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The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, June 23rd
Hit em' straight, and enjoy!

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You're listening to go all from the northwest podcast on pennies a fan dot com brought to buy less Schwab tires. Doing the right thing matters. Latest tips and equipment to improve your game. The latest from the leader boards and your favorite courses. Golf from the northwest and action packed hour about everything gulf brought to you on the trend by the Allen Webb a little friendly by laurel worst market and blighted area and heating and cooling. Now with award winning PGA professional Darryl blew stunning computer zeros Jason Zweig an hour. Good morning welcome this summer. Summer is officially on us from being golf classic. Is ready for Monday Tuesday dammit Lange in. And it's going to be crazy and now I know are you get we're gonna see Harold Stein appearance of note here you haven't got a full load a full form yet you're still when promoter whatever it is Gallo. Update playing good the appearance be just came through the check cleared so why should be there. Oh good. It was a six dollars and 95 cents or accept that what was that on the gong show of the winners went on the old gong show and in March 39 dollars and 27 cents or some tomorrow that yup yup I it was less than 39 dollars and 27. What we have to Texas yeah. It's set but I on this job and see what's happening is particularly. The opportunity aided swing in a yet you and I thought hey you yes because I'll be there closest to the swagger again I when you guys checked in at noon. And I'll be up to my updates there until you guys T also herald might be giving you some mini lessons. Oh I could do that yeah you can just help on dial and either if they're trying to hit a high you know the trick is to hit the high fades. There's there's no ceiling brands are giving lessons for free. A few that I do adolescents and decent drive charger and yeah okay now I enter square up there with a hurl at. Things on the iPad and say yeah I can make that shot better this year occurrence index yeah. That's PepsiCo I have yet to be fine I think I will go out and give some lessons I had two people and you know. I'll go out good lesson right before you pull he's the economists the other enthusiasts. It can be a seven hour around her friends my OB with pelican brewing should be out on the tenth hole again anonymous ship too so I. It's a great time a great time had by all we're looking forward to it so again. Sixty annual fan golf classic somebody Alan Webb you have a lot of fun for an analyst there's a mountain. Have an opportunity to play and you bat and to rub elbows with the celebrities that are yes that's true that we are we are minor S. Liberties are we got ought to get to today. A lot of help coming up later in the show Tyler Morse is the director reviewed programming and development for the OGA and now that the kids are all out of school. Those that are looking to play some golf some opportunities. To help them play a lot of golf. Without gouging your wallet this summer and he a lot of different programs and showed Tyler will help us so I understand two how did you involved with those how to get signed up properly so you can take advantage of of everything that the UG is laid out four for kids to enjoy golf without so. Needing extra financing to do it. Yet there are competitive and I'm Kim competitive events golf. Little statistical information. Fastest growing sport among youth which is absolutely fantastic. And it's people like Tyler and Sean and I. Professionals all over the northwest and have. Participated. In growing golf particularly among young people I was gonna tell us with the OJ story. Fantastic in the Pete Samuels director of marketing for CNET golf gonna join us talk a little bit about. How there. The line of equipment continues to develop. And to yes I'm in the market for a a a new driver I've kind of had it with mine so. Well they do it's every twenty years she should probably get a new driver now 56 I think seven I've had I've had mine so it's it's time yeah. Well any action on about hitting bad shots because that's on me it's when I when I catch it clean now. And I don't crooked and know when it's it's more about trying to enhance some distance now look at. And I catch it clean years swing right through it T doesn't move. And it's like to ten he adds that could be something. Have a lot to do with your work out. Regiment will work outraged. Ed there you ago though that their way. I knew a new driver may about be up to 215 to toy I'll take anything I can get right now so that's coming up the second half of the show we're gonna recap a little bit said the main story lines coming out of the US open Brooks camco winning back to back just his third. I'll win from the PGA tour to a former US opens that's kinda odd. Feels meltdown on Saturday. How big a deal really is it or was it just so shocking that nobody quite knew how to process that. It's beat them rack and McIlroy and all of a sudden can't seem to. What their games together. When the oh light shined brightest and so were two more majors and Ryder Cup curious if they got time to get it together so we'll get your thoughts on that but as always. We start by going inside the ropes. It's time for an insider's look at the leaderboard that's the latest on all jurors plus local golf events in gulf news this abuse inside the ropes part of golf from the northwest right you on the trim by the Ellen web auto assembly. Stewart back in action after the US open dominated. And play last week the European tour is in high in Germany. For the BMW international open at golf club moved along and North Pole at Oregon. Marsha hall. Good work typed and took journalism one language I took many many years ago. I'm Scott hand of Australia. Is your leader at six under par third round coverage showed going on right now. Some names here. In this events although they are not at the top of the leaderboard market timer is three under. That right now is good tied for seventh. By David Lipsky the American splint on the European tour at 200 Thomas Peters one of the big bombing Belgians. But two under par Sergio is playing in this event he's one under. So far show a little bit keep an eye on their in in Germany as they start the European tour starts working up towards. The British Open at Carnoustie next month Champions Tour is in Wisconsin and that of course means Steve Stricker is playing in years leading eight under after round one. He's got a one shot lead over Brad Bryant a column a gummery John Daly Steve Flesch all at five under par. A strict is only he's still playing both sides. Are. And but he's I think he's third. He's third on the Leno he's fourth on the money was easily played like 45 events he's won two of them. So. He could get another victory today in give Bernhard Langer some some challenge for the Charles Schwab cup. Yeah he's a perfect situation and yet it could still play and the main tour he's not as effective played OK at the US open. And I mean for really tough golf course and a guy who's not made complained that tougher golf course. But he is cherry pick him on the Champions Tour and you know Collin Montgomery is a 112 years old John Daly drinks as much as there is a 112 years old exactly. John Daly is liver I think he's on his third. Letter. So he's he's taken advantage of these guys again Mark Calcavecchia Scott Verplank. These guys said I remember our. Reading about when I was a kid you know so. And I'm not a kid anymore so it he's he's kind of beat up on these old guys. He's playing well. I was playing these guys are really well starts out with a 64. And I. Is a good possibility he's gonna walk away when this when Brad Bryant still plays some fairly good golf. And I know he is one of the old guys who can still really knocking around yet there's lot of guys at four under couch you mentioned for play to a slew men. Billy Mayfair a course Bernhard Lang here you can have a Champions Tour without him Rocco Mediate good to see him. Four under Kenny Perry at three under one of the guys that can still play fairly well too. So that'll be fun. Of vent the chair are the wet dot com tour in which should tell the witch to open crusty country club and Scott Pinkney is your leader. Nine under after a 36 holes round three is underway and I'll Wyndham Clark former Oregon duck is put around together is five under through eleven. He's vaulted up to a tie for eighth right now 55 spots up the leaderboard. He's eleventh on the money list common in so. Another one or two good finishes for a victory. Wall all but clinch his PGA tour card for next year. Actually a way Terry get these guys back in the Portland and watch them play in and compete for those 25 cards. This is some exciting golf these guys are going through I Kansas. My first golf job in the business was in nine Kansas Kansas City while ago Blue Hills country club say hi to all those people on Blue Hills country club. And one thing I remember about kansas' eco watch your dog run away for three days. His it's a lovely place as well you know a lot of elevation change yes they have their December's were just wonderful just. And the winners here today to play golf all when Iraq. I couldn't wait to get out emphasis. Yes and let it IA. Lets get these guys in Portland with a weather's a little nicer no question. And so how. It's just me two tournament director often when co foods Portland opened presented by Kraft times Ryan played with him out of pumpkin on Wednesday. Courses in fantastic shape. The greens largest Roland. Now I had hands of stone show. Yeah it was but once I dialed it back just a hair yeah. Need it's going exactly where you hit it if you miss hit it it's gonna end up five feet from the hole but if you get it online it'll just roll all day and it's it's beautiful out there. Yeah I am when they get their golf course in good conditioners there's nothing else in the areas that adds. Good news pumpkin yep media day coming up Monday July 23 win in Clark will actually be their so hill we'll get his thoughts on how he's our Rolen in the shape hopefully he'll he'll have a good finish maybe even a win. To discuss the women are in Arkansas for the Wal-Mart northwest Arkansas championship presented by PNG. In Rogers Arkansas they're playing pinnacle country club. Just a 54 hole event min Ji Lee is ten are under they have started the second round today. Celine Gucci Air France NASA how to Oca. Of Japan at nine under Austin Ernst and a group of seven under with those that salas. Or more rent. JT in a garden when image Tim Burns sisters. And it Norquist and RUG ten guards let's see Thompson at six under. So there was a log jammed there are standard ball at five under. Stacy Lewis and shifting all at five under so nice leaderboard Politico as well Britney Lincecum Pernod Lindbergh so. Good fields here for the ladies so Leon you finally won for the first time in about a year last week. And she had been playing so well but hadn't and put it together for victory so she got her sixth victory. For professional career one of the top Korean players yet tour. This really good at that time in Arkansas I mean I and I don't have anything. Odd to say about Arkansas I drove through it once. That. This is a good event and a very good golf course federal hard golf course evidently because. There's only 26 of all a 144 players that didn't. Break par you know so they're put up some good numbers but that's fine every now and then you need a golf course where. You can and yet you go to Barnes and minorities and and with all the weather difficulties that the ladies have had. Through May Ian in the early part of June I think it's probably helpful for all of them now of course they can just. Fire away he had and in start feeling good as they get into that got some more majors coming up. You're a little bit later PGA tour is in Cromwell Connecticut travelers championship TPC river highlands. The week after the US open Brian Harman the little left the at a Georgia at ten under par is your leader Matt Jones the Aussie. Along with Russell Henley Zach Johnson at nine under par Bart a bright Cindy Sheehan Bo. Paul Casey ball hos slur at eight at seven as Bubba. Rory policy you've got a great fields. Brooks kept out of the US open champion bouncing back he's five under so he is in contention and not have and that says that normal hangover. From being a major champion just all the media commitments and all of those sorts of things can choose drain use so. We'll talk about Brooks a little bit why hasn't been more successful he's demonstrated the game to win back to back US opens. But pick congratulations to the travelers for. But that's a tough spot on a calendar to be the week after a major I can't get this deal like this out. And a day roll out the welcome when they understood what it means. There's a charter flight there Sunday night after the US open to get guys out they may keep easy for the guys. The hospitality you'll hear players talking about it all week the hospitality is fantastic. They took to heart where their place was on the calendar. And mated up personal sort of thing to make it easy and accommodating in the hospitality for the guys understanding everything that goes into a US open. Yeah absolutely come out. I know that I feel a little bit let down after a major turn at night come in here and and bright and cheery after you know. Great competition last week but. Now here and you didn't send a car for me or anything connected show up. And we're gonna test and that they do the same thing at the travelers can they make these guys feel really welcome they get him out and look at the field I mean. Really. There isn't Phil's not playing but he probably a good thing years and T take a lot of heat. This week yeah but. If you know he's got right now gorgeous and goggles on its heels and day. I Brooks captain Justin Thomas all these guys who played last week Sean made the cut some didn't make the cut. It was a tough turn that last week and economy and to. The week after. Particularly as exhausting as the US open eyes and the challenge that the US GA and made that golf course. To command of the next week and feel like. Can I can play again I can relax a little bit and he needs sometimes justice wanna take a break it up and evidently the travelers is seen as these folks take your break the following week. Let's let's gentility. Well in the Obey the transition as then the guys a lot of them take next week off and on some of them like to get over to. Great Britain right you know demy play an Irish open herself like that says to get adjusted to the time zone and the weather and links golf if they haven't played anything for a little bit so. So yeah the travelers to a really good job. Of putting that together for everybody so should be a a fun fun week there. Of course. CBS and Golf Channel have coverage for yeah. On the weekend when we come back we're gonna wrap up the US open a little bit a lot of big things kept go back to back winner. Off Phil has meltdown on Saturday and what happened to some of the other guys like Jordan's beat then Rory McIlroy. Who just Ted awful awful. Weeks there there's no other way to put it that as we continue your golf in the northwest on Tenet the fan. This is also in the northwest brought to you by the yellow mug auto assembly my laurel Hearst market and buy your heating and cooling. On an Australian. This morning Jackson's order to stand with the coming up Tyler Moore director of youth programming development for the GA at 830 in the senior director of marketing for golf and booted five of course. We get another dozen golf balls to do where this week courtesy of spare a golf as PHR ai golf dot com. Each choice of the pro threes the pro fours. If you send in our code word for it did today. Sometime before the end of the show it will be umbrella UMBERELLA. Umbrella is code word this week. Kind of clever. I guess at it as I attract travelers scenario of those an umbrella and I think that's pretty Cadbury got Texan and a 55305. Message and data rates will apply. And so listen to that listen for that call back if you're the winner on Monday from our promotions department election on how to pick up those golf balls will give that out again. While once more before the show is over but looking back on the US open it's. Cat three major things obviously Brooks stepped up surviving Sunday. Their to win back to back US opens which isn't done very often Curtis Strange the last one to do it that is a short list. And especially in kind of a modern era of. Ralph Ben Hogan yep and Curtis Strange in and now Brooks kept going and go figure. When that's so hard to do to win back to back US opens I particularly when you go off. Last year's. Was a cake walk the golf course when very difficult it seems like the US is flip flops in media and eight. Well we don't want anybody ten under Seward and make sure that the winning score is over par. And then he overpowered will the players aren't happy show I think we'll make Italy's shares following year. And guys and Genoa under par again and so it's kind ever ridiculous US GA manipulation. Other golf course and of the tournament which I think is ludicrous. Well and should a car kills and had you know there was the last time they were there when the seventh grain conditions worry was scorching hot. And it just got baked out and they couldn't get any moisture in their whatsoever on that you know on the seventh green on the par three and it was it was a circus yeah I would say they have the same situation where you're there auditions worse from a seat standpoint but it was green it was looked out Blige. The wind kicked up on the opening day and then. So that was tough on everybody. They got a little bit of mist and rain Friday morning Dustin Johnson fought through both of those that he he he was set up. To win that and then a 77 on Saturday what what happened Saturday. This Sunday you saw I mean Tommy Fleetwood goes out and shoots early 63. That tied Johnny Miller and others for the for the lowest round in US open history. Did I'm sure there was a big conference with the US GA between Saturday night and Sunday morning in terms of pin placements. How much water they were gonna put on the greens were they put the tees that sort of thing. They absolutely soaked it Saturday night because they realize that. The set up they have done I think thirteen fourteen and fifteen when they A gets a lot of wind in that area. And when you put a pin in a tough spot with a win can really affected. That's when Zach Johnson says they lost a golf course will they didn't lose a golf course and it's stupid sat up on the grocery holes and several others. So and the Tutsi US GA again not realizing. That you know there could be some issues. They underestimated how much reasonable V you know we have a lot of slot technology and stuff yeah exactly so. I just look at things are looking at people you know I see some shots approach shots there. Third 1520 feet on the green yeah and and still can't hold that either they bounce and repel the background a false front it it won't have enough holds. We're then it's thirty yards back in the fairway when I was sorry guys hit. Good shots maybe they're not perfect right but he shouldn't have to hit a perfect shot just to hold the green. Well learned the US GA wants perfect shots and unfortunately. We are not machines they don't have perfect shot. I was reading an interesting article about how do you negotiate went in and rebuilt. Shouldn't Cox greens and the green complexes. And from what I can read is that there's a lot of sand base there so when they're rebuilding new green. Sand from previous years and how was building up in certain areas and how it was compressed and I don't wanna get too technical here. Made it very difficult to hang out. I hit a variety. Of pin placements. So they were they actually backed themselves into a corner where they. They were it was difficult to send a pin in some places. So you talk about a perfect shot low there when they're good place to put Palin on some of these greens. Sunday though they stuck at hand right in the middle of the green they soak the golf course so that Tommy Fleetwood come come could come out and shoot a 63. It could have been happy about that if there earned. Like three or four of those and that you would have been unhappy. But then again why not reward. Excellence. You know and and my way of thinking in the US GA in the sense they think their reward excellence but day down. They allow mediocre. Play and that will all due respect to Daniel Berger and Tony fees now. Because they were allowed they were rewarded I would say are allowed to apply in the last group for playing. Average golf the first two days yeah fellow. Where Johnson played great golf the first two days so I think there is a little too much fool around with the US GA. IA and then again Phil Mickelson on thirteen yes soul. Everybody obviously it was a shock to the eyeballs for anybody did you just don't seed PGA tour over. Players. I can't remember ever now you don't see in this league is you know whacking a golf ball back up like Iran mini golf. Yeah you know he is if that is the shock of what what the heck and then it was felt it was it. Somebody that's just out their Duff and around. It could have been anybody else it would have been. My opinion I think it's. Visit him is it that they get dealer was just a shock to the system we didn't know how to react and it was a shock and quite frankly I would never do something like damn I'm professional I would really considerate. And I know that and voters might goofing around my considered. Well Lleyton amateur stocked up on moral or professional doing something like that it's very stupid. And then his explanation. Of why he did it he's been sitting back thinking about how he can take advantage of the rules. I don't understand that explanation. And then finally come out with a an apology I think the whole thing is. Taints fills image and my mind and may not bother anybody else because he's done so many other great things. Somehow this negative. Taint him and I I just think that there is no excuse for him at all. I was very disappointed in him an a regardless whether it's him or any other professional I don't think this was a right kind of behavior. And I think the US GA it was a serious breach I don't give a damn what you think otherwise this was a serious breach and he should have been disqualified. Right then and there. All right now let's leave it at that and now I know you don't feel as strongly as I do about it. I don't Joseph blow dry it let's I wanna hear opinions as it does is. Yeah I don't know if it's that big a deal if that's what I'm trying to understand the way in which you haven't yen played this game professional and friendly and you have an. The rules are designed to protect the field yeah and I behavior and not on the golf course is to protect. Other players. A case against ourselves. And and let our opinions are and I think fell. Basically said screw rural assignment adieu to Arlen it was a total shot at the US GA he had had a I think he was conscious what he was doing well more than he let on yup I hi sue an ominous stick it to Mike Davis watched this it was a brain fart. Removed from the get go when he should've just sad you know why. That's exactly what it was I lost my mind it's stupid. Let's move on from here I would've appreciated that and would have forgiven him for that but I still wouldn't be cute and no question. We're out of time we got to get to Tyler we didn't get to Brooks kept who has three PGA tour victories and two former US opens which. Is weird yeah it only Andy North did the same things I. I mean that's and we we kind of laugh about Andy North County I am team the sky what did he do you won three PGA and well Leon incidentally to a slew of smaller units at units open and you have Brooks kept I think captors are way better player than Andy North was only 28. Yeah so he should. I'm waiting for war. Don't run we can we can talk about that down the road as we still got to two more majors and and Ryder Cup and Brooks probably. Gonna put himself in position to be on the team others captain's pick her or by qualifying so well together but we wanna get tied remorse here when we come back time to talk to the proceeds the director you'd programming development at the OGA. How to take advantage of their programs for the U golfer in your family as we make the turn here gulf of northwest and to native fan. Tips for your game from award winning PGA instructor herald blue Stein and. It's time to ask the probe on golf in the northwest brought to you on the stand by laurel burst market. Through slugger who's back here always viewed this time that passed the Toronto. And we are gonna go to our Bonnie Tyler Moore is joining us here this morning director of youth programming and development for the old GA good morning Tyler I don't want. Until it. And well thanks for coming on I know school is finally out for everybody so a lot of parents looking for ways to keep their little ones younger ones busy and active this summer. And I know that OGA has got a lot of different programs for youth golf and before we get into some of the specifics though just. Howell how thriving is. You'd call participation. That the UGA is able to track here in the state organ in in in south as Washington as well. Yeah what a great question and it's Terrell but it earlier. It is the fastest growing sport for the youth and our numbers definitely show that we have seen pretty sit consistent growth. Over the past three years now. Participation up and SOA. From what we can see junior golf is a pretty healthy state here organ. So Tyler I'm a parent I'm looking for a place for my kids. And they're all gonna go to the Internet their own gonna Google junior golf what are they gonna find when they. When they get to the OTA site. How will. You know junior golf these days can be difficult to navigate for parents there's so many different programs. That are available now. At the Oregon junior golf web site. Perhaps the most popular program you're gonna find in Utah on course. The concourses a program that offers kids the ability. Played sixty different courses and organ and almost a thousand across the United States now for only five dollars. Green fees of five dollars at most. At the moment we now have over a thousand cardholders an organ and just to give you I. IKEA the growth in the popularity. In 2015 we had 507. In 2016750. And last year we had over a 1000 cardholders. So I am that's pretty. Pretty good evidence of the growth junior golf here in the states. So how do they go about getting one of these cards as they have to be approved to Polanco what's the purse. Process. So first and foremost they need to join organ junior golf and organ junior golf membership. Which is very easy to do Regis go to the web site takes a few minutes to sign up. That thirty dollars to get your membership. And went up. You just get past short quiz on etiquette I'd hate to no more than 510 minutes to eight equip online. And after that at this. We send him the card in the mail few days later and they can play it like that that now sixty courses. Across the organ and that's growing. By the week so it's a great program and again we're seeing it. Blow up nationally to the met's section I noticed signed on Harrell will stop in Europe around. And so it's a really the largest and most popular junior golf initiative we've seen in the last few years. Yeah and so. Don't want. Yes so we're really proud of where did he is totally funded. By the Jacob can you initiative in organ junior golf so laden we do rely on donations to fund this program. And really the only way for us to grow it two more courses is by donations. I think we subsidize almost 40000 dollars of junior golf last year. Which equated to about 6000 rounds were kids and across Oregon and southwest Washington. That's fantastic end to all that information again at the web sites old GA dot org there's header for junior golf all those programs now offer some of the younger golfers who have shown some aptitude some skill. Our opportunities for a more competitive sorts of events how can they how can they get involved in those. So at the same web site you'll find. Few different options or junior called her. We have non competitive nine hole event. Which is the early Jacobson tour which is named after the father Peter David Jacobs and we have fifteen of those throughout the summer. Which again are non competitive their religious metro tickets to go out have a good time delegate prizes. They get. Chipotle sponsors the tours so they get burritos and ships and all that. Only costs them ten dollars to nine Apple's prizes lunch. We really take good care of them and again that all tour. Dependent on donations as well. But we also offer our major championship. Sanctioned event. This next week actually that you and your well being story 488. Wing of the Bob Norquist junior in which is. By most people's take the largest golf tournament in or in most prestigious and. Eight Tyler. I had wanted to clarify something. Because it's extremely important. That people realize that the reason junior golfers growing is because we're making it affordable. And when a golf course gives up its tee times for these kids at five dollars. Their say and offsetting cost that has to go back to the golf courses and this is where the donations are so important. I know the PGA is an officer in the PGA we donate money be used on course the end of these programs. And we wanna emphasize the importance of donations to help these kids play. And to develop. And it grass roots level and an affordable cost. He and I think you. It right on the nose you know. The Jacobs in Utah initiative does supplement. Five dollars I get ten dollars per round. That the youth on course car holder plays. Again and that's the donations come in now as you mentioned so they are very important. David Jacobson has been instrumental. I had to say the least in our fundraising efforts. There's also. One rate to re not going on right now the big engines pull on our web site where. 45 dollar raffle ticket we'll get your chance to win to force them into night date on it Indians resort. And this is all at the junior golf page at the OGA dot org web site. You know we see GG stole. I'm doing well at the University of Arizona she's somebody that came up through the ranks how has the development and and the time in the a for the donations that's been put in. That's a junior golf at the a though GA level and and with the PGA chapter. How how have local area golfers been been producing and then at the need to get high school tournaments in champions as well as. You know on the collagen and for the rare one making it as a professional. Well I think it's pretty obvious that. We've been very successful you look at GG still you mention it one day it achieved championship for Arizona. The year previous Monica bond was organ junior golfer and she won the individual title. We cease to Oman Raza. Look grew up in Eugene. Who played action and got killed and obviously at. Successful career university Morgan. And obviously one of Harold students Allah their doctor he's been very successful as well and you see. In the collegiate ranks here Q. We have a very strong at junior golfers that are playing for division one schools now. It's it's all great work that you guys are doing again OGA dot org look for the judge junior golf. Section in the down menu there you can find out all about it it's got so Heidi contact. But Tyler house wolf for more information thanks so much for taking a few minutes for us this morning Tyler. Appreciate it guys and happy in the quick shout out the you know my EE GA tour players. I'm Alison jacket to develop practiced opportune day excellent if there are. All right there we go out more states that much. Thanks good to talk to Tyler get all the information OGA dot org. Our click on the junior golf tab and all that information is bear quickly we need to get to break his Pete Samuels director of marketing for peeing golf gonna join us tell us about their new instead developments in their line of clubs as we continue on golf when northwest on ten and the fan. It's new driver is best for your game makes the best golf here where should you take your next golf vacation which local course should you get to know better this is the business of golf every week on golf in the northwest brought to you on the fan my area heating and cooling. This morning wrapping things up again. The code word for the doesn't Spiro golf balls in his umbrella of UMBERELLA. Tech to 553053. Chance to an ego doesn't golf balls other the pro threes. Or the pro for its message and generates do applied. Very pleased to be welcoming on now in the business of golf director of marketing for ping golf Pete Samuels kind enough to take a few minutes this morning good morning Peta Loria. Good morning thank you and and me. Well thanks for join and us and it's as we get into it I know the the evolution of technology seems to speed up faster and faster as it relates to book clubs and equipment. For the for the avid too serious golfer. And ping has always been at the forefront of that innovation and judge just. It in general where has pain gone with it says to a ride that it's the latest lines and editions of of clubs. Well that at. That's a great questions so we've we've been hacked and that are almost sixty years now so next year will be our our sixtieth anniversary show we've we've been developing and designing a product for a long time and netease that it moves at a much. Faster pace these days that. You know what it what it comes down to really it is make of that next product the little bit better than the last one so. The way we do that is true you know commitment. Went to engineering and research and innovation and really look at what come forward to new. Whether it's materials and processes or whatever it might be. You know he'll have to be looking forward a couple of years so that would be unlocked that bad secret you can. But in your latest product so it really just about you know make him each one a little bit better and then obviously. The golfer in the hands of one's gonna benefit. Without product and you know little. The next thing may need to do is obviously can't custom fit without product because that's really. I'll organize optimizes it for their game based on a number of variables. So. Well you know it it varies by product category that you know that the company pioneer trading back in the late sixties. Really with the king color code chart which was primarily. You know a tool for trading irons so you know we look at the player's height in the wrist of Florida we have a chart and we sort of make a recommendation based on Matt. As a starting point but then we really really encourage golfers to go see. You know certified trained paint thinner and knows Omar processes has all the tools. And in recent years you know truly a driver that pitched. More attention from a trading perspective. Through the and then to launch monitors and other technologies. That. Really allowed the hitter that a look at things like cheered launch angle and huge spin in your balls beat him. The number of variables that really allowed them to dial him that club that's gonna work that's for you. Well we were talking earlier before we went on the air in my cohost Jason. It has a launch and go somewhere between zero and ninety degrees. So act he's and they hits inside ways so other than that. He needs a said he needs a new driver. Came a little bit the other tracks. That's exactly at film came. Aimed further left there are swank. Now you got a number of drivers on the market eyes some are for better players so murder armed player development drivers. How do we get help my cohosts for the driver. Well yes so we currently in the G 400 non driver alignment and explore options and Matt so it and I don't like to. Necessarily fit over the radio says it's based on what you said. It's sounds like. You know we have. We call the chief 400 SST which is straight flight technology so. Primarily designed for players that you don't hit it to the right assuming they're right handed. Now more often than they'd like so the strict flight technology as that sounds helped bring that that ball flight. On to illustrator. Patterns so. You know there's a lot that goes into it and it would drivers especially we have to be careful that we don't that's certainly pigeon hole a particular model to a certain player type it's a nice guy. But an occasion you know for example achieve 400 Max which is our most forgiving. Driver some people might just think that's for a less accomplished player. But the reality is probably on the PGA tour half of our guys. Use the G 400 Macs because. Are they like a little bit of forgiveness too and it allows them to swing even harder at the also but he comes can be like he'd be a straight flight technology candidate at least as a starting point. No question will have to we'll have to get out so and check that out now I did. Was fitted for some are fifteen irons a few years back a few generations act. Now and the nice thing about paying him from what I understand all that information from that fitting is is still on file correct. Yet depending where you got it and in theory yes in the other night saying his. But that club at the serial number on witches or went it's so we know all of us tax opt for that particular percent. If you were gonna. Call in with pierce serial number we could pull that right out and tell exactly. What the specs were Obama not to to Russia. Which is really a great new watcher a customer of pinging your are forever a customer opinion I know as a professional. And fitting people we really appreciate that customer service. There's. Look thank you yet we we definitely that's our goal is to create a customer for life because his position that we've been around. Sixty years and you know that's a plan to continue and we have a lot of Mateen back here in Phoenix and that comes in every day with the goal of creating that type a customer. You want. I was looking on the web site more often they would drivers and hybrids and irons and wedges and putters to achieve gal one category here. That is new to me and its conduct cross over can you explain what that is. He had been told a minute it's kind of between you know hybrid and an iron so originally that was that's where that. The hybrid cable as a combination of a metal wood and an iron for the crossover story. Crosses over into that iron slash hybrid world and and right now what we do it we offer. Bomb. You know kind of that three foreign science console which. Is a nice replacement. For a long iron or hybrid so. All you know it's one of those things where you wanna go out and get fit tested and see where the crossover might. You know fit into year. So if you're looking for intentional cross over a great. Way to go but what's interesting about the console. Similar learning truly matters. As we've been able to take some of that technology. In two. Are new iron which is the G-7 under time. Which has more of that hollow body which is what a console terrorist but it's more years obviously it's an honor it's not a cross over so. But the categories and it's easy to to get confused. What color options. And that's slightly we always urged people to get back into that trading environment. That's a club off to a trader who understand. Wildcats being in you know can really look at triple play. Think you can find that apple website I you can learn all about the different lines of equipment as well as. Where you can go to get fitted properly Pete Sampras unfortunately we're out of time here this morning we look to bring you back down the road in and talk more with you Pete Samuels director of marketing for ping golf thanks so much. Well thank you know where to find out. Epic commodity. Take care. All right take care Pete Samuels there. Like a set of them play in the aside fifteen irons now for a couple years and when when struck properly very very comfortable her political control it. Put down and check out I'm in check out these crossovers and you can go online just type in your address your zip code you'll find a dinner near you here in the Portland market. And king is American made so don't president of Phoenix absolutely is it's one of the few companies I'm aware of and is American Imus. So there you go thanks again that he thinks that Tyler Moore director you've programming development at UGA thinks there will darken as well Sydor and saying come and up next we got to Major League Baseball for you at 1230 today. And of course the Alan Webb presents the a sixth annual fan golf classic Monday Tuesday at a Langdon for Harold I'm Jason had a straight it's coming into the player's face.