Dusty & Cam Tuesday June 19, 2018 Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, June 19th
Dusty and Cam discuss the top QB rooms in the Pac-12 North, which teams will be most dependent on their QB for success, and Nats rookie Juan Soto can time travel.

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Thanks listen into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire centers where I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1950 TU. Dusty and jam in the morning. Arrived. Television repair. Bolton says it's true. I don't fix it would dusty streets and Manning era find news comes. And former probes in Cleveland feels a little more time didn't yourself. Little less time. Little village president. Those dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 current era. This pretty funny. Text on the Texan at 55305. Backwards hats people can't be trusted and human Raymond Davis and disgusting for not trusting Tom Landry does that don't trust him or again so true and don't trust him from. Don't trust of you know. And it. And in the context of a Fedora is always important I mean I think in an older gentleman can definitely pulled off a rocket but if you just see. Do Walken no mystery with his adorning the next candidate isn't going to the press conference in the Fedora yeah maybe not as good. Ben Roethlisberger. Forcing that tubby had ended Fedora. Linux you like to have a saxophone is wrestling bended knee yeah. In Iraq boring that's the style you're learned tending to his swing party he had like five or ten hats is all about your hat as I used to sell for Doris and wait with attitude was that a good business was possible before rafters sausage bagels date. Doesn't need long hair is an individual well before that I was I what I was working as an intern in television I needed a second gig and so I sold hats retails that you entered the Fedora and Torre last among other hats they had the flat bill caps they had baseball caps but a lot of things or as low straw hats to him do you use cell sued DeMaurice Smith. I did not a one time Robin Lopez came and or store. Nets Barrett room alone and don't forget every labored nebula that's team sabre blazer vol time. Seven footer plays 86 to reach. But seriously. It mirrors and I've never seen a seven footers spend more time hunched over bent over playing like a 63 guard can't woods yell at the television and watching Robin Lopez drive me insane. Don't all stand up. Stop bending over played tall. And Madrigal lot of drops today we can fit it into the sun inaccurate. I was I saw goodness you being cut that'll make your plane operated as often as possible. App now would you just played Madden. Gently drop the ball in the hoop every single time. You're a Texan football. And a this cause for pause how far away between guests forty days less than that phenomenon and now. Want how how far is kickoff college hoop you know you'll live real the real division one. Thank you let's big time football games it's it's it's Ellis two months to aid I don't so that's how masses in more than a half months sixty days psych. We're like 75. Days now. Unofficial ours is trying to fast forward through the Michael there's a big difference you know there's thirty days a month. If we're looking towards the kick off on August 25 we are 66 days okay our IP warriors you ought to bring. Since Clinton's wants her Sampson but does it that's like if you wanna write watch rice played in Mexico state sure but I will I would you doing right I will I will love cultural wall. Uh oh the first game is it's not something or headlining a net of nine now I it is just play like that you know it's. Watching cal good I don't Australia I think the real kick off is September 1. Win mean you have games like Auburn Washington and Hoff. But no I would not let this Sunday inching article on CBS sports fight Barton Simmons. Which. Seen some stuff he does that 24/7 guy some Ive seen. They get a lot of the steps picked up by the ball scope and stuff but Barton Simmons rank the top 25 quarterback currents. In all of college football. Ended number one nick in the entire country. Is the University of Washington thing about this Jalen Hertz into attack or viola. Are at Alabama they're number two you. He has number one in in this takes into consideration your coach your starter your back ups all these things. And with Jake Browning as a starter Jake obese in just sitting back and learning from him using a redshirt year. I GH cleaner coal Colson yank off a young golf in Jacobs sermon as freshman. And bush Camden as a coach he's saying that's your number one quarterback personal country. It's good for the pac twelve to say that much well. When you think about it one of the biggest benefits or Jake Browning could have this year is by having Jacob bisons sitting there to because Brent. You know in bounce things off of his got his start as true freshman in the SEC. Was it in him back a parole last year only due to injury was starting in Georgia on the best offense in the country you know a nice veteran to bounce off to. It's a premium room and there's a lot of good talent around the hard part will be how does that group of talent. Develop do they'll stay there in today's world we understand what jail when her father immediately said. He's gluten blanking blank you lost your job you know trying to make him a free agent intuit Taylor I'll look who's there now. He's he is he's the star he's probably he's what what was his Heisman. Chances it was it was fairly up army general price love is the best chance here you are twelve to Lewis right along with. Justin Herbert just in her run so you there is. There's good quarterback grooms and there's really really good quarterback crimson ya you know Washington's fortunate enough to have that set up right now. You know there is a done. It and I also outside this Washington fifteenth with Stanford group which vita Pritchard and David just quarterbacks coaches. Qaeda Costello is battling injury but played really well. At the end of last year. And they have highly touted redshirt freshman Davis mills who is a guy that in that quarterback class with. Two. And Jacob from he was actually the number one quarterback there. By Simmons got -- 24/7. Cardinal says this is the guy who's better than all of on the name Richard Lester just so we can take any offense and started understanding the offense. T Stanford at fifteen minute eighteen yo Borodin. With Marcus Arroyo and then Justin Herbert as a starter from an entirely shocked in draster Burmeister. This is basically he says there in the top 25 here. Due to the fact that Herbert is yeah there's a number one taken Marcus royal this is a great country I. You mentioned something I think or was he mentions that he held Armon just her with the leadership with his ability for organ could. Could this send them to a double digit win season and AG's. She hasn't had the ability yet to which he which were all hoping for us you're watching organ for employer I wanna see this guy play a full season what can he put together and that's the kind of guy he champion in the north of your talk and quarterback play in the pac twelve alone. Let's let's be realistic here it's going to be good. It house you know what it has to be good. To separate these teams here it's it's the south is not going to be I am not locked in to think that chip Kelly's gonna run Russia through everything and he's he's gonna come bring magic to the south. Be concerned. Be concerned if you're the pac twelve south because there's really not gonna be anybody you're excited about right now it is there isn't. Did the kings are gonna come out of the north the better teams are gonna be in the north this year in the one team to watch in the south as Arizona. Yeah because Kevin someone's got some new and and you have. A pretty flashy toy at cornerback there is gonna make. Lot of place we have Cleo Tate in the annual and and Norma Sony is your offensive coordinator is very bright guy. He quarterbacks coach but with those three guys that we're talking about here in in you mention via Browning Herbert Costello. Which. One of those quarterbacks. Success. Has thirteen must dependent on them. The memo that question a 45 factories your fives and Texan dusting him on the fan. Let's get it straight from the war room. Portland trailblazers select CJ in the car. This is addressed we commission on dusty and jam in the morning brunch you nicer way buildings enter your summer outdoor projects and remodeling stories online at SH URW a Y dot com. Dusty entail a months and AB. Both prayer and there are 8819. On new war. Tuesday morning dusty air came through and pay Agnes said we have president's story not in line. A caller before a final three to five vote 1085032501080. Wins a family four pack to gets to disable rodeo. On Thursday June. Saint Paul arena tickets are available online at Saint Paul rodeo. Dot com adding color number 4503. 25 though 1080 that is 5032501088. Stanley for back to gets to be Saint Paul rodeo the show first Thursday July 5. Column for call now. OK we're talking about this. Pactel quarterbacks burdensome and CBS sports has a U dubs quarterback grooming the number one in the country Stanford is fifteen organ is eighteen. After the best court records that is your quarterbacks that actually are on the roster you're starter back us in your coaches coaches at the cornerback position as well. The question for you mr. Clinton and which of these teams. Is most dependent. On the success of the team. On their quarterback COLT organ. To organ tandem. It's not it's not it's it's not that I can say it's not even close but it's it's. I don't wanna put a percentage on it but it organ is is going to mean just in her were not only to stay healthy to play well. In play well because he has that kind of ability to carry his team. He's the best athlete out there right now he's the one that's gonna leave the offense and I know that transformation that would Jim Leavitt is doing an organ with the defense has made a big difference but they haven't had to retreat recruiting classes to build that style yet I know it came quickly to for Colorado. And just think Steve because if you if you're looking at Colorado as comparison. When they were great they had a great cohesive unit on on defense. But it was the quarterback play with the with month says. And also seems so people who file stir to elevate that entire group and how well they played together that's would just for her veracity Washington is the last few years. Has their defense is carried that team and and that's Jay Browning is coming back we dig running. Didn't have an electric year last year the Gillingham what eighteen touchdowns compared to 42. Of the year before. And still attend wins. Because of the defense. Yes. Bad it is I mean as as those are all great points and that just kind of tells you. Where you're out with. With Oregon I think if you ordering diesel one would be Herbert too would be Stanford. And then three. Would be Washington now because thank you miles gaskins and such great defense at Steve for you have Bryce love and you have a very good defense but. They all of that offense is so dependent on the quarterback mentally picking it up and being so good that this could be year I think people sleep on how good at the end of last year. KJ Costello was is like something clicked with him up and started playing really well for the cardinal. What's nice meal was turn around and handed off from Bryce love changes everything for YouTube because it opens up so much. Of the pressure off the grid if you don't have to sit in gone I mean that's exactly what David Shaw loves about Stanford I don't have to sit shot again I don't have to do our peels of being gang are not required to make my court rectum make massive amounts of decisions. We can make it ugly we can run power and lead and then we can change it up and then I can handed to Bryce lemon and I can use my tried and down the field. It does it make things really simple for the. Yeah and outside of that TCU bowl game. Where he's kind of bad in that. KJ Costello down that it and stretch of the year. And threw for seven touch on just one interception. You know A he is he is playing at a very high clip before. Stanford in in looking like he's more in control but when you talked about or again with Justin Herbert you mean you mentioned at. Heard in the last segment mean this team has the potential. To have ten wins do you look at their scheduled nature nurture. If he stays healthy if he would if he is not healthy. I cringe to see the disorienting to do because you you can't lean on Roy streaming your offensive lines can be good nav though he'd go along with his health. But you'll have rice through Middleton to lean on Tony Brooks James is it is a very good back but just diss I'm not a guy we don't know if he can lean on him yeah. In your debt there. He's not a thirty carry guy in the receiving corps is it good enough at right now. To bailout and a young and an expert. Very good order regular Gerber can make a play in the game for you that you don't expect. She can do that she can make if you place. I'm gonna be very curious if he wants to make those plays down the field. This year not just with him throwing the football but in the red zone. Going for those extra 23 yards knowing that he's had he's had injury problems in high school Kregg broken legs femur femur. K.s now had injury problems at the university Morgan. So old it's not like these things don't fall UC you have to either get smarter with how you adapt your game and understand is that my team needs mean what do I have to do and you don't wanna change two years as a as a as an athlete. He's still got to be Smart. So how do. In altering those guys are which of the Smart and. On it and that's why I'd pac twelve north. And line is gonna hinge on on the quit the played those record next Jake Browning Justin Herbert in KJ Costello. And if you look at it I think organs schedule in the fact that police about the defense evens can be improved their urges day a year maybe two away. Bull hold them out of like series college football playoff consideration but. If you look at DeDe the other two schools and Stanford and Washington they have schedules standing experience. This could be that. And pactel north going to be tough again. Any could be. Quarterback play determining whether or not the pactel was in the cultural playoff for not in a lot of these times you know. These some teams can get the cost of ball left without exceptional quarterback play. Mean we've seen it before. You better be super leader across the board saw early this defense. I mean really get to run game the Michigan State had cleared recovery few years back Canadian at the U you have to be dominant or leads in one aspect either with your quarterback play or your running game no doubt our defense all three of those phases one of those has to be leaked that's why I look at Stanford. Doesn't Stanford seemed like this is the year that they could be. The pac twelve champion because nobody's looking at as their eyes aren't on the right I understand them at Stanford has been picked to win the pac twelve north probably the last. For five years I mean I know they were last year we had now around. But it doesn't matter they're always going to be there. Oh yeah I know but that's why this year you look at Stanford you go you're returning a quarterback who is look like it started to click on quarterback is still the concern heading in the last year a little bit of that pressure's off them to be that dominant team this year. Because. People are looking at you dubbed. In the series is still got a tough schedule the easiest yet that one stretch of their schedule this is from nine or in five weeks through on the road and oceans in it's on the road Washington start you get started. Really until November 10. USC yet. Ditty up and then you have a then UC Davis and then then there's that. At no organ at Notre Dame you've taught at home. At Arizona State. In many Wilkens and kill hairy who knows that teams MB but coming off of physical game like did Tina gets you talk then he had do you Washington carriers and state then you go. Washington State at home in that you doubt my good gusts. Tough schedule. But they navigate that man there always a long lost her if he he get one loss but here's where Stanford always gets is that inexplicable loss last year San Diego State on the road right. Lead is gonna be that game this year I don't mean lose early. Case Stanford lose early but in a matter what you can't lose the Notre Dame you know it that's why use I I can see them going through right BBC need a state they beat USC. Maybe they get organ and Notre Dame and then they stub their toe against Arizona State on the. Road in October and you go. Deflating right. That would be this all. No it's hard to swallow knowing that you his Stanford every year come to two loss to one loss. And don't get in the conversation and then you show lakers McCaffrey put a stop a hole in Iowa in the Rose Bowl never go see what would have been. I mean how many times we had here Stanford beat what would have been why is that with them at a KM net Monday we ask Notre Dame I think I blame Notre Dame forgot about. Rivalry has destroyed Stanford's opportunity in the last ten years multiple times I feel that they sometimes lose that early game SE it seems like they always play them really early in the year so this is how to write them off and they either push from wade out of the top 45 and have a hard time climbing back but it seems like they get kind of put behind early in the season their play catch up the regular blood also always happens is like. Utah how will be USC. And then ninth to next week's Stanford will play that same Utah team and beat him by like forty Iran. Well there like what have most angry young kid there there eighteen to Tony to your. I'm excited we are about a month until pactel media day though. Eight in the when eyes Agassi could sit by the pool and sun an up turn. Will be here will be here. Slogging along to you too by the way that first college football game you nailed it did involve rice rice against prairie view a NN com. Just didn't so get excited all last year in Australia. Thomas above all I was I was doing early thing they played Stanford in Australia and then they don't go back to Houston because Gergen RB cancer at her high eight. I'm. Into it now myself known as the Reynolds pals are out there there is our ourselves. Let's not rule on. It's a good. Don't know Obama emerges alone alone. Share with me and villagers agony of his Lance Berkman. I'm about the guy who made it to the top of the Major League Baseball almanac with the first alphabetically listed the last name David Aardsma AAR DS commitment is that just. Useless knowledge trivia block yet the giants drafted him and errands like he'd be he becomes the first player of the top of the baseball almanac is the last inserted two days. Very appropriate AEA Iran. Eyes guys. O Howard Hughes Howard Hughes as a get on me if you're did feel like plane's. Flight. And guys that are easily their homes and spruce goose and paean jugs and then I mean the an artist Campion did play into movies doesn't Rinko. Yeah I go Howard Hughes or. A Lance Berkman it's. Definitely the most notable arms from rice who might have put a fun game if you were in a movie who would play you. Othman mean. That's I think forty years older than me will we come in dusty often that we got a motive. I. Trumps our Tom Cruise will go Tom Tom Cruise cruise with me also how about the idea only thirty years old and in the most notable person to attend clearly that you NM. Mr. T. Well that's number one that's. You know beaten that there. Who's Washington's most noble not Ted Bundy. All I all know I have heard that one before. Philly the first one out of area analysis Bruce Lee. It's got to be personally but it notable in the uterus rushing Bruce Lee won Ted Bundy to hundred no let up a cup. Concern for its its I try not to laugh at that because I shouldn't now. Cast your fault dusty you brought up under serious Amanda locks is like Tet Amanda Knox. And she I know it's really negative. Brutal BS every Wilson tortured shirt Isiah Thomas Isiah. In affairs. Who knew who do. Not meet until now. All right. All time travel back to baseball. This is an awesome story. Howell. You can hit a home run before your debut. France and your second monster trucks earlier this song we giving you've gone in sixty seconds. Now home. I think it dazed and confused though Canon. Video I did dads again Deming guns six seconds is a good one because this is that kids this is there anything stemming liberal. I am. And we talk a monster trucks earlier from which are not low riders they're actually really high riders. You know I'm a truck guy just say I know that's a of love monster trucks as a kid and I Stiller might talk a truck which I took apart and put fake wheels on. To try to make it bigger new monster truck and try to make my Tonka truck and I dozer track it made it awesome. It was so it was awesome and you'll also remember we're gonna throw backs this split stoppers. Stoppers were the greatest things you ended ever in the history of toys. Yeah one battery in them you could put the week with the tires on and you put him in the bathtub with yet. The of the soft tires for the insides ignore the blankets and put the hard rubber tires on the outside team go that he's turned him on in the stumper when everywhere and truck infatuation. We have one and we found a place tree can drive monster trucks yet in Indiana yet it cut and but the prices the big. Doctor how much would it cost to drive the monster is at weekends at lakeside road trip road trip bit no it's not a road trip thank you fly in. No no say a year not their for a weekend okay so it's a one time deal you Washington. Zidane and sit down nearly an hour here's a lunch Coca smile around there you know again lunch there either no luck this is just to drive just to drive. And here's the shock me out of my world here is how they and how they billet. They say this and you know do things that fill up paper or take a class wonderful aegis. And then drives. Which should pretty. All when I called the numbers on it like they discussed someone's cell phone recordings though is that oh what you did full research on this I'd told doesn't most of the research I tried to call it and get a quote you can drive be 502 big block Chevy will be its gas needs and you'll lower on it. What store link suspension of the over to a fact or you are billed shock Sonnen. And it's round your arm and now. Like airplane fuel methanol is not mental mental that's fallacious Virginia slim middle it's two days they stick cool. Men dolls yeah must lie and they got it. No it costs you 250 dollars are run. Per run or he he had six runs for grand. So you know the run is going around like the monster truck little area that it's six runs for thousand dollars that's not awful. That's not awful but how lie cal I don't know I'm on if it's like your roller coaster ride it Sig was fifteen seconds and I can make that run last long you flip that bad boy. Yeah. So that's how much it concentrated that in getting to Franklin Indiana Louisiana no idea where that is just so gruesome close or do we just billboards. Well bill one aren't dusting Kim monster truck okay billboard and it purity have a truck for just imagine you must you know we got to build on from ground up that thing going to be street legal. If seeming who now if it's a good when it's when you have my golf cart and where do you guys gum enemy that's harder street legal in. Now we build and where we can go drive it. Where in the hell we want wherever they had no industrial legal whose it has not done about. Legacy is run already cup cars exactly come loves you go oral haters. Lineup that's what I have to deal is it how light it is they hate Lionel curious in your Subaru because I'm coming right over the top Vienna concert but if they haters in February I don't notice him in our four mile an hour four miles per gallon teaching. Monster truck your noggin a way for me because when there's traffic guess who's going or it's obvious he. Palin talk time travel via. And soul. And you remember we talked. The young man named one Soto school on. Of the starch teenager. One Soto. Hit a home run. Five days before. His Major League debut. Toilets also. He hit his home run. Over a hundred miles away. From the place wearing on the same day he went three for four at the plate not possible that's easy to places at once. I have many home runs. One of the coolest stories now. So. Why is soda made his Major League debut on May twentieth for the nationals at nineteen years old. Yesterday. The nationals and yankees had a makeup game. From a game played on May fifteenth. And yesterday wants out of hit a home run. So officially in the record books that game goes down is being played on May fifteenth 2018. It day in which he does in the minor league is going through for fourth place. So technically. On May fifteenth Hewitt threw for four in the minors at the same time as hitting a home run in the big links sickest stunt doubles showed up. Yes something similar happened it'd giants a year to go with a minor league catcher and basically he hit his first career home run. Before he debuted in the Major League wide in the in the record book it's gonna go down as that wanna but his Major League debut will still officially till may twentieth different. Baseball's weird like that you know. What's the only sport economic rained out and have this happen yeah true you know like in football or soccer. Or. And docile never happens is in north it goes just wait out the storm that goes your base like yeah I don't sugar when the blazers got froze out. Thought I'm sorry condensation doubt yes. Win. The floor is two ways to move. To play basketball because the ice underneath in Minnesota was at Minnesota. It was un is too moist. Winds like the cake. That's right. So they'd say a little bit more creepy it was non creepy. I like the muscles supple and Jake moist. OK I look Casey said the giants did this at a at a player do this last couple years ago yeah it was last year the year before but they words. I saw that this is the first time it's happened since Barry Bonds. So a may have been a slightly different. He didn't homer in both his minor league game in his Major League game what he did it. Was he homered in the makeup game in vet on the calendar occurred before his debut date that makes sense well again that's led. That's that this is claiming is that I mean because he didn't homer in the minor league game either it's just saying here that. Dave Parker and Barry Bonds and 86 and the only guys to do it. Pop. Oh get details but I don't know we need him either way if it's two or three other guys to ever do this that's impressive yeah. Months at a time traveler in Bryce Harper shaved his beard. Whether it's at the Yankees so apparently he's going to be Yankee now. PA bug that you and Jessie has something for some poison giants example with block and hurt. What is it about. They area. I was on old giants hiatus for a while their bullet does he knows just this week I got the MLB packets on back to watch and he backs in on all in. Fox packages huge now. Can watch all those of a big games the persevere point. Malden. Nanny wants are we get you set for the day on the stand. Yeah. More time Joseph talk because that's inspired something plus will jumpstart a conversation we'll have tomorrow because it was at the very beginning of the show. The sand not got post dusting him on the fan. Yeah yeah. I'm very present. Well again. You're homeless couple grants and that's not new though. A sign whatever it was he attacking a bending over. I did and when was that an earlier in the show those we early yeah I know. Or show men. And three hours of radio. It's always that Astros got for you to dusty damn right it is your right just sorry that only you know defending world and we'll. Who is in jail and you and then. It's nauseating name be around the giants championships of bucking your championship and my 1995. Walk off in mid incident and visit the area. He poking fun at me you elitists. And turn to bear. It's fair shot that is the latest on only day I will tell you someday in my lifetime. I will experiences. You'll be the Mariners or will be the Portland team the things here and I'll tell either way I'm celebrate like there's no tomorrow it is. When you have a team that is thanks suffered heartbreak and is not just like they did dreadful. It is sill. Good of a few nagging their fans I want mariners fans to win a World Series because. It is an awesome feeling when you talk a regular and a AL west might know that that's not right like you still want you to win another championship. Defendants offered. The bomb in his own goal Haas that'll be you know over the you know there's only two franchises left to that's ever won a championship. But the reason. Mariner's. Well that sucks. That's excuse mediation of the National League moving in the American League really worked out for the Astra is for the Seahawks are they went from the NFC in the AFC and NFC when you title. Not. So we got to do one team that hasn't worked for the brew earth. Is they went from the for the you know to a piece sure unsealing true. It's too dumb thing to do I agree. Now okay anyways. We realize that we talked about during today's have you missed any of it check it out unless Rogers podcast at ten AB the fan dot com tomorrow though I think it needs to be addressed. We started off the show a pop is never went to. So hey. Your company. Front Padres so sorry. You faced misery loves company. And a street view. I don't feel as bad for the Padres though because you're in San Diego. You know. Two great point quality life is okayed it and parents arrived. We started to show at this though we're talking about. At the top ten baseball movies according to the big league. And they stirred up because they left the salmon off in this is. Not in the top ten baseball movies in parables in included a fifty hour documentary on the list and EA after all by Ken Burns. Which I mean I think that it should be like in the honorable mention but everybody would understand. Baseball by Ken Burns does not deserve to be in the top ten days on movies all time is because it's a documentary. Not a movie. But there ours is significant number of movies that have been left off of this new blessed. And we'll want to discuss that list plus the movies that. Are not on their because there are couple new ones that deserve to be under consideration. And some oldies but goodies. The caddie and I have Walter Matthau. And the bad news bears I think though I mean there's some there's there's something about the bad news bears. I I through this one out strolled curve ball putting feet. Deep racism or sexism and bad news bears improbable but it's a different time you know. Let's. Different time. I still do the remake was horrible. Candy that you can't trust Billy Bob Graham Greene miss for butter maker. Auto maker and he told me this you maybe Levys said it would be easy but make Jesus said that's my old man. This may dad knows you're dead and coaching Little League that's Baghdad kicking out at third base saying keep your backside up off the base thank god needed. They've done in the dumbed down name domain videos and like kicks me in the helmet yeah well you know you need and get your butt going and I don't try to steal third. It's never make the third out at third dusty. I think he'll he made a Little League lineup and a and if you their joints do good for the game. Good to go works and Amy she listened five to 530 if you wanna play anything off classic eyes can see the auctioning off the tee is final spots. At between five and 530. Right here on the champ makes the curtain call Joseph Hernandez needed to breeder to break through seven prep time as a consumer beverages there was seal Wednesday already here on Tenet has fans.