Hot Corner 5.16.18 (HR 2)

More Robinson Cano talk and Fair or Foul

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You know the beauty of baseball as you can sit next to your neighbor have a conversation. We're can just completely ignore them baseball's spoke here. It's time for the second game of our radio doubleheader. That is yeah. Plus we're. This is the hard corner we terrorism lynch a deep dive on baseball on the hottest topics in sports it's routed to the bottom of the sixth and I just can't get my. I saw that man with the at all bad it's quite a game but then that guys like me you know that guy hasn't blinked this entire game just a dead eyed idiot out on a Thursday afternoon. This is the hot corner where terrorism and sure it's a dream right now on Jenny you can. India and help us please somebody help us no then yeah. I remember sir I'm somewhat. Austin I'm Melissa Joan. Government and secondly how. It would be this bad boy every single Wednesday night. Mike Lynch Joseph Fisher patch chairs in the house on it via beautiful lament. Knighted yummy recent commencement. Announced. Amid a couple of moves today. To replace Robinson canal I had a sterling Castro. Who as I was just ranting about the break. This morning I got the email this morning at 6 AM Euro waiver claim has gone through you guessed early Castro you know like. A hourly beaches condos much better than him but he was the best second best available housing are in Munich I need tomorrow is going well this is it like to me so like OK good. It applies and it says I can't play him until tomorrow. But two games haven't started yet today's early Castro's. I have. And I added Ryan Hewitt from the Mariners is eminently well. To be Mya back up right honored to basement instead of Matt Chapman who not good. Is in the rye on yes. I have 33 baseman. Of Jupiter overdue and and so goes. You know major out Josh Donaldson. I drop into your Rendell and keep that picture autumn I mean just Ellison doesn't play third base some kid named Omer Sanchez. Placed third base for me. And not change and it either here. Just Collison and you are officially on notice. And he's just chosen to play every day. Continue this promising to know story who cannot play every day. I think the next round I want to go it is news. We kind of talked about is the last time we're talking about Robby before Finnessey in our perception of this player. The big question with Robby can know and I wanna use the Mariners a little bit too is. Hall of fame. I think if Robby can no retired today. The discretion of Robby to know retired on Monday. He would be a hall of fame. In my book a title. One of the best slugging second baseman of all time. And let we've said a million times the cool calm collected. Fun enjoyment that was to watch Rabito declared an 850 plus schemes every single year of his career. Until now and I think that what it's. I think that is part of why we love a lot of guys is the love ability of them you know people that you were just. So fortunate you'll watch every single day the three you said that shippers the Griffey's. Jeter's of the world. Guys it's just like man that's my do you tip Omar Vizquel das mod do you bear fans Edgar Martinez that's my dude. I think Robbie will never make all of him. Who I think you well. You think when well what do you say okay we should press we should stop broke wait. If the hall of fame continue on the path it's going and the veterans committee does not open the floodgate. In steering kids don't Gideon. Robby will never make all of it's true. But if it continues the tournament's going. Where Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are steadily climbing. In the percentage of votes. And they make it and and the floodgates are open we and I think that Manny Ramirez goes. And the end just. Yeah allotted Alex Rodriguez goes in it and a lot of people always nip. And that will open the doors for anybody who has been caught taking steroids or perceived Ebert I mean not a David Ortiz ever got caught. But report he was in the Mitchell report. He'll go and you know I deal in about a wide. But that's hypocrisy at its finest the world known to her right side I think if the trend continues the way it is moving. Income they'll make a halt time because. What sort of four years up in his deal. The suspensions are gonna change that. If you places deal out which you should because a lot of money. Then we are talking about ten years away from him being on the ballot for the first time. Lock and happening ten you lot can happen in ten years and in in the fact they were from last two years. We've gone would Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens getting what was only 15% to 50% or whatever was this year. It is that close the numbers in my in my forgetting for who for Clemens and bonds sitting there low sixties yet and they were like twenties two years ago. But they're there rocketing up the list. Well ten years from als. Forget eternity about the pace has a long time that's for sure. Am. Yeah I mean I think this all is contingent on. You know the larger. The larger question on what is what do the voters what does the veterans committee. We are starting to see. Questionable characters getting into the hall of fame that could tilt. The the veterans committee vote I mean can you imagine somebody like I Jerious and Jeff Bagwell they're like really really gonna keep probably. Around these key to her her own tests positive does not add a unity oh really it's not. There is covered it. But I but I I think it's about I think what my point is that at some point in my not a big deal well and I think the biggest thing is is. You know of the outspoken guys to Johnny Bench is the Joseph Morgan's. The Reggie Jackson's. Those guys will eventually die. And when those guys are gone. That might open the gates. If if the big contingent of vocal but vocal the against it crowd. Start to fade. Then yes absolutely but here's the thing. I don't know if it's an age thing exclusively. At me or younger and you are so anti steroids that you're you're like Reggie Jackson who. More like I'm actually more like. Like Schmidt or. What what's his name was a deed for the royals are Keener is named George Brett thank you George ray George Rick hates steroids to its. So does Joseph Morgan Joseph Moore his old but a more like George Brett coming okay. I I don't think it's an exclusive they'd stay in Minnesota the slowly I think this whole. They're not always have some good news this fool for a very long time percent guarantee. Be a debate. That. Whether or not did belong in the hall of fame whether or not they should be a special wing for players from the era. And frankly even if that was the case kanell would fit into that because he's not a matter he's from the current Ara. So he's not even going to be a steroid guy is going to be got Popper steroids have played after the drug testing policy came into the game. So I don't know. Holdings is ever gonna go away but I do you think fat. We are trending towards I maybe is on a loosening of our morals or trending towards a and apathy to it because it's becoming so frequent. And it's happening so often. That. We kind of just go well. This is a baseball is you know they're not happier now morally accepting steroids all the sudden but. No longer use so viciously fighting against. And then that's when that thought process comes and that's when you go while. Barry Bonds was going to be one of the wrestlers of all time when house to parents so who modestly and emblem off him. A three go Roger Clemens and one of the best available talent customers who doesn't want us. There's the blown off but then the other side is Allison areas may contain steroids whose fifteen years old how we know these other guys 12. Why they were bonds pretty hot hate it it's. I think here's the thing fair bonds that are I think big big thing here any he considers him for erotic letters to. The steroids back then were not as sophisticated as they are now through the steroids back then made you beefy major head gigantic images super strong tangles. It yes A-Rod was the skinny is kid ever when he was in high school. Bonds was super skinny in Pittsburgh Clemens was never that beefed up until he got to New York. She was civil previews news New York are now. Like it was obvious round two of New York Q was bigger than he was frowned yeah it was obvious. But now is I was you know Clemens is licked his upper live in is always there's. Sway in his angrily licking his level of public steroids and that's clear that steroids targeted but. For vet that's why they're vets are into for A-Rod it'll be different to a mobile like. We don't know what to do missile corner it doesn't look like yet but now little different you right. You know could've been taken in his whole career and we would we would never know. Because he looks exactly the same from when he came up just of this game so much overpasses and deeds should be cheating all the time but I thought it was due astronomy rosters. Yours what was wrong dimensions so destroyed you. You had to set yourself up for this happen. I am a glass half full kind of guy. And just took a glass and later. And everybody's on android's. Terry Francona Joseph Maddon on roads. It's whether such good coaches. So restaurants the drug test them Ron Washington with two World Series on cocaine. And just saying maybe it works. Yeah he was on cocaine joke and extend say that on the air in time and he was loaded on cocaine all coaching and how do you know. Have you seen the official reactions you'd make in the dugout. And he has a World Series Eric it's intense we have our muddied Lowell lines a yea in the World Series two specially as a manages no clue what I'm doing and have to Clear Lake. The giants in the cardinals. Check this lecture pockets in the dugout yet and I got like Josh Hamilton I have to rely on. Adrian Beltre. Steroids does not talcum powder he's honest on the including. Some who are we come back I do want to do it into what this means for the murders I mean I think that's actually the bigger question of all of this. You know I think Mike brings abiding Mike speaks. For the most part for a lot of what Major League Baseball fans. Do believe. But I do want to I don't know what this means for the mayors will do that next the hot corner to an eight event. Oh. This is odd corner who is very similar in John Kennedy and prayers. It's. Our team. On the so. Watching Justin Verlander in show at Tommy's silk flowers and all Berlin there. Of course yeah my brother complaint Berliner as seventy pitches. Six and two thirds. Pretty good period of its ten pitches an inning. Essentially three pitches and iPad with a pantex like does not like Justin Verlander. Well one guy doesn't. That counts everybody would only like five people text you want guys. It added trees 20%. 20% of our listeners hate Justin Verlander is facts are facts and nine and then I just over Landers of his album it's like 50% sure I listened to our show. If I wasn't here I'd be listening to it. Again referring to that tanks earlier about that theory for Justin Verlander is tweet oh yes we mission now I like that it. I'm very much like that. Ireland it's also nurtured his next week you are gonna be here and you're talking to listen to show. And I could escalate Verlander though in a native. Scherzer. Jordan Zimmermann. Anibal Sanchez scherzer is related. Gauge Jordan's ever has all terrible all tigers who knew he's like so bad now you can really Adelman will yeah I Kenny makes like 26 million dollars a year ago Bonderman. Oh rose is from BP crews rose did you really say Jerry Bonderman and don't don't you remember how good you are supposed to be oh yeah. Really eighteen Kinsler Joba Chamberlain Joba Chamberlain. Prince Fielder. Yeah I didn't like Prince Fielder Daniel Cabrera and tell him ago the tumor tunes. That's trader maybe he could. As a trader of others in the kid can you hate him easy deal with the Indians for the Red Sox that's a traitor. Here is sort of an Indian food and then went to the Red Sox. As a traitor and in the acts as a traitor and he still on the tigers as traitors yeah that's disgusting Jordan Zimmermann is making 2.4 million dollars is here or is it. He's on the deodorant to him as he was last year I don't think he's had a season with any area under five since he signed that deal reared. In fact usually do with the national don't ask that in fact or fiction fairer fowl I mean. Spoiler alert I'm going foul. We've run out our like a month into the segment operating yanking it right there and Ellis truer fact. Could get ahead M yes or kind of are added you to take a brief moment to kind of discuss what this does to the Mariners hear in the short term. Scott service has said is kind of a more recent development development as I'm reading on this. That G Gordon would the practiced and ready to go its second if needed however they did column Gordon Beckham. To kind of take second base but it sounds like. Interest and I'm surprised they would do this honestly because it's eighty unions and you got this guy to play center field granted he has a second listen to Gordon. But you got on a pleasant if it was actually pretty good center field why would you do this just treaty games I'm not just Lieberman senator and burn up somebody else aside and. I think my thought is you had better minor league outfielders I think that's got to be what it is adding it's easier baseball these days. Two hodgepodge now field together. Of guys that can rotational Lee hit well and right matchups as opposed to. I'm gonna try out cordon back on every day he adds I can't yikes yeah I think that that's a little more concerning. Two words like you take. You know. Mean you can gamble Ichiro hit global for annoyed then gamble or Guillermo Heredia and you can kind of move those guys around look at pitching match it's moved fluctuate the order. I mean Indians have been doing it for three years and they're good and they don't have outfield at all adding it's easier to situationally. Your outfielders. That I'd rather pool. And hope somebody else comes up in the Ramones got her service you now have to manage my friend like really management a fair point and I think that's. Mean obviously nobody is excited when the best player team goes down for eighty games and they had a real shot I think they still do have a shot gets in the playoffs. And I'll bet on it now but I I don't even remember they'll have to know for the playoffs and that's what I was gonna say is that I still think they have a shot see you might as well vehicles outfield guys in that kind of rotation. So when Robby does come back in in mid to late August and does play the last. Month and a half. You'll still have guys fresh and ready to go have playing time. That might be able to use your right Robbie doesn't play in the playoffs I love that ruled by the way I'd say it's soup. Per. Smart to add that in its extra incentive not to achieve it I know in the giants won the World Series and Melky Cabrera didn't get a ring and didn't play because he tested positive here SC that's a good deterrent. I think. Tuesday at eight commode are very lucky in the mirrors go lucky that. He RD broke his hand it was going to be out for sixty days anyway rhyme and they're actually including members suspensions so. His suspension includes two months he was gonna miss no matter what with a broken hand. That was a lucky thing MB. Canal is the best player on the team. But. This is the best mariners' team outside of their best players we've seen in a long time. And I mean you've got. Jeanne secure. Who's turned into an amazing shorts I'll steal of a steal to steal the other do they trade of forums haven't Tommy John yet M evidently got forced to Dara. Is also hitting amazing this year is that senator. G Gordon leads your team batting average when he comes over his first season. Nelson Cruz is still hidden bombs right Healy despite his injury in early mariner Richards hit relief while last month. Our cal seeger is having one of his better years are similarly not average wise but in terms of home runs and RBIs he had to do and here's the other night. What I think one of almost Grand Slam is very not a more perfect time to lose Robby can know them and all of your guys are going. And can hit while he can keep the ship afloat because let's be honest. They were losing him anyway he hurt he was heard he broke his hand so they're gonna have to step up and and fill the void. And you know it. Anyone who listens to the show regularly knows I love to purify the Mariners because they're really fun to poke fun at it's easy they arteries is low hanging fruit but this year. A look at this team and go solid. A look at the seeming go. I think they could sticker on the wild card race. While Kurt he's not coming out of jail central sleep that much. See earlier of toe toe toe toe toe toe. Go to the series maybe the the what one wildcard team will be yankees or Red Sox whoever loses out Amir alias correct and the other one will be for mail last week to be the angels mariners. Of Astros could fall off my it's may now. Beauty angels and mariners and right now. The game the Mariners to meet. Look better than the angels I kind of like the Mariners a little more than the angels two and mostly because I like James Paxton an Eddie got an Eddy Diaz. As as I mean Eddy Diaz can be a little scary as a closer but I mean welcome to between eighteen Major League Baseball closers all closes scary these days. But I like the bonafide ace and the bona fide closer over. Gary Richards and I is Houston street still it's in idols know and excuse me showing economy because sorry is sorry did you actually play every six games. Just jokingly. Being dramatic here Michael it's called oh. But he's really done is he's an average for her. I elegant in the the rotations or wash between those two teams. Because and they both have somebody cool in the red sock basically at any of the angels have a little bit more potential rotation but. From their stats and my comfortable. Polymers opens on their whole pitchers tussle washed. So look at the batters Palestinians of the best hitter in all of baseball the best player in all of baseball but I like the mariners' lineup better ability handles so. Awash in the stats. Alec lineup will be better avenue don't matters. Although I had a out of my social better than us as a manager if you're. Oats goats. The line ups I mean shrouds better than everybody tells. But then you're looking at what vote on any Upton. Pujols insular. Paul Kelton it is a Jimenez Phillip Simmons he's playing well though I like Baghdad. But the Mariners you've got sicker that is an apple picker field of G Gordon and and worldwide it's may sixteenth. Which means. We all our fifteen days away from G Nino that is true. That is very true. And you best believe chief Nina is going to be the real deal he started and hit some homers aren't you know combat the deal and I get warmed up I'd pick them up. I didn't take them out. Yet that's true that's true so so for the Mariners who basically was saying this is not death on five forum known. I'm not I am saying it's it's bad. You know is this is the most stable force in your lineup but they were never gonna win the division though they're gonna play in the wild card game best case scenario dipped. And this has not T railed them from that it's going to be a little harder. And as it's excellent points out they saved twelve million because rob regional forfeit say eighty game paycheck. So we got twelve million I don't know who they're trading to get anybody at the deadline but day. There's still lives in. Theory this seemed yeah they would have been in with or without him look what the reason essays the most stable is that all of the guys I mentioned. I trust them as far as I can thrown in terms of saying to view this thing has a consistent hitter. Nelson Cruz of the most consistent with the power true. But Igor and probably with the is on base percentage probably. By. Secure is not far off on him again probably. But the most stable hitter is canal you know. Every seasonings that you look at those images I Kenyon are you here so losing that if the team goes cold. That's gonna be really it's gonna be really pay stiff fine if they if they can stay with this. This kind of balancing act to mean there's a couple guys I heading Draper Cutler hit really well the man they're kind of even each other out great. But the whole team goes cold for two weeks and there's no no in the middle stored in a couple of doubles and drive and some runs. That's a fifteen game what does it should creditor. That's true you can't do that not the American League now with how things are going right now and you know you're not gonna win your division the American League is a as a race is like a three team race it's very tough for the wild card and everyone else's is essentially set yup which is weird. Coach tribe and we can't suck too and yes was it I don't know. Centrally took it's are we come back fair or foul is next as we do it every single week at 830 but first here's Joseph was colts. And. This is the hot corner where terrorism when John Kennedy ran. We do this park every single Wednesday at 830 this is fair or foul. Me close my stats page here. And should probably do that. You cheers and I don't know I was against the Mariners staff members I was open I just put a close but I know that Ozzie albums at 213 at bats last year. I hope that doesn't room fare well Pam your get a lead and vinegar and a commitment at algae now well eyes just. Peek in on Ozzy out beyond here in this safe today are going to Robinson can do it seemed there were found. How many mariners. Armitage who are our first one. As we know that Robby and I was gonna be out eighty games. They intentionally. I'm right with questions about it. Eighty games which I think you'll get him back at around a 120 mark once when he to look. But will the Mariners. Be able to be above 500 and Robbie canal comes back will they be below 500 record. When he comes back here now. Well but they'll be above a 500 record by us at last segment. This is the first time in years. I have actually had some belief in this mariners team to actually be a good team. As much as I liked you Jerry to put a craps for what he did. In the medic treats he did Tracy did the last few moves he made the BG and secure the Mitch anger. Whoo boy. They tell you about some Smart heady trades Brian Healey. Big super helpful this year especially has guided policies are involved about did not turn out well this year as a as a prospect. Double fence still an issue back into the rotation still an issue. That's a beat him. Be mattered at the photo floors and sang out we could figure out the rotation not pop internally. Really the browser mirror is back in eastern irritation that internally fingernail deal. So there there's certainly issues with the team owners of most every team but diving though I think they'll be fine I think they'll be fighting. A wild card spot and no I agree this is foul I do think the mayors will be over 500 and finish the season over 500. As we mentioned earlier right to think they have a chance to make the playoffs I think the pressure. With Robby going down like this is it's not fair to these two but this lands on Scott service number one in my opinion and I was gonna deal. With that gap in the offense and the rotation of guys in the outfield if Igor and is in fact your everyday second baseman. And then number two falls on Jerry to photo what are you gonna do with the deadline. Because if you have a team that lose your best player you're still knocking on the door of the playoffs you've got to be some that have punched that ticket so I say fellas. All right look at us optimistic mariners it's weird. I never feel this morning. Well I guess the soul crushing part of their season has done an overweight you know does that answer isn't just you know that they don't make the plans is here it's like out rowdy I guess it's kinda like saying point. Now so all right now looking promising it goes so far for. And a half year tenure. Or a quarter however many games into the season against. And looking at is years in Seattle of the fox four seasons he's only finished. And MVP voting twice pair were found. This real question of fact based. That's just receiving a vote and getting a vote at all we ask how many people there are in it. Eight wellness center at I only giving its adding if it's any it's just whoever gets a vote yeah. Need to be like Larry stone could have voted for. In three times on. And it could be if it plays yeah. I'm gonna say foul. Amiss thinking. I can't I can't. They give any season. Where where it can no I'm on the top five. The ministry found I'm gonna go with fair I wanna say. It's either like. Is first and third year or second. And 31 and second. I I'm a little optimistic that Robby yet Goodyear's them. And national media like out Robbie took the money that team is garbage and we didn't realize that he might have actually snacks boats are safe fair. His fair. He finished it's an MVP voting first year in Seattle finished eight in MVP voting last year. Look at it but yet it was last year against this is last borderline he finished in the top six of the NB MVP voting. Each of his last four seasons with the Yankees. Top six top six you this for third in MVP sixteen MBP fourth and then fifth the last four years. All right we have two more warm breeze Durham quickly. And so basically quick chip will be at its grubby as the clock right at the 42 markers must be breaking went as the clock government. This is true to me it seems like core producer early ninety's primetime producer Rick it regretted the so basically he's our own time Michael you can say that Robinson can knows five years our first idea is to contract this is it because he's gonna miss eighty gains gonna come back for the last quarter of the season. I'm so looking at the first five years. Of Robinson's can knows tenure in Seattle. It has been a bust. Or can know in Seattle foul so foul he has been so worked contract they'll playoffs. It's fine it's not kudos fault. They've they've paid for an elite player in the gotten a lead player. Again potentially because of the PD's. But he's been healthy every single season here has been an effective hitter every single season he's been great fielder single season. I think if you asked every single mariner fan may would be happy with the contract of canal. This is the play remember John saying after five years all bets are off on one or five good years. The F five digits a lot out Allison found a lot of factors that go into this. However there is an aspect they have not made the playoffs and that money does. Deter them from spending money and other actions. They also have not made the playoffs. Robby can though it is now tainted that Jersey. And they haven't made the playoffs how many go fair. I like Robbie a lot today maybe I'm just being over reactive and angry at him but I would say he's a bust. And have you look at his stats is this dizzying as easy as they had the into the playoffs and he's out eighty games and no playoffs. That hurts and I do agree with the sentiment that yet to pay that amount to get in there but when you get it's like blazers a mean if we wanted somebody like that we got to pay you know out that lawsuit to get that many here right. But I mean look at that his last. Few years with the Yankees he was. But stayed at the game for so and this brings me to my last question basically. Foreshadowing for the next five years. Because that's the rest of the deal with the Mariners. Fact Warhol you almost got a I didn't do anything you know I'm watching there or foul. Robinson and Ellis 35 years old. I love others not and of backed base of it ransacked her vision. This is a fact based questions raised advocate real yeah that's the thing I know for a fact he is 35 years old image do you know that I know ever gonna know forty years when the deal and did so letters he doesn't hang out in the Dominican Republic allied. Apparently a lot more than we dot. And ominous safe bow. I really better keep high resolution. Okay well according to the Internet and it's always right of course he is 35. Yes of course we I don't think we're gonna trust the Dominican Republic. Pursuit. Itself. We seemed informers right. Yeah I am ten years old enough Fausto Carmona. Through daily Al Monta. Oh yes of course even know how old our pools are easy to be like 46. What do Faust a couple of changes name to and I did Fausto Carmona was as they. Right what did you change it back to you I don't receiver group Hernandez's that you had that's in the Rio. It's like house MET until we started sucked in real bad and it was like identity theft couples like I'm done with cricket cup at a all right that older prepare for al-Qaeda myself for knowing huge question and it presents. Yeah jobless senior research. Thank you Joseph we do that every single week at the bottom of the 8 o'clock Carol we come back we will have figured out as we always do this is the hot corner with Harrison lynch on 1080 the fan. Oh. Explain or. Earth somewhere and Sean insanity. Did you finish next on that in the media around some of their. If you ever done let real DJ in June. And besides like weddings in I mean like they actually like making music. DJ style with other people's. Are really no I ever heard anything like that now I can't scratch or anything like that all have a good enough mixer for that platoon I'm not that you know nobody scratches. Not mean there's still guys I can do that I'd suggest I don't have the equipment. Necessary or needed to do that so I haven't seen you snapping a couple of like you're up on the stage of the rapper like work. Are you late to audio mixing it with a self of that yeah I mean like I got a body does. Opens forest shows every now and then and so all play his sets and his music but before I might play a couple you know of the current hits and stopped and all transition in between them but it's up into like. Not actually did you did you adds nothing crazy Emmy night club DJ is like the guys who play a leg. Electronic and dance like those guys they're all over the place like when I'm doing it and this is that we is MacBook pros and her. To focus. Clinton says that's like I can't gained EDN and all that it's like all eager to get to see him at bishop Eddie aids in the Austin. In his watch his lab top. Yeah right can be great I mean I've seen soaked in like confetti and stuff yet to be a great time I've seen so much stuff on my read it that it's like. What check out this DJ. And is this like 32 clip of this DJ quote unquote and he's like move and hands and touched his stuff and hold headphones he's actually not touching. Any thought oh I don't let let let's make my day don't you talk they do I look like I'm hitting buttons here now. I mean like you see my here engineering and I'm like doing. I think it. Just did something going to the headphone level down. It was like actually did something of crap out of what is likely all the looks like oh yeah Amritsar in this caller on line one on an all I needed cough and plummeted just this I didn't touch anything men but it's like which renders him you have it's like on the index that DJ is it to blow a lot of solidarity like mix. Yes Travis got it is it but a lot of these austerity like kind of mix already so it's really just transition union between songs. I had an M and to get a feeder for that he's a red light here with that yes exactly there's stage performance on man. If the songs chart makes it is got a little cool up there sorely needed stamina I'm bored because she has this boy is that we got to the got to move their hands and now smoking confetti in les yes toughness I did see a really funny you grow not to. The this. Not say too much that let everybody know that yet all of my news on the Internet from read it. I did see an opulent this have a think that's a bad thing okay cool. I did see this girl. She liked stands up she like gets up at a festival is like on the DJ Booth and now she's talking the DJ announced that kind of it's like trying to put a request in the DJs like yo I don't do request she's like okay by. And she likes steps down and is still holding an easing of weight in just boils or putting down on mental and all as equipment is this is dangers does spills over cry like a six foot drop in elections 'cause he's up on stage she's got a leg. Stand up she's a coal being. That the table whatever he may name she's using it as leverage like it's a metal ball our something as she's getting down she's clearly not sober. And I wanted to and it goes by by a authorities here where she thought the DJ stand was a bark. Well that's all I want yeah. Super wasted and like yelling at the DJ like I don't wanna drink it's like. The bars on the and it was the matter. Is users so slow Auburn who regularly get a cup. Again. I'm so glad that old and crotchety and I will say adds a wedding DJ I think it applies today is Andy DJ any capacity. Then you have this so long why it. You know the song goes it and and and it. At that and I cannot do in any just dumplings on display the final go out and now it is the only sad condensed. He comes back glare like odd and so I'm and I I'd dog nuts I'm just can't do it as I was requested by the of the game people like concluded and says targeted next time so I mean I'll do it already played it. Did you miss worries there really about the working literally twenty minutes go to the bathroom. Went out so a ball literally smoked national it was my friend. Are you man. I'm bad that happens in a way I play a somber and they're like let me alike are you kidding me like it were literally fading out of it right now that if it. They guaranteeing all of those situations. There's by 1% of people who were actually in the room the entire time she didn't do give an excuse like you have played it for you and a good. Who probably got on the deck and ultimately like to hear when they played final countdown bill Imus has dang it I requested a mixed day. You know yet not everybody. On a make this clear I would never request funds can he be there I really hate that song I don't know lights him up but that's just optically. Because it's a good like generic party site. Worse than don't stop believing. Map I liked of supple and Gandhi and up everywhere and with that man goes doubly bad Catholics and everyone Wilson on terror that he that's. And my keynote you know how this I hate that's. When you people are three Carolina did that I had a second to last song and then I think I hate IE both of those songs fugitive songs that everybody sings along to no matter which was due. Mean. Party allotment missed disconnected from society like closing time everything else going on our it's like cool. Like ten years old and we don't. Blow kisses to give him. And I needed to hit if it. All right I will not be back next week to get Joseph and Mike. As I'll be in the middle. And leave Pullman next Wednesday night. Fumble brag pump fear that they'll periods baby I'm covered for you. He coil go to the NBA finals by then or no maybe they'll actually play game three by next Wednesday no I don't know probably not. For migrants Joseph Fisher ambassadors. Go do something I would do. Plus.