Dusty & Cam Wednesday July 11, 2018 Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, July 11th
Dusty and Cam discuss the perceived popularity of sports (including curling), and following an MLB outbust from a player directed at a manager, what do you regret saying to your former coaches?

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning at this who really hate each other. Accuse it's easy to pop up maybe even born free and feeling. We're just here. Hi there thanks guys off the lights off. And the man who looks up and permissible teriyaki benefits as a college all American champion Cleveland. Why does anybody in the world ever read anything. Dusty and M in the morning on 1080 USA on them. In the morning and happy hump day TN. Dusty airing cam Cleveland and how you doing this morning so when there's something about July that it takes me to the take seats are remembering. Don't get tuned up for the weather until after the fourth of July in which we're gonna surrogate little toasty. Are pretty excited about it. You know it's it's that we had some some good days we haven't had that hot stretch in it sounds like it might be. It might be shown up here pretty soon yet we're going to be hidden ninety's coming up but today it's supposed to be nine. Which is the only thing you'll consider what Southern California has had of been up in over a hundred triple digits yes my cousin is in town. Over the fourth. And use a nice is I 85 like the fourth wasn't a nice day but the days before and after Darren I stays is like 8586. And at some he's wearing jeans and long sleeved shirt. And what are you doing. It's hot and it is down to southern California's they have Lisa and now he is not a 113. Degrees. Downed pilot his answers on hot easing this is nothing. And that rule nothing out here world in sixty degrees and sunny it's shorts weather in Portland maybe Tony he's changed. Sunny California has changed well that's because they've all moved here. And they're all appear now. All the Californians are we got one here sorry. And I was just came on back up just take over the northwest and do that I'd get legitimately apologize to me for moving up here from. Well we'll take you. When I probably steak eating our military does we think our farms taken why what the problem I don't know. I just save some for lenders do you have problem I don't I don't I don't tell you know and I don't get that because really I don't either all of you here. You're you came here some other way than just moving on in the mean you got here it's part of your family lineage your are your ideas. Here who doesn't even matter your native he did he can be different somewhere else. Which which Nader we terminate any American oh gosh all right yes all right I'm with you there ya but I don't really native no wonder am I had does that mean known known in and yeah yeah that's different yes and what I'm trying to say is eventually we Ehrlich transplants because this city has massive amounts and that's is a melting pot that's kind of what Portland is in you'd be accepting open arms California money come on up and make our housing more difficult will let it. I look at this let Ari it validates what we've all said and it's nice it's a great place great what is so wonderful place to be there. You know except in January. Well in the three months before in the three months after I don't know why not tell it's not bad until after Christmas. His curse you all these are very few who threw. You know jingle bell she's deal with the weather from thinks you're hearing you whether getting dark at 4 o'clock PM you don't mind gray weather from October about may your anywhere in February in that early march of geeks yet. Yet will but that's when we sit there we go hey take that Californians. Are all rosy in sunny every day. But I think it I don't think it's a great thing that more people are moving up here because. We'd been right all along well we trend setters we've lived here longer about you you've I'm I'm still transplant. All take that we held we end up with us the Pacific northwest as a whole OK that's fair I was Seattle please join us again more popular and now it's Portland that is growing just growing and we're gonna have a baseball team soon. They chino Liu chairman NFL franchise known pines blown. When demand view exciting when her turn that down. I see we do have some news on that and be seen if you use your sump it was really the only about this. And I'm excited for all baseball activities I know the All Star Games coming up I know we Dino mite Barrett came on with I as a consumed. I'm a month ago. And Hughes saga about he has you know we have we know that we're going to be used as a leverage play numbers and cities and but did you see what Tampa Bay did yesterday. I do not know the city of Tampa Bay that I did that was interesting this bizarre this is like bizarre O world very like what are you doing. But it kind of highlights why we should be optimistic about what the Portland I'm project is doing. On day unveiled plans for an 800 in 92 million dollar stadium that Tampa Bay Rays to connect yesterday is beautiful dome with a translucent ceiling K which CNET before by the way the Astros tried that did not work grass did not grow well and they tried to address next but what also didn't work is between this and ceiling in the in the astrodome. Aid creating glare that outfielders like we can't feel they fly ball and here's kind of blacked out the tiles doesn't work that way but the rays are gonna try. Technology hopefully is advanced where they won't have a Larry B. But they unveiled these think it's a beautiful new stadium minutes goes to being out why -- yeah are you arbor. I know I commend Omar the Tampa to play against the bucks an idea flew in and flew out Casey you know this suit Petersburg is though is Allard is a Y a ways away and that is actually where the rays play this stadium would be closer to historic. Part of Tampa today. From Andy's here. They said Bruce fighter it's booty had they said this is going to be great for our economy great for the people of Tampa. And then now one quarter Porter who raised his hand and they say Yasser. And he has howry guys paying finesse. You know what their response us. You who like this said. Well. We don't really know right now. We figured we'd unveiled these plans in in showed the businesspeople. Of Tampa how what a great opportunity it would beat this alone they're building this stain my goodness. I don't have enough money in Tampa to do it. They've been told multiple times this did he will not pay for it if so they got an architect Pete did these renderings they unveiled it it was a big event and they go. Yeah that's a problem we don't have any money we have no money to pay who. Who owns the Tampa Bay Bucs again Tampa Bay Rays sorry rays I'm I apologize. We don't know its in we don't know it's been a guy who's on the team since 2005 OK so it's somebody that's doesn't have the deep enough pockets to say I'm willing to just. Tear down this and move the team to closer location but here in Portland the Portland I'm project we do know that they're moving forward and they have enough pockets to say. We believe we can get a team now I don't know it's gonna be a leverage play. With with getting in team but it no matter what if it's an expansion. Or if you wanna be used like what Washington DC was used for years. The leverage and leverage and leverage in trying to the other expansion teams that's okay. Yeah you're gonna get one here yeah the beavers when the national title the baseball here. Is as good as anywhere in in the entire country just proven illegally. So you know that it's here it's ready. Primed excited. Well and they say they know they're going into this fight knowing week no of the city of Portland in the state of organ. Is not gonna give us money outside of 115 million dollars over earmarks you know fourteen years ago and to build the stadium they know that we don't know where this money's coming from and that has people very hesitant and rightfully so. Because outside of film night. Who is aid they multi billionaire. That when we go into it knowing. Two billion dollars is what it's gonna take to build the stadium and bring eighteen year. More one point five billion. If you're going bare bones but if you're talking and when you need if you're going in feeling comfortable loaning to feel that a farm system that is competent and a team that's come at two billion dollars. Was gonna take a baseball I mean not I'll say again I mean Ridgefield Washington is getting into me a baseball team. Just like Hillsborough and you have a whole league's of baseball being around here do we really need to know who has the money because I know the money's out there. Could they could they be local person or could they be outside businessmen a group that have done that it either way. Let it doesn't have her no one in something's gonna happen soon. Something is going to happen sin because. There is land that's being moved in upon here in debt fourth location. Is. It could be a doozy for people downtown on the river. Site that there and we we know three yeah it wouldn't turmoil TU. That. Portland public schools and then the ESCO up in northwest Portland those we know blustery says there's a fourth location and they're trying right now. The it as time goes on they're getting closer closer to purchasing that land. And then we're gonna start finding out who these investors are it could be a group of Chinese billionaires throwing out here it could be you know Phil Knight it could be Jeff Bay's those I don't know who it is we don't know who it is he could be a pool of billionaires. We don't know. But they feel very comfortable with the fact that they've got that 21 point five to two billion dollars and what do we know about Major League Baseball two cities right now there reeling Tampa Bay and Oakland. They're reeling in this was a last ditch effort by Tampa and we've seen it happen it played out it played out when Seattle tried to purchase. These the Sacramento Kings and it came to fruition that somebody jumped in and then Kevin Johnson the mayor saved that franchise which is fine he saved it for. For a dumpster fire of a city that's fine if you wanna stay in Sacramento with Sacramento can't touch Portland case study in it they could even wipe its backside. He can't Portland it just I mean it's so much better Visalia came in putting into words just doesn't reign as much. Yeah that doesn't give me anything does nothing you know and words comparing a city is some people go for weather. Yes via if you like that. But didn't though he like this so I came up early real man he is an idea drained. They're mean and sin live data via a by the way. Stuart Sternberg. Is the owner of the race. Key is a net worth of 800 million dollars which is. Not very large team that is nine need two million dollars less than these stadium he wants to build. With corporate sponsorship made his fortune in the finance world I was a partner Goldman Sachs and he's losing that team. Somewhere some amazing baseball is now. Yeah. If you know. Here's a question. Is X it would expansion be cheaper. Then buying an actual franchise have had a half a billion dollars is expansion fee boat that tumor and it is could be more. Because good when you look at the average salaries and each team half million dollars would be cheap you know you know. How might any like and how much is is the actual expansion team India maybe maybe do we have more time did I know were up against a little bit but immunized with him to show we're talking about sports I gave Lisa I know it does to. Are murdered Sprague yesterday talk about I think it was Dan Shaughnessy that put out the baseball's dying article. And he. Could beat Todd takes. More I mean I get it writers wanna do that kind of stuff now with the regional connection of baseball. And in the ticket sales and every just look at the Mariners for example all you have to do is sniff some wins in that stadium and Safeco sold out. Yeah baseball's dying that would rebuild I ninety every three my every every three months ending nobody wants to watch baseball it's too slow we need all these other things you know there's just this Joey oh really oh only the olds only guys that that go to this go to the field with a newspaper and a box score and write it down what speaker some true. Yeah two squad to a any any turn red Hillsborough stadium. And watch baseball logos and we know there committee's interest and this goes to a hops game he hopped down last how many young kids are there. Now you know runner up but baseball is dying. The dead sport. Soccer so much better so hurry as somebody's gotta say something about it you know generate something. Met him mall right now all of our sports are dying. The NFL is dying NBA NBA has he changed you don't have any did the words everybody else it's dying baseball's bin cats and dogs when he years living together mass hysteria. The soccer's on the rise and talkers rising. Why wait. For action. It's so much trust does soccer are the sports of the future football viewership is gone and how. Is happening in after those what are Olympics we really may be heading in the right direction on curling find room. What's going on year. I don't understand it this. Way I have a follow up. And they know we are up against it but I have do have a eight follow up to something buck just says. W and get the shoulder kirwan. And I remember was just like yesterday. On this day in sports history 1914. Arguably the best baseball player ever babe Ruth's debuted for the Boston Red Sox. Who I got to do you go yellow and then. On this day in 1985 arguably the best athlete ever to play baseball. I signed his contract at the Oakland Raiders did not vote Jack's home. And then one of my favorite pitchers of all time in 1985. C Bo Jackson was 87 in this thing. 087 yet in 1985 Nolan Ryan hit 4000 strikeouts while and who knew he'd be pitching. Almost eight years later but he gets 5000 strikeouts OK here is my name. Question I says somebody say. Has any. Has any player have been wasted more an all time great then Mike Trout. With the angels. In their prime has anybody has any stars primed and wasted more. Then my child at the angels in the answer was. Nolan Ryan who with the needles from seventy to 79. How would they were like did the angels have wasted arguably two of the best players ever to play. They wasted their careers yet know by the way Nolan Ryan into anything about pitching that he. Texas Rangers now I hear of him owning or however many attempts you've been accents. None. Worst record in the LSU. Okay we as an NBA generated to end. Me a question for you about drilling. 616 on the fan. Wang Chung and those two types. Mike pearl the easier than the substance and going. I hands ninety degrees to the side. The slide slide. Thank you for ABC and the police officers are doing in the lips saying. Whatever challenges this is all police officers heard my mind. The police departments are challenging each other to do other I think competitions. Of it's a pretty cool yet Justin Bieber songs and now it's like Pete she journey adventure. But nor full. Virginia Norfolk Norfolk they did a may have let him grow but there today as they wouldn't say it's remember the navy is. That invade their pleased Herman did Monday Bruno Mars. Which song. A town funk OK and nag you raising the entire city participated. In these ridiculous. But. Longview police say Rick rolled people. I. And is on high cut a little recasts lead the other day and. She's Johnson took me back in the eighties. OK but you mentioned curling. Do you remember we talked about curling cam during the Winter Olympics in how the local Portland curling place is booked out through the summer I didn't hear anything all I remember was hot Russian women. Curling that's only thing you mentioned to me and I knew I was done I was lost without you'll remember the glorious Andy Reid lookalike who took home gold. And no I just remember you telling me and Google's Russian lady that was on the curling team she's there's more than that. But. We were talking about how like her and our people and god start curling into one place to do it out like Bieber be gender tiger. And thank the reporter it was booked out. A through this summer and from the Winter Olympics all the way through this summer popular I'm wondering if people just tiger again down to announce nine uptrend drilling wanna go to the curling place in July when it's hot why would you wanna go curling. There's gotta be gold grade point. Great point don't like being cold but if it was hot would you go home. Curling to be refreshed. Yes would you Wear shorts. Now and I would Wear shorts and my reefs I write Reese would still slide out of her mind 1990s. Terror away pants like basketball. Mentally and those were actually acceptable to where publically people would buy the tear away some pants in acute Wear and were those. We'll probably you because he bride ever more clear way of life. I hate going in Switzerland a a a very colorful pants person yeah I definitely or were those. They were really popular in middle school and they had to institute policy in my middle school you had to Wear basketball shorts under your airway pants because the people thought it was really funny. To just grab a handful and run by during like in the true looms girl multi exposed yeah actually. The white each had easily Joseph boxer led India crossover. Crossover to the boxers or do you still are you still tie anyway you know right when I hit middle school and get out as I it'd spectators was for me Tim. Sixth grade at her Abercrombie and thanks Jeff welcome by focus dot boxers and I think we're in the eye I didn't mid high school. That's when I had that you're in girls who Wear boxers yes I was just ask save. Act since his death they award their underwear and then they wore men's boxers with a slit in the front you know I visited for the you know every hole we I got to go to the ma'am and what are they knew inning mark our girls and we're wrestling shoes. Yeah you remember that we were the cover that's and I definitely newer girls were wrestling shoes now but definitely tell a three rebounds give you don't know it's not that I thank you in the near century when your school is no precedence fifteen wrestling state championships even the girl's sport it was very trendy. SA gig clean this we bowed their debt. I'm talking Barack I'm not targeted dip in the pool on targeting in Millen nicotine goes Copenhagen. Nothing better than the company's high enough the Hadi was a fat lip. The but I worked with they actually in my or did you you know Dennis brown and all former husky. Offensive line and I was doing niners yeah of course he use an analyst for us with donors coverage and he said he. He dated a softball catcher when he was in college up the you know available and big big big dips together. Which would softball catcher 'cause I I don't know it's all have to ask my wife she was he worst in the nineties EU is he was on your original softball team that started very first one in 1990. Three or for steam. If she were telling some of the girls would dip. Mine did not sell well. Yeah I remember going to me who's going camping in college and when a softball players is with us. And she brought out your candidate you. And what was it with him. I think he is a rooster. What is an ever heard of Brewster and his team can't is it is it was it ended the mint what is it called with its mix and it no no way like opening its own ground the idea of president like my dad would have ask our career snuff you would have done by Jiang cat yes fine cut yeah. You should know this gives you used the wrong guy signed cat and then you have yeah just to back my dad was a lead like certain Redman Hank hey now. Out of the bag yet right out of the bag just received just dislike big league Joseph I thought it was big league Q Tilley said if put that in there. I learned from that movie and little big league they had a closer blackout Gatling and he took that big water Charny wrapped in bubble Lorenzen Wright Edelman yet or that inspired me to try it when I got older which until there's enough or when that movie. I mean it's far if it was better than regular tobacco and if you're married anybody out there. And she dips good for you. Do you ever heard have a very good for you. I guess the special kind that's a special kind of lady you know she parties. With two hours and or. Jeanne. Our our heard uses. There's a stereotype return thing yes. There was that yeah I'll bet anyways softball player. It's 22 Greg a handful out and we are just that big old. You don't cannon there she is in the last I would I would say Eilat last person standing around the campfire that night. She's a party animal who that Texas just. Bad visual. But. When it I don't know what you are talking about a sick in his stairways. No. Well. He's not a commandos situation and I'm wondering if you do if you got caught your school leaving the Bure going to Airways and commando. Yeah. Yeah. I mean if you always want in on steroids you wanted to get the exactly lot of rebuilding there. OK now let's get back on the sports train here shall we probably not it's Wednesday. Do you ever said anything regrettable to a coach. Or maybe a superior. That happened last night Major League Baseball. The F bomb dropped and a manager here's bucked the sports that are. Widespread text easy. That's the message of what number did you. Two or. Niner five. Six. I can't hear you drilling off and I can unite here and there we have all of my life I mean. He knows cordless judge does know it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. They'll you can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the shouldered likes to leave. Overtaxed. Bosnian jam in the morning on ten may be the brain of that person actually see them go through a I live 305 that is the better you today text line let's get testy thugs. You ever said anything re incredible to a coach Missouri Wednesday. No and heard to believe. Of course and force. Well rendering is yes there. But. Is it on par with what Ken Giles the closer for the he's masters said yesterday. On Ken Giles has struggled mightily in his time in Houston. And yesterday the Astros and went into the ninth inning leading for nothing and Giles was brought into clothes that bad boy out. And he gave probably gave up three straight singles. And so AJ hinge gave him the hook with the bases loaded and no outs and as he's walking off the mound. And Giles looked at pinch and just said FU man's. And just stormed off the mound. And AJ handset afterwards he has he can let me know if it was directed ME I didn't hear anything now. He can certainly understand I'll address that if it turns out it was Emmy world we'll talk about it. And so. That is like a whole deal like you're supposed to have we have these unwritten rules and baseball. But now we have these things where its direct authority. And those in those moments are always you read go look back in your flight down and we always have those laws like constitution done. If you'd did you have any of those moments in your plan now. Yeah I had a at a major I mean and I've told this story at certain times in my life with the with times that. I I I think captured on the show it was after it was my senior year and it was right after we played San Diego State. And we are plain and we were three you know we started three and I don't know I'm coming in to the at the end of the game we meet in in the room going up the tunnel. And I'm just I'm I'm infuriated for some reason because we beat them like 3030. To three years through some like that 383 I camera exact score many way. I only had two targets one thrown at me and I was in that mode of man come on I know I can help the team more but selfishly. It's one of those moments Scotland and coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys is miles into corner college. And armored he stuck his hand I was walking a block and now. In any looked at meaning goes cam a man were were gonna try to get to Obama more in that selfish 88. Moronic. Senior that gets heat you go through these times in my fuel costs and you take one thing back. I remember looking at Denny I'd go just and I didn't say F if you were anything like that I just looked Emma said that's BS. Icu. Cheer fault and walked away. Oh in sick and I remember that specifically and it took that moment and I go I look back on now that's a deciding factor for me. That I've always gone as like one of the worst things I've ever done in sports. Or as a teammate woody he's totally just put myself and worried about stats. In all those things you think about as a young kid neagle won an immediate took me probably four more years to figure out album big mistake that was. Analysts it's hugely regrettable. So that it two key for years to figure out I tried to I mean I'd say yeah I mean anything is as I walked up to him. Later sit on an idiot immediate enemy I'm sorry coach but I could tell he never got over that. You know I I took me years try to figure that in fact I would get into my late thirties and go. What immediate rent. In his closings he can't take back athletic college level and I can't at the pro level these guys do this all the time and I've noticed fight. And those guys always are ones that are so volatile. But you go all it's a huge competition that's that's you know guys are argue it's like buddies it's like people your so close to them it's like family. It is sometimes would Giles I would say as crazy punches himself in the face. The Hollywood to you know to F bomb your own coach I've never done that my life. Ever yet shouldn't be surprising that the guy that F bombed his coach is the same man that earlier this he's in punched himself in the GO. EI and if you miss that that was basically the same deal where the answers were dominating and then he blew it. And he ended up new else punching himself in the face over and over and over again. Walking off the mound and when you have those regrettable moments though. It's howdy it's almost. Gee and you repair that offensive I mean when you go down that road of saying if she said the pro level it's different than in college way different and call and color do you think so likely is something engaging pensioners like Yale certain lenders mean you know all sorted out we'll talk about it by yeah. Those things are easier to get over a wide is it why does it matter and why is it so much easier. Just like he can be. Two years removed from senior in college we near professional hat to treat your doorway you I would I I still think there's a respect level you have to have you really got a house. He is not only just growing up through I'm seeing younger kids do it like I've have been questioned by young kids. I've been questioned by parents all the time the way they talked back and do that. I would have never. Ever done that when I was a younger player ever in my life my dad what does it might get over one out of five would have told my idea what I did oh my gosh. You know we sat down for a month those those types of things where you go. This is trickled all the way of these guys have grown up questioning authority and I eat you have those kind of players it professionally though. You're paid pro the coach. Majority times down pro sports is paid. The 100% less it feels like then those players that players are entitled to say I'm very you know and do and I'm more valuable than you I could care less what your saying. Unless you hold. The power in the respect like coaches Bill Belichick. Coaches that how that kind of you know Mike McCarthy they carry the kind of big stick does it matter about your paychecks about what I can control. Andy Reid those types of guys here and act like that. You're gonna be on. You know there is almost as if they do and I'm gathering for me is there's. There's an understanding by professional coaches. That every single guy that they are coaching was the best there. At their level and they were they got us basketball every single time. And they were the guy who's supposed to be done got at the line of scrimmage every single time and when in you'd get to this level where your professional everybody else is equal to you is almost understand about a coach's okay. He's got to get used to the fact he's not the biggest and baddest dude every single play. Which goes back to like. You know I never had any of those moments where I fired off at a coaching Costas I didn't feel as ever good enough to. You know and in that was kind of you knew when you're at the college level. That you were good enough to do that you're going to be going on to the next level. Where as it trickles down further and further though what's interesting is when you say you hear it from like twelve year old kids. There's this sense that I'm good enough to to demand that type of whom. Dad type of I don't know. Unwavering. Blind support and always getting the ball. From your youth coaches it's not just out it's that every young player thinks there are star. Yeah and they think that they had they haven't earned anything yet you didn't go on practice. He didn't shoot when he got home he didn't take BP in Gilani it was four balls by yourself he didn't do anything BA you're gonna show up at the game. Late in the game and then you're gonna sit there go coach I can pitch coach I can do this cut. Have you put in any effort and that's the difference of a youth and as we eat is it trickles up. But you're right when you get to the highest level in the world. I'm telling ya there is I want you and up from a coach I want you want the ball every I want you to make the tackle once you have the blocked. I don't want you to be passing go. To rent it this way coach non of the gonna get I want you to be. Does that tell you have to play. And then as his coaches he did that highest level you're gonna look at LA kid she's gonna walk out goes if this guy does a wanna stay in the game and walks off and just hands me the ball. I know kind of crazy I'm coaching. Doesn't mean it's right but I know the guy I don't want the ball taken from me but daddy did that exact thing knees say you won in every professional athlete. We hate and never use used athlete yeah why why is it wise he won and Al one level but not the other. And doesn't that seem closest active and we talk I don't know if it does I did it's asking a very difficult question but it's the understanding as if you know something and you believe in yourself. There's a difference between me sane. Do you admire when LeBron James talks about himself and admires himself and calls and those things on Twitter and in the world I'm the greatest times greatest. Or did you appreciate someone like a Michael Jordan or some of these other great stars who just like a Joseph Montana who let you do it in new. There's a day there is a difference there's a big difference I admire LeBron James I admire younger players. That our league let their talents show through. And don't with their words control. Does that make sense right but. At the same token. Do you mean you just got dense. Where do we draw that line and how do we draw that behind to kind of redirect this thing back because. Is it because we see so much more. Of the of the of the videos being replayed on social media all the time over and over again have guys like Giles and drop in. ST man two is his manager is he comes and pulls out of the game make kids find that acceptable. Or is it the fact that these kids are there are wired differently these studies are wired differently but I mean you're never gonna hear me say all look at what. Giles did in. And then say what about the kids now let's EU problem if you Diaz apparent can't fix that and tell them. This is the example don't do this study the severely your kid act like that that's EU problem to parenting group I don't know if we can never fix that now. But you could have a big mouth. I think you're really good to be the worst player on the team 553 your five that is the better you today Tex signed idea regrettable blood at a coach. 643 on the fan. It was valuable now. He's better today tech sign the second gloves on coaches. And assess your mid to high school at a small school where the soccer coach is also parent of one of the kids one day of practice I kicked the ball extremely hard and detected directly in the face. Again does no good to begin with and didn't even wanna be there but his dad was forcing him anyways they coach. It was the coach went into you'd dad not immediately and started screaming and the Intel Mitterrand maps and so it right back data and let him have it. I told you miss her and which bush is no good. And didn't deserve to play it didn't even a lot of play around a lot alas says season but I was still the starting center midfielder. When after coach's kid. I like that. What did it what is it in there do you think he can credit the ball on his face and on Yahoo! does that. I don't doesn't sound like like coaches Kitna. Somebody's willing to let the coach know exactly exotic feels bad and in his son I'm essentially intentionally sending a message this one is good this is my soccer coach Wright to start me goalie I was averaging three goals for game as a striker. Sorry coach my ankle hurts can't play changed my mind at halftime I was twelfth those those they mean it wasn't disrespectful it was probably sounds like it was just a fierce thing. And those are those are regrettable moments Reid's seat. Did you. Should of what revived Kandahar. He always being like yes coached okay and in getting do when every SE did you of that. At twelve years old Cushing me the coach on whether or not you should be thanked the single player not act. What are you have been an analyst colleagues and genius is going home in your view administrator here if they were averaging three goals a game it sounds like the idea railed may be the greatest career in the history of US soccer. That's good point good point the great point you're doing this can media the second coming of Christian political just never know. This is a crazy and not just a crazy question because I know there's a lot of coaches and parents that are out there may be there listening to that have had kids or or. Have had something said to them to where they went and can leave they just said that Timmy. Types that I feel like there's more that can today. Then there is ever. In history of we've how we watch sports but I think it is when you asked the question too before we went to break. We see from pros how many a view out there that influenced by pros now. Honestly. Do you really look at guys I think it is a lot perfect yeah I mean I know professionals are our our grades. In which idolize them collector cards get autographs. But how many do you really look at damning go. Be like Jack guy. I see it from the hand gestures that stuff curry is done all those little things and how they acts in the antics. In and what he'd be talking trash I never heard more about kids talking trash. And just doing now than in being disrespectful but well at a different world with trash talk has been around for ever I mean Larry Bird was on the greatest would do it here coach that's why sibling on sir Ernest. Trying to stay on track with his open the way you talk to your coach. Oh yeah but I mean you lose it all comes back to we see these scenes and we replace these things whether it is trash talking or press conference blow ups and stuff like that where. Or those instances like Ken Giles is AJ hits last night where he doesn't ST man when he's getting pulled out of the game. Those are the things I'd every played over and over and over those are the things on sports center highlights that. It sensationalize now on social media to get played more and more you know it like Allen Iverson in his practice Trent Vegas every year unlike the anniversary of this practice rent now we talk about practiced. You questioning that authority is always been. Those are the salacious. Nino things in sports that. Wean when prop up and so as we prop them up more and more begin more notoriety and kids think it is more acceptable to dip I can admit when in my. Biggest faults in in sports or just in life is when I don't when I feel like I don't respect. Somebody's opinion or their judgment it's a very difficult thing I work within on a daily basis. It started with coaching. If I had a coach that I looked and I had a coach at the end of my career with Saint Louis is famous frank folks he was a tight ends coach he's just to guys. When I mean just a guy. I mean you've been in the system for like 25 years has just had a little bit of coaching experience but he was his friends of a friend. Knew the system and even get up there and I would literally. The start coaching. The position group ride up all the stuff breakdown the film study. And at that point timer look at said Kim not learning anything from this individual. Harassing nice guy. I did that with a lot of coaches put if I didn't respect yeah. Or think that I can learn something from neck to knee out and it was a waste of my effort. No I still view that a lot today sought to respect the effort of people and what they're doing. I think that's a really hard thing for a lot of us the deal. Right. Five factories here five battery today attacks on. I'm brother bluff and as high school coach in a basketball game when time got into it during a timeout I read until the heat which better games the coach let him finish coach in the game and that come back in winning. He's a nice guy but he really wasn't that good of the coach. He was a volunteer at a small school my brother regrets it. Tutor. What is story though if you NBA began told my coach he sucked on time so he said fine you do want to drive and we ended up winning that's my favorite moves to do. When a parent hackles errors some asserts complaining ninety as it all right your turn kimono and you do it. You know I'm saying yeah. You come do this member eyeball it to you gonna do it job your blanking blanking your perfect share. In your beautiful little. I don't know back was cheerleaders you know you will who will be crowd shares that they sit in and they have little mom mom blanket they're sitting on. Yeah it's your backside out here in church show me how it's done here's. It's seeing the perspective on this conversation we're having here I grew up in a tiny town in only one sport we had summer league baseball we were also excited to be able to play a sport. We would have done just about anything a coach said would have dreamed about talking back to coach his kids. And I think maybe sometimes it comes with. The fact that we see that a lot of issues happen with like a fluent. Kids you know the spoiled brat kind of thing and also. It's the only thing. Toomey because a year prior remember this and grown up and see delays that there weren't very many opportunities so when you got out there is a cycle OK go now we have so many opportunities in so many ways that you can play different sports you know in in all the difference for she can't play. There's kind of magazine laws a fair attitude towards coach coaches like and while I was government export Danner gunned down. My next opportunity in my next team this one is great is says. Hope we're I I have a theory about this we used to respect our elders because they had knowledge. That's because throughout history now kids have the Internet may access anything you want they don't need as a spew and dusted. They don't need us except they need us to pay for everything. Well I met Hillary though I mean it like with your coach in Saint Louis you're dizzy thank you just kind of outlined it. That guy had experience he'd been in the league for what 25 years like I said you're just like and no I don't I don't think you know you're talking about. Right I do I just it was more about. He just didn't look interest. You know he's kind of clicked in his chest he. And I knew that there are a lot of coat check collectors in life so and you know what might we you know what I'm talking about you know the dad. The displays and all that or the or the coaches is out there kind of you know the butter maker silly you did trying to cheer like you know I mean he did he did and I'd listen I was respect I never did degraded Emerson anything in front of him. I just like down and in into this one out. A and then this year's Great Britain you say Texas when all into this one for me I can tell you how many Richard Sherman copycats we've had youth football it's insane. Literally have to show that Sherman interviewed every year is example of how to BA. A showboat. And yeah that way they do surely they do show it every year there. Well what about if you wanna stop that may be not showing that interview and listening he's talking opponent they're handers probably. Mean he shouldn't show and is doing pants. This is are you you don't put that show but to Tim Tebow I figured he's the ability to separate what it is to be youth. An amateur and that's where route where the lines are now is blurred in a no matter who you are aged nine or ten you think your Bryce Harper. Blame because he's put it on YouTube and Twitter and all your history of shots at age nine and ten. You're at the same same viral video out of you doing the same crap as that guy so what's the difference other than fifteen years Blair made Darrow there was and this is where cannon there's that line of David there's outline they just would never cross I think this comes back to you know my dad being a coach but. I was. Man as a Canadian I talked all I bring in my an awful lot but never to a coach. Dallas the one place for you wouldn't go in now it just seems like. Everybody does everywhere in any you know what Richard Sherman. He will blow up on his coaches. But you also when you hear us coaches talk they also say he's got a great amount of respect. Right is just in the heat of the moment those sorts of things happen and we have an issue in sports. Volunteers are going away. And on tires officials. Referees are going away career they're all volunteers. Volunteers are leaving the game because of the way you're treated by young players in by families and the only way to get called the anything. Is that you won't respected the less you pay for an there's a lot of umpires they get paid in are just like now don't wanna did not worth it they're not enough as I don't wanna be a part of that anymore. Right 55305. That is stand tech sign blow ups on coaches that you regret send them to us and will read your regrets. On the air. Maybe he'll be cathartic for everybody involved are right coming up next so we've got the hottest sports stories in the world of sports talk Google next on fans.