Dirt & Sprague Wednesday July 19th, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, July 19th
The guys discuss Jabari Parker’s comments on not being paid to play defense, the Dolphins putting fines on players that kneel, and where will Dirt and Sprague be tomorrow?

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. It's this final hour dirt is spray on a Thursday afternoon thanks bill this job Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. Busting into in the final hour against this lags plums coming up in twelve minutes from now. Are they right on this Thursday we'll take another look back in the opening day at leaderboard you open championship. That's football notes to bring Tia did you see the new contract at a Kourtney and her got a college football yes I do I prove his life of the contract he is probably paid more then at least 7% of basketball coaches in. FBS am there was also a bit about his organs state I saw courtesy of you last night on Twitter. I you know night DIA but Tony number one organ see it is the rest so what it's all that coming up at the bottom of the hour but let's check the final hour here so there has been some movements in the NBA offseason with certain guys and there was one player that I had she referenced above in the blizzard should go after this guy Rankin and uninteresting prospect on his team is looking to move on. I and that is Jabari Parker. As he is now a member of the Chicago Bulls. And people are kind of wondering what player he's gonna turn into a kind of guy he can still be even though he's been hurt when he was on 67 need to score in Chicago. And he had this to say. Autistic Muster at Sonoma. Look at everybody in the lead now papers that they've beaten you know by two people who historically. Played decent non metal sent out wall. On. A week your blood senator Bayh about score 31 o'clock lot of guidance that it pretty deep. Savard Carter. I don't have to defense and it's paid to play defense Pena put the ball all that at. How about that and NBA players and we don't get it there's only two guys historically to play defense we're the only two defenders and Bradley does and I was serving I was like what they say you guys historically. Is only talking about in the history Italy folks really had two defenders who could navy. I'm gonna assume he's talking about Pippen. And are you talking about rotten. Are you timeout Hawaii to the bronze not considered defender. Not historically great can not historically you know he's talking historically is only to Bill Russell was pretty damn good -- does he make a list to just take random defenders like Bruce Bowen not a defender not an actor a Tony Allen Tony on doesn't count now run our tests now on our test and passed there can house nannies in canceled a lot of defenders out here I I think I can see what he meant to but boy did that come out wrong I don't like him in anyway shape or form and well and that he. What he means is like the old cliche the NBA's great offense will always be great defense right like the did Detroit Pistons examples that there's not a bad boys a went to India in 04 Iraq are the rarity you need to bad boys in the late eighties but they were allowed to literally punch people in the phase which is just stupid. It's very rare that you have that sowed the great offensive teams using can almost always overcome. Even a really good defense of team especially when you got the talent advantage. So I will he means is say is. How many people are sure great defenders in this league. Which is kinda you know that's not a bad thing to discuss or bring up because some people will. Destroyed his player that player in and where they ranked defense of Lee ensure there's levels to it but yeah. Ultimately is only a handful of shut down type players. And even those guys will still have games where the brawn or Kevin Durant or fill in the blank of other great offensive player now drops like 35 points on him. And Gary Payton didn't play defense here come on only point guard when even declared here and there is overrated at Ben Wallace sets ago you never play any defense to also our time defense that player of the year deal now he was is paid for his offensive prowess in now. That there's been a lot of talk about bringing me DH to the National League. I never thought DH go to the NBA. Coach of our parkers are you and your up. I play defense that is paid mega payday hit man to even have a discussion if your bulls management practices you do did you can't talk about. Only playing one side of the ball can we not say this stuff to the press. Well it was funny images in the actual press conference Fred boy berg went on an entire minute and a half. Discussion about how they plane to utilize them defensively and all that fun stuff itself. Yeah she's a leave it at god bless Jabari Parker the idea. I know much about an unbelievable outside of the idea honest overtook him as the fifteenth take when he was the second they're you know and animosity that was stemming from that the injury problems. I've never really heard him answer requested to tell that to bite harder is getting it paid twenty million dollars a season for the next two years yeah is that a two year forty million dollar deal proving deal by the way he puts up Tony five virtually points a game he's gonna get a bigger deal so easily is is career numbers per game he's a fifteen point per game scorer assays. The most a million per point per game here. Jabari part that's like it's paid him well now he's got to go out and earned. One million pinpoint any of begun to call god and don't give our defense have uneven Els we've ever actually heard a designated hitters say this spike when asked about these are you deserving of your salary. Doug Elliott paid head. No matter DH say that Kwame DH is never played the field. Well I mean I think all of them do to assert and so when they're younger poppy was put on first yeah Edgar played third grader third various. Frank Thomas played first as Jason Giambi was a first base man and a I am a Muslim it's tough when another sniff around on defense a little bit you can name a couple or one that didn't play defense. There's your Jabari marketers are Devard part arcade game hit dealer and literally don't do anything else but hit it paid for the ball over the fence man even Nelson Cruz what went he was announced he was a lefty how often has he played since he was the he was the guy that I believe could catch all the World Series. Did David freezes ball over Nelson Cruz's glove in game six. Remember whenever one out away in the right fielder I wanna say that was Nelson Cruz so late in grant from Ron on that but I believe Nelson Cruz could make blank. Well I yeah I can't recall seeing him play defense in Seattle. I'm I'm probably I'm no I'm wrong on that probably get to that it was Texas teams had a lot of big lumbering hitters I don't think he was always the DH in taxes. I was him in right field with a ball went over he misplayed hence why is it DH now. Let's just let's move you to hitter so we concluded that Nelson Cruz is Jabari Parker of baseballs that or come until that's kind of overcome a two year and a I can't believe he actually said this unbelievable. Isn't it pay to play defense see even Manny you know. Yeah yeah yeah in Buenos imprison many played left in Manny Ramirez played outfield. Yep and it was Nelson Cruz and when he went to the Dodgers they would later ask ray player and nationally there's a DH fantastic amount even bonds his entire career was with the giants the decision left feel they still had to play the people. He's still like they got pay to play defense when he Roy did he literally could not move it this kind of thing would like I know the blazers have some of the bad defenders on their team that is a known fact about the current structure of the roster. At least say don't say this this kind of stuff would drive me nuts like. Damon CJ have kind of built in excuses they are small guards and it's tough for small guards to play good defense suggests in this league. Because there's other guys at their position there is bigger and stronger and quicker in MM. Jabar reporters like a six foot 8200 some pound wing type of player lakers. It's always a fun conversation of how much of it is skill how much of his technique how much of it is effort and it's obviously a combination of all of them. But to hear it got inside the twenty million dollar contract say basically I'm not gonna show any effort on one end of the floor. And that would drive me nuts if I was a fan of the Chicago Bulls yeah I CJ Sunday fence he doesn't come out and say nodded and don't get paid to play defense. The that the only reason to that this can upset yet it's aside from the fact that he's admitting that I could do it. If you look at the bulls what are they doing right now they're going to youth route. You've got Lowry Martin in exactly mean. You got some guys Chris Dodd got other guys on this team and now you've got to. When his name from duke he slipped to new window car Leno Carter Yang you've got you've got those guys on your roster. You don't want that to rub off on them. In whom Jabar he's getting paid for office and I am I getting to. Is image exit into the Betty today textile markets aren't just kind of got fifty million for plane teaches at the C one of the all time historical defender it's. Dear lord Jabbar would you say is. Now that's a question the greatest all time defender ever you go yeah. Manning that's a dumb question but stuff because there's there's different positions. Different areas to. Means. When you got Rodman. Would you go Rodman over Scotty. I don't know I I might. Look at Gary Payton and Peyton has to be in the discussion. You would have to do I think I'm it started fires are low level there's GP but the handshaking thing dear help him who's a better defend all like Scottie Pippen to see the mitts on him yet and it sure is there a better defensive point guard and Gary Payton know the point guards when given the player of the year but I that's the criteria drive you have to go position by position had taken a question like that are certainly perimeter players amend bigs right. So we Jenna mark is Smart Tony Allen. Poem and Tony Allen probably move cap. He wouldn't go when you have a guy eight. That'll when he led people are about who is the toughest guy yet to score on Tony Allen's name comes up why don't have to breath Owens' name Graham is our plan out that there's some of those kind of recurring themes in the one that was Texan earlier to that happening get enough recognition. As you look back now what the team was able compilation. He's kinda at the forefront even though everybody raves about a player another. It was Ben Wallace. He really anchored down. That defense it's not easy for an NBA player to literally have zero offensive game have a major impact on the flight he was only doing putback dunks are now Leo that was in December Rodman was as Rob Reynolds is and he got out and ran he can assure you defeated tomb on the break your well if you Google Dennis Rodman hitting a jump shot it's one of my favorite could just hit a jump shot before all Google little basic baseline jumpers occasionally -- jays and editor Leslie form but he -- and Jason he would like run down in excitement at the agitated Agha that dangers he often thrown into the crowd he had -- I think it was a finals against you tell you a three pointer and nickel a shot clock was expiring or semi threw it up and it went in nothing but net interest as the greatest reaction at camp watching a video Atlanta Hawks disrespect Dennis Rodman jump shot and this happened to bring him and I Scott. Wow now look at dad Dennis and Dennis skidded up and running our agent he's not done three. Yeah he didn't jump in. And he has three actually and they did your sister Bob yeah just under three under. About that they have to water would divide targets data do it's not to play defense. It just gets paid to score there's a modern day MBA update about that I think the insides flags about a plunge chalet to do that next on him. In case you're wondering if the NFL's new anthem policy was gonna make the issue go away. And now all on the answer that question is no Obama. I'm it was just Patrick made a joke about it last night she did anyone see as easy as much noise for a guy now now but I'll watch the opening monologue the most curious isn't funny now it is getting the low was well written she heard deliveries knock a kind of I think Stewart wrote it by the way this there's no way she writes these drugs Sander and you can kind of tell he's like he presented no and award last night I know that she made a joke basically that curling they allow you because he shouted out the curling team was like a sport that allows you to Neil. And then the crowd got all I think that's such kind of funny. Yeah her delivery was in great some of those jokes would have been better somebody else told ran with the right delivery. We'll tell you what's going on air and on the yen into our fund football segment of the bottom of the hour but let's have some fun for shelling and yes brings levity to a what are we candidates like art. Odd today is national debt during day food act creates yeah. So. Around. The root little run the little fruit juice little showed third. They come in all shapes and sizes. The frozen concoctions I'm not as big fan I don't know the regular factory I have not dabbled luncheon and factory. I don't know much information manager but more importantly Saturday is national junk food day to. Don't bats but live it up. You have a particular favorite junk food dark dark chocolate omens. I mean it ships classic just yet besides young guys us this is really chips Reagan brand. Poland below its all that in just I'm just kidding I know filing junk food. Look. Like candy one would probably be an NN recipient Eminem's I did you know when you start with Eminem you cannot stop. No he won Jesse would bring a bag over and we would grab bag would be gone within two weeks. And it's one of those huge bags. Favorite snack. John food snack. You know I'm quite content to things chips are obviously one decent play in tuxedos and I'm in. Although your fingers state paying for life. 24 hours a snack after the snack I yankees can't wash it off supposed snack snack and tell what's up for the dog though if you're not detail and attention I think I'm kind of curious how many thank you eat. I am quite fond of these small. Chocolate donuts. The one they sell it gas station yeah I do little boy also yes the diamond and die no and yes let whatever they're called yeah I don't precise about I'm quite fond of those and I love those. Now let's just potato chips if you stick a bag of potato chips right down with me it does not matter how big the bag is I will continue to keep them until the bag is gone so potato chip over to read or cheetah. Potato chip they can be flavored barbecues are cream and onion whatever the case may be but yes yeah I'd go to Reno urging over potato mention it now let me give you one that might rival those chips on the uncertainty. What is fueling some of the flavored kettle chips. Oh yeah Domino's phenomenal honey just John Mallory and ads at a high branded snack Alabama Lou Al barbecue that's good good god depth. The sea salt vinegar and Kryptonite in the kettle chips yet. At some point there's so much vinegar uses your mouth is the magnitude thank god would peanut butter and a black pepper don't think. Embassies are black rapper crowd back book madame cracked black pepper now so yeah. So I saw this. The spirits business dot com there is in America and rye whiskey distillery whistle pig rye whiskey. That has a program that you can get your own barrel tonight. So there's a ten year old expression starting at 111000. Dollars for the barrel it'll produce a 132. Bottles of task strength rye whiskey there is a twelve year singled to spoke bland. That starts at 161000. Dollars a barrel so well shall we go instrumental some money here to do this do you with a barely you have your choice. He can be like ports on the Derrick cast so you can have it European coming over so it's got that wind that. Cast finish what I realized how would be so kickass to view and hammonds get your own label with fit. How cool would that be if you were you know just killed one and judge I'd like at the wedding bears sent them a feud you know bullets Randi we view tennis Ferrell he's jab you have grooms and gives your own custom. You know bottle of Dirks cast conditioned risky a wide spread. Rye whiskey there. And Elliott and he's an ASEAN and the money you have so there ago I saw pretty cool flask yesterday. My brother Lyle has a he's on and intend opening up old school on both music grab their video game forming. They grabbed up the windows seal looks just like the old video games. User going that one of my student on an airplane. Are bros. You open a slot on the top of the video game cartridge it's actually a flask not a video game look at tat. It's looked just like of the ox like what. I think the most obscure flask and never had they came in handy in college was I had the the flask in the flip flopped and now some people question the sanitation department yes I went out here to mastering got a you know UIEU ages and a little Islamic cap that you put on the it was on the side of the flip flops you know decathlon. But nobody would nobody else saw that coming in it was easiest easiest win ever give those in the stuff. I guess it's alcoholic who's it gonna kill anything on there. Don't even put your lives to decide the flip flop now you only are that in any kind of somebody right now anybody concerned everything's fine and I think they cannot issue. Lawrence was in on a crowd. If the Internet was around I don't and. Jennifer Sheridan and M team. Afternoon it would have been a college start drinking issue. And there college broad goes crazy duck game so if I told you know there was going to be a 25. Foot statue of a shirtless movie star going up in London. Well movie star would come to mind maybe Daniel Craig and easily picked female movie stars Sean Connery Connery who shunned. I was surprised to see this thing USA today you know there is a 25 foot replica of a yellow shirt open Jeff Goldblum. Going up I've tweeted this out at 1080 the fan if you don't believe me for what purpose it's the 25. Anniversary of the first Jurassic Park movie that I guess they're doing something about celebrating its. I don't know whether celebrating in a London but guests are right near the tower bridge on the River Thames. They had 254. X. It looks like he's green like he's the incredible hole is into bad luck for Jeff Goldblum. Now questioned my history here are answer me on this. Was he like shirtless and that movie I haven't seen erased all star remembers all original and I'm trying to remember shortlist was in the fly yeah I'm a huge Jurassic Park cash the last one side. In that movie he's not shirtless until the T Iraq's unity Rex eats the lawyer or a toilet yes so he's chasing Jeff Goldblum character Jeff Goldblum basically gets launched breaks is lay eggs. It's covered in toilet gang at Seton they find Jeff Goldblum character he's leg is now broken. They transform transport him back to the station. Candidates got a scene when they're about to go turn the power back on. He's on a table and for some reason his shirt is on buttons I'm kind of also get a net full answers here do you think you tell Ned Flanders. I am fine LA. Good news coming to FS one we told you publicly yesterday that abroad must Carter was gonna become bad news radio voice for the Oakland Raiders Willey also has another gig in the word systems draws from Michael McCarthy. At a sporting news. FAS one is creating. A gambling driven show globalstar Clarissa Thomson Brett Maas birther odds maker Todd Furhman. They're looking for it looks like I clay Travis might be involved as well but they are looking to get an actual heating capping show. On mainstream sports cable network ready to go for football season this is it'll have one big name brand aug growing chorus of Thomson which you. Be fantastic that is going to be great television now heavy from Vegas from Melanie in everybody Wii remote and Annika she's smoke shells. She also seems like the most likable of the smoke shows she does. Not mean yeah. They're down here drinking beer per yeah we'll meet again. Turns together look enough at the in the two to 3 PM Pacific time slots. So I'm I'm pretty excited I think she's a really good host. Brands always funny on television. Played trying to clay Travis can be controversial I disagree with some of the things he does but he's he is. Pretty damn talented he knows betting pretty well on the new and Todd Furhman who doesn't really need explain expo. Explaining. I'm looking forward to this is going to be a first of many gambling shows every Nebraska tablet finals or not. I'm I'd be shocked if like Sunday countdown didn't have somebody coming in now turn to go over the line and doing yet having a whole segment are too on yet they've got that ESPN -- so I don't get Ben Fox sir David per dumber. One of those guys and there are going to be Sarah Berman industry twenty years all they did kind of Merman in his every Friday you know let's start it would Jimmy the Greek and French aren't NFL today back in the late seventies and early savings you agree. It being entering Hank Goldberg back to an end on a hanky was easily I know spray line is bad paint me as hearing like I was a free can win this. Yeah he never hit one. That's the fun part about gambling I don't think you don't wanna listen uninsured you're gonna actually take the advice he once again be Smart but if it's going to be a fun gambling that he got to suck and it's we can make funny for seconds. And then you make fun of the fact that actually hit a company like I liked. Frank makes no sense and we an intensity that needed a text and it just starts off with how does the Bremer is musk burger sex tapes start off. You are looking look back up after a Kerry underestimate. Thanks for that vision now guess that's up and Obama are without all of Lisa Brown must Berger Alicia was calm national football games again releases on the raiders Colin. It's a gamble in central fox. I'm ready I guess it's still going to be a little while before the national network about play guys can openly discuss. It'll be a gradual process yet to be using to track now has must murder was a bit because commentators and do it models does I don't know how. Outfitted ran really push the envelope on that one. But I think they're gonna be. They're going to be cautious. Because they still they don't. The contracts with the leagues are still pretty valuable they don't wanna torque come off just yet let's let the natural flow of things go. Before they're talking about second half betting lines is the what do you all around here. The court to bomb this. Is that you are looking alive and that's of pigskin. And and I'm not gonna go there and Lagos nightclubs every Thursday at 215 I was gonna some football stuff on the other side including the latest twists and the National Anthem controversy in the NFL. Hint coordinator. Get in college football those are next up for your slug sports. Taylor the open leaderboard. Coming up a few minutes dance of the course I pulled questions of the day after spray on Twitter. Got a court later getting paid at that moment and college football. But this ominous that's just not gonna go away unfortunately you know as much as all of this one did two yesterday the day before yet at Tennessee Titans player cannot say he'll take the fines and he's he's still going to deal during the National Anthem despite the new anthem policy. And the latest one to come out. Was today for the Miami Dolphins of your remedy emphasize this new anthem policy requires players to stand for the anthem or remain in the locker room and violations would trigger finds. Of the teams in the punishment of the players. Well the Miami Dolphins have a there's a proud latest nine page disciplinary document that includes a section labeled. Proper anthem conduct. And a document includes AM the protests within the all these lists of behaviors that constitutes. Conduct detrimental to the club. And by rule detrimental conduct can result inning fine and Horry suspension. So this as people thinking that Miami Dolphins players and the upcoming season could be suspended for upwards of four games. For mailing during nationally. Them and if their best players do it they still maintain this policy. That is a great question. 'cause it would be a little ironic if that happened and they didn't want to then uphold it yes somebody Horry to our side and the sub modular basis of skin and the whole team should do it could see how they respond to it you would be doing that situation media Fuller fitting game. That this will never go away will it it's never gonna go lay an egg and it goes back to how poorly the NFL handle just the new and NB. A coming up to this new policy towards it. How many players are clearly upset about it okay sherbet how many players Neil last year. Not that many I think the number was under ten. When you have something like that happen a year after the incident. Why are you still responding with you I don't care what you political beliefs are but stop acting like the second season after wind. They guy who created is gone easy and most teams aren't even doing it that way anymore the right testing in their arms up they're locked in arms whatever it is right. Stop acting like that's the reason for whatever it is that you're mad about. Losing a couple bucks in your pocket or TV viewership going down here's a notion Miami. Put a good football team on the field. And then get back to me about how people respond with or without feeling right you know your team sucked last year. You took a step back from being the wild card playoff team to not making the post season. I just I'm getting tired of it on both sides and what I mean by that is the players' side. They have kind of got away from what the message was at least some guys have sure they've strayed away from the original message he. But on the ownership slash outraged fans side. Yeah you're Matt possibly having two years ago. And that clearly created that you hate so much isn't even in the league and is being black balled right now. His teammate is being black balls right now and most teams and players are even doing this anymore why are we still reacting to this and now and now it's going to be it's gonna continue to be an issue. And as as five point out of attending defense work and this is going to head to court amid this is going to come down a litigation of can you suspend them for nearly can there be you know what what's what's the proper protocol for each side. Is this a rule that you can have him play it to. This is going to head to a courtroom and for those of you that wanted it to go away and does it simply not going to and it's gonna continue to be issued titans player coming out yesterday. And now the dolphins announcing this as a team they could potentially suspend players have a four games. For doing this because it's conduct detrimental to the team or to the club. Am not going anywhere folk I can see the whole team. Doing something to just testament the pretty general ever to face and they're all Neil do the groceries and a call for four games we'll see how lactose. Your import. About this one this came out of Clemson, South Carolina. Brett venables one of the more well known coordinators in college football. But the run that they've been on now yea you know domestic corn here in the country he took me out and low key is ever very out of either. I'm a member of talk and you know he looks like I do in the bald white guy. Right. Now he's these guys you guys got letters yeah I think he's bald I can remember I guess BP with a hat this kind of division I now and thing and I'm Miranda. No I know ran as bald. But he's not as light is as VP. Animals is always a let opposes got a great had a hair is Gary Blair house I have fantastically good looking guy. Yeah and now he never rest we had kept thinking just signed. A five year eleven point six million dollar contract. This is going to be if the details of the contract are correct that has been reported the believed to be the largest total compensation ever. For a college football assistant coach. Who gave Iran as does the highest salary. After agreed to a four year ten million dollar deal. But that is immediately largest total in one contract intern about two million dollars annually in the new contract. 200000 dollar retention bonus in the first two years any 400000 dollar retention bonus while in the final three years out. I'll never have to do that coaching gave you want to hear a lawyer and I he's been a Clemson since 2000 trolleys in Oklahoma for thirteen years and their defense has been great they won a national championship that kind of stuff gets paid man with a town robs from. Sound Salina Salina. Brent venables assume he's from Salina Kansas is easily now the most successful person classified annex at the Fannie he is now past Isaac rob salary and he is the most success and from a Salina Kansas. Yankee righty does have a good at a hair look and you see now I would say though and some of these coaching pictures up look at that it's Emmitt is close he's got a close cut. You can't really see it under the hat with the headphones got out of the ball bygone years now if you look at the profile picture profile picture he's got Diana's hair and a on giving that. So venables as contract and dolphins threatening to suspend players for kneeling during the National Anthem bite of the apple update I know we wonder about the quarterback. Salary mark in the NFL how high will get anybody wondering what's the number going to be for coordinators in college football yeah when you hit that cap. Is there one you know there won't be. It just depends on how if if the conferences. And keep incrementally him jacking up the revenues that they distribute. Already hey let's take one last look at the open championship leaderboard and we got some great names up in the top not a Tiger Woods finished job as CEO wrapped up his round a couple hours ago is really geared up for another overnight round of golf. In Scotland and we'll give you an answer on a course like Pope questions that they do that next on offense. I think it's incumbent on top of the hour that's he's a reminder for everybody tomorrow. Spragan myself and guys it's simple be out of baseball is on. Favre about this I you know I hate to admit that I've never been out of their actual location never been out there before are now and I'm looking forward to meet Neman be out there and having fun doing the show and hopefully some new listeners can stop in in the it teacher yelled and have some folks in the up rundown on projects up why I know there's going to be does it will be to PD XT shirts Amorim used to give the waves big giveaway is a wanna say a every hour ourselves along those lines man and a vendor doing as well. Arm on Saturday so what did you sudden appear in the area you're driving around maybe wanna stop by baseball is on me you know. Did the MLB to Portland fever going a little bit come sail low will be out there are doing a live show noon to three in the ninth to be after us. Up from three to seven it's a good way. Good way to spend a Friday I'll sit out my general we fun as of hundreds of funding needed to remind myself that still a possibility could Y I if they like fades out of my mind every now and then I just like stress and all that and it's like it might have baseball can be here in like five years DIA I am. It's hammered in here and it's going to be here in the next five to six years. Say about a baseball is and it's gonna be a lot of fun on tomorrow afternoon and open championship day one teed off last night we all stayed up and watch him we all stay up and watch the opening group's last night. And I I think I can't the first four holes and campers got holes I've feted around not around 111130 it was fun to watch it was the old timer in the first group Sandy Lyle Sandy Lyle went to jail in 1985. Day was fun it was fun to watch him out there with a jacket on I've watched for a while last night and then obviously to tell these guys play forever in the last groups just got off the course couple hours ago. And your leaders so far of course are guys got the favorable condition last night Kevin K is there. As a top at five under Eric van ruined add to a four under Tony feed now at four under some of the notables. That are up close John Ramos had to wonder Zach Johnson Rory McIlroy Justin Thomas all those guys have to wonder. Mac to ensure Rickie Fowler her one under had extensive and under the dual he had with still two years ago as one of the film on favorite major memories I got. He was at one under par as well see guys who grade. Great guys steadily aboard Tiger Woods played solid all afternoon not as good on the back as he was a front he finished at even par so. Five shots off the lead and then we pick it up again tonight at like 1030 round do you any tiger's gonna TI for the tiger groupies out there like me somewhere around two to 3 PM our time sold pawn on minor watch some golf the skull. Or maybe just wake up at 430 in and catch it. Probably eight holes in you got some notables tee it off if you're a if you're in night out like me you do have some notables teeing off late. DJ is going off from then you go. Aussie guy that's okay the strata around there might have to do that. Then Syria conditions tomorrow. They're expecting a rain 90% chance of precipitation highs about 65 so it will not be as. Accommodating about today but I'm sure the question is are the fairway so dry. That the rain old just she'd off of it or will actually soaked in two. You know actually put some moisture in those fairway and what does it mean for they have for the slow greens because that was some guys dealt with all day it was in tiger I know commented on Mac PC keyed another I traditionally close I have to keep uncut. A little higher because if the wind picks up. They have to stop play because they're just exposed right out there on the coast there's there's nothing a blockade itself you know just were it's interesting that the reaction golfers have to different courses ha. The US open was one where everybody was complaining as they were and we talked about as like dude you're the best golfers in the world it makes it tough on you so what everybody's doing with the same conditions. You mentioned people complaining about the greens Justin Rose had a comment this morning after his truck he loves it. And he's as it's challenging enough but I I think it's easing its Garcia says it's a preference thing with those kick has tiger is always struggle was slower greens in his career I think more than just wanna see a roll true width a fifth day start to get bumpy and squirrelly how much pull away and it is and I'm Mikey had it done chambers bay yeah here I was gonna say an apple Diana is pretty crucial to a all you. Cole hamstring. They are always big into the pole and a on the big call in again getting to the plan that there just feet you know do what LeBron said at the end of game one. Do better still matter and you bound slow greens do better and become semi satellites again tonight. We cannot get to our am pretty Simon's poll question today and so on any given the results and we also didn't even get to Julio Jones today. Goal or the falcons didn't either sell they punted as well civil plugs that topic to tomorrow who has Brad and course like poll question today is 50% of you. You know these Major League Baseball player look 50% 50% this agonized guessed 20% of you thought he was playing today at the open championship. You know that makes me feel a little bit of at least the other half did not now exactly. And again I'm. We didn't give Jeff Goldblum just me apparently during the show so that's been dead. And that was a seeming at a number one is actually listened to 1080 the fan.