeah somebody somebody was hurt and it worked for like a law under and 7890. Years. Intel everybody became snowflakes we know we have to have everything right. We demand more. Qualified demand more. I mean we've had two of us probably don't well I demand less in fact that's Riley is the human race to him more that's why I loved baseball. I don't have to demand much from Brett he gives you everything you need you throw the ball. You hit the ball you run you catch the ball like that's and it really asking for global every screech it's. Knoll in the MBA you shoot the ball dribble and you shoot the ball he drivel and you shoot the ball now you got to rebound free throws. Kendrick. Opened. You're making it excessively complicated. All in baseball. There's more to it in just. Hit hatch pitch. Like there's there's little catch the row right there's little nuances to it riled the basketball is dribble shoot shoot. Then dribble and shoot. And dribble and shoot what about the NFL the NFL is. Pass. And LeBron and there's like lines block change in routes running it and yeah also letting in your in your simplified version of baseball and I'm trying to mimic that. I don't think you I don't the India that is in baseball players calls their strikes there's foul balls are responding there's it's there's pop ups there's fly out there's line drive there's ground outs. There's fielding errors there is. Throws there's all of those encompass three things. Catch it. That's it that's what this is your energy and am jerky EMI and agreement I'm artists and I don't know I'm saying this is that argument for you. You're just trying to spin it her way even I feel item got your corporate partner that the that the Novartis had. That. Do you want it skipped famous he or do you wanna talk about my Antara baseball's let's talk tennis but I thought was thought. Besides he railways to garner aren't when we come back we'll do will be fantasy we also mariners are on pretty hot streak right now is they're. I'll put you need pitch total on Mike Moore right now Rangers pretty high these animals forty pages or two innings. So keep an eye mag game will do the mayor's hot streak today we also have news at the Dominican Republic. That's got to raises some eyebrows do that the second hour as well but next fantasy is your last call for any questions comments or concerns. And Michael trying to help you and please don't listen to my advice will be that nexus the hot tolerant and either fan. Tennessee based always easier if you know what your doing home squared what is occurring which players should be in your lineup card guy. Today's well. And who should be sit next to you in the dugout. Going back to where. This is both Tennessee grind part of the hot corner where terrorism when John 1080 program. Yeah. That person and what are they doing it here. They demand them. Don't be so scared. I did not give the all staff email. Of the thirty alls that females I got today it was not written that a random person becoming in the snatch at. Actually just came in its app check you pitcher's park like what bells that guy right. Know you have I was Morgan ended issued July Morgan's nice to meet you my name is Patrick hello sopranos. She just not next time she's a snap to me. I would use snap was napping so to watch him break two I need to let her know now my name is first on the show. Who chairs that it's alphabetical. Debtor. Who are you Dave well. What are you doing here at night. You guys and all the emails for stuff that's in the kitchen but you won't tell me I was walking in the studio by around and show. What are the images are an important thing yet gotten out when you're here one day a week at 7 o'clock. It's like a Thursday would you rather not have an email it's Thursday a knee deep and work at the brewery and I get this email that's like that's in the kitchen and like I will murder all the I. It's so feisty subways here this would you. You and that is not really com you learn a 20000 dollar night at a restaurant. About able global credit limit though. They were busy business or did manage to have people against the errors of fantasy as a pretty punitive against. His fantasy we do this every single week at 745 to kind of let says. Rant about ours trials and tribulations of our and his team also viewed as any questions please the defense takes like 55. 305. Full disclosure I actually thought to myself as I was driving home from a trip whether or not I should share this or not I did the cardinals in. And it before gutsy news separate line up for five days. Yeah I assume. Maybe you can never complain about being bad in fantasy again yeah I know it's one of those things like I've never done this before and I've been good in I've been baton. But I got this this year's gonna take it's all on me it's going to be pretty tough when you are currently. And believe that we are shared and in second to last place with the worst pitching staff of all time. And you are currently. 63. Points behind the glorious leader. Googlers. Each. Compete at the fact that she. Well wait for the month of June Nino. Track. Carlos raised NT 67. In theory and don't spend 262. Miles below you rapids Allard Nelson Cruz baton to 270. In the so. Best player on my team Michael Brantley. Are. Guess have you heard that before the year you go on in last place you know him recruits or metal British 400. Yeah he's baton 343. Yeah. He's got nine home runs sales rising. 36 reviews on a team that and it for a while its prices. Those nine home runs while you're in the middle pack with six for our rotisserie home run points. Thinks it could be Carol except for hobby bias has thirteen home runs and and beating that team what's the combatants whose 68 and thirteen dinners. Even hit thirteen years. Got the text question Joan. I got offered springer for stance. Do it or no I'm leaning towards now. Rule. Incher arrest straight up. So springer and housing to 87 and he's got 42 runs that's a hundred points better than stand stating he's afforded she runs eleven home runs 34 RBIs three. Stolen on what are they they're the third best offense in baseball ugly bastards are given the go cold a lot. Don't know if you noticed it did they go through streaks and it is don't score at all evens. Them. Is hitting 245. 34 runs. So gently pull up straighter to compare. Casillas forty points less she's got six less runs the same amount of home runs six less RBIs in one less stolen base. Com. I'd say probably hold off on it for now because. I mean unless unless she just is not the same player as he was in Miami but I feel like a hot streak is going to happen for Stanton. In if you trade him now and it happens next week you're gonna kill yourself. They're gonna resell mad but you lost a ten home run weaker whatever would be because you traded him for springer. Liberal through the good players potentially puzzles. Underperforming teachers in flight stand with it and home runs a leak. That's to a game might look at saturation and the Internet. Just exaggerating but. I don't think I would do it but. Then again I think it's a lot closer than your make him out to be tax arrest Sam I'm leaning towards now. I think the interesting thing about it is wolf first of all you know. If you get rid of Stanton you know there's a chance that you dip in home runs because springer's gonna hit what maybe thirty. Out and Andy maybe knock on thirty home runs that stand has potential hitting six. You know think he's on sixteen this year but is essential still it'll fit the home run these and any time he faces a lefty fusion smashing machine so the question is is housing rescue team on home runs. On the flip side of that though. I personally find George springer way more consistent than. John also just don't Carlo beleaguered and yet John Carlo. When he's hot boy is he hot but he is Ed inflow has been his entire career. Not assays injury prone we've had this conversation many times can you faced by fanning in the nice it's not injury prone. But I would say springer is way more consistent. However if you need home runs you should probably kick it was a gas. I like spray personally as a later more here I mean I'm also in last place and it's. Well to be fair I I picked springer overstate I'm not exactly but I I chose for your for my team did not choose him actually tried to avoid stand this year. In Tennessee but. The I think I think the potential for getting hot is good in the in the tax security said that. This one of those world safe for a couple of weeks is not necessarily like did you decide in two days see it to kind of still see if Stan can get it going now. Instead of waiting until August in the news had ties him to fifty and occasionally hit some home runs in terrier. I'll see just don't like guys that strike out a lot. Yeah well federalists or the strikeout while she might change your view FaceBook. This came in I had bad Adams I dropped him Denny got hot last two weeks showed a drop Mark Reynolds for him a guy picked up for a hasn't gotten cold. Well. No I don't know he dying or inspects the real world outside of the west side of Oregon. Is. Lot different in the east side of Idaho. Yeah I would pick up Matt Adams back up mostly just because Mark Reynolds is playing every day will end if that's your option for first base. Lake effect if that's your weakness if that's your weakest position which I've mad a major. Which I imagine appeared to beating between. Marky Mark Reynolds and fat man Adams I'd stay when Matt Adams she's on the better team he's playing more consistent over on the saint. All of them their ego towards corporate displays in Atlanta. Where's Matt Adams Washington. They're both in Washington you blow for the national fat man Adams. Isn't Washington yeah I thought he was in Atlanta he's implying inclusive Zimmerman I believe at first. I Shiite I did about Reynolds is playing every day I think he's pointers and newbies won't soon could hit it. Mark Reynolds was there that wears it any Rendell and hit it into 62 that is. And her dog so I don't know. I'm a guy I don't pay and a mark Dell's hitting home runs matters more consistent and right I'd pick and backup personally. This is pretty loose what mr. Carter and I know it clearly Patrick doesn't understand. Had no idea who he has on our web champions league for the next hour mental a watched it in the tiny lodged right. Sixty miles an hour. We have serious serious bucks. Oh yeah and Sergio Ramos and kind of review them. McCleon Neeson style. And good luck about you know she's really attractive my age testing glued lock. Do you missed a golden opportunity I'm now in colleges. And get it. And in the knees in the taken movie is Ezra gonna come find you in the guy on the other end of the constant. He had on conclude. If he dies CNN my age dies. Can I make confession I've never seemed doesn't mean it. It is Jesse the first among them some other ones I cannot I cannot clean all the previews of the four movies I think I've seen the first orders for. Probably. How about. Do you think taken. Is the most referenced movie event the least people have seen. Because everyone's seen the commercials low can of worms just opened ever lost in the commercials right. Everyone knows the phone call. Because it was an ads forever and now it's become of me the most popular movies that no one watched right that's actually happy how many times have people reference taken. But it only ever seen the trailer or maybe two minutes on TV. Good point. Tax feel yeah as any other movie that is more reference that is less semen taken. From. I don't know but I really like it. Buick question yeah yeah let's think about this when we come back mayors are up ones there right now over the tea Haas Rangers. With Cole Hamels on the mound I'll keep you updated on that. However that team is a little bit hot plus some crazy stuff coming out the Dominican Republic will do that in a second hour we show this is for the sports leader and eighty event.