Dirt & Sprague, Wednesday 8-8-2018 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, August 8th
The guys take a look at some of the events in ESPN's "The Ocho" special, Jarvis Landry delivers an isnpriational speech, plus news and notes in the world of NFL and College Football. 

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What's up everybody it's dirt wanna thank you for takes some time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. I've. I. This is dirt and sprayed it. 10. I had to. Drives in great glory days with endangered Johnson and Brett inspiration. Dirt and spray gun Jennie DO CN. Dan let's do this welcome and earned spraying out Wednesday into the air out Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. But you've beaten heat. It was yesterday and number earlier this softball game last night it was no odds humidity was actually does plan in Atlanta. Or better last night to the next couple nights were supposed to push triple digits the next couple of days and it's going to be group. Yeah Alley laws or some bug in last night we need a Taiwan off after the game a little disappointed booted the ball around a little man. Confining instant drop it was a rough on rough one for the intercom softball team like the Mariners. You picked up or they have or they left off. I would tell you know what is this is engulfed the entire office ally even at the Basra did lawyers except for me except for you are refused to part today see you know knowledge of set out your swagger this is this is grade a entertainment OK so we talked about this a couple of weeks back if you forgot. And urges yes he loses the second year anti hero the FBM has done them sing it ESPN two has turned into the joke for the day. And I believe it started last night at midnight right hammering this twelve bells and I think they started with a dodge ball movie and then they went into your sporting events corn holed dark pseudo you know. Some call like the federal eight games all sorts of random stuff happened we don't even know today is. And I think this is broke the entire office similar to AA is Gary and sales earlier he said he was why should last that it could fall asleep he wants to fly an hour slain in a bad. We need to turn it on before the show started and it was a sports if you wanna call ad entitled Saber Allegiant. And it was guys it's not parents are horse fighting with the ex wife same scifi Laura being is what's showing it was set up the art league. I couldn't believe it. This is funny as the end today and you brought up a really good point just did point out where rat sports right now. This stuff sunny ESPN NM partners are only on FaceBook today exactly it sums up 2018 Torre. Not done if you're looking for entertainment business the stuff so right now I'm bored and moved on bowed his Saber legion dot. They guys were into it the B mid round interviews were just great day in her payment and now we are on two sumo wrestling on neo geo. And I am gonna be robed and it is all day role or derby is coming up we have some chest boxing coming up at 2 o'clock I believe slot in the final hour of the show. As and then there's as the one I'm curious about your questions are saying that I'm curious just what exactly. That. Looks like moxie games in three if you're wondering how those are not a usual competitive sports including juggling in triple shots. I buy and they're new they're getting there and do it mega casting Zahn how I wish for Darwinian and eventually it's going into sort of style of that way it's one of those things when you see that you can't really look away and at first elect Clinton whoa what's going on here. You gotta kind of investigative for a few minutes just to try and wrap your brain around it to people around here in the park on Saturday doing Matt. That's the way I was a Saber legion today and that's the way almost everybody was in the offense this. Locked by the cubicle and look at a glance it kind of a peek and see what's going on and everybody before the show starts. And I we piled up like five or six deep at back cubicle watching Saber legion because people would block by seat on the TV they could local way. Well I'm watching something nearly is rare in the Mets are shutting out an opponent itself. It's seven zip in the bottom of the day at. And into an amenity a joke how what did you have for one of these boards next year. And go get my Saber out money into this thing because the dollar is Darth Vader costume where you go and would Skywalk you know where caved guys agree ego you wanna go on you and abuse and you don't mind Canada Bill Maher casual look a little bit just get called fast go on that -- Pastor Wright and low on the exactly yet yeah I can almost five that are ahead. Down towards the need. Yeah this is by the weather mariners are losing again they are on FaceBook but they are losing again to don't want users galore so there's your update for our fans did not lose any ground last night. Because now look at your Dodgers I got you sick care business although they almost left a Rich Hill and a bit too long. And I'm sorry folks this get a pinch distract me all laughter in world similar challenges starting out number eighteen let's go again Caylee over some do I can't pronounce 257 verses 325. That's quite the weight discrepancy is that like the middleweight for similar ideas has got to be middleweight unite and quite a 350 bills that's gotta be full all. The heavyweight are those guys like 500 added that rig really and they're pretty even while John enormous in the super heavyweight to ever call look at Mike offensive guards here just to give yet comparison you know not quite fats that are you know you're there on those who pursue moser. The hefty hefty skies again and after. We haven't releases more C show we do know there's a lot of stuff that's happened today there's a lot of stuff to get two of these guys are wearing diapers on distracted let's get to that what's on tap no more distractions. What's growing and I'm not page to be bold and need to be writing there's a lot of sporting and he sale I gotta go do that this is what Don turnout. Ford by intelligence. And opening more and had the breach on 1080 yeah. I signed up rented by delegate brewing company able to beat John lineup pelican brewing dot com. We do have a lot to get seated day mariners last again last night Felix Hernandez that we've talked a lot about just kind of what should they do with him. I'm curious is that what we're. Your go from here is that almost Ethier defining moment early on every struck out Adrian Beltre any kind of laughed out I'm in. As it was a cool moment between a couple of guys have been around a long time and and it just unravel on them so where does it go from here for Felix. All we got MBAs sketch release coming out that we got a few games have been released we know some blazer tidbits are playing Christmas Day. Complaining the lakers on opening night and I have made a day about opening night now what are people think I'm crazy story and I don't eating out you know you like that at. Yes come. We both love we'll get to that and add new rules and NCAA. This candidate is a big deal for college athletics college basketball in particular. Thought about those who gets from audio down Revell apparently is an act and and double play the audio free if you CNET yesterday I quite enjoyed it. Mike Berry did a Q&A for the for the Dow and I'm projects and I study that's an interesting stuff on that I want to bring NC AD series and atop Major League Baseball Portland I find that opportunity and I take advantage of it. Double did. Adds we got scattered story this afternoon changes coming to the Oscars and a second did you watch the Sox and Oscar is. End up Red Sox go on for rowdy record Kitna beat the Mariners number it's incredible what they're doing and here's some. Lots to get you on the show today it is going to be a good line. Mistaken seem kind of turn on and check it out he would see would LD rookie quarterbacks when it comes down south the talks about a training camp update stick around. But in different cities different teams gone injuries or concerns as teams or get ready. For the season to get there are that's what's on tap it spread to about pelican brewing company. Boarded the beach armada pelican were going dot com I do wanna start a day. With what happened last night. So I got home from softball we got we got blown out not a good supplement for us what got a couple of Beers into X noble across the street after the game and then we. Got home watched hard not arcs and I was fired up for this thing I was wrote Dan because it's a Cleveland Browns and has some dirty teases about how entertaining it was going to be was going to be on the shelves I was fired up to watch. I'm curious if she did. It TJ and it ended last night to hard knocks what did you make of it and the just what's go on what the browns what were your thoughts on baker made field. Hue Jackson because I'd rather a couple of takeaways I am on the grounds bandwagon there are some takeaways are really can turning and I might be off the bandwagon before. Three season game even start sell. That's why I wanna start deserted Jason Arnott also Jarvis Landry. Went on a rant and people are saying is one of the best in history a hard knocks if you didn't hear that you'll hear it on the other side bets throw start our final run and on a Wednesday thanks for being with us start spraying on 1080 the camp. I get told sixteen. That's an NFL training camps Donovan told thirty Felix Hernandez is low here in the first hour shell Mariner's game up cup morons. That's a final and game on the bottom of the third Joey Gallo and armor on stone back on good right now for. The Arizona real close now that series against the Rangers we do also have a correction from the NCAA in typical NCA fashion he released this new rule today in minority and to amend it a little bit is sail well not quite not quite. The woods they liberalism what they had to Amendola that would do that. Coming up in these second hour of the show but tell hard knocks last night debut hard knocks I was fired up to watch kids and I it was a really good episode I'll say that. I think they kind of ripped the heart out of Cleveland a lot of edges and on the opening did you see the opening scene. No I don't watch the dodger game so I I actually flipped over to it right in. Middle of Jarvis Landry speech which is a good dad football over Kazaa I would look into that speech in a moment so the opening scene was then tearing down on the on mural. I'm beside the double that. And then it was your Jackson members to go jump in Lake Erie yes because they went wouldn't listen he said Dave next year for worst beware this past year I'll go jump delay in consult. It was this like cleansing of a new start fresh start LeBron gone so it was kind of a tough fight for Cleveland fans. To go to a little bit but all in all I was a really good episode injecting deceive. The behind the scenes debate may feel get this contract Don and John Dorsey the GM of the browns are thought wasn't a pretty good character and OB one it's fun to lodged. As the season goes on but there were a few concerns they came out and not get those in a moment but. Jarvis Landry who of course cable from my am eight. And after watching an episode I have like you led the NFL in catches last year Jay Cutler was as quarterback which I think says a lot about the player that he is. I don't people realize how good he is because he played the dolphins and he said Ryan's and it opened a Cutler throw them football's. That's those guys you think man put him in a saints are fans or New England or. I do you insert any good offense out there and he's put not even bigger numbers but. You know it's crazy plays he also had the rants of the night now there's a lot of bleeds in this it's about mad at long. And this is Jarvis Landry he got up in the middle of one of the wide receiver meetings was not happy. Don't know what to enjoy a little bit. Why has been blue blue blue boots that you got hurt the military and lymphoma. In all due date they broke I don't know that usually. It's special area that to these meetings and ACC. So yeah it'll be when there's. Do you know at this Lopez's video that is there is always be if this. You did you know that I know what you well yeah it is where did you think you hurt you know. Can hurt you know. Your mother and well you know yeah. You won't. You shouldn't. And it really proud of it. Happening you oh and I don't know I love. Yeah. But it's your body you know what it is unlucky. Okay yeah yeah. Yeah. All. A huge role in the you know lawyer noted this business. But. Yeah it is occasions if he's. So first hat tip to block for IOC one that went through Iowa and our Christian this more I've got at all. Not next minute when he ran out it'll probably cement bag. Take away from that I want a playlist artist wintry that I loved that speech because you think about the locker room culture cleaver and I'll batted spanned. And furious he's tied his big Dili comes over the browns and is these. Is looking at what's going on a week into training camp and he's like what we do hear what your guys sitting out of practice. And that was actually kind of the theme of the episodes of you wash towards the end. I was blown away did this made it through the cutting room native added is that out but there was a coach's meeting towards the end show this that I saw blade. This blown -- so there all the coaches and down and one of the VP of players are good windows guy since the start comedian says he early guys it will not be primaries like the head medical guy and he's honest guys out this trainer whatever it we gotta do process got the lead Disney needs a day off and he does or oldies and teams and then he says okay and nails and those guys get up only in the room and they're sitting there with the coaches. And the running backs coach like aces havens like Jack got the diminished weird. And he basically is as you know it's really important I have guys out there practicing not giving them days off like at least just have them in helmets and avid. That's a beautiful thing just happened up there for practice. And Jackson basically said no. That says it or not they're not softer not treating double gloves were just concerned about injuries and don't want certain guys out there. And then Todd Haley who is the new offense according to. I hailing Gregg Williams of the coordinators this is this is going to be so far and watch those two guys going at a UK and eight. So John Daly jumps in any say quote I have an opinion on it. We need is so much done you know and I I said that to you we joke about it but we live in our fears and in. Our team has to get mentally tough and be able to fight through the belief that we've got to fight through we got to change this drastically. And we have to have guys and we have got is that haven't done believed around doing nothing you know I just don't know how we're hoping to do it. In hue Jackson shot of now. He end up with a lie and basically saying. Everything. That yet it all right editorial control of the show. But from my understanding the way that it works is they get kind of a screening ahead of time of this is what we're gonna air in the first episode. And they have the choice to say you know Null we don't want that in her Aimee B should change batter can we take that scene out they got enough footage to replace stuff. And they didn't do that with this into showed back kind of back and forth you know what goes on a lot of NFL locker rooms and just particularly want in Cleveland where you do you on the heels of artist Landry going on this a hundred a minute when he ran. About how guys are soft and sit not a practice and nobody's try to get better and you already have this seem. Only sixteen mentality sinking in and then you have that happen in the coach's meeting. And you know they're coming Todd Haley. Always there's cameras in there McGee knows that's coming that's going to be picked up and that that was a big take away a little concerned about my Cleveland Browns not gonna lie not a very encouraged to losing episode in that regard. The other thoughts I had from meant. Word or two fold one. You'd Jackson at some point is got a lot subs got to bust there a it if you watched last night he lost his brother and his mom they'll a couple of weeks yeah. And he really when he that day he found out his mom passed away and it's like it was expect these days you sick. They got the call he's crying and then there's a coaches' meeting that same day 86 and their watches elm. And you like we've sit in and out of the conversation like it was no big deal. And these are there watching film is the island my mom passed away today and all the coaches turnaround say sorry I can believe that happened. Anthony's again any in any just keeps going you know here is the zone raiders we're gonna wanna do and wants defense of Dan. And if I was lucky he didn't even bat an eye and it one point the episode. The coaches I think it they GM and a couple of the other guys went into his office and Mike lock the door and forced him to sit there any finally starting crime and not opening up I can imagine how tough that is and we all go through that you have something going on your personal life and you got to try to put it behind yen and get through the day at work and do we best not your job and and you go back to what ever it is you're dealing with once your job is over or so I can I can relate to not regard but that was. An unhealthy way I would say to do it of to not even acknowledge what was going on had other people forced you to acknowledge it. And then he kind of breakdown that concern me a little bit about huge accident. Yeah it did in the dynamic with. Haley Ian Williams who are two of the biggest rat that passes going. In the NFL coaching ranks. I. Will say if they. You know you rip out of the gates and don't find a win there in the first couple we see you just wonder if he's gonna implode. Yeah and eight at some point rat anyone in third outline it a point is that you got to get off to a good stop there if you're Cleveland with those with those core leaders around you. I am almost beyond that I I was. I'm concerned is the right word. But what do you may baker made film I know you miss the start that I had this contract that I saw a C. They made them. You know talked about it and seeing him give his sigh and bonus typical rookie de step if he was not wanting to disclose is that for obvious reasons right right. Yet RV saying so the other rookie the fourth string tie him put out the snacks or whatever hideaway his name is Rogen yeah. Broken. Yet. That is a fantastic they. Is they impede. And he looks like. Or a meeting rooms are users wander around or whatever pass like all he can get really annoying but then when he was in the huddle. It was getting guys when it was his turn to go out run the offense he's he didn't want to mess around he's putting guys in position we don't run this faster we gotta get set up faster. So I think ultimately heat could be good the question will be. Can she find a way to relate to all of his teammates that doesn't annoy the crap out of them. Yeah and that's gonna be tough tiger for first impressions are going to be could go rocky four. Him bribe. And you also I I think in the same episode I knew it was interesting to see the behind the scenes of Tyrod Taylor a guy who's been around awhile and but a starter in the league in campaign cash are pretty low key and laid back he's looking laid back but he's also somebody get the sense is they respected by his teammates. Arm and he was a guy 890 is work ethic was one everybody kind of raved about and that was a moment when Jackson in me is that I trust element to me till is in Jackson went to on the practice field and an. Why he was working out with Tyrod Taylor. Because time until they girlie shows up at like 5 AM every morning gets a big work out and he's like defer sky in the last guy out he's the easy to get back died Tyrod Taylor is. And you Jackson has may feel a lump when I gave what time you get up this morning you may feel like well a bit later than yesterday. The Ed. How about we did did hear a Tyrod he's trying to put us in so I took away I mean it that this seems like it's Tyrod Taylor's job who knows how long that's in the past depending on others seizing goes. But I've I would be surprised if we saw baker may feel player early in the year it's my hot from one episode of hard knocks but. All in all it was fun man if you didn't see it I I highly suggested on HBO. The back of want to start of the day's laggards to go head to episode last night next wannabe next week. Love hard knocks and last night was the debut would get to cement after a training camp story lines are coming up at 1245 elbow we do have a better news on. And it should story from up in Seattle I wanna get too of a player who dean committed from Washington. And has now found a new home also the SI top 25 college football polls out it's a reason to talk college football. Do those neck all somebody's excited first here's what I was Fortson yeah. It's cities now when we're around a couple lows NFL training camps coming up in ten minutes. And Diaz sat I'd have to won it five college football uploaded to your moment. Doing. I'll see you followed the stories like this is kind of an inch steam on an husky fans not happy about this but. I I hope I'm pronouncing the name right Alley halo. And I hope. I'm about right he was the number one rated inside linebacker in class of 2018. According 24 sevenths sports. Five star linebacker is from Nevada and he had committed to Washington and he was supposed to be at ease freshman this year so he's gonna play this year. And he was the highest rated recruit to ever commit to Washington under Chris Peterson and it was a real big deal for the Huskies to get him because. He was roll on time committed to BYU during recruiting process he's from Nevada. But he's flipped his commitment out of the last minute sign with the Huskies. And it was a big could get arms in people up there were were pumped about a big tab crude sexual want to learn when and how linebacker. And and everybody is it from Washington was excited but. He apparently. Arrived in Seattle summer but he never enrolled and was wrapping up some course were Chris Peterson as cited personal reasons. For his release of the program because it's about a week or two ago. He be requested to get out of is is Letterman to anyone out and Washington granted him his release. And that the rumor was he had wanted to go closer to home these dual personal stuff anyone at a moved back closer to his situation. That's not the case it was announced today he has committed. To Alabama. So people are scratching their head up there wondering you know what's on why did the bad the last minute. That he wanted to go no closer to home and that's what he was telling people. Caliber it's always can emerge a little bit. In and does so he's going to be gone Alabama decide to dial out for husky fans. Are we do have these Sports Illustrated time 25 priest is a pull out whenever one of these comes out right fired up just looking at a time college football. And I like this one knows it's accurate or not but it's slightly different insanity of the polls that we've seen zealous. Rated more are known over the years fur. Going out on limbs. Is that occurs thanks still a deal I remember what our state was number one and our assets still a thing for Sports Illustrated I don't I don't think it's been a big video game. In the December body into it is much now bullet there of their cover issue was as it's a Wisconsin feature about their offensive line if you haven't seen that come around it is their five offensive line just rubbish units. And the top five for Sports Illustrated reads like this not out an animal and Clemson number one. Alabama number two Wisconsin. Number three Washington comes in at number four and then Oklahoma and number five. I'm SC and fair predict what the college football. Playoff committee will ranked them based on their final. I think they're projecting their final records. And they're I think tenth. Harder side of the big ten's gonna get beat up in Wisconsin old skate through when upsets somebody in the Big Ten championship game. What it sounds like minded and clemson's schedule a little bit easier Washington it seems like to think and commit to college football playoff I do because I look this heavily we talked about Wisconsin. Last week I wanna bring up their schedule again they have to go. Odd to Michigan I know that their app -- again they have to go to northwest's demands go to Penn State. So they miss Ohio State this year obviously that's the other side of the division and they get Nebraska home. This schedule is manageable non conference they play western Kentucky New Mexico and BYU lose so for Wisconsin is scheduled pretty easy just got to tough ones at Michigan. And I Penn State the apt to get through. And that's a pro let's got a lot of hype this year and they're to Al and all of the feel like his stuff questions about the quarterback position now like I don't like morning Brooke to a a big game that's the tough part. This year around Penn State the rest the top 104 or SI is Oklahoma number five joy or to number six. Penn State comes at number seven Auburn at number eight Ohio State number nine. A lot lower than we've seen him and other publications so whenever that's due to the urban Meyer's situation. And have a West Virginia at number ten there are a couple other pac twelve schools. They show up in the rankings. And surprisingly those Stamford is number two well all's. And in the next one deal at a fractal team ranked is Arizona. Emery ninety. Acting and ups had in me up pac twelve south toward lunacy. No USC down there I Utah's a team that some people have wondered I am and they've been ranked Oregon isn't he innocent people wondered Sino US CU tower in Nagle Arizona and not just in the pulled a third member and. Decent on a defense down there and you parrot would what we'll taken do you. I think there's only one or two games he got about another boring game he didn't do much in the ducks beat a pretty good. And I wanna say they struggled in the EI Indiana bull of rivalry game of their own states we got bottled up a little than those do. That's avenue Rosie was a touchdown machine for them so they're banking on clear to have a big year this year. We'll certainly keep things interesting in the in the pac twelve. I'm a fan of his ball clubs a number on Alabama to Wisconsin three Washington for Oklahoma five. I like that Washington is where they should be was cons and hide training at talent as I mentioned is not a quarterback Oklahoma so the questions about what Canadian without baker mayfield. Georgia with what they're returning tag that be ranked number six sell the SI dot point five Paul. Is out today rest the teams you want or other squads that showed up but at Michigan State is number eleven he got Miami and their TCU fourteen Michigan fifteen. Notre Dame is 16. Central flaw or up. He used in Mississippi State text this LSU. And I did enjoy that one and I she saw this via Elaine has been. Because his team made the top to pay for exciting time after a year came in at number 2.5 on their poll and that's again to remember early on in the year. They play I think its opening weekend of the season they play at Oklahoma. And then Oklahoma the next week as Chip Kelly and UCLA that's and it elk all probably when both of those games FA UN UCLA should be able to hang limp. Just from a storyline standpoint you get a JC Lane Kiffin go to Norman and then chip cal go to Norman. Sammy up that's that's a good start to the season right there SOS sized up to five poll is down and out Washington loses a five star recruit. Album coming off guard a little bit five star recruits that he wanted to go closer to home when he announces he's gonna go to Alabama. The waist up I keep mine too well with decade going Alabama Tosh Laboy a when he was up in Seattle it was a big time recruiter. And in the NCA and was investigating him for some south of and fudging merely SAT it was so weird like that. And so when SATs what's he's now an Alabama and people are connecting mad that he was the Canada may in. Recruiter enemy was granted Israel ease on Monday and Wednesday adding to. Alabama so a tough one for husky and they're just college football talked up point five and recruiting news let's take a look at a couple of NFL training camp story lines at as. Doug Baldwin sets up about Ross Wilson Elena gets issued at Seattle fans. Excited a little bit for this year we ordered play but I wanted to again Aaron Rodgers critical as receivers Derrick cars thankful for something Carson lands. On his injury status injure locked talks about the same thing a whimper as an NFL training camps. As tomorrow all as the official kickoff of pre season lot of games gone tomorrow night. We'll take it canceled due next on the Sam. And the idea and it does softball loss and I got drowns sorrow moment. And some sumo wrestling going on here the other Joseph today on ESPN 'til afternoon. Get around anti diamond and as good stuff now we just a Phillies and Diamondbacks just underway got a couple big boys going at it here another odd under the roof this Chase Field this is ten days in pennant chase civil right here when blunders like four times a sigh of the other guy we got some mixed class is going on. A mom barbs. I did moderate aside here and and that Everett crude stories are ready weird one are public kitty do blue slips goes to Washington and then says you know I'd. I wanna be close to home I want now. I would say this in people know how I feel about the why should two Huskies I've made my sights very clear that show over a number of years. They don't have perfect I mean not only Chris Peterson but the fans as well because that's a tough and when you losing it it's a big time recruiting. That's easy to kind of have the ugly side of the fan base come out and take shots hitting two in her. Tweet mean things to land and I didn't see any of that Peterson handled it right way in the Washington fans. Of what I saw him at the right way because it was at that reportedly was going through some tough stuff and just say you were were hoping for the best Loria and and they'd they do the right thing there and I think that's the stabbing in the back we Bernanke's. And each time days ago being completely honest dirty been dealing with a lot of drama Holmes family drama. Lost wanted to be closer fan so. And that's where it's him. Small little fishy on now when kids can once you go home and go to Alabama a couple of days later. Lot of people are behind them so tough on for the Huskies let's get this an NFL training get up notes as tomorrow as we see the TV schedule violated you know. Because I think that you are red zone thing right for the. From greasy and say my that she knew little. And I'm assuming the CI gable Leon here brought down five Giuliani are well you can little area right here all right and I am fan Tony. Go anywhere pregame starts a fire turned a radio on maybe Isaac considered Kobe G act for the Thursday's show gases is BS man they need to play more noon Tuesday games a couple of CI XX schedules make and I get a day off here I believe the two live games. The NFL not work. Will be the giants and browns at four. Followed by the cowboys and 49ers at seven that's right cowboys and niners now those of you to live games in there and NFL network then starting yet. Eleven a what I heard they'll start show once all the other day I saw Riley plays light and somebody I've. Think they do reds on that thing a free red zone try out Canas had something like that or people deceived they wanna get a for the regular seasons I had to be on tomorrow as well but let it yeah I think they're ten or eleven games tomorrow it's going to be fun and let let's flip around a couple of training camps a big story lines we played this one free earlier but in case you miss Ellis are in Green Bay Aaron Rodgers. Every still go into the contract stuff and Nash added as a follow on contracts on into after we play it is but. He was no content and happy with a new crop ladders. Who's when we're scoring assists and we've been. I don't know how big millions of you really have what the flavor of the Arctic biology and hard and the upper levels very low especially when I'm accustomed to having run that period remembered years and it's not a concern for us on the court period. The end of. NFL noticeable on a shot to me a managed many I think he's still has. Jordy Nelson isn't around anymore he wanted to act and now he's kind of deal with the new cry guys not happy with their development. He owes us if he had like a magic wand to fix one contractual thing any NFL Andy's -- one thing he would fix I agree with this is getting rid of the franchise tag. And allow us franchises have too much control. He said he could actually save teams from Tony in the long run because giveaway deals early or. He don't have to pay that peak numbered oh god I may be sworn two years and that was his way side. Actually liked that idea was NFL would do that reward guys the longer term contracts Aaron Rodgers not happy with his young people wide receivers of the mail get on the same page. And that's a telling thing to say for a guy he usually preaches he relaxed vibe at a re bank. Let's go to another court records and does feel a lot of these different camps. Edge gruden in and as for all sorts ariz Jon Gruden is always in the news I don't ball right where Kurt and I got in at thirty all I thought this is interesting Derek Karr is pretty thankful for is do make coach. Thank you for bringing someone in that and believes in me and it's absolutely amazing you know I know he demands from me. He gets after me it's like she gets after everybody else five stroke he lets me know. In front of ever. And it just makes an open this about our team you know there's no secrets when the spirit I gestured up man no problem of but at the same time he's the same guys tell them each and every one of those players who have cats and just two strikes to just watch him. The field so he's gonna program that I love you memories I'm NAFTA is because I see this mass a new and so. Anybody who's play form anyone who who knows them they want or through a brick wall for the guy. But that people bashing my boy Chucky. Get our car happy he's there. He's fainted ownership for bring in a man gay guy gets you got to give two best players and tear your leaders on the fields. As long sect communications like listen. I'm arrives in all we heard about it with pop back but the spurs when Tim Duncan and David Robinson and say listen. If the rest of the team sees I can ride you do in practice. Then. They'll fall a lot. If the year getting special treatment in kid gloves because it's your the franchise and you've got a 180 million dollar contract. I'm not taken shots or used yet and they're not gonna respond when I got to ride them. Yes it will Mac thing that's on other issue Bailey's its quarterback is on board what he's doing there's Derek are thankful for his new coach. I'm down Oakland big season for a big season for Derek hard it is to bounce back he's got some improvement to sign a contract. Two years ago let's go to Philly are all wonder who's their quarterback enemy because cartoon once little banged up on unfolds is paying down a whole lot of Nate suds so is their third string made sudden felt some hot stud saw action mullah Carson once an update on his injury progress. We'll see we'll see obviously amounts ammo Michael's always defendants armed. So smooth start this thing. Yeah I was anytime you go they're gave few you know Wayne for awhile there finally get out there and you do it I mean to say so great director Ghraib my and my body so good. I'm just really meant that's so great just being out there and and then try to steal it back I mean it was so I'd know what you want but it's part of planet. But we do we see him play and we will weaken Vienna ball park him. From where three or four Big Three or four in safe and cautious with the that's my only concern I outing they will because. And it falls is to be okay it sounds like that's not a serious again injury concern. Please know artists. At the falcons on and will Thursday night than your app the Buccaneers spit take on the colts appetite console may be right there October 7 against the vikings at home he got a big game the where Wentz. The tricky part becomes. If full comes out I'll. And downed tools. And when the deal. I mean if he comes out and he's thrown for 304 yards and completing 68%. He's got a three or 41 TV dinner section ratio and as these three you know 35 points again aimed. Controversy saying then then yeah if you're Doug Peterson what do you do at half. That's a tough did you issue a deal would you change an already go left not handy to trap him at that point. I don't know. He won you the Super Bowl AI Embry announces last year and of what people actually when I first started talking about that. So in the first syllable in the history that franchise death. That's the biggest dilemma if these if he's OK I mean if he stinks then he could be in their super. If he's okay row eight. In our third just OK let's hey thanks man I don't expect falls to be just this dominant quarterback again Ben I can be Iran has said that last year at opposed these say their three and one Jerry's plan and I hang on people allow certain off is put not you know 24 points a game than yeah Wentz is back here we go out. But if they come out and they are blowing people out the offense is runner rob chayet. How whence they sit longer compete in my age old not only gay were OK I'm ready to rush him back a couple more quickly as elegant before we go here. Let's go to Indianapolis as Andrew Luck all eyes on him especially in that decision now goody is wiese LT here's luck talking about his progress juror. There is time. Timer to rise or I thought I would not put footballer Darren and I didn't think there was work. Or why you're jam. And I'm I'm so row over worked worked throughout our our lawyers and O'Donnell are. Received a lot help your team and its friends firm waive. Fresh Auburn and also talk so my contemporaries earned about here's affair gone through him and him sharing an open. You know about himself as a was also very helpful I never thought our members of fun playing for Portland. About daddy in NC thought about walking away thought about is it worth it anymore sometimes is a little too Stanford. Yahoo! and it's too much of the philosophical sinker. I'm about EU India and friends. They play their first. Breezy into Monty here here on the sand. I thought this is a spelling close so. Doug Baldwin number we had on the show only went up there and he was pretty pessimistic about spanky was. That didn't sound too happy about the direction they're gobbled he had a more optimistic Cody gave this to Michael died or the athletic. And they were talking about Russell Wilson the offense can way things are located he said the biggest thing. I think as Russell's batterer that this is the best I've ever seen him since he's venue I'm really excited happy and happy for his progress. Because obviously that makes us better it makes it easy are easier on us eat a lot of credit to Brian Schottenheimer. Is is being drilled on how to dissect opposing defense is he that he said is gonna benefit the entire offense including the offensive line. Which is not play well in recent years Doug Baldwin in a little pessimistic so far in training camp not to he told us he's mentally prepared for a down year. Now we say Russell Wilson looks the best he's ever logged in there's been encouraging known have been a tough love to see our fans there's an encouraging note for yet. Heading into tomorrow's training our pre season nations aid debut may lots to get two and a second now the show NCAA coming out a new rules for college basketball players. The organic amendment we'll get to adapt but I do like the rule is in the right direction. BS informal body and play Torrealba braves broadcaster again puts its foot in his mouth that we have Darren rebel acting. That happened that's a thing we'll play that IQ and the Portland diamond project at that there were some highlights to get to we'll see if we have time to dissect our for Felix Hernandez Kazakh out volunteer. But let's start with the NBA schedule or is it a question for you I want to see Rory around this 155 Israel fives Betty today. I'd if you had to place a bet right now Moneyline on the opening night game so not to spread just straight up winner. Lakers and blazers who you it's taken 55305. Is are you placed a bet we'll give it the rest than scheduled tidbits in the second hour don't put in order to spring on 1080 the fan.