Hot Corner 5.23.18 (HR 1)

Mike has NEVER gone camping, the Rays are installing some interesting pitching strategies, and Fantasy Grind

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Hey Mike Lynch here and I'm Patrick Harris you probably like baseball which is why you're listening to this this is the hot corner podcast well I kind of like baseball I guess I'll tune in based. Pretty neat so thanks for listening this is brought you buying your local less Schwab tire center doing the right things since 1952. Baseball. This is the hood corner and Rivera suddenly and she. It would like to hear him to scamper home. Two on zero. Deep dive on baseball. Wade Boggs is a hall of fame third baseman. And mud Taylor. Actually destroy the Seattle now. The number of Beers is actually. Highly disputed some saved fifty some set as many as seventy Beers which is an absolutely insane amount of fear nobody can drink that much. Now what an attitude like that now here euros for the hot corners of the country terrorists assemblage that strokes into the acne on his back and Mike Lynch mutants really hard on 1080 young friend. Hey about about about about a lot of there practice. Well if they're just mean Joseph today. We're still with you all the way until 9 o'clock though. Patrick. Doubt this week doing his. Is yearly. Memorial Day. Trip. Where she goes to. Middle of nowhere literally. For a week and his friends and does I guess camping things. This whole idea of trips as fascinates me Beers I am not an outdoors person. I I I don't is up and I'll just like the outdoors is just never something that lives. Done growing up was go camping so in my family ever did and I did it with like my school once he went out for Bonser one or two days or something but. There's nothing I ever did growing up. And to hear somebody. I'm sure a lot of listeners out there to him relive and organs of of course it's it's part of counter culture here but. He hears somebody like Patrick every year he goes for seven or ten days or whatever it is. To a place with nothing no service of any kind. Basically the middle of nowhere. Literally in the middle and lower in Idaho he just goes out there. And they just go drink and have a good time and I guess. Raft river zoo and I make him what Everest other stuff to do camp and I don't know I'm not experience of this joke. It just fascinates me it's it's it's summing up sell outs out of my comfort zone and it's not a care amateur and. Yeah I like to do camping idea this as growing up is you know we would bring a blue blocks in just different camping gears and apart and in go to league campground. Number. They have a back. Have determined showers if you wanna use it but it's still got that came in feel and there's people there I'm not in the middle Miller right exactly they got maybe a basketball court there something like that. I remember one that my family and I used to go to a lot out mills city which is like. East drawn towards ban. Out towards that way. But yeah it was web great times there and I camping now as I've gotten older has taken on a whole new meaning because I have friends that like to do you. Pilot Patrick does not to that extent I think I don't think ten days no service. But their idea of Campion is finding a trail somewhere. Near the gorge or towards Mount Hood just in that area. And then stop and off somewhere and this post and up camping somewhere randomly out. Net wells to be in my in my one question again. Please make fun of me I'm very night eve with the stuff or make fun of me took just understand where I'm coming from. That I have no prior experience of this so my questions are going to sound dumb. Sojo you can answer you know or the tax line of fire but Republican answers they don't. Which I'm sure some of you do. Do you. Is it allowed. Oh is it okay. You'd just. Find a spot. And pitch a tent. Any sleep. Or do you need to you is there like a law and or in the you have to go to a campground. Is there are you have to do is there's certain areas that are designated for. Are you what worked what you do that's I think that designated areas because from what I've heard is that there are trails all over the place. Once you get out towards the gorge and now an area and there are designated trails that if you end up somewhere you Cain camp there I don't the existing. Co author of the tree I mean you can't I don't know I'd like some I don't deal by. Now I told my I'd told my buddies if they wanna do this a camping trip I gather you guys got to find the trail. Where a guy who I didn't I don't know if I got to know the first thing about trying to find a camping spot that's quote unquote off the grid well. No I did a year that's my thing. We've talked about the some prime time before there's a song it's a joke it's a comedy song called Jews don't camp and it's true. We've played on the air of course we wanted to do for you again but it is true there's truth to it. Like when I've talked to my parents about this from him when I first moved or again. They relate. To reckon apps like camp re smells like a marketing camping so let's tells you don't count him and I know there's no way and they're like you oldest at a hotel in the area and if you if you wanna look at the statement tell us is gonna. That's my mind set to report that we get my cousin lives in band and we went to her wedding. And one of the options was to staying near where the wedding venue blows in like cabins mean in my whole Philly went. Note for birdie just stay downtown and hotel hit it just that is kind of net just to give you an idea of what police fairly doesn't camping is that it is not we don't camp. Yeah am I personally like. Halfway Keyon being where you go to a campground I like year it's. Also because that kind of a avoids you having to bring it and I haven't and I can bring one by. I'd end up you ever stayed in a year but I have some good memories different. Campsites and stingers are sometimes ping pong table of who's. Better it's kind of fun. By it's I really do you have the desire to do it off the grid camping you don't know you could do employing can probably find it correct senator. Well. When your can't being. Make it's more than we can't find any can step on inside and play in a ping pong it changes things up and obviously clear that ping pong table and set up cups and you know they beer pong as well. You know the oh yeah and Andy the idea of being employed doesn't apart delayed is weird to me. I mean it's awesome and I'd necessarily done but I'm not exactly fearful of having to become a cool experience that. But it is really more just the nature when I hate bugs but I just isolated is he really uncomfortable whole time. A double attacks and attacks on five after a five little bit of a this kind of contrary and are contrasting techs here. One says depends every ghost not illegal to camp on public on an organ. Someone else's generally act on the campground organs really strict about NATO Tina from downtown Portland public campaign that is the current guys. So what you do it given in this on the floors like are you serious are right now this one says a 90% of the state and national forest organ it's legal to camp so. Two to one that wins out to me that generally you can just go pop squat and at this tent and hang out and build a fire all the stuff. RJ is in. He says there will be made fun of mercifully copper I'm most mercifully. He says how long does lynch last in nature. I'd like to give myself some credit that I could figure out how to survive for a walk a little while. But I have no skill set of any time in terms of building a fire. Oh yeah. Sparking a fire shaky on sparking embroiled in Ogden what Jack I know I understand how you build a fire have done bonfires before on the view so I understand how works but in terms of like actually. Starting one. You're getting in no for me on the island and watch their girls no I have not. I love as you're talking about that how long survive he his first tax from RJ says 37 minutes and then the next generals and immediately after updated opinions seventeen minutes past. I added seventeen minutes slight chance of venomous snake discuss that in our business. Nate gorilla ball into like a pair of poison ivy in there is fighters that are poisonous down there and all of a sudden a Mountain Lion jumps and I'm dead. You think you think the forest knows people who go there they don't know what on earth is happening highlight of this will be easy yet they like mentally planned to find me in the forest. So that's a better still in this week Endesa and be back next week. Much has been seven days and he's back nicely and he said he was going to Pullman today. He went to Washington stage is gonna hang out there in the we're gonna go out to the middle and or item to get this done. Hustled to back next week we do have a lot of baseball on the show today. I Alaska that is a baseball show yes good. I want to talk about camping offers because I knew that I get made fun of him as a fully paid camping season Memorial Day has come and his kids summer's coming up I'm going to San Diego for Memorial Day and staying in hotel thank you. I welcomes all circles and in and out right. So on the show today we will be discussing the rays. Strategy of using their bullpen first of what the ringer. Which is the main article on this on. Is calling the opener sort of a closer they're using an opener AKA Sergio Romo will talk about that closing opener a cloak and sure sounds Ol dirty bell I can I can be possible talk about that and if that strategy is worth it for other teams. If it's only worth it because of the rays don't have good starters are senator Russell get to that. I do want to get you Erin judge saying no more home run derby for him after one appearance in one way and are really cared military judges really I'm just curious up a home run derby as an event. Do you want players only doing it once we see employers shrapnel after home run derbies in the past all the time but we've seen us we'll talk about that. It also. Are the Braves and Phillies for real because the nationals are not first place in the NL east. The Braves are watching the Phillies might be now because there point a series together but those two teams are atop the division. And those were two teams that we've already to be laughing stocks of Major League Baseball this year so we'll discuss that will also a fantasy of 730 and mr. Farrell and 830 so lots of to get to. Can't text line is 55305 and you divide us on Twitter at any defendant Michael is 27 and Joseph is that Jo fish three FICH. On Twitter so you can Texas are treated us and give us all your hot opinions we're coming up next let's start with the Tampa Bay Rays Sergio Romo. Best starter in me leaders and why are they starting him two straight games will discuss next here in the. Arizona when John Kennedy. 717 here on the fan. Pat yourself this week. Tex lines 55305 Joe's still here. People are making fun of me for not knowing at a camp. The source says turn to my man card you can sort of fired. I was ever taught how and never had to I don't know if that's the turning your man card kind of thing. Well it depends what tools you give me I mean like. Sort of fire with like things that make fire that I imagine that just aren't Eisner pointed a sticker something announce it into rocks together and to know Arafat. Thank you that's not gonna happen oh and a nine years to being stored do you have any matches sooner. Yes exactly to. So anatomy only. If I was never ever taught me things and never had to do it and Elvis determine main card and that. You know remained. There's funniest other other stuff like car stuff that is by tournament card and workers I'm not like I'm right there with him I'm not able to fix my own car low. Probably change tire I had two good. I've ever had so I don't I don't even know. One allergies and say I wouldn't make it three minutes so we're. We're down to three minutes on that almost the second a stepping into the forest deals into how fast for the bureau for religious mistaken for bigfoot. I am six on 4 and I am hearing. So they go it is organ that is organ there have been as about it supposes sightings in the Pacific so wouldn't impeach. And to be funny if without knowing it I went in camps like a famous watch an area were like people are looking for south watched and like to call. Al Beers poured it reasonably running really fast maybe I'm running away from a spider but the put. Some sprinting. And I'd jump really far because and jumping over agreement all the adrenaline is and in me Emily. I thought. And that's how that 34 minutes would go down as you would go into a high SaaS launch area yet. And someone would have. State Kiefer bigfoot and then take you out and block open which is that he. Had a 200 foot are disposed to it. Capture evidence of good. At eight dead or alive that's how we need him. This is me dead or alive as on Joni are let's get to some baseball here if you missed it over the weekend. That's been happening all season but it was the most extreme. Case of it over the weekend be Tampa Bay Rays. We're playing the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. And in both games on Saturday and Sunday and there are starting pitcher. Was Sergio Roma. Now you may remember Sergio Romo from sabre Cisco giants fame used quite good in the playoffs and won multiple World Series. He has since fall off the face of the earth is not good anymore. Not as good anymore but. He is reservist for the rays. And they veneman their bullpen he's got 467 the Arizona Tony just target has been this year. But what they did was they started him. On both Saturday and Sunday. All he'd it was pitched one inning or one of the third inning in the second game. And enabled for there. Real starting pitcher Portland which is more like a long reliever in this cents. In those games Sergio Romo first inning on. Wanna say this is Saturdays and have them both Obama and yeah it was Saturday. Imposed finish this game he went one inning three case all three K is second start. One in the third three kids so the strategy worked. The strategy was. According to champ or at least in the fought according to Tampa was. The angels. When that showy or Tommy does not hit have all right handers in the beginning and it in the game all already under genre. And they also. Really really good first pitch fastball hitters. In swing at. Are they they hit hard suffer the review well surge your role on the Lawler can throw hard he's really really you don't really looping curve ball is gonna slow change it is really soft pitcher. And it. He's a right so ready I'm ready ism is an advantage in a worked and the rain is only 11 of the two games but they were able to. Hold onto the lead in bulk of those games thanks to surge oral early on stopping the offerings from getting going. The rays are now hold essentially doing to bullpen days a week. Or every five starts if three starting pitchers may of two days were there going kind of bullpen. That might mean Sergio Romo that might mean they've got a guy named Matt injuries who used to be starters kind of become a long reliever puppets a couple innings they've got this guy Yarborough is based who's been in this spot the whole season or is pitch in like four or five innings a game. That's more of their bullpen day they're basically saying we haven't of good starting pitching in the way bull pens are going to Major League Baseball right now. Is. Dominic. Hard to hit why not just go for it in Goebel and him. So. I guess our first question is textured thoughts of the anti slip up front their pot is just a viable strategy. They want one and one doing it this weekend with the extreme example Sergio Romo being an opener but on closer. How's attacks on other do you think this is a viable strategy is this something other teams will pick up. Honestly looking up at ringer article that you brought up. There's a half that is jarring. To look at because it shows the starting pitchers in the number of batters faced. On average for pitchers throughout the years in nineteen when he was obviously crazy it would you know pitch guys for. 4050 games. They would see on average nearly 32 guys a game batters and now today it's image mean 20/20 four. So it's dropped off drastically and I don't drive a drought is a huge drop it with and set 8090 years. And I don't know B solid Zacks though as echoes are said of the LA angels he thinks that there's an ulterior motive behind it. Saying that the rays. You know that. They don't wanna pay starting pitching and that's going to be the trend going forward is that guys are gonna wanna have to. Spend money on starting pitching if they can find other ways to get effective pitching. Through their bullpen. And then Nazis payroll that saves money in that you can and spend on guys that are gonna put up runs on the offensive side that's interesting so Zack Carr as a costar was saying that. You know this is a move to save some money that way they don't have to spend on started it all the rays are. Known for being HE team they are one of those four teams and what is it MLB PA. Grievance. The box. The rays. And and the Marlins and one other that word and pop for trying to like save money in say payroll. So the box out pirates OK I was like. Now the tentative with an. Yes of that but I guess that could be true. Mean the rays went on to me in Tampa for much longer if there. If their stadium situation doesn't have figured out similar to Oakland's stadium situation they might be important. This is also graph in this article it's weighted runs created plus by inning. I looked it up and ignore it was sorry I looked it up. Basically it's the is the chance. That Iran will be scored in said. And has to do a lot of factors it says the average of it is a hundred saw hundreds of to have B 50% probably errors. The number one inning. For runs to be scored in Major League Baseball. Is the first inning and a is the first inning over any other inning fifth in six their second third or switch that sixth and get their second and third. And an extra innings it's. Four at. Minutes pretty big drop off between those three innings and the rest of the game. We'll bunnies a huge drop off from the first to second inning that's guests getting settled and then was getting settled in your at the bottom of the lineup they worked as a weaker part of the lineup and then fifth and sixth inning has won the starters seeing the guys for the second or for the third time. At that point. That's wild which is why the runs are gonna go up again so no part of it was the race saying look. It's really easy to score runs in the first and before gaga settled and what's been a reliever who is. Known. Any reliever who's known for being ready to go one inning. Organ already on writing we're gonna go a guy who's a perfect counter to them and it worked. They didn't score in the first inning and the rest of their guys have a job to do you debated one night and into the other night. Well as either Saturday or Sunday night and finally did one Saturday. The pitcher for the rays he only saw Trout up in place. Because of Romo taking that first inning. He went in based 43 batters after that and he'll have to had to see Mike Trout who's plain insane right now. Twice and then opt in place means death to their best hitters. And that's that's usually known as the be right in my time as we we've seen it that's why. In the graph you were talking about that's why so many pictures are getting cold in the fifth. Because they don't want them to see the top of the line of three straight times because those guys have now have that many a basket use of the pitching. And they've had that many about two time their swings correctly and all accounts so. All of this analytic stuff is coming and in turning into a strategy this text Cayman. HI this ours with were so bad we need to blank is a bad strategy. Well. Okay sure I think that's a that's a fine argument for the rays say. But I wanna ask this question we have to breaks all all all do it and will break. If a team. Has an elite bullpen. But average starting pitching. And they're not so bad they need to do blank. They're just using this as a way to you change the way the game works. Would that be good strategy to. I don't wanna be mister homer but I think DA user perfect example of us great bullpen average starting position. Would it be OK in your mind if David Robertson pitched the first. And then sunny great pitches until the sixth and then you've got Chad green Chapman but chances. You know IMAP to say how dairy using on my laurels as the man offers within Notre Dame in Britain. Before the design multiple men to like wild card game by now attitude turned into like five sample I don't know because it euros or first the royals pulled the first. All successfully yes successfully as they did did it or and so are so I ask that question texture thoughts on that next plus. As just a baseball fan do you like this at all like an adult that's next but first Joseph sports. Yeah. Terrorism when Sean Hannity program. Sarah 33 under Wednesday evening concerts out today just as Joseph and I mean he might clinch it here for. Hello. Just giants on 9 o'clock today talking Sama bullpen strategy thanks to the Tampa Bay Rays who went. Closer. Or reliever to open the game and then long reliever slash. Starting pitcher. After him and it. I mean at least the beginning of the strategy worked ball nicely into that zero at the same pitcher Sergio Romo and it worked so I asked before the break. Get a text that said if any strategy starts with were so badly into blank it's not a good strategy so I I flipped that and I said. Let's say team light. Again the example that I condone quickness is the Yankees. Have a good bullpen and a mediocre average starting pitching. Let's say it's not Severino stocks not a let's say it's. Sunny grad who's really struggled this year for the most part. And merit their decision is Sonny gray doesn't pitch great in the first inning. So let's play David Robertson. First inning get through the first Sonny gray comes and against them the lower part of the order. Pitches until whenever he's done and then you go back to rest the bullpen is that a Smart. Strategy or is that just. Changing the order of what would have happened anyway. Because if you start sending Graham and Robertson comes in the sixth or whatever the case I'd be. Does that really make much of a difference and according to the great article and held all the stats if money. Because the first inning is such a a free grinning for scoring runs but if you put a dominant reliever or a really good reliever and officer Jerome dominant. You put a good reliever with a good match up and then you stop that. Or does that seem pitcher who's the starter. Just all of a fine match up and it works fine to react. To me in my opinion I don't. Think it's the best strategy. I think you throw your starters out of the loop. If again this is eastern operators who don't have a starting pitchers if you do you turn your starters out of the loop. You kind of take away some of the buzz of the game for your fans. And maybe you maybe it helps you win. A couple of innings but I'm not sure it helps you win a game more. Than them the good old fashioned starting pitcher turned picture which really astonished that so I don't particularly think it's the best. And I'm not sure even if in the best even if these are the best example is whatever team out there would be the best example to use maybe. And get him out about maybe Arizona Ers and they have good or Colorado maybe they've got a good bullpen but pretty if you started pitching. I don't know if that would be a good strategy to fix. To the made the greater doing it because they need to I don't know if you don't need to if it's the right strategy I guess that's my report. Yeah I'm. This program which Packers I'm very curious to what he thinks because you know what he thinks he's an old buddy daddy or against a baseball and that's why I mean first thing McKinnon miles it will who was the first person who said that. A guy has to start the game first second third and at home and in the ways. Spend a hundred years right in our sister additional baseball and I feel like that's pat we're pat wood line on this is that. You're messing with Ali game should be played but. I mean it's clear that I think the rays are. Obviously trying to band aid not good starting pitching. But they also have. What we saw mean the first scene is where guys are getting the majority of their runs so I maybe it's just raiser trip trying to stay relevant. Trying to play good I mean they are six and for the last ten games but as you said is it a strategy that's just gonna keep them alive for couple innings. Because they did lose one of those games they're only one for one they split the Saturday and Sunday where they did this strategy granted it works like you said because Ramos struck out. Every batter both times. But. But it comes down to is wins and losses and they lost one of those games so grand they ran it and I think show notes money on Sunday so yes. CIO I don't like it as a strategy and as a fan. I hate it. I absolutely hated. Like I was teasing their slightly before. I think it takes all the blows away the good starting pitching performance and the thirty fans at the race stadium right there an air rail buzzed over the Chris archer starts at. Right I think I think arrays are now lawyer which is by the the only team during this right now because. They know cares about the rays even in Tampa and be. They don't have a good starting pitcher so to fill in that game where a good enough once I guess has stated what the hell try it. But. At this point it is one of those who say 31 LC they have to lose I mean there I think 500. If game a game below 500 which a lot of hale looks like right now is for around 500 but there are at three games below 500 so I mean. He got us a bit at this point this season because I think they found that they're not going to be very good. And so this is you know and it's super small sample size two I mean who gains of this. And there's been there's been articles saying they revolutionized how team's approach games well. Guess it's been two years I have really shape baseball with which insure that you like OK let's tests they have been all you can. Bull pen dale season so it's not just the two years the robo one loses two games. They've been basically making a long reliever starter for just less. Innings that's kind of been what they've been doing. I Euribor guys started a bunch of games but he's honest arteries and on 34 innings giving a press that's kind of what they've been doing so the role strategy was a new element equities but. It's a back to us saying I think. This is just bad for the fans so sure the rays don't care but what ever think about Saint Louis had a great baseball city there fans Carol all the way and you're telling me there's some sort of matchup with the cubs as Carlos Martinez against Jon Lester but instead it's Jon Lester against. Some accused Jordan had expired 205 on our flavor I for one inning and then Carlos Martinez comes and that's the way it's weird there's no votes right it's. It it changes the way the game feels. To me it changes the part of the fun of these starting pitcher batter relationship that goes on and a game that tinkering the the strategy the countering that goes on a kind of change that rule that is not a massive change or it's one inning. But to immediate changes divide and part of while there is also much as how it feels to watch a game. When loses whatever extra innings. Watching baseball as a certain feel to it and even if your team isn't good. Even if you're like John C candidate. In you hate. Watching the Mariners have the time he'll even admit. The the field watching game of of kicking your feet up and put on the top of the first inning is so cool. In so different than any other sport in my. I don't I don't think you you should lose and you should try to keep that. Because you can tinker with rules you can tinker with like two games you can take with like the season whatever whatever wants to do whatever is forced to do. But what's so important about baseball in my opinion is. That extra. Something. Divide around the ballpark. The player all that I just don't tinker with. Right now I don't think we're gonna. Seem much of a change I think this is. Someone of a desperate team going to desperate measures to try and stay competitive. Which they somewhat are at this point. So I think it's just stayed. Manager just try and some open. And it's knocking alas on if you give me bigger sample size. And show me numbers that say it works well. And it leads to aids. Wins more wins and not trying to a traditional starting pitcher for 456 innings whatever. Yeah I'll believe it but for now this is a sudden somewhat of a fad for the rays because they're just trying to. Trying to play. Why are they relevant I guess are gonna see some sort of a sample size from Tampa that you don't mess wolf we'll find out. I you say they've been doing that 34. Inning guy for in the majority season yes yeah it says the first time they've done yet. That one inning closer opening. I don't know who's just because it was the angels mayoral stacked right is that right either way. It Mauricio is from Tampa more and I'm gonna be curious to see you at the long term. Effectively uses but. I don't know I'm with you don't think it's gonna catch on a couple of Texans for a go. If this trend catches all starting your clothes are curious how would affect our salaries have turned a lot of what we think too obvious bullets had that's true. Those outcomes of the point you're talking about a raise or being cheap and I know he was pain that yeah yeah we don't want. We don't wanna pay starters soldiers' pay average relievers. Average or mediocre money to pitch one inning in the bullpen along relievers Albers media money. There the Texas. What a homeboy Pegasus starter. And three perfect innings you know Achilles or sixty at idea in my mind that's part of like the vibe thing and I'm talking about the fun in the game. I mean I guess in that situation to be the same thing is if like a rookie starter having his first carpet on the pitch limit we've seen that a bunch recently or at all deployed. Six innings don't have ball doesn't matter the opponent is that eighty pitches in the predicament anyway. I guess you pricey a lot sooner you you get a lot more combined no hitters of the no hitter was in the cards. But. Yeah I again I kind of ruined a little bit of the perfect game no hitter kind of fun because. You can't have a perfect game if you sir pitcher in the second inning. It just doesn't work at it it. Nor quality start. Things that's her and yeah but the interest and could you go second inning tune six vinegar eighth inning insular quality start in about six innings that you're not starting the game as well. That is for a minister Australian. I acted just committed 55305. We do have Finnessey. Ryan coming up next if you have any Finnessey questions still protects them right now a five under fire. And I thought well does give you some tips for what to do at this point in the season this is the hot corner on turn into nothing. Tennessee based always easier if you know what your doing home squared and what is occurring which players should be in your lineup card guy. Today's. And usually sit next to you in the dugout. Going back to where. This is both Tennessee grime that part of the hot corner where terrorism when Sean Hannity program. Yeah. That's just don't. Story about who I inhaled them a voice in the went in my knows a thing in apple could hit it deep freeze for. That's us but Patrick is out until next week he's in likenesses of Pullman tonight it's going Idaho. Or camping trip. Does the crazy crowd to give any fantasy. Based symbolic questions. Text them to five. The tax line. Pavel do you my best and Joseph will help to answer the questions. So far if you'd like my credentials. I'm first in daily gonna join with Patrick V. Which is really my first you're doing or just release are pretty well. And I am a it doesn't have definitely come five and chew. In my view so I'm pretty well this year last year as a it was an off year for the fans who lies but. I was able to. Get out of the doldrums of having really bad starting pitching if it got to somehow and they build together a executed. Starting rotation early states serviceable starting rotation this year we take an update you on the second like we did get a question on the pads excellent by about 30 the ten team league head to head. My starters are decent. I have milky drafts I made him a child well should I trade Paul Goldschmidt. For starting pitcher. My answers no. I know gold is really struggling this year is have been. By far. His worst season as a Major League report was that here. Would quickly as the ambulance and he's hitting a two under. Oh god he's hitting exactly 200 grows is obviously it's 324 so he's getting on base so as you walk salon but you know rules for scientists say about this long. In an at ten team league there's always good starters to be hatter at least there's always good enough starters to be. Now. If you wanna turn gold smitten chew. In only starter fine but you're not gonna get that because of how poorly as performed so for bush. I think if you trade and you're gonna get a lot lower value than when you should be for college Goldschmidt. And when he gets hot and he will you'll have a trio of you leave players on offense who could help carry you investment Toronto and Goldman. So I would say do not trade Goldschmidt if he starts getting hot in the value goes up he still leads and starting help. Feel free. But right now it's not a good time to trade him and I've I I've I wouldn't anyway I would just right up the cold streak. In my god talk on the show my rotation was forced. And I have turned it into. Something that is manageable. That today gave me almost a hundred pitching points. With four starters and two relievers so in this guy's saying that his starters are at least decent Beazer there's singers we're just complete do all their bad. Yeah so we Aggies at least put in the decent qualifier for his starters today I use three of my four new starters and they fish while all three of them it. It for you Tyson Ross Tyler sketch Chad cool thanks and happy for you but appreciate it. I yes initially I thought yes because I mean that's an inch on charges haven't read it Ulysses SU they're almost making up. For Goldsmith's. Deficiencies and that's where he might have to look at is are they actually put now those numbers to make up for what Goldschmidt is not doing. I would say keep an eye on it for at least lighten. Two and three more weeks maybe as you get closer to July may be back end of June that gold Smith hasn't done anything. Do you know shows signs of life and yours starting pitching is not health and human anyways I said they're decent so they must be all right they must leave. You know manage in the storm for now. If that's not the case in about three weeks back end of June I would say to probably investigate trades. I do think there's also depends where you're currently sitting in your league. If you're doing fine if you're just above 500 if your. Plowed along and it's it's OK I would trickle and if you're close their behavior bad if you're like two and five. In your starting pitching has been causing you those losses then maybe I tried but again you're not gonna get the value wonders if. I have my philosophy in the Diamondbacks in English and I've lost me and any fantasies for just make it to the playoffs just a second look at your. You're good enough and here you're gonna make it to us just just get to the final playoffs and figured out then. When the child gets traded will he have better SaaS to do a better supporting cast no because his stats are on freaky real say out of nothing worse supporting can't possible I don't know how to do it any better honestly you know which I was hitting 32815. Homers 43 RBIs for a five on base percentage. The bats well. Love his career averages. I said ideas about supporting cast it doesn't really be Orioles are playing badly but their lineup has good players and it. Us open and Adam Jones received the tweet that bring her article concerning the one 81 pitcher raining. The audience and goes I don't know why this is unique. Bureaus have been having won one one inning pitchers all year than. Cordial. I I last album and I laughed at it I team wins or they have you laughing at this point you can't care anymore now. He's got a laugh and on and I guess I hope you get a top tier talent player in the draft next year. Demonstrating in here's to cut it. Or you will hold onto an elusive for nothing which might happen to. Us steals away the on the shuttle won't be better he'll be an image I was is great so we'll just continue to raise. This one Eduardo Nunez in her moderates or Paul the young who has the most value. To try for an outfielder. Go to trade. You have many. Of two very in premier us guessing handling. I'm missing. Most values voter arts I wouldn't trade Bogart's although the that would trade voters that he's really religion I think it went about America's. I think that's is better now but I I've always thought boaters was better hitter. It just this year that's passed them. But I would not trade Bogart's but he has the best value in order Nunez has no value. Outside of multiple positions completed as a player every day he's really consistent. All the young is a good young player you might us and he's about the marketing a lob back from him I don't think so few. When it traded big name trade Bogart's into the top serial to perform but also a leader of Sox fan you've got and leap over to work. So I guess I have two outs in certain pockets but doesn't actually matter. Because I've voters. Crop field others. That's good fantasy strategy then don't let. They'll let the rivalry lines in the way there. Yeah definitely I loved Bogart's. He's such a good hitter there's no way I was it'll pass some of them a fantasy draft now people that do that like I'd be. Try to think of fantasy football equivalent for me that's like me passing up any Eagles players. Because I like right now was so much Carson when sister married you're gonna like some now I think he's gonna have a down year and dad's dad is my guy and you're trying to sell yourself on the back acknowledges him a pass. So yes I'd say about our system and those of value but I would not trade him then after that I had to deal. That's all the time at a pace of the questions guys appreciate it I was gonna throw this out as a as. A theory you're just an idea moving forward strategy is keep an eye on a volume dealers being called up there it pretty well to make sure they're going to stay up. One Soto the Al pillar for the for the nets gets called up it's a homer his first game. Stop playing. Every day and he's I legally play against. Right eighties. But. Bill is a good young hit right out of but the guy Willie Adams from the rays who had homered in his first game against Chris Sale who is called out. The the note was easily going to be opportunities to three days so thrown out you might be right young player. You don't have to like Tyler O'Neil by the way I didn't even notice used he got a couple of by the cardinals he's hitting really well they're 48. You're a teller a mile. He was being Mariner's number two prospect traded in the Marco Gonzales treated of course he wise and he's at 348 with three home runs in his first. 126. Games Americans. So. It is fair. Market results are sort of that your. I coming up next our fair falcons up at 830. But also on ask the question do you believe. In the braids. And the Phillies that's next there's an awkward tentative.