Dr. David Case, Family Dental Health

Wednesday, September 27th
Dr. David A. Case gives us a look at his family practice, Family Dental Health.

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This is northwest business a focus on local businesses that make our economy work with your host Luke Anderson on nine Jan ESPN Portland. They yeah. Welcome back to northwest business that goes Luke Anderson we're joined now by doctor David piece of family dental health and David your practice focuses on cosmetic dentistry. PDF pediatric dentistry. And you emergency care as well as Iraq. Absolutely we try to do as much as we can move and everything. I mean mostly what we do is is he also called Pamela Dennis if you will give a guy people. Healthy again if we need to keep them healthy with whenever I jazz are treating gum disease and root canals and crowns bridges all those things. That are involved in general denser feminist movement just like you said yeah retreat to all ages. Some of the deceiving the the little ones little kids Maria and then. And they can be a lot of punditry and how long how long as you were pressed to spend in distance we hit eleven years just this month okay Ysidro we have kids that are now going into adulthood and and hopefully you you can basically cover the lifetime via the tooth that's who you have Lucas and we we grew to recognize and Marcus yeah. They croak so. Asked every tennesseans like my god says it has been forever interior nighter and high schools so it's it's fun. The funny thing is you know we we hear more and more about what you know obamacare and kind of some of the things go on health care in this country. How people talk about preventative medicine. And and going and if you can prevent the disease before it happens saves everybody money. Simply dentistry was way ahead in that kind of you know from from certainly from my childhood as far back that I can remember. It's so as you go in twice a year for cleaning how important is prevention in dentistry. Yeah it's huge and to say he says it's always been a big part of dentistry fuel. And that's why a lot of us have I agents and help us out and our team that specialize in that that sort of thing and named the specialize in helping the patient understand. What's important Lincoln's prevention when they can do and and what's gonna work better for them is not and when you know it's the same results see a lot of people report backed him doing. When should be doing things well. You know let's add this senate Denny at the tennis sometimes especially as it to each patient yeah but area prevention is always been real important industry in and we ovaries. You know harp on people. Well you know lecture room yeah I help whom they understand it better there's always so we do a. Especially when I go into the dance for Siemens hi Janice for you know the entire time in the bid dentist comes and just kind of pokes my gums and pokes my teeth. I how much time do you normally spend with each patient and what is that that you poking and he really folks. In fact they it feels like. Well normally and let's say your company for your so called routine visits and six months. There's a lot of things were Royce checked in we'd do a good oral cancer screening. We checked help. The surrounding structure whose team how how prevalent is oral cancer. Well it's it's very probe and unfortunately you know when compared to. Other cancers. Over time we're not keeping up with it as well as far is diagnosed in quicken finesse a robbery it's not as you a bow and some of the others so. In the profession there is in recent years there's been a big push to really get a better understanding of it. It's due to be interesting in finding and treating it early enough Coca it is tricky sometimes. To see your real quick. But and there's lot of different tools and technologies help those features that's part of one of those checks you're going through Canada and and and dentistry is holes getting better at that but not certainly. I think so yeah yeah in the senate is on you if you notice as a patient it's going on I think. And asked me restate some donors or for gas via but yet and I think he sits in it most has entered checking for signs of oral cancer overall and there were chicken the health of surrounding structures TP guns the bone. There how much plaque build up associate editor were fighting Ganges that they've already cleaned might heats of the plaque build up which is usually gone by the is there if that's accused and got a year you've done it very easy with around the digest usually comment on two or give me some feedback Boca and then of course you're looking you know east to fight tooth and and how that relates -- Maya Foreman function in this that it may be. And how much of a benefit is that seeing the same dentist again and again I was in a study that something like 30% of patients don't have a regular dentist how important is to go back and see the same tendency to notice trends over time or changes. Yeah that is the easiest way to knows a trans I mean there's times or maybe we can contact and other Dennis aid yes mixtures in this time really wanna look it was something looks like back today. Of course that's a lovely work and we can't always track things down the so yes the best way. You know if you can't stick with the same person police are seeing some say it was but you know throw that out there yeah but it is nice to have some continuity means they see the same digested returned to and they think that's the case. We do a lot better than last time or they may be needed extra push. As I remember so communities is nice if you can't let you move around these series so that's. Absolutely again we are talking with doctor David case of family dental health. You'd like to reach out to a different Dennis 5039773400. Or you can go to FD health dot com. David one of the reasons that I wanted to have you in here and the Associated Press put on a story recently saying that flossing was quote week. And very un reliable. Turns out they were actually talking about the research was done. On and on flossing and and most of it seemed to be anecdotal and there's a pretty high threshold. For these scientific tests. But can you just tell me and our listeners about the importance of flossing and whether or not we can has given up coltart you have yeah I wouldn't give it up I think that. I still do it. Okay well if you're doing yet and they're very receptive I I will tell you when I was one of the kid does some of the advice that I got. If you do one thing in your life if you're gonna create one good avid make lots yet so that that that's true in these studies are leg is that it's more about. The the the research has been done into it but what do you see when people don't. Oh. We see the we see a lot of things and fortunate when that. That plaque buildup does not remove like mentioned before. We can see. Higher rate of gum disease especially. But also to came in those into big carriers are his final game disease to educate you do a lot of damage or destruction. And that's those are things were usually. Fighting against if you oil and in the general practice. At and what does gum disease do so is that it is at a corrosion of the guns away from the tees that does it exposed there the root of the tooth what exactly does that do yes and generally it's a relatively slow process where in the they'd come attachment to two in the bone. This force it to. Will slowly degenerate and and become destroyed root just disappear. A real and so then your tooth just hanging out there that's when you begin to lose a lot of teeth from gum disease yeah yeah and stage that's Marines very difficult to. Reversing damage so it is possible to reverse that but it's very it's well it's it's possible to get it under control okay that way. Reversing it. It's it's tricky. And it's tough to Syria I can reaction reverse that we can do a lot of things these days even with lasers to. To improve Lanka things we don't have gone wrong with sayers petitions have been destroyed by. In general is very difficult once you just from point to get a lot of improvement. So it's important instill those habits early and then keep it kind of hustle throughout your life. The life of UT yeah some people other guys who you just drop in the teeth and a glass next to the bad and the good. And good sleeper takes care of it but they they've pretty missed that vote at there was also a big boost for flossing this week Cam Newton come on the sideline flossing. In the second half of the game did you see. Right like I saw actually got in the game but I saw some pictures are posted on Twitter and so of course it. Big news and dental world out individual stuff yes it's out there you see it so hopefully that helps us gain movement and yet it takes. If you were to give our listeners kind of a difference of what they're gonna get from your practice game you know. Thirty seconds to minutes of the kind of do your sales pitch for why family dental health is the best practice. Okay well we we start by giving news. Full attention. Differs is that there's so we can just sit down with enough time. Together all information about you or needs what you want. When you need from us. And of course we go through in and record of findings we talk about those who take a lot of photos X is obviously and we know we look at those together. And we have a discussion together based on his this is what we see what is it to you want and and try to you know make those mesh. In a way that it's gonna work for him and hope we have different ideas and different options and can write. In from them yet. Need we say yeah but whenever. Great page as we have the best in the city have to I just say and yes. We get to mute them and and they'll help you like retired editor discuss prevention and also you know. Treatment for disease if we need to yeah hopefully not yet over that below we do hopefully is just give it up full potentially need. And does not go through things too quickly via and hopefully miss something that you wanted. So it's about it's about making sure the patient understands what it is they're doing and why they're doing it so they can kind of you can help educate them on their own prevention and right absolutely open and sometimes it's easy to lock in and office and you know use and talk about what's there when he's been done yet in its. Sometimes missed says that conversation as to what the patient wants and how you you mix it together I can think a little more work and get used to that sometimes those who we try to do it. Doctor case thank you again so much for joining us. If you are listening and looking for new dentist you can reach out to family dental health at 503. 9773400. Or you can visit FD health dot com. David thank you for joining us and we have to talk to get dangerous traveling it was my pleasure. When we return with more northwest business will be talking to Tim Paxton from some mortgage. 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