Dusty & Cam Tuesday June 19, 2018 Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, June 19th
Dusty and Cam discuss what's Hot & Cool in the world of sports, whether or not the Blazers should pursue a trade for a top 10 pick in Thursday's draft, and Julio Jones' relationship with Terrell Owens might have the Falcons concerned.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right things since 1952. Or steal and a draftsman. Two way player. Fear rays got a gun shy about good touch. He's an excellent manager around the crowd. This is addressed we commission on dusty and jam in the morning rescue nicer way buildings entered your summer Agile project and remodeling store online at SH URW a Y dot com. Yeah Palestinian jail on 1080. Both Israel medicine. Wrong note then you have buddy. I thought the buzz it was our Q. They just kept going real premature there now storm though I didn't story of all about speed. That's our efficiency. To go for comfortable for speed no man I've always been built for. Conference be comforting in speed speed can you be comfortable in fast at the same time if you are fast he should be comfortable. That's the point in our and that. If you are at last if you are fast your date very true relaxed our last relaxed days you're watching a slow motion under meter sprinters really interface is similar to root to growing up that you can't be fast if you're cool and Utah 83 and hasn't. I've become it will be fast right there to be faster got to be comfortable. Trent. And browsing conversational language this morning. I keep your feet. I can and end a five factories your five things that we need to get to you this hour. That's an NFL stuff. Including Terrell Owens back in the news but this time not for his cellophane. Will the blazers. Pulled page and the raptors playbook in how successful may that be next hour we've got to. Still packed soccer into some quarterbacks and tech's quarterbacks in the pac twelve end time travel. We get to. Time travel notes for today's show still to get to you in both sports related. Or announce 77. Yeah mudslides. But no. Todd and why is it couldn't make a good fun and cool wind gust and came your morning dose of positive and your. And this great story compelling and we. Eatery in the trucks in Portland and Vancouver you. I'm gonna punch my computer. It's been frozen frozen just like that on the budget money dude. That's a retiring now know what time is that college World Series organ steak stand. I have the beavers Betsy erupting for sport. Jeanne Iran's ten of which came after a four and a half hour rain delay to beat the Washington Huskies fourteen to five. Huskies' season ends but. I want to say this we discussed this earlier. What a great story Washington's season was nineteen in nineteen at one point. The worst RPI in like a decade ago to get into the big dance. Maybe naked to the World Series knocked off some pretty good teams those good run for them hopefully they have more luck which gives more young guys in there and records via is good for the cracked welds good to see the arm. They're in now fallen for the beats Figaro and what's his name Lindsay nags yes then there while longtime California yet easy kind of Horton. This cycle is a lot of it lot of workers from California which. Cannot settle little washingtonians. Well especially when you see organ state guys from my Marysville Washington Golan and I'll tell you what message does that we've got a job recruiting in the northwest are right today Oregon State will face the loser North Carolina Mississippi State did play at 8 AM on ESPN TU Florida and Texas an elimination game will be at noon on ESPN. The winner of that one we'll take and the loser of Texas Tech and Arkansas. Which play at 4 o'clock. Digital short early age. Hello this you win a Stanley Cup and how are you reward and by tendering your resignation that is what theory trounced in Washington Capitals. Head coach and the team could not agree on a contract extension you know this is incredible it's a story is he wanted to five years. Five year extension. Wanted more money. In the cap says. Young wolf we'll negotiate we'll give you some but not five years and it was a bigger leave it finally blew up. Still at their visibility and as they know after thirteen years Alexander Ovechkin is. Ended his career trot is gone I want an extension now lasts beyond. Oh that's in the name says we may hit the restart button whenever he decides to hang it up. Does that does seem like the most plausible situation wouldn't know it Ovie is the reason why those guys are attached to the hip and maybe they're looking at it that way. Yes. But yet very trounce becomes the first coach since says she doesn't want to doesn't she you. When the New York Rangers coach I have no idea that is named as he stepped away. For no red wings coach. Stepped away after winning the Stanley Cup this is the fifth time a coaches won a championship and walked away. In the NHL it's like drugs. Walk off fashion check your dad. Again. Yeah. This is where we tell you about the World Cup and Japan. Beat Colombia. Shorting us. Well Colombia got a red card early in Japan capitalizing the one that. Goal lead Clooney got on the board evened it up at one apiece before the Japanese ended up getting. Hello Dick Alonso. Did it causes colosio's what does that Alonso for the lots of those like. Well and an unlikely goal and a guy fires one from really far away or tries something really different collective bicycle kicker. The back feels like to do that does not think Alonzo I don't believe this is a colossal. What where's that come from the Los so bizarre scene it correctly yeah I mean my god yeah I think is just from. Italy spiritually led laymen I'm an Italian play by play and I like that I'm on a takedown notice total. So an unbelievable runs so anything Vladimir Guerrero hit would be a fun routes though. Maybe good long football gets his sister go lots of gets you know it's a good job so few jobs so. It sets down us. It's like to suck so everything. Committed not soap but don't call him James Rodriguez did not play for Colombia today and it calf injury. Young needs to Marty some huge upsets. Much of goods huge gift of polling place Senegal. In an hour and then that Russia plays Egypt. Hear what happened to Saudi Arabia's plainly yesterday know the irony for a match against Europe live now. And they had engine problems and had to do like emergency landing in ninety were smoke entering the cabin. Scary beyond that one of their players needed from the plane and showed the plane on fire O'Leary in mid air it was unbelievable. Outside on fire that ended with on the firing a underneath the wings. 28 teams. In a nutshell. Guy could be dying. I got to pose this picture on a mr. Graham. It's my last to leave. Just like this well I'm going down and let it will share with ms. socially in this LP at least thank. He's smiling would be engine on fire though it was just the right out the window vertical video how terrifying it was that line anymore. The idea. I know I know I know it sounds drive take a long drive can tell me if you went flying in college you went into the stat ever out yet we feel that silly hats and disdain for conveniences for a walk around in the bubble. Send that in no I'm used to be years ago I was in my go to everybody living if I'm careful live in a bubble the mobile voice. It's cool it's its core I Jay-Z is running puma. At basketball I think is perfect through my head basketball is making game a resurgence. After they signed their longtime endorsers and Walt Clyde Frazier to me like ten deal. There will be re launching a suede shoes basketball issue and do a little like stable self. Signed Dion Greene and Marvin vaguely the third. Q lucrative multiyear deals. You know what's interesting about both those guys was that. The Nike and Adidas have been linked to use the FBI investigation. Both of those guys involved in the heat FBI investigation remember Dion Greene a 100000 dollar payment oh yeah. Marvin Bailey junior member that's where donate article about him. About big league being involved with a deed is O yet under armour and Nike during his high school and college years. I don't know terrible flip who month. I also saw that Bagley was inspired in doing the most because he was inspired by big ball or brand somehow yeah I haven't figured out. Exactly what was inspiring about big ball or I another plan to get to the bottom the great opportunity right now for Branson do this. That start up puma the start does not been around for I don't know sixty years your crazy man. Can I give you a news flash when I was drafted in the NFL. Coma who allegedly NFL and I know a Dallas sarcasm camp going on for sixty years I know that I know but that's how far it goes heeded don't remember. Yeah get a those a puma leading up. I have the human Jersey and action on my rookie Jersey City brave bears do what's best it's been now along with whom. They used to it. These did provide uniforms and gear for Texas Tech you aideed who let Texas Tech did you go election whom. Yes Yemen CNN the machine is grown up and then that means you have been included providing dealers that since depends for years. We'll be quite interesting and see what they will play basketball and because those those those escalade she feels sort of those laid loads. Do agreement on a much of foot and I love our environment day they got big dollar grand inspired it some and hop on board with them. Then his brain that's grant for sixty years and the guys running it is GZ eight. Multi millionaire mobile yeah. I were just read the article is that he like that they were doing something different to meeting here than it was bashing them. No to be derelict not to be like starting in their company Felix they're over there. So yeah I'm not real hot. The red hot Seattle Mariners continue. Today they would not try to pick up. Where they left off they had to the Bronx is digs here Easter it's measuring stick it is just. But the Mariners. They have the benefit of the fact that the yankees jets yesterday where played they played a full game against the Washington Nationals and then they played partial and make a game that was a game that was postponed just yesterday. In DC. So date that's actually good for the bears to the bullpen which is a little bit more in via short rest. And now. When you head over there for a 4051 pitch against the yanks you're gonna use the yankees could be tired excuse I'll take it. Funny resided where it mid June. Coming up like wash it was a long flight but I'm I'm yeah I'm Dunleavy played two games that's extra that's just extra innings on bull on your ideas to light at the tunnel is the all star break you're going to get pumped up and excited. The problem though is that the Houston Astros on their twelfth straight game 54 and they rally from four runs down to beat the rays series it's a walk off disease and have Bregman got a few walk up double off the wall. On yesterday but it's in good diesel and yet there though they have really soft schedule right now tees Mariner's says there's ransom they got today and keep in check they too ahead now. To achieve gains up. He gains not bad though you win twelve nearly two back that's good freeware. But I get an unbelievable and a mentally as early as the Astros their opponents win percent going to Alter break like. For 36 or something you know 743430. When the lowest by a long shot oh dear dear gonna try to do exactly who got a little aerial. Oh definitely they didn't have one of the hardest schedules in baseball prior to this run turn she. So I'm hearing other Diamondbacks beat the angels seven. We're on ESPN Mike Trout I continue his tear that may be your MVP this year. Michael Trout again an MVP season word nobody's gonna recognize it a wasted MVP Josh game and that's sad. He's a get out LA and that's that's uncool a stretch on the that I carry heating cooling more than thirty trucks of Portland I think everyone had to weigh it on area local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop a train to the blazers take a page out of the raptors played them. 718 on the chance. NBA draft coming up. Thursday two days away Thursday Thursday Thursday one day only. There is a monster truck. The monster truck commercials these in June and July so there's uploaded. Do multiple rollers in the first when I went to shoot at the Kingdome. Anna saw big foot big foot grave digger grave digger. I get to sit may bigger you really can't. Pretty cool and his cool yeah. And I was can't remember the hookup that my dad had that the we ended up getting back targets and grave diggers awesome. Here is awesome in Utica climb up on ladders to guys they don't plug this thing I would I would do anything for is to get a chance to drive one of those one of those monsters. Like that just strap in. And and just go to town I know some redneck second making dreams come true moment via. I mean it won't be like in actual grave digger but to be not Izod anemic here what it is and distract me in doubt as a bucket list thing and let me go and get after this thing. Actually do knows who led drives and treachery like is closer truck and care. There. I'm all right but anyways I Thursday's the NBA draft and according to. And Marc Stein. The New York Times and now I Yahoo! Sports is jumping onboard with it. At a track rafters are aggressive in trying to move into the top ten. And they're saying according to Marc Stein they're sane. Anybody is available. So all anybody suffer like DeMar DeRozan says it is the same night you can have anybody on our roster including call Larry who. Another guard Bo we wanna get into the top ten Kyle sorry Tony fourth overall draft pick a blazers are picking. But they know they're going after Kentucky guard Shea guild this Alexander and is the guy they want is Canadian so they just facing one of the Canadian national team thinks and done. Very willing to move up in. I don't know yet the best record in the east I get it you get is Richard Curtis which playoffs should fire your coach is now coaching in Detroit. Which are good Detroit is next here. Seriously. But the question is should the blazers be on this path is long. Did and I just sane we're protecting dame and anybody else so. Let's talk about moving up to the draft. Or do you sit do you have that same thought process. In go with a veteran in stat. With the way did the current stated this blazers roster. Man. I've I I've felt like at the end of the season when we discuss it's nauseam and really the truth of the on the value in the assets and we hear this about you'll see your ass it is. Your most tradable asset this CJ McCollum after that you're hoping you can resigning Yusuf markets and a Davison. And some of the other guys that are on their remote heartless is locked up I mean of course he did those are. The the thought that the blazers house all these moves to make him have such flexibility I'm not buying it. I don't believe they do I believe that they are pitching held into some really bad contracts very. And not enough value in their big assets. See because in this is our becomes that question of RA. Is is giving up CJ. And you gonna in here and active as seen Diego's equal trade you have a massive trade exception they hate hate. Is as yet have equal trades yeah. But if you have that then. You're going to be getting. Not just that that top a top ten pick and they returned but you're getting another inflating contract that could be expiring on on this year and which means that. You would be using that to get a young player. In the ability to you maybe go over the cap for one year -- piece of circuits and Ed Davis tractor whereas if you add a veteran. You're saying. Okay CJ would go in your adding a veteran via trade. In bringing in a guy who. His justice straight swap of that salary and saying we still have the problems that we have with resigning ease of circuits and Ed Davis. That's basically comes down to right. Yeah with that thought process of G gay young in the draft to move up try to live up to top ten or. I don't know if you agree with me but the number one target for the blazers need is a is a three. Indeed. Type of player they need a wing player that is a 69. To seven foot somebody that can move and I know Saudi wanna say seven foot I'll go 68. To 610 player that can get out play some good defense on the perimeter and isn't a stone foot individual trying to move around on the perimeter. And that's a lot to ask where is that guide. Good luck is there's only 450 of them in the world go look finding not one that's a tough part of the blazes are. And right now and eight issue did the reality is though if you're going to be making any moves to tune in via trade and here you're willing to part ways CJ McCollum. You're gonna need more than just three Indy. Because then you need a second scoring option. Because at 3-D guy viewed you have this roster as it's constituted right now. Right a 3-D guy is that data you need somebody eating sees him a call not that you'd need a bigger offensive punch. Then just three Indy. Is it EU so wait. Chains out one form so your telling me ideally. He would like to keep CJ and Damon and add three Indy. But if you're gonna give up scene tell if you if you look and heard just a three Indy guy and that's that this offseason goal that would be with Damon CJ is still on cross that would be good this innocent are not out there. No you know the Blake Griffin keep in Baghdad individuals not out there the good the unicorn is not floating around were magically can appear on the blazers roster doesn't this all just seem like. The way that in mean we talk about these snares we talk about this team needs and holes they do you if you take CJ away then you add a a different than a different problem in scoring with this team. Everything this is kind of signaling towards. They stay where thereafter ideas maybe and maybe you package to move up into the teens and not a top ten now be move up higher in the drafting get rid of needle and Evan Turner now you don't get that Garrett that that's too big of a contract the giver of the trade exception. In a role player like where is heartless and you move up a little bit in the draft. And dare you can hopefully find that Giuliani guy. Get rid of Mo I mean he's he's your best perimeter guy he's your best defender in size guided. Still can shoot the three case look I get out and just he look I don't believe you can win in this league was 63 guards and 62 guards. As a starts. I don't. You can you can be good. But as we're trying to make runs here Perry runs in playoffs you're trying to match up against. LeBron James could be in the Western Conference. So oil is gonna waited all out you waited allow for ramming Dave's going to his eight year. That also goes down to that road of of each year waiting now where Golden State and a ginza in their salary cap proms and then whenever the rockets in that. I don't know four will be the lakers big of Paul George and LeBron James then you're looking at getting younger. Instead of adding another veteran act tough. May have. But the 24 pick though you're not finding somebody there's though. Britain it is you do magic bullet isn't there it's just not happening in the MBA it's a one off he had the magic bullet isn't said that when he force organized to find out where. The blazers can make up as much ground as a cannon that's tough part is that. Is this team was good enough to be the three seed in the west this past year how long. Can you keep it up so. You know how long is it I continue. Keep up being one of those top. Five teams in the Western Conference if you just stand pat in in brand development because I think we saw the bad shots as well as team can give you think about this too. The rest of the conference is getting better Utah caused better. Mean all these seems Denver won't get better. Other teams are going to get better around you. So yeah you wanna stay in the top five and then if LeBron comes out here too in joins up mail Oklahoma's of the all these teams are getting better in the Western Conference there 55305. Will would you like to see from the blazers I'll get sep plus. Took trek guy. Has chimed in. There is a monster truck driving school camp. You can watch yeah. Yeah he believes it's called a radical racist. So. You dreams may be able to president. I will Google and tell you next would have been a nice thing you know for Father's Day I'm gonna really expensive. May be plus. Terrell Owens is back in the news and it's up because the hall of fame buck the sports. But I can't sleep on dawson's camp that's been the dog bit the bodies the this is addressed we commission on the dusty camp in the morning we brought you nicer way building sensor on 1080 both Fred and I can't going out and about to capture of the C. For tomorrow I am on the weather center radical racing darkness. On Indiana you can pay to drive. Me monster truck full foot tall 25 feet long tires at a five and a half feet tall. That's really behind here yet create on their face that page it says there are around. Prices for dollar bill signs. So I don't know how expensive that is that it's pretty spent sounds expensive. On gilligan's date campus late summer camp I can go to I don't know now for the day and all you need to do is gog and a beer and gives the guards are you need to do is find your way to you Franklin. Indiana. Man yeah I don't go that far. Well unless you wanted to drive round children but bucket list we could figure out of reason to go to Indiana is always got to have a monster truck somewhere around here. Again innocent rednecks that have trucks hundred. No I must outsized you can dread the cyclone here. The F four point policy that's what I'm talking about it you need four point they have four point six out of five stars off. People love it but I guess if you're going to monster truck place I don't know how you can be let down by driving a little trash truck and I let down. Anyways. Cool. Making dreams come true view that it's making dreams come true. Our rights a guided by some detects and what we need to do is convince promotions that buying a monster truck is going to be agree. And I and so a good friend of mine is his name is Rob Ryan Pugh is the host of the number 1 morning show. Rock show in Houston that's he has rock radio is he's awesome and I used to do radio in New Orleans together when he worked for won all 67. The end. He's got his own monster truck. In Houston and the station got him one and it does two worst around the whole south error in that area and he's got pictures of all the time and I any goes into wanna come down. Oh give up. Am gonna make Houston and you don't view of the living Houston let's go. Yes I know them they're called my parents could have got an upstate and replaced is there are differing monster truck. Yeah no idea that. Now would be fun are demonstrably view there are all right let's Saxon NFL and you see Terrell Owens and scream the DO. And strength and it eight is you ready for 43 huge he can is that legit it's legit because you know who timed it. Julio Jones. With on the other side times in a that you know Julio is on us that is near side in time it's a hand time still and elbow that he had another one of his trainers their trainers was on the other side if two guys anti so they side side by side the clocks in Julio got 443. Blank and the other guy got 444. She's 44 years old. 44 ran for four. What that you think you could still plug of course he could still. Now my getting forty plays out of him now can I get twenty to 25 I think a 44 year old and we're saying of course he is still play how old are you. 45. To only 43 in August. He's doing don't polity of course you could still play because teasing you could still play no no are you can no none and and and I'll feel a little old Nancy specimen of an athlete and a and we're talking about wide receive your here we're not talking about getting in the line and block and dudes he's all ES do you run a quick slant to get down. 86 foot five. And it's easy to throw too simple red zone target. Well I don't think is Jimmie setting with the falcons are these that can make a comeback because there's reports coming out some pro football talk dot com in the Atlanta journal constitution. Saying that they guy who is timing that forty Julio Jones and has the Atlanta Falcons a little bit worried about their relationship immediately remember only have the story last weekend in May it was about the holed out of Julio Jones I said. The team by the way TO is training and they're saying now relationship they believe is a big part of his hold out and wanting a new deal. So deal's gonna get into into the agent business that sounds like he's in the training business or he wants to be the plane business or maybe be the coaching business. He also remember when we mentioned it that when Julio Jones scrubbed his account of albeit well all the falcon stuff right she didn't wanna be associated with it and end all of us went. No big deal Ares is trying to take the safe road doesn't wanna do anything anymore discount losses focused on his career stay off stay off. The twins sphere. And all the social mediums were. Now he's being affected by TO TO and easier. Done a good or bad thing for early on then. Yeah. Bad you know Terrell Owens legacy here's what is his legacy when I Wii and I think Terrell what do you think of I have a on to I think of I think of about. A locker room controversy papers diva. Yeah I diva eight I should think bestsellers one of the investors and I don't ever to play the game but here's. Security is an inacio. The NFL is a business it's a ruthless dirty. Business all of political. Money grab yours and individual brilliance Emma and combined on Sunday Monday and Thursday. We get to see great teams play against each other on the outside. All it is is where's my billion dollars Jerry Jones case stand cranky where's my five billion dollar stadium. I can't. I find it hard to sit here and and and look at these guys. Did the nine Julio Jones and say don't go get you worse Jordan whatever we need to do with it if it comes on the heels of of Terrell Owens. And that's a him problem it comes from a wide receivers but how my gonna judge you got this done nothing but shut up his entire career produced do everything right. And be the best wide receiver in the game and all he wants is to be the highest paid wide receiver I don't have a problem with that fuels going out Carol owns. That's fine but as far as I'm concerned right now. Julio Jones is a star and he deserves to get his credit. I'm from with Julio Jones in everything you said by getting your advice from Terrell Owens caught. That is he's just getting running in this Odyssey minutes or so that's it but that's what they had the big worry that the falcons have is that no this is this is kind of common from. TL like at the same time as I understand what you're saying. Julio Jones just signed his new deal. He's three years left on it was at fourteen point six I think is what he's set to make this year yeah with they roster bonus. Inside pro rated signing bonus he's got twelve point nine in guaranteed base and then it goes up to fourteen point nine next year. Guaranteed fourteen points on enough in his eyes. And they out out the outrage will say the greedy individual player won't know what. Well these career he's one play from never playing again yet never Dana southern contract again at the same time now. From the business side of it is that the falcons fault that. He signed a deal and then everybody else came up and reset the market timing is everything C notice timing is everything and that's where in those leverage if we yeah and I get that but. It doesn't look like Stephen he's. Can be one that wins this but somebody will pay as can be things. Somebody's they'll pay that freight. What football is is a really bad right now how they take care of their players yes it's it's not that the players union has has messed up the NFL controls everything. Basketball's awesome baseball's fantastic football players are our one year contracts. And now it's coming across and we don't like it anymore I say we but I am a former player they don't like it. And they're there to do is exit cheating their leverage and more than we've ever seen before. Yeah. But the NBA though at the same time like it's awesome way to take care of their players. But also isn't up part of the problem is that they didn't so much parent and now they have so much control it becomes a Weaver on the league and we create super teams and we do whatever we want you down as its second double edged sword you know nobody's ever gonna be happy they're there isn't there's no there's a good way to handle windows professional sports is it is a straight business and I'm I'm I it's losing the luster of of the connection of the team this year everything that's wrong with the NFL and what we see in all the controversy is that we have. Egos so why don't we see this in the NBA why don't we seat in Major League Baseball is because. Blood the other leagues take care of their players better tonight in the NFL takes care of their job. All comes back to it so why would bid player's stick up for league if they they don't do a league has their back they wouldn't and they don't don't and they don't. All right. All big announcement. You have a chance. To play in the same golf classic if you aren't already signed up. Let's say how plus time travel next on the tenth. Realizes that. Not in my nature. Take a harmless on about the ABC's the Jackson 5 and then turn it into pretty bold. Her record. While way to improve their early 90s now and I am doing it I love this. But there isn't. Thank while inside this beaten to turn a so I was in the car my son yesterday or come back from baseball practice and he goes down is that ice ice ice baby I don't know. And that's the song the Vanilla Ice. Stole the beat eyesight sampled. Air appellate samplings there's still sample but he said no it has been and in dividend and that and any changes video she. That's off the hand. Is that what we will do as a yes they steal things they might mean there's sharks is did you use it but I think my kid knows ice ice baby is I've lived I'm doing something right was it. Access Hollywood. That did the interview with with penalized at the time he's being sued him and he is a known and there is is Dan Dan Dan did agenda in ours is. Dead dead dead dividend. And then and then it hit you I think you can hear the difference yeah and it is present I think it was yeah I don't weird cause any better than the. Small pause no. That's saying we saw on the it's our favorite clips ever since. I any US and kick I give everything be one hit wonder three. Mr. life Clay County fairs now he's unseal C build houses. As let's is EST TV years now and rob van winkle rob Henry is that is named acting silk. Yet just go back and LeBron you're maneuver. Are chafing golf classic in a week from today. We will be playing in the ten golf classic gotta Langdon farms golf club the two afternoon rounds. Have been sold. Out. But. War we've got some four. Today a prime time between five and 530. We will have the last few force and should attain golf classic who opt forbid. He's out all play out we will have one for Monday in one for Tuesday or squeeze and another for some. A we're gonna be doing it over the attacks on buildings gonna start at 5 PM. Who ever has the highest bid at 530 will be playing in the tournament 100% of these proceeds will go to Special Olympics organ. And it'll start at 5 o'clock sub prime sanitize concede we'll have all of the details for you when they start to sing at 5 o'clock between five and 530. We're gonna be auctioning off the spot in Monday's round a force and in Monday's round enforcement Jesus and it's all going to be through text dolphin to Texas. It's very important don't call in. No no no no no in don't start sending your bids are now because there's a special code word near term value bid will be associated with. In so there was never sold out until it's sold out its ball ball bearings these days yeah but if you wanna play and it. You want your opportunity now's the time I five. 305. That is where you don't want to give this ago we talked about oh and also we have the president for you coming up later in the show. Q like radius. This is your should listen to. I attorney had the clock and I was re airing from twenty years ago on root sports us at mariners royals July 18 1998. Is in the game was played. He looked up like their son because I have to remember where I was during that time and I was one week away from leaving for training camp to lacrosse Wisconsin early rookie your rookie season I know exactly where it was what it was doing and it day every year Dallas experienced in play now. And I found myself watching that game in man. I l.'s only Dave need house on the call. Rick for is with Dave Henderson Hindu and doom and RP cost to our eyed peas yeah both of them gave me house and Dave and you. They had to be used to use the term the bases are drunk you. And why don't bully you into more now because somebody be offended that needs to be Conan and good bases are drunk and sit there is that when the Biggest Loser drug. Like then I am middle mile long. It's hard to get out and I was like I love that. Why does it work same thing why does they would get upset when you say bases are loaded seem dating a loaded yeah. Yeah its bid the bases hard drives are doing them my Little League lug Orwell. Yeah we know as. A basis for Joost basis Jews faced drug if this is I absolutely. Loved watching this so much to Soledad he'd Jay Buhner with his hat on backwards along with Tigger VG nearing. Do you trust somebody when they were there hat backwards sports guy. Any guy. Yeah now yeah I heard Bill Simmons had a theory awhile ago that a starting quarterback in the NFL couldn't be a backwards at the starting quarterback had to be forwards that don't moan and based on baseballs and evidence dusting I'm on your Matthew Stafford. Still at about Tony Romo for a while as backwards than military ships we got an Emmy champ Miami playoff wins we got work to zero we were still zero Aaron Rodgers or is that now we has not yet you're not a 00 Mercury I don't know maybe maybe Mike the locker room or something nice sideline you know don't Zain visor guy. As a visor or any case on happened but he's not a backwards out on the sideline. Where I am in game on the sidelines. He BI got press conference here and Roger backwards hat you talking on the sideline backwards we're talking about well here here is in uniform backwards that this a lot of streak goes back at. There's there's offend Muslims in has backwards hat. You know sidelined backward time he's effort to sideline backwards hat and kind. Yeah I know I have no idea. I say on the sideline backer is that I haven't called Carter junior made me want to always Wear that backcourt. Does he was incredible he's the best baseball player he is the only baseball player in the history of the sport. That can pull off the backward town. Junior that's it I can't think of anybody else right went that's all right yeah. Well Jay Buhner tried in eight years or on the go Tommy brings Tom Brady FN in practice in practice wearing Hancock and practice passwords talking on the sideline in the gains I don't know you guys don't trust though. Must say I I trust backwards had a lot more. Then Fedora that I thought it's target about the doors mills because. But I own topic that. Do you subscribe to that after doing a little bit more research on the backwards hat now I do not trust a guy because backwards at take that data in. But to interview Jeter did inspire all the throwback I mean I've ever train I remember trying to do that in Algeria is third on what every coach go to Haiti attorney had a patter around aren't. To me oh Mike you know Leo and then Tigger he junior had the fake tattoo I'm not his own swing main logo taking up his own army nag gained. It was there was so much just hot garbage in the game that actually led in early nine years away from the date bad. The first turn ahead the clock now is for the Mariners is 20/20 seven. And stop that you make is too old here like how far how how outlandish were those uniforms had come off jerseys. Big it's not that outlandish and you look at Little League teams now. GM all can all over the place seem like he had no other time uniforms and going NASCAR out there half the time we're not that far off from I know from what the Roy Arizona Diamondbacks if you whatever it is easy meals and the things they had on those are the worst. They ought to be there were some days are either directs all the by far and they have another one coming up June 30 this year they're gonna read you turn ahead the clock that I can't wait to see would it is the debris is everywhere injury it's. In the village remember him back into the future where everybody was injury it's. The end of my favorite part is it's tiny tell ID beaten debut has designed its 22 NE seven imaging downloads is vibrant as ever and decided it's it's blustery jungle it's 2018 and that's now parking lot since the cook a record and build and sell them party month. Pitt aren't actually the clink the truth and true. Yeah now. Said that in the please get demolished. And we have more time travel in baseball. Next hour but it does not include turner had the clock tonight and coming up next though we got. Actual north let's talk a college football. Is the actual north really one of the top quarterback divisions. In all of college football dusting camel the fan.