Hot Corner 5.23.18 (HR 2)

Are the Rays & Phillies for real? We discuss. Fair or Foul! And wow.....Chris Davis (& others) are reaaaaaally bad

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Hey Mike Lynch here and I'm Patrick terrorists you probably like baseball which is why you're listening to this this is the hot corner podcast well I kind of like baseball I guess I'll tune in based. Pretty neat so thanks to its limits that brought you buying your local less Schwab tire center doing the right things since 1952. Baseball yeah baseball allegiances that your neighbor have a conversation. Or you can just completely ignore them. Baseball's spoken here. It's time for the second game of our radio doubleheader. That is yeah. Plus they. This is the hard corner where terrorism learned she's a deep dive on baseball on the hottest topics in sports. It's routed to the bottom of the sixth and I just can't get my. I saw that man with the tall head is bloody game but then that guys and let you know that guy hasn't blinked this entire game just a dead eyed idiot out on a Thursday afternoon. This is the hot corner where terrorism and sure. You right now on Jenny you can. India and help us please somebody help us move then yeah. I remember. Power to do here on the hot corner yeah. By the same score Sunday. It's where my same hunt. Did I say it once we got to have their mind I'll check that today. Israel why senate last break going into the break alleyways. Unless of course. Even realize these ads or I don't know I did I could be just in my head about it but for summary gonna keep wanting to say it may have been saying it. Actors out that's why I'm talking first and that's why I get confused because Idaho's four Sunday coast vicious I don't mean to worry about it. On why tonight's but I do on Sunday as. If you. Dallas on Sunday mornings do so 9/11 camera shot nine in Jesse I'm talking all the sports look at you work a plug in there although I'm out of if you won't hear me if you listen on Sunday and maybe don't listen this week in volume almost close or shall enjoy your Memorial Day Sunday morning. Listen Rashad does and then a deductible again after tune in for the first as an agent yes. You know while we discuss the rays. Strategy of using their bullpen that we also do our fantasy. Crime segment. And down talked about how I'd have no idea how to survive in the wilderness so if you wanna hear any of that. By the wilderness I mean anything even were close resembling nature don't get don't get a twisted Biden campaign now you wanna hear any of that. It is going to be on the let's talk tires podcasts onto to defend dot com. Where you can find all of the podcasts I suggest your camping Mike. A year is at least like in indoor. Facility can I just do you like Kansas can recognize our. And I guess that's morgue clamping if anything. For guy who has never camps. Let us go from never camping two clamping a for gonna make that. Transition until I commit to actually can you you watched parks and record. Yes I finish person is not so illegal campaign and not Tom. Buys all the stuff off last sky mail yet like siphoning off the power you know from some instructor Mike and ice cream come a Sheen at TVX. Box has like. Of rumba with an iPod dollars on best can't they set up of all time. That's what you should do. You guys actually not to get to for a track but it's gonna happen. One of my old college friends tweeted this today. Nepal opera where he asked the question I think it's pretty easy answer analysts are your thoughts and emotions. Better supporting character feel protection to fan touched on pop open a five. Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry from parks and rec or creed from the office who was a better supporting character. Iron and it's gonna be hard to his Nazi creed really has uzis I said Jerry easy. Easy is create creeps got a good one liners. But Jerry. Mercury curiouser Jerry eager issue whatever they called them. Actually was a major part of certain episodes he was is supporting character but his storyline mattered yet the hot wife for no reason. And all of that stuff so. Whereas creed is a mysterious character who sits in the corner and policy hasn't really been supporting character until the middle of the office he was kind of just like here. He was one of the random people on the back of settler one word an element. Jerry as a part of the show the entire time so that's why for me it was Jerry was easy not easy I understand. Remember seeing his character in a real serious movie wants that went. Shut up your act now now it at that they are going to be you're gonna be Gary Kurdish or Jerry yours the entire time. Yeah and again cash and are on this train track and I can't get off that you watch it's always sunny in milk I have seen it though is Sony but I do not watch the source and yet there's one character one of them the oil Brothers. Who he try to do a serious show and it's like I can't I can't get into your character man yeah I have seen you do use and very have seen. Obscure things on it's always sunny and I just can't I can't shake that from a from a mine I'm sorry who can't take you seriously. One Texas creed all day Everett audible like creed I I just I never cared about creed so. Apologies office and. Before we go fully off the rails. The Atlanta Braves in the Philadelphia Phillies. Are currently first and second in the National League east on the Braves. Our half came up on the Phillies by the way after or during. What's the ones I missed out after their three users must play. Carefully you asked that question. I don't know I don't worry about it my brains all over the place. The Braves and Phillies are first and second tier teams who we thought we're gonna be. In basically third and fourth in the emily's sweep up the Marlins have been the worst. We gotta be nationals won and then probably Mets to him and braves Phillies accommodation problem. With the Marlins but so far. They're both playing exceptionally good baseball. They both have young exciting talent. And they're in first and second place respectively so. Are the Braves and Phillies for real. And Samir the answer is. For one team an absolute yes. And the other team a probably. I being the Braves are for real. And I think the Phillies are. Their peaking earlier that I expected them to not to say that they won't continue to get better but I don't know this is killing collapsed. Member was. A bit last year two years ago. I think it was the White Sox. Started the year like 32 and eighteen yeah I remember that not enough they may well off the face of the earth the reds did last year to this are really sad. I'm enough they got that many games into the season with back into the record wasn't a White Sox a hit and it was the White Sox as I remember it was the White Sox because this is when driving in. To the show denied doubts who came to mind now is likely. And at the white site yeah I was the White Sox last year. That started off great and then yeah I didn't think it lasted fifty games into the season I felt like it was more like thirty game mark they might or might just. And thirty game mark but I have meet. I kind of feel like Phillies are like happened just in the better situation at the White Sox were good. The Phillies I think can be did so I guess what are the Phillies to just kind of is actually where I went there the Phillies are. An interesting team. Is. If you look at their depth chart if you look at the players of their playing. A lot of guys who were highly regarded that you've never heard of before. Which I think is the interesting. Part about them I feel like the Braves. Maybe this is the attention they're getting but the Braves have young guys up who we know. The Phillies. I mean even though he was big name in in fantasy. To Reno then Reece Hoskins is their big hitting. I guess is it was the first there's some big hitting corner outfielder he did something last year. He allowed a home runs but he came up we have like a four homer in game or a hit for the cycle all. Pretty early I don't remember but maybe. That's why for. Recognize the names because he did some last year as a beat up old adulterer who has been solid center field you might know if you're a hardcore fantasy baseball or harper is ultimately what we are but. You don't really notable errors. You know who nick Aventis. Now I don't think so he's one of ordered starting good young starting pitchers do you know who bids last quizzes. Probably not though for me Bob. I know him because he used to BA prospect for the Astros. He was traded to the Phillies. In the Kendrell traffic we talked about that trade last week oddly enough we can Giles trade he is a he's crazy he's. Ten straight out to gay images of what four runs as well as all over the place but he is a lot of potential is literally nasty curveball you don't know about the Phillies players. Freeze Hoskins he was just on a hair than leaf it came into the league last year. A bomb though think the reason why I think Gary members because of pot and COLT honestly he was like looking at stats he tore off. A ton of home runs with in his first 1520 games last year when he called up so. Cesar Menendez having a career year for for him a second baseman playing really well. So there's all sorts of guys on the team were playing well but I don't know maybe it's just like a bias. Because I just have been. Heard these guys as much as some of the others are I have but I haven't seen a lot of attention paid to them. But. For whatever reason I feel like it's going to come back down to earth will. They've got the nationals chasing you and only a couple of games behind you the Phillies in second place. Indian nationals are better and the Phillies on Daschle's so the best team in the division to be fair but. How might I definitely think they are better in the Philly so much the Phillies are thrilled to you said you found some seeing graph stats. About these teams. Yet just looking at different categories I thought I mean just mattered to me. A weighted runs created. Which like factors in. Ballpark I mean there's a lot of things go into its own a Saber metrics by it. Like stolen bases the Braves I think lead the league in stolen bases or top ten. In the league in home runs or top ten and on base percentage may be in top five. There is a lot of different categories as looking at least offensively. That had braves in the top five and if there weren't taught that they weren't top fives top ten. In the Phillies are right around that middle of the middle of the. Range or so famed grass analytical stats. Opened. Prove my point there but on the flip side of that with the Braves. I said I think. For people who said milk. At the station I'm one of the first people who said it I think to break a silicon early April and the producer would accept it deliberately did. And what's funny is. The NR. They're kind of really really good and they're doing it where if a pitching staff as a whole it is not exciting one bit. But it will be. Line up filled with good young players. Who were hitting really really well and are all kind of playing together at the right time didn't really really big clutch hits. I think there he special young team that could very well. Win the division or make a wildcard in Italy saw talk about the Braves pulled that next this is our corner of. Yeah. This is the hot corner where terrorism when John Jay Nady drove random. Just actually pantex I'm five after a five says. It's all Mets now Miguel Batista they're unstoppable. Has has been accused of actively. Why. Why did the Braves bring him up why did the Braves condiment in the Mets immediately signed him. What why what is his no it's really hot. Now. He does not. He is weird. Patchy here and Stallone. Jerk needs. A flippant and you'll need Jose Batista back in baseball we don't need of their buddies back in baseball unless we deceive someone hey maybe we do need. NL east talent that the division of old disgruntled deeds who and our pass surprise Matt Harvey now on the reds. Plus the central hole yet your answer to Matt's home little disgruntled dudes yeah I guess so they go from one to another yeah. I saw the I go there is a tweet that was like this team would have been so good in 2005. But Batista Adrian Gonzales is horrible Cabrera Jose Reyes. A sign me up all the guys are valid to me from a year ago pistol in OK yes umps are about the Braves now the Braves. Like the Phillies in my opinion are for real the Braves. Have. The wreath. I'm gonna say to. Two young players hitting really really well since have been called up. A one was called up last year. And another one who was hitting well before it went on the deal India's response and to the to a talk about arazi Al is and I'm looking at junior of course there was the top prospect in baseball got called up Acuna. Hitting just 215 Alba Solis forum runs got seven doubles he's got twelve RBIs so he's on base. Planning his on base percentage. News in 313. So crystals 62 points above average. He's been impact on the line up. But Ozzie Al bodies. Well. He's hidden 280 which I mean fine but he's got fourteen home runs from the second base position. 34 RBIs. And not to mention six stolen bases. Key is. He's a revelation. I remember looking at them early in the season ago I don't really know this guy is I don't know if there's going to be in the journal I was. He's been awesome. Not to mention that nick archaic is having a resurrection year your boy. Hit 344. Freddie Freeman is Freddie Freeman is at 324 he's got nine home runs 35 RBIs. I mentioned Swanson was hit into seven to perform well on the DL endurance yard day who started the year abysmally. Is gone into 67 he has eighteen stolen bases himself. Acuna. All all guys in the lineup are just clicking. On all cylinders. Even. Kurt Suzuki who is a light hitting catcher has six home runs this year than me and I see another former Oriole Rand clarity. Only a hundred at bats but still he's baton 368 or on base percentages 360 and a grandfather he forgot about him. Preston Tucker 89 about 217. You know they've got a good. Good. Google team when you figure out. The swelling were now it is kind of naming players think about this way. Ozzie I'll he's leading off. Acuna hitting second. Freddie Freeman hitting third. Mark take it sitting fourth. Swanson hitting. Wherever fifth now is Swanson on the DL I believe views on the hill. But I reckon we can double check that and an NCR days removed from the top to bottom to be one of those turn a lot of creditors them. Top six or face are you kidding me a ticket team it's a mix of old and young son all young it's a mix of old and young. And like you were saying the same grass Margarita for the two teams the Braves look good and all the stats that that matter compared to the recently. -- people up a couple years so there sector in the MLB. In averaged just batting average behind Boston. So that's pretty solid analysis good while yet on base percentage they're third in the MLB behind the Yankees in the cubs. Wins. The weighted runs. You could probably describe the stat better. But they are fourth in the league in that. I don't really understand it but it OK let's get it's from what I was reading is it's basically runs created it in their weighted to the factors of like the ballpark. Whether it's anything that can affect the game. You know rather than just them scoring runs in Colorado right now are friendly parks budget it takes all factors into its on their fourth in the league and that. A very low strike out rate as well also they don't strike out a whole lot. Lead the league in stolen bases that's probably because. They argue with eighteen here. And then. I wanna say that their top five home runs as well so there that a lot of often the categories. Where there top five top ten. And if you look at the Phillies their past scattered in the middle of the field there I'm looking up. Dumbing discretion here for a look at a film based traders fear it is believed. Alia that I was gonna say you'd think he'd it's going to be I and a glass I guess who's. Or at least the next closest number is need in doubled its Otis is only two behind. It goes and I'm sure in yards eighteen G Gordon sixteen trade turner thirteen. With Mary field on Kansas City twelve. And then a large group of eleven including Mike Trout. In June cigarette into an Anderson let me under estimating steal numbers I know. I have for why watch some baseball this year teams are steel and much more frequently. A musher fits the catcher's arm burn as good of the pitchers taken too long is a lot of bass players bumps in steals. Left and right reading runs to Japan's or position premium little school baseball. Yeah Serena people stopped him because they thought it was stupid sounds like a good idea that will see how we're south African fried. May be like sacrifice bunting guys over when he wondered if Ehrlichman sacrifice. Right I sacrificed my batters that are from. And understood Islam were still in what marital stole third like three times yankees this past week so. He is those those kind of players are going so I think the Braves are the religion. My concern is the pitching staff I mean yeah I literally was trying to come up with a pitcher in my mind and I. And well in today's hot hand symbol Kaz know they've got four starters who have pitched. Like basically the whole season. In the mid upper fifth spot it's kind of been filled by a bunch of guys although it's going to be so Roca to top the top pitching prospect when he comes back off to deal to the Fed cut. I'm Julio Tehran okay my full name bitch Brandon McCarthy used to pitching and Sean Newcombe who was a good young pitcher last year remember you he came up and pitched pretty well. Any ads. Is it as well pad looks he's been pretty and it this year but he he handful of neighbors have any area under three but McCarthy and Tehran are over four which is not good. Need and the combination of the other guys who have started their areas are all around 35. Initial stroke as a 129. He's on the deal. Some older nervous stop Atmel a nervous about the bullpen. Just because it's a lot of names are necessarily trust but there ERA is are all fairly low. In the twos so good enough for the bullpen. And you have a pretty decent clothes are enrolled this while a who has 249. In the has nines. Use in the years so maybe hmmm maybe I am under valuing their bullpen and their in the starting rotation without Sony's being nervous. I think it's better than the Phillies by maybe it actually no that's that's structure and in the Phillies rotation better. But. I think it's good enough to keep them at the top or near the top you know so braves in my opinion. All real coming up next is time for fair trial the first sports. You know. It's. And. These low hot corner when Arizona wins on Jenny need and. Just Muslims today. That music means it's time or info wars was this music means it's time for fair or foul. Just me today so. It joked he'd like to participate in your own opinion this questions he'll create an audience of something happens once can have them back. Now fair foul let's go. All right so. We talked last week about problems it can now get him with ED gain suspension. And things have someone kind of not fallen apart I would say but then Nelson Cruz is dealing with Al Lowe. Got detour and he just went on the ten day DL. It's handing her he injured his wrist being hit by a pitch he's fun. It seem like. The numbers are some I don't golfers mr. dated. And this is grass you can secure also got hurt it wolf there ego leading to my second time that I've asked you. Because I think you know where I'm leaning on this. There are fouled. The mayors will not be in the above 500 when Robinson can now comes back from a suspension I'm so gonna save foul all right. This is the last time I'll ask you. I look. The Mariners despite all of this are still look good team. Look at a restaurant just last week. And he wonders listen to the show for the last few years and knows. I love. I love. To poke fun to where. It is so funny to view profile prayers and if it's low hanging fruit I understood but it's funny time I love it. So. Hear me when I say. And you can laugh at me if I'm wrong later in the year. I don't think the Mariners are back. I think without Robinson canal. Have enough good players. Anders finer things sicker as time and enough good players have got a decent starting rotation they've got a piece of bullpen. That they can be in the wild card chase all the way up until the end with the angels. He's in the American League we know it's going to be yankees Red Sox. Indians Astros. And then it's probably going to be a fight between the angels and mariners for the last wild card spot to play the elites loser well but team and second. I mean got will continue. For most of the season if all that for the Mariners while say foul it will not be under 500. All right as says it would be the last amassed you when you stand by that stand by. I say I'm blonde joke I say if there I just feel like the manners become the manners The Hague June is coming up they got to Nina tuning out to look. Forward to but the team has come on out. Am. What would Johnson to me today on the phone news talk baseball over goes on prime time is he said they're due that was broken mirrors and just keep women. If you are good at the smoke and mirrors and winning and your team is still queued behind it then you're gonna keep winning. And without can no idea whatever. They got good enough hitters to keep going when it's nonsmokers so another curse. Uh oh I know they are easy to make fun of some times I really don't delegate that's true. Mike leaking Felix Hernandez both with above five here is. Ten starts are also nine games above 500 and their pit bacterium fear record has been fifteen bath. That's the net and on the air it. They're pulled out some real statement I don't know what that means. And out of this as an and he beat their record based on a triangle. All right so we may have turned excellent as I mentioned he got two pitchers for the manners with above five ER days. So bad pitching in Seattle. It is the pitching or worse or Cincinnati fair or foul out of qualifying pitchers. The reds have three. Of them the worst three of the bottom six. Pitchers in ERA in baseball. Globe. Three at the bottom six. And ERA this afternoon is it that intrusions. I'll saying. There. I'll say fair. They have a couple of guys. Who are starting to turn it around a little bit lorries to steal one I'm I'm thinking of but. They are in atrocious pitching team in general. And they've had enough geysers are enough teams I would imagine would be qualifying. To be at the bottom small safe there. His fair nice. Yeah they are that bad. Even though Luis Castillo is turning around as you say he has a five point 61 year and correct 792. Weeks. Right below him some dude with the last name Romano. Op can he can you guess first name you know it rain. It's and asks for. Everybody loves it blows. You're very close your one letter on. Of course is famous now. See how old are mono. It basically shoot your character and Everybody Loves Raymond. He has brain cell. He has a 562. ERA most of brother's name and Sharon Harris that is a fine. The people as yet I don't remember you are so funny then I. I am one person that did not lover in lieu of that show titles falls. And then the last four in the reds' Homer Bailey 611. ER PI thought about it I was I thought he pitched better map and makes cents. Yeah maybe needs to try batting with a name like homer. Show. The character of a housing and when he afternoon I mean it was the badger coach didn't go to. Our enemy not our last one I saw this earlier and I didn't mention it to you what that was going on with the Diamondbacks lose Robert for room. Robert. That's right Roberts. Yes I'm about Diamondbacks thank you very. Tell me off with everybody loves rain in here remains cap the Diamondbacks they've lost seven in a row. On ESPN they do their last ten games which they are one and nine. When you say they've lost thirteen of their last fourteen I saw twelve of thirteen some assuming that continued today a minute. They do a quick. The math this moment. Just Al Al Al Al well they went from 2411. To 25 and 24. While there are one yeah that's one in thirteen yes who have lost their two the last fourteen. And they were good last year yes so there are fouled the Diamondbacks will not make the playoffs is here. While. Well what's interesting is. Despite this stretch really want like their first nine series. Despite distractions. There's still one year back in second place milk. So I will say foul on now on. Any now I'm not I'm not big on these early. Postseason questions you know I guess I still like 89 he gains to go whenever the math. By yeah I'm curious. I. I think bill bill turnaround. And this is a bad stretch. Teams will have bastards is not as I usually they'll have bad stretches at division to it is a bad as I'm saying is they're still podium over 500 in one game back of Iraqis that's how good a start they had in the Rockies they have a negative when he five run differential. Yeah leading and aired that number one in the division dipped one. I'll say I'll save pouting about investing turnaround and make the playoffs. Given the Dodgers they've they've got a plus thirteen run differential I know of their sixty below 500 but divisions socket so it for a half back. Giants are playing ball right now to which is interesting. So any team can make it but I'll say I'll sit down next to do it I still like their starting rotation. Greinke and Corbin and godly. And Robby ray was just back from injury expert good. Like Carolina blocked I think like we talked about earlier in the show Paul Goldstein field a turnaround. So I also felt an intimate bonds. I will say fallows well because I believe it is got Jake land back as well I did off the deal brake lamp. So. And yet Goldschmidt I mean he's not terrible. He'll probably take it up and he's really good Asian playing here so. I need to know Robby ray was on the DL. So I think the Diamondbacks in the fact that they've lost this many games and they're still looking back mean. I think there I think they're not threatened too much right now they're 45 games back I mean. It themselves somewhere and he cushion now it's gone by. At the Diamondbacks will make the playoffs. That's it I got one I don't one for you oh. Thrown at me I was looking at the stats resilient one stat that was brightness and contrast. Are both. Or fair or foul. Both it'll Tim Simmons and scooter Jeanette her in the top five and respectively as a bad urge that's fair because Leno and drizzle and angels and Simmons who usually isn't good batting he's known for just being a fielding shortstop he's actually hitting the ball. Quite well this year so I'll say affairs because I know that. The risky fair breeder rightness Simmons is fourth 328. Scooter Jeanette 320 it is well while a third of the nationally. Had no idea what his scooter Jeannette dean last year for a home run again that's what it was the Grand Slam in the forum dot yeah. I do remember that one. Can you name the leaders in home runs in both leagues right now who who. Almost wanna say Machado is leading nail with fifteen mil is tied for second. June and then and then nationally. On a second time. Ali I'm of the gas moved you bet sixteen leads the American League yacht that was a probably save gas I want to give meaning some of many in Judy Martinez tied at fifteen I want to Leo. Guess her price harbor back in first and fifteen in the National League whole other realities fourteen in second place about that yet. There's some extra funds stats for your for file. Are coming up next out last segment of the show. Maybe we'll talk Komondor it'll make it up this puck or continent of him. This is the hot corner went to Arizona when John Kennedy program. I've file segments answering an out today tonight this evening. Everyone Colin Paterson out to me Joseph hold down the floor. Our blog baseball the first two hours the show. Discussed the rays. Bullpen strategy. That we did this a grind. As well as. Detailed my inability to be outdoors. That's on the first hour also talked about the Braves in the Phillies and our fair foul segment that's here in the second are you can find those analyst trump towers podcast. On the tentative fan website and on the apt to listen to patch your leisure. And if that opposition if that isn't this cell for this show a baseball show we talked about the rays. The Phillies in the breeze. And we're not in the grip. I mean if you want true baseball song yet we RAW Ayman falling in today are we went out we were eight we are. In baseball showed to the core. We do not discriminate. We do not focus solely on. The Red Sox or yankees. In two to sneeze at here. And they're polarizing and the Yankees are gonna get talked about no matter what polio as a jury who they are so but does Patrick Roy says and I agree with them. Mostly. As he hates the off field stuff. He wants to talk about what's happening on the field wants to talk about. Teams that are gear and bad stuff like that on strategies elect and stuff he doesn't wanna talk about. The off field stuff. In last last week will be a mouse to any importance show with Cotto being suspended. But. I I'm kind of an agreement with that and if you're a baseball show. Built around baseball. You should be comfortable talking about the Phillies the Braves the rays whoever. He catches from America has gone. Or at briefed on the registry that's how much of a baseball shall we are over you through some residents here. In your fair foul today but as well as relevant as we. And plus I like poking fun at just atrocious that now like Loma last year batting like has over the last year's the year before when he's been like 067 and August. Is those just statistical anomalies are always always fun to me. Who is the worst batting average for regular this year like someone who qualifies. There and who who is our Logan Morrison and see her. On new book I might be Chris Davis honestly. It I am whoa like OK I remember looking glassy and as I he's getting to that Obama territory here okay okay okay. This needs to be discussed. There are two players who were starting players. For their teams. Who are both tied for worst batting average in baseball qualifying players. At. 154. Kristin Davis received. A call Calhoun who's just amazing in the field impossible about this year. That's right I was actually gonna film in my. The other ended thrown and hair fell last week in trying three guys off the scent and nobody was announced guy okay. Well Todd he's taking all the attention to what about the other angels cold Calhoun second in batting average for the angels. On actually no I wouldn't support Al batting average I would listen you know baseball. 154. Hour. Why. So Chris Davis Chris Davis is 25 for a 162. With 65 strikeouts. Elise is some base percentages to thirty called cal loses 191. At least. Well I'd just comparing it to the 191 of cold Calhoun told my job and those standards yes Chris Davis is better. You think maybe you should to call Calhoun Carolina Mike Scioscia you think he maybe should have never gave Christy does that contract extension bowl oh Orioles yeah. Wolf I forgot about that much easier to have a twenty million I'd. I found one so the proper. It's probably gonna be long lines like Jordan Zimmermann just absolutely atrocious and campaign at least when he known here. At least one email here's the headline for two days ago. Think Chris Davis Davis is a 161. Million dollar mega deal spiraled into there'll be the worst country radio. And drop your sports act of they have all this up if you ever looking for salary details sport Trac tracks are really well. This year Chris Davis. Ontario is making. 21 million go hey yeah I'd like I said in over twice now. It is back loaded her front loaded contact. Carriers was for him and got it goes until win liked when he 23 you know or encourages all last year it's. When it's 36 years old and is there and there's no back loading every year since it started in 2006 team. 21 point 118 million dollars and we're gonna definitely handle this job a situation perfectly and I had a because Orioles started out at this point it. I was reading that slimming I was reading meant the the value of third baseman on the market which Machado is going to be included him in some sense. Is much lower than many thought. And editorials do you trade him they're not gonna give back as much as they probably motivated in the offseason so even though is hitting really well. So down. Our I'm part of me expects them not to trade him. And just let him walk watch that's probably what's gonna have to at this point and I'm getting into that mirrors mode where I'm makes a I'm expecting the worst. I did everything at this point we had had the fun ride for a few years and now it is deathly Gundy asked the. I count one that is yankees him because then if he goes to the cubs. They're pride in what agreed to a sign and trade like Hank. Sign him stop but I but I missed. On range. And yeah who doesn't third base is global little hole into cars had been elegant and Ireland now I. I pretty it was and now that's all all I hate the cubs don't Needham and tell you how much know who the hell hole. Can you guess the other four players are hitting under 200 at this point in the season. Off the top my hand what one of them is. Is a fairly easy yes he's a big power guys oops never gets all I'd Joey Gallo is 197. Okay. No one as the Red Sox who used to be a big deal now sucks. And intending no Jackie Bradley. He's in 178. Other two were chasing kept this 180 he can look when it is soon. Two angels under 200 about that a missile coming did imagine if they start bring in a background I don't I should be good for them. A load remorse and tool for. And. All pars maybe Hillary no don't barred maybe. I think so mercilessly today guys much appreciated you find us on corner out of into the fan MMI clinch what is seven. And Joe's at Joseph fished three FISCH passerby back next week after is. Camping extravaganza in the middle and lower Idaho. And elephant or Bristol freeze or dribble early weekend everybody and we'll see an exit.