Dirt & Sprague Wednesday July 19th, 2018 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, July 19th
The guys discuss "headphone gate" in the studio, updates on the British Open, as well as UNC coach Larry Fedora's comments on the future of football

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. All right in his twelve close to the rose city it is time during spring up Portland sports leader 1080 the fan but now we don't today wolf for the first time I think in my radio career I am doing a show would know had found no headphones on where that prepared for the show we are and we are ready we are engaged we're ready for Thursday's show red hot and Roland Jason Zweig. Brain in some headphones is any other night on air produce that I pay everyday I say save in the day and all and all my years of doing radio I can no longer talk without headphones it's kind of weird it throws you off because you're so used to saying something and and hearing in your years in if you take that aspect away. It wears me out well it's it's amazing. That T hear this but oh that's on again you know what's going on here what's happening today I don't know. We somehow have a shortage of headphones in a radio building they disappear left and right do other people how that their office thing is there an office supply that you just always need and yet somehow hold they continuously just can't find him anywhere you look in the office I think Marleau has taken a lot of legal pads is leading steel on the legal and moral I needed paper clips Tony no it is amazing to me like all all walk around some of these other studios these recording studios we have yeah. On the despair gone. Broke in. Gone right I'm unlike 90% sure people are stealing them and then breaking them or just throwing them away but you deal would you take company anthology take home the remedies aren't like exercise headphones I actually not a big fan and he said vote out there like weird they're not super big but they're too big to Wear around in public right. Right it's like them it's the awkward in balance I keep saying at some point Ayman reinvest in work headphones like I had him for a few years and we used to be the beach shell lead and we judge it beats for everybody by Dre gap and they were nice but then they would indeed. In my my personal opinion on pizzas. I like this speaker. Yeah headphones are garbage in I had to terrorism beads that and broke down on me say they breakdown rather quickly and where they're basically charging your for the name in the color I will say though I have the I have the beat earbud ones that like rapper on your year the tiny little guys. And I have those for probably two years there's still hold on strong. In our I have the beat pill the big speaker yeah love it it's great that works fine no problems about that for 34 years now. Had phones death trap eye out did connect the dots to an opening segment for primetime Jessica's they opened the show talking about sunglasses randomly yesterday and I miss how they got on that. But people are asking us to better eating Tex I want you guys had your own. And I take the same approach now with headphones that was sunglasses because if you buy an expensive pair of headphones. And they break down on you not I've there's not aware SpinRite less than a year and you know you get like seven months in its 200. You're not gonna do it anymore it's a say I have that same feeling the sunglasses of five by an expert I once bought an expensive pair of Oakley for baseball collier adjusted to have a nice athletic wearing sunglasses thing. They then they broke army and it was mild fall I snapped them but I was so this I said I'm never gonna let myself spend that much money on somebody like a break so easily. So. To answer that question why don't we dime I did for awhile and I especially did it when we were dirt poor making no money doing this antenna and then you make a little bit of I ham sandwich ego camera by headphones again you do it and they break. It's kind of that feel of him. I just spent 200 dollars on these what I need to do. Is just hit up Jo fish because he's got that both discount he's got the bow silica and bodes is far and away better freer for headphones in my opinion. So I needed amount stop being lazy I'm just I'm procrastinating on it we've had headphones in here for like a month. Bing uses numb but then now I've noticed people are taking headphones out of the studio. They're taken his studio cross from us which is ninety and you were record too much stuff in here now got people recording inner peace in Iraq in the middle of our show but taking the better headphone the other governor's NASA headphones like 1155 it's like low low low low low Google money or five minute and there's a part of me that kind of wants to go super big. You need to have thugs have Alec justify a box means like I did that would blazer parking passes you guys did what when your with the blue blazer viewers stingy with the minutes anybody wanted ablaze a parking pass they had to go through the two via active because I'm not gonna name names but the year I was going to a lot of games ago swagger a pardon passing goes. Blanking blank took it somebody already snatched and it would even go cover they would just go to go. This economy up more game Anita park somewhere mama from park in coming out here. Sunglass thing on the exact way you probably could guess that about me given my a you know reputation doesn't change takes meant that all ages snapped a one expensive pair years ashes of why am I spent an because now you just get the cheap ones about sunglasses are bound to break at some point. It just it's it's the natural life cycle this unless you sit on around you drop bomb. Something happens they're gonna break at some point yeah I just don't care about sunglasses enough to I never have. I had somebody that Witten but like hundred dollar pair. I couldn't tell there isn't that like a black dollar store where I was like in how. I have no way I get their good I get their banner are your stats don't tax anything gone democratic but I just look you know Mike I don't care about sunglasses enough to spend money on this now I've dropped my money on Jews. And you could say well that's dumb you're locked in with a Kennedy brake shoes that you can still are again. Heard yeah you can you can beat she's up like nobody's business you know she's I'm Sharon can't break me it can't snap a pair genre called law and but kissel the sunglasses I have ray ban club masters I bought famously win. We first started. Do in primetime on television back in the day when there's a light your face yeah like my face and famous sunglasses yeah I'm the same pair of fur it's gotta be close to ten years is if you're an anomaly on Matta yeah yeah I they really think I have the rest of them places to I you know I've been go owner I was like oh crap where they go about in the back in taxis on road trips or whatever I've always been able to backtrack and find it. That's a that's amazing and I. I'd be willing to let you were the only person in the state Morgan that has that long of a track record with a parasite Syria now that's a long life of its you do that it's like Garnett makes sense absolutely. If you're me and you lose them you I'm Michael C to my four months. My wife my Giuliani two dollar store repairs and write 11 black and go look at shades outlets like frat guy wanna put the white ones on no frat boy from white sunglasses but they do the job and happens. I let's find out what's on tap for today show. What's growing and I'm not page to be bold and McCain to be crying there's a lot of swearing in as he sale I gotta go do that this is what son Jeff. Ford by intelligence. And government more and had the reasons I'm Jenny yeah. What's on tap brought to the fans by pelican growing company boarded the beach on my belly to bring dot com. And now what's on tap today will Al drinks about to tee off on his last hole in round one he's at even par. They need to be nice to get one under around living in trying to birdie here on eighteen yeah I go one under even in your good he was at two wonder buds. Couple bad breaks. And I now he's at even and we'll talk about that I wanna play a fun game involving the open championship okay. It's called can you tell if it's tiger. Also and did Brad hand to play today. What if she's cute she's trying I didn't feel weird like don't say anything Jason's like gardens Tyler he wants he was silent silent. We will get to laugh football guy we have found the ultimate football guy thing and his name is Larry Fedora. He wants to make America great. By not touching football and it. I don't know that it is possible to find more hopeful blog item through Syrians and he just blew my animal water we sure did. We'll talk about that Julio Jones is not gonna get a new deal the Atlanta Falcons on the net F off. To get your butt to the football field catch football as you get three more years on this field. Some unfortunate news for the TrailBlazer fans out there and pass that along Damian Miller and his camp spoke to the media yesterday gave a stock some with the blazers did this summer. Shocking he doesn't sound the most in. Excited. Will play another trip with two trivia games today that window. So bring that deal won thirty. Markets Smart signs a deal with Boston Jabari Parker signed his deal with Chicago and many said players don't get paid to play defense. Like cold in the summer. We got wags lungs and run to order actor in spring got Peter Johnson in the NF brand in spring. It was follow on all three of those Twitter handle only a teacher Jan and say it's impossible to find tissues pencils state Fuller's supply closet is always out of those have thirty kids in the runny noses and sneezing but no tissues yeah heights. Teacher in the if you get Texas back in a better you today Tex I don't question for you do you suspect that your co workers are stealing those things. Because I do know that my kids' school yeah. They're teachers. I can't remember the exact percentage they spent a decent chunk of their salary on their supply on their own supplies ISI how. How that I had no way is that happening I may or may not have been tempted at some point to snag a role at all the paper from our work. One fly around you steal and one applying to be you know sometimes you're out to dedicate some. Will emergency I'd rather hold its Angola by three apply this deal. I let's start here the open championship. Can you tell if it's tiger a crazy story that happened. And just give me an update a leaderboard you got dirty Sprague on 1080 the fan. Welcome back in 1217 on the commander in straight with you on this Thursday afternoon at the open championship. Got underway last night I saw the first few holes. With the first group and then you wake up early to watch. Some the other guys go Tiger Woods is of back to wrap it up it looks like unless he gets his long putt he's gonna finished even in round one. Which is not a bad place to be given where some of the other golfers around the moment with a birdie which you know his big bugaboo is poll one of these major championships he was too wanted to the first four holes today and well there was an. Interview with the golfer. And you know I'd seen this guy at the Web.Com tour aha and then you follow his -- last couple years he's a really good golfer. And I saw an interview within this morning and I asked god. Why I didn't know he sounded like this. It's Tony female. And daddy's Google Tony feet out you don't know what he looks like he's got a broke his ankle at the masters yes still finish in the top ten he was celebrating in any he Indy went on any Mikey mentioned he finished top ten. So he does an interview with Jimmy Roberts and I wanna play a fun game of who is talking to Jimmy Roberts tells us tiger are Tony feet now so let's yeah let's do it that one so this is an interview. With Jimmy Roberts and I want you tell me which ones tiger and which ones Tony Fina. I didn't really have that took a profile lines and my fuel load off I enjoy the Somalis you know I think it's this little girl you know. Wishing for. Which ones tiger which ones on TV now. Can you kind of lonely Leo and how similar they said all right now let's play this game again which ones tiger which ones Tony fee now. I have four X one yard three wood yesterday in a truck struck overall horrified at smaller system. Replete. I got it done the first one the first two clips you played the first hole is tiger second was Tony fee now. And then you've flipped it on that last one. It job I guess I do I know the tiger voiced to well you know we gave it away on that last cut listened to the end of this overall horrified at smaller system. Obviously it's the brand gas yes death. But I. I have four XYR three woods that's I don't know rexrodt. That blew my mind as more and that's pretty incredible scene a lot of great data thank Danny's got a good run in the majors so far second right now be second in UV finishes four under par. It it really was a case because I watch too much in his last night they teed off around 1032. X and bullets like 1 in the morning. Cash probably get some sleep and I woke up and does dove right back into this morning at like seven. If everything was a case of different conditions which is what you're getting get at the open championship these guys when they teed off last night I was blown away with how perfect day war I mean the wind ending when the first group went off was blown like four to seven miles per hour. Anything less than ten that's dream scenario out there. And by the time these guys got in later afternoon and evening rounds and you know kind of wrapping up the final once today you got wind blown 161718. Almost forty miles an hour all over the course which just completely changes things in really this could end up being internment of luck of the draw. Because not only did these guys get the bad weather on the afternoon of day one in tiger that is why it's it's incredible these even par because a lot of guys in this late flight. Aren't around where he was. But now they have to go tee off is the early groups tomorrow and apparently it's supposed to rain tomorrow is gonna become a nasty blow around so. They could get double bad luck in not only played in the windy day one than having to play in the rain and. Too by the way people dicing in that this is an even close you guys are golf fanatics you are you are the you are not the norm here those two guys sound almost the exact same. I'm sorry I it's just a reality ties just tiger is alleged to Steve we know tiger's voice. Yes see but here's the amount sounds closely did you know it was tiger cuts are inside in a press this is outside I have four X one yard three wood. Yes and if we found a tiger outside cut where you get to air in the background it's a Little League and conditions on me like yeah I think the way to tell a different ideas I think it's a lot closer people that are texting is now all right you're insane I think you're just golf fan. I think non golfer in the city of those two Ehrlichman OK and fans got a similar there is another story too because the leaderboard looks good right now and we'll see what the conditions continue to be. Throughout this tournament it's it's like hitting off concrete for a lot of these guys try to DJ gay and look D. J. White LB on eighteen Indiana dropping dropped it in the fairway. In no joke when he dropped the ball just dropped it from his normal arm length and the all jumped up like eight inches off the ground that's it's like a thousand at all. Did you see the story of John attended Vegas EU he. I don't know six and UConn didn't Freddie say his name is Jonathan Jonathan Johnny Vegas AYZ suppose name like this is because he's on Venezuela if you content didn't Jonathan as a silent. Tell it some credit for that effort now now Jonathan Vegas and Vegas is you see all Johnny Vegas I've never heard or seen this person in my own outcome I hadn't panned to revitalize Johnny heard of this person John Higgins. Yeah I feel like you playing a joke on me right now I'm now just a bit on the PGA tour for six or seven years he's been around a long time his real name is Jonathan Vegas yes sees all the first name. JHO. And A says he can't and yet I DH he's from Venezuela now it now. But he's just a sea diamond saw JHO NH IS LA and I didn't know there is an agent there I will admit that but I newest Krstic was for Jonathan and there was no way to I'd guess Jonathan there's an eight stats when Jonathan I kind of wish you what is gonna hunt I think. Fox's Chris they have hobbies out there playing great today did you see this story though I did not so he you're. But when he touched down in Glasgow at 8:45 AM his clubs did not. So he got delayed because of a visa issue I don't know his visa guide Enos I don't know he had some problems getting through his V said problems. And he couldn't show up and you showing up super late and many showed up and he did not have clubs. So he showed up his tee time was at 10:31 this morning. And by the time he was and wrapping the new ones and putting that together. He had to tee off like five minutes later. He went out he ended up shooting a plus Ford today and I asked about averages avenue club shall prep for the browns starter Dustin Johnson if it is better than DJ but Yankee got totally screwed with his visa situation and then he had no clubs so they had to yet to contact. The company never forget who it is. And they had descends they'd figured it out and they got clubs are ready to put him togetherness has done like all right go get your first tee shot. An eighteen was kind of a amiss hole for people going albeit DJ will be to the left somebody I believe on eighteen Clinton off for the grandstand hand. And it jumped on it agreed it's it was an amazing highlight the need is good I can remember who was but they were showing likening Geico save of the day highlights I missed it earlier today. He did Asia into immediate the last he dropped his club out of frustration presidents go on way out abound right and it caught and caught the side of the stands. Pop over onto the green. You know I can. Relate to that from a tee shot perspective. When you hit into a tree and you hear that. Yet and it all comes right back into the fairway here you're just praying against the good kick him out the bad K pounce how pleased is that I can relate to that you know I think the other story today too was was bad endings for guys should tiger to a certain extent he was two under on the front just couldn't really keep it going on the back as you mentioned couple of bad breaks. If Johnson fairway bunkers that I mean you're hitting it out at ninety degrees there's no other option there. Right but you have bad endings for DJ has retired he was fired in the mall where the world is five over because he tripled bogeyed eighteen. As I mentioned hitting one out of bounds he was two over and if you dare go in a Friday mean you're still within a bow punters chance of seven back so final where he's basically out of it. And the other one that would have been right in the mix of not for us last three holes with Jordan's beef up George V goes on fight was three under through fifteen and he called it a brain fart in discuss Lawson on the last three holes. Finish four over all those three holes for a one over rounds so. Some guys that were in the mix they could be the main leaderboard better than just couldn't quite finish it today is kind of spraying the tee shots there at the end he was going left and right and kind of figured out lasted day and as you mentioned. Fill finish dad used to over who yeah now Rory by the way I was watching in this morning at like 6 AM. Not I don't recall one time seeing Rory any action a good day east to wander yeah I was he cannot acquire around today and show mall lot but I would think he'd be one of the guys you who. Are checking in on regularly. And he wasn't and the tigers poured in birdies on the front nine that tiger AT until 720 yet they Rory and him are on the course at the same time. For a chunk of their rounds that was part of it when tiger got up to the start that he did they cut everybody's attention when you're two under through four yet another very chance of six that he just miss to go to three under. That was kind of turning heads but you do and he met Rory is at two under John roms into law under. Who Jersey at one under you got the Justin Thomas is a 200 Zach Johnson two under. There's a lot of really good names that are just right there in the mix Indian kids therein. Then Rui and honing in on pronounce his last name on day as the guy wires last the first guys off and those guys really benefited from have a great conditions last night out. Or this morning I tell you wanna call so there's your update on the the open championship. As. Isner. It is is accused of I guess Kevin Costner sorry I'm you know golf names now I'm scarred forever is that a hundred since the thirty generic. If you knew of no golf how do you say that name spelled that way. I mean I think I would still say Jonathan. Really the age or just be silent. I Honecker on absolutely yes figure. It is added another sound in there and it was a big what's the Asian players name that you we're trying to say I don't even wanna drab browns Allan over the air wide that you is why aren't out of what is it flag. This is completely different and I got to look at the ghetto and there is a different city and Jonathan was an aids in this dudes name because his name is so I was like one of those names that don't fit on the back of a baseball under the I don't jazz. Jana what Tom and then click the same thing that is not even in the same ballpark no human in the history if you insist and Jonathan JHO. And ATT. Eight and no human I think I know some. No ODSJ Johnny but the JH yeah Jhonny Peralta is now Hani paroled. It's TT AM how does that not throw anybody else on this night Yoni paroled when you say Jonathan didn't visit TH cent at the end in new. Not the beginning. That's my point we do with them now on nine I think you guys are Lionel does a cell line out there and held at some point he gets booted back to the Web.Com tours so he's out there you can go in revealed in my interview mama to bring this up and Hoffman had you played today. I mean you're around this afternoon why did your parents spell your name that way until after I had it was Jonathan. Yeah honest in Vegas. I love the name now on the big Johnny Vegas fan the great name hey we found the ultimate football guy. Yup the ultimate football guy. You're gonna wanna listen this one next the first whack with a sports update all right welcome back PA and it is 1235. On Portland sports leaders 1080 the fan oh you're enjoying your Thursday afternoon. Well we've been looking we've been looking. And we founded. I've got a couple people that are pretty big football guys and we know some big football guys we do and they're not really got extreme they're just really into full fawn there's some things and take them off now no problem with that I get it on the basketball fan I hear all the time you defend what you love. But then there's another level to being football guys there is ultimate football guy and up until yesterday Bruce aryan was the first one and he what is probably the cream of the crop he is a rarefied air. Hey this is football and everybody else is wrong well Larry Fedora the head coach at North Carolina was at ACC media day. And he had this interesting take on the game of football in the future in this country. I feared that the game will get won't get pushed so far to one extreme. That. You won't recognize a gain ten years from now. That's what I worry about and I do believe that if if if he gets to that point that then our country goes down to. It's inflated. We'll let it all yeah ultimate football guy Larry Fedora didn't stop there either on now she doesn't believe. Now and football and CT ER connected I'm off. Sure it's. From. Four points. More miners. And Lowe's team. It was the call so awesome human errors you're really happy. For all the years I couldn't crawl. Longer. You got any kind of contact you can. That does not diminish the fact that aims to save. Music has and continues to tweet. You know to try to make it safe for players. Did you just say there's no connection and then make the connection yes. A guy that was an error Dora at ACC media day when and make sure I heard that correctly we're wanna start with this guy. Ultimate football. From there you're not gonna find a powerful Barbara than this and not okay all right you can like the doom and gloom of the game we've heard that a lot ready denying of CT. And in the correlation with the ball turned back. From some people despite all the evidence and all the stock instant acts and up. The fact that he'd then extrapolated data out to the fact that football going down means America goes down. It Bravo brawl ball Larry. We're Vatican. In football is that intertwined with the American society that if if it ceases to exist and we can't play tackle football anymore. That's the collapse of our society so many guys the of one of those media writers had that we did some to be effective I think our country existed before football down the wrong but I think it existed before football data did Bob preferred for a long time actually in this got such a reaction. That he actually had to come back out to talk to the media that we try to clarify please tell me he doubled down. He did and yes he basically he gathered around I know we don't have that company basically gather around the media and to sum it up said yes I do believe there is going to be decline in our country. Is this game continues to be selling recognizable in one regard how we decline as a society we now tell you the ball he cited what football creates. You know what it brings a person and a teen mix at Iraq. And those values are not values we would no longer they'd be dice we lose okay. Them. At a stretch. You know is as hot Tiki is that is I still think the CTE one might be the worst like why is that still a thing. I died I -- it's so hard for me to wrap my head around passing guy making three to four million a year scared that he's gonna lose potential future income that we know did CT is connected to football like he just in knowledge it in the same clip of saying there's no connection he said but it is caused by repetitive blows and head what gives you more repetitive blows in the head football. It doesn't mean football's the only thing McCain and you know there's a lot of concussions on soccer I don't know attractions as CTE but. We know the football connection right nobody's ever said that it's just football that causes this problem both with all the science that we have to back it up all the information that is out there. To have that's not 2018. Minutes terrified. I would even take is that further I don't want our are hunting buddy damn Balkan city should be fired and we saw that article for having this take. But I will say they need to maybe think about not quoting that duties come and how hot hot steamy. I will say this Obama parent of a recruit. And he is recording my kid and I hear comments like that. That might make me want mr. the other direction right I do I want my kid to play for a coach that doesn't acknowledge the dangers of football right. There's nothing more there is no but I think as a parent like I I'm up I'm a father of two daughters but like just as a parent in general. We kinda know at this point what the riskiest. So we choose to say yeah I'll allowed kid to play football. You don't even have to like bring it up you can say there are certain things in the game that I don't like that we're doing. Mean you just take in itself the heart out. Like by the way unrecognizable in ten years is pregnant and after awhile I really gets to get to that point 814 of fifteen billion dollar enterprise is suddenly get a B cell unrecognizable. Until nobody goes to games and nobody watches this game has remained to be this game you might have a couple tweaks in the rules. And some of the things we're gonna not like. But this is still football they stuck to tackle the other person to stop the play that do and like so. Gonna go my way why it's amazing how we we are always sold. We always use fear factors who only talk about certain things that we always jumped to the to the biggest of conclusions that we do a lot of different sorts. A basketball gets this the warriors ruined the NBA and now they MBAs not get a cease to exist. Baseball's die in an unknown it's not that it's gonna be around us not go anywhere football's gonna cease to exist in ten years. No it's not in that there'll always be ruled changes and we should actively be looking at ways to make a gain say from when you have a dangerous sport like football. You need to do everything you can to make sure that it is as safe as possible for people that played. There's nothing wrong with that we're never gonna get to the point where did you take away helmet to play flag football it is too big of a business and there are too many people that are will. To play it well you know I know a couple people that we got a couple listeners that end up their coaching at Tel one of the high schools I know couple we will my life that has some pretty connections a couple coaching staffs to a different high schools. Vick the you know they acknowledge these things don't shy away from it and they've also said they're trying to teach things a lot differently than like when you and I. You know some of the drills they donor room anymore. You know even take assembling what water breaks for hype right like where they've come in fourteen to live ten years and of the progress we are some of the day. How hot it was. And just going back to high school we had daily doubles right Ian yeah practice twice today I really don't they practice habits to hide anymore I just say he'll practice today. Leave the gym and drag Alistair thought OK so are hydrate and that's called us honest go to the AC. But I think there's a lot of progress made and I would just say to be the crowd that. You know they hate crowd or the the fear crowd. Why what what is it that you are afraid of right or think it's so wrong that you hated right. Rightly you got to be more open minded you see this a little bit in basketball. Barkley didn't interview recently. And he came out in reins again C analytics and again mind you this the same guy that admits he literally doesn't watch the NBA ending gets paid ten million dollars a year to go talk about the NBA and give his hot take opinions about it. But guys like Kimball occasionally come out in Taiwan how. Add the game is now he verses I don't know spending. Maybe a little time around it talking to coach is on high school college or pro levels may be trying to understand it. I think he a lot of football guys and it's not fair a lot of football pros out there that. He represents any album ride right because I think a lot of them are open minded they do understand the game has to change in some regard you got to care about the held the got to care about. The future of the game. But you get Larry for doors of the world that come out in their dislike. Always an Emmy. Our country's gonna crumble because of the sport the economy's gonna crash man everybody's been looking for jobs all you buy Netflix stock is that's what everybody would do and I wanna letting us to do I got. I understand the argument of how important football is in terms of building certain life skills and I think we both acknowledged that and we'd. Went through what I did just breeds a certain level of teamwork and knew it teaches you how to work well with others it teaches you how to get along. How to prepare there's a lot of great life lessons in the game of football can create a no problem Larry Fedora. Trying to make an argument like that I just I I I look at this kind of guy and I make the same connection with a lot of other issues and and in our society where. Aegis you wanna be able to shake him and so you realize you're on the wrong side of history your chief Friday thank you understand men in fifteen years and people are gonna look back and comments like this and laugh at how stupid did not laughing today I will aren't there already are it's it's the same thing as many NFL refused to acknowledge that there was any sort of problem with concussions or head issues and they. That's the reason they're settling this billion dollar lawsuit he blamed pay anybody yet but they settled a billion dollar lawsuit. Well the all the former players because there is a connection in place you can deny it all you want. It's just a simple truth and at the week we can come up with ways to make it safer we'd have a common sense argument as long as everybody is willing to acknowledge. The facts of the case I what do you think about Larry Fedora put this on FaceBook and I just simply asked is he insane or knots which one do you think it is buried today techs on is 55305. Our read some thoughts on that namely to Julio Jones who was told no. By Atlanta how about that what's the future of that relationship it's that next on the fan. We're allowed to get to in the the second hour the radio program. Also known as a podcast was the show is done. And we podcast he sings every single day as we do we do fifteen hours of podcast every week. If you ever miss the live show any interviews single pull out like we curators on implied that sound and take it. And redeploy out. And we just go to the inner reason we had daily curators on yes they would an update on the it'll be a Portland though ballpark situation that we did in in ten minutes we're gonna talk about. Blazer fan. Get ready for this. And then also Damian Miller it's thoughts on what the blazers did or did not do. Over the summer he talked at his camp. That's been going on and then we got a trivia game free at 130. And I eyeing genuinely curious where all big sports fans yes we are. I'm really curious how many people will not cheat and be honest and texting and if they know the answer to the trivia question you know cheating. As we brought this to light and not only did I not know. Other sports fans in the building did not know they did not know which led to a fund poll question notably today Coors Light pole questions of the day. I'm coming up in the the second hour as well but we are demo Larry Fedora and if you missed it he had this to say about the future of football and our country. I feared that the game will get won't get pushed so far to one extreme. That you won't recognize the game ten years from now. That's what our body and I do believe that if if if if he gets to that point that that our country goes down to. So the country's gonna fail because of football will not be recognizable. How many years ago do you think it was when they started to say we won't recognize the game anymore winning that started. Or that's a good question. When you really think it started. That's led to me is probably more modern thing I would say that started going tasks. Within the last decade. Tag so we're almost a decade into I don't know I think you've been going to different forms of that though because I think when certain rules restarted to be passed and I and the NFL made aids more important to throw the ball they wanted more points and offences were changing. I bet you have a lot of funny daddy's sobering anti and that movement and they they knew football as. He's he checked on and on basketball. This isn't real basketball or does Jack and up three pointers it's a book the evolution of the game that's the direction and it's going to doesn't mean the game is worse or better it just means the game is evolving that half. Happens in life. And I bet if you go back in and listen to people unlike the 70s80s and ninety's with the evolution of NFL offenses. It probably said the same thing when listener when the Ford pass was introduced the what does this nonsense running a ball. Somebody else probably when free agency started. That's a good one today of yet this is the hack in of that that's the thing man I just wish she could sit Larry Fedora down. How somebody can interview him. And not even attack him. There's several other. Add you know a reasonable conversation about. Why he feels that way Gary are you are you just blocking out any sort of information are you refusing to acknowledge the facts like how do you get to about point mentally is at the targeting all when you lose a player. Is it would sure I understand the frustration there are eight passing a lot like I. I don't know I think football. Has obviously changed a lot from when I watch it when I was much younger and I know he's changed even before my time. But I don't I also don't think it's just like insanely. You know like they hits the what was segment east do you want ESP yen. After a loss Ramel oh yeah basically would you show the biggest it's the weekend and then that concussion stuff came out in that segment. Quickly went way right right jacked up maybe that was the name of it. And I love that. But didn't you're given this information of what it's doing. And you understand those guys as to choosing to be on the field candlelight. He at makes me hurt now and I've ivory that would have been hit the older I get the rap they'll let you know it sell you your team can make a stop but. You watch the replays and movies and like they hit on cam chancellor against Vernon Davis a few years ago remember that one monstrous hit. I don't know how Verne is Vernon Davis is still alive. Tell part of a hit it look like you and it was down for many humans we left that game and he never was right in Seattle gap and after that it was like to screw these guys changes stuff Mattingly changes. Are designed and it changes my join in as a sand a little bit and it it doesn't mean that you have to be completely on board with every sort of changed the league makes I think there's a there's certain way that the college football of injecting guys with a helmet to helmet hits I can't stand that no NFL now now it's in the NFL I'm not happy about that. Need the helmet to helmet collision inside the tackle box you can have I'm not a huge fan and that led. At the end of the day I'm. I'm not gonna let a bottom to the point where I make a comment like that from Larry fed or I guy you can voice of frustration with the way there enacting a new rule. But I understand ultimately what they're trying to do and it's not a simple task you're trying to make the games safer. Which you need to when you have a dangerous game like this and you wanna they should they kids you can gonna continue to play and you wanna make sure. The parents are are allowing them to play you need to have this kind of stuff to try and make the game safer and and sought out I'm not happy with the way they punish certain players but I understand what they're trying to do. You know one thing I'm always about the NFL and Roger Goodell have to him credit on this every single season they are very progressive. They are active in seeking out what is wrong well people complain about in seeing if they can fix it. Right they're still having to catch problem we don't know what catches now we don't we'll find out if they fix that this year. Don't have a lot of money invest in that one. But I would I would say about that though is. This league isn't gonna go to. Touch football it's not not the next ten years for sure isn't. So how many more rules would be truly implement. Where this game is that different from what it is to take in ten years I've rightly there's only so much you can change. You can say all is a flag for aiding the quarterback in this area and we'll complain about it but it's not changing the fun and only played two games go ahead first she get penalized but guess what there's a realizing you do that you probably gonna get paralyzed or cut your career short. So they're gonna is correct that themselves there's only so many actual physical parts of the game. That you can kick ins to the point of this game being quote unquote unrecognizable. In ten years. And somebody else needs to just have a talk with Larry Fedora on a beach listen we're later on it and just talk about life in the country. We will survive if we don't have a sport I know it sounds crazy. But somehow we will go on and we have to final hole another line of work which is good it's gonna be terrible for the economy because I Wii wheel and has basketball. Custom camera and I am utterly useless at doing the Big Apple more time for soccer he'd get a gave her tireless champion not a says it'd have said pace and I took over football IU all American football this has been in baseball comes back they'll write a bit so soccer will surpass baseball next ten years but a football ceases to exist X ten years. That's good news for America's pastime the beast is Larry's the same guy who tells every person he means participation trophy the ruining America he's an idiot. Larry I just asked if you're hungry I just we do you wanna snack Mikey doesn't even have one of those trophies hasn't had some Beers in the French tiger thirsty aren't we have a loaded second out a lot of things to get to unfortunate it is for blazer fan will tell you what that is in just a few minutes and Damian Miller gives his thoughts on the blazers movement or lack thereof. In the summer our tutor and Sprague back with more on only organ docs and you see are taxed and AB the fan.