Dirt & Sprague Tuesday June 19th, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, June 19th
The guys wonder which former Blazers was overvalued by fans upon coming to Portland, plus which of the top 4 or 5 picks would you take if you were a GM, and fun factoids from the guys.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence has presented by less Schwab tire is doing the right things since 1952. Dirt and spray dogs and radio show and it's going to be best available but that is all or. Maybe Michael Porter junior from this story but keep in mind that it could be traded it once selected beating. This is a draft which edition of dirt and sprayed ratchet nicer way buildings to enter your summer after a project and remodeling or online at SC QYWHY. Dot com. Dugard and spray dogs and eighties I think it's really tax free and. I think you're Gail welcome back end loaded final hours in severe weather is here and beautiful Tuesday afternoon. This I was trying to get through that that cloudy nonsense the last couple of days eyes you know I I don't our latest storm heat but I was tired of that overcast look into that son Jack. At exactly the out fits back in it is today lots of idiots in the final hour of the show. NBA draft stuff to be your news college football factual aids. Major League Baseball factoid is lasting into I did just wanna throw this sounded a discern the final hour 55305. What former Portland TrailBlazer had we done a worst job as a fan base of over valuing. Over the last ten to fifteen years giver Tay is the easiest one you get an easy answer right he's out here and easy answer daddy easy Rudy Fernandez. Not even close we threw him may help low airport welcome party he got hosed in the dunk contest. Debatable. It doesn't act like he was out their due and on the side when battle or a cash paying homage is of critical critical Doug's I remember when they got Rudy Fernandez. And I'm not telling you it was a thousand people but I remember these video footage they've played on the. News to me eight Saturday they showed him coming down escalator and there was a crowd and mob of people waiting to go went crazy because they thought Kyrie comes we got then next European. 66 player that's gonna dominate the league and begin shooting a daunting to remember he had that big including a dunk on somebody in the Olympics in Maine before he was a blazer. A study at a big moment for Spain and the alone I'm sure he did Jack Hanna may dissolve some good tight sports pants and you turn into a three point shooter that didn't feel very consistent and couldn't do much else other reason I ask this question you designers about a 855305. Bomb. See what's gone out JJ hickson I did seasonal gas just came out yesterday so it's not a good for now for JJ hickson. Cell if you have not seen this story on just tell AM till the end we are member JJ hickson and is two years of Famer I guess a year and a half of fame in Portland. Is this a dominant double double machine public he is arrest dead. And I'd charge with armor on armed robbery if I can talk in Georgia this past week. He was charging using a knife and a robbery unease being held without bond and make how what I county jail. Apparently two people were involved in an attempted robbery bill only Hixon so he's the charges. He's still 100000. Dollars and other items from a hall any broke a seventeen year olds knows upon entry into the house. Through a side door of the teenager is expected to be OK it is receiving. Medical treatment so if you're wondering if you're looking for an update on what's JJ hickson have to these days. He is robbing and stealing people of a 100000 dollars worth of items end up punching seventeen year olds in the nose. Not a good career attorney general JJ hickson yes he made 27 million dollars in his career by the way that's not bad and he was in the MBA two years ago. I guess three years to really really got on the Washington. In 2060. Was in Denver and illustrated a Washington so the end of the 2016. Year. Was his last season in the MBA so it's not like he's been out of the league for that long eighties immediately resorting. To punching people. Instilling 100000 dollars worth paying sign away I I Google's briefer and in his dunk on and it until fills in to white power. So we don't underline how well for those out there it was Dwight Howard's policy that's why we and I always watch the film that he don't got him. It was good yeah it's pretty I was not a guy a parade it's not Colby on Dwight Howard could throw a parade man well yes it's basically what did it that makes me almost one ask the other question what's the more embarrassing parade to throw Greg Oden Rudy Fernandez practical. That's it that's another easy question. Rudy Fernandez probably had forty people at the airport. Greg Oden took up the entire square. We opened the entire square up for him you're excited he was shooting water guns at people. And tossing T shirts in the crowd. We thought we won a championship. We really thought we have funded title as a city when we drafted him in paired him with the LA and Roy. We celebrated as if you're ago. Our dynasty is arrives right and he played 82 games for Portland you know what is another really good one little lizards accident consumer and we are trying to rack our brains of these the guys Wheeler died the most 'cause you'll remember there's like a year and a half JJ hickson looks like he was the story in Portland because he was it fifteen and twelve I think one year and begin numbers did mean was it double double machine it was like did this guy Paramount LaMarcus a skull we got our core here let's I was 69 center let's do it's it's red Stewart. Another really good one player that I'd love to I'm guilty of some of these. Travis Outlaw cool cool Travis Outlaw is a really go what does anybody know what Travis how much did after he left Portland yet he got a huge contract. With the teens. That the kings who signed with the stripper and he's I was leaking the freeze and be dead yet he was the 23 overall pick. So it's hard is like you just human terms when they were here just there's you're like guys that we rely on how he's gonna be the next day answered no we can't trade him he's too good east okay and ascent this is a fair one to bring up I do you feel this is a mixed. Feeling though 'cause people I was around like my friends and other people that I'd randomly bump into I felt like Travis Outlaw was always like at. Yang is never getting it but we think now. And I'm sure you had some blazer maniacs that dot. Give this guy more time don't do it. Best thing I Travis Outlaw ever did. He got one of my ex girlfriend's out of my life home really it was amazing he stole latest front I don't know ex girlfriend out out of my life out okay it was amazing guys eskimo grows. In a weird way he kinda not say I dated this girl in college and you know I thought she was the bee's knees. Turns out little crazy. Should have known of from a couple signs on the first date. And figured out rather quickly got to get out of this and global Travis Outlaw some are at a nightclub. And she text me says. I'm not talking more Travis Outlaw had a meeting last night I said great go for it if he's William Travis she's all yours. Said the the not the people would put a little question today were Rudy Fernandez JJ hickson Sebastien Telfair health there's a good one and Nicholas the two Telfair was a brand new. JJ man. I did fall under the Sebastien Telfair I watch that through the fire documentary who had a documentary on him like that was a big deal he was to that point he was the best New York player of all time yes he dominated the high school scene in New York so its it was hard not to kind of fall in love with that story Maher varies 'cause in quake great handle. And we figured out very quickly from Portland all of dozens of college is key issue at all. In translate he is the leading vote getter violent 35% of you going with Telfair Jerryd Bayless would be a good one coming off a summary Kennedy's seat is solid. I remember Jerry I still vividly remember hand when he was first bursting onto the scene in regular season not summer league. Having the comment. Him and require like the next big backcourt in the NBA. He was he's I I think he had a common along the lines of Albee the Mo Williams to LeBron like I'm highly say that he had that line did we got Roy I'll be the Mo Williams to has LeBron east don't lead to inning he's a back is sitting on the bench so our team is I announced a low iron is that have been on Yankee losses here pre early. And had to go it like to cue ball look at. There's two irons in logic is that up until mom there because. And but it was always good player I think we missed a player like Nicholas the two now. But he was overvalued to the sense of we thought he was we say was that Scottie Pippen like we all did that of we put him up on this pedestal and even though he became a really good player anyhow those unique stat lines that only guys like LeBron James would have the a fifty points five rebounds. Five assists couple blocks couple of steals like there's is not many guys in the league. That had that skill set can do that. But we put him on such a pedestal that because of that. He was disappointing and in united on the the bloated contract which is bad. And I'm a deal brought up the give and two of it is one that we haven't gotten over is a fan base in his spit on it was funny. Was Jermaine O'Neal. Is that not just because he was disappointing but because sense we traded Jermaine O'Neal we have had this fear is a sand based. Of trading a young star all law all these guys were mentioning Larry Campbell Campbell them. Because we're fearful of it being the next Jermaine O'Neal's usually you don't wanna say Jermaine O'Neal just getting dale Davis adamant about it and Adele Davis is a boss for awhile is good players good senator. I Jermaine O'Neal. The tough thing when Jermaine was in a million making impact we thought it would right away but you got to remember this was a guy coming out of high school. He was how old are we traded him when he was at least one Xeon anyone here for that long and is he was a baby we any really good stacked team so. It's hard to do that now is that we don't want the next two main O'Neal but in that moment. It was something that kind of made sense and CEO kind of similar with Zach Randolph I don't it was your fervor we trade we have to toy when we traded when he went. I know Zack Randolph was a bone Hampshire and he still had some bone headed moments. But that was one for me that I I knew she was going to be a really good NBA player and I think most of us knew that his last year to here. And it sucked because it just it was working out with his personality type with the off the court stuff where we were is an organization. And then he goes to Memphis and has this what ten year career out right right longevity stability. Leadership. That dude is gonna have his Jersey retired in Memphis they love him in Memphis and it just sucks 'cause it would have been great to have Z Bo here put up those same kind of numbers having a similar impact. Ads like this and diesel is a Meyers Leonard actually as of had a bit of this his first two or three years now it's exactly the opposite that's true we were really island Myers had a playoff series against Memphis. Re couldn't miss them the one they guiding me yes laughter loss of 500 Aldridge is last series demand CJ played really well in that series in Myers and was laughable here we go he's seven flattery can shoot stressed the floor big year coming up I'm gonna go look at the stats and those five games but I'm pretty sure three out of five he played decent the other two didn't do anything I'm a look at the stats during the break as were way against it. And I'll let you know how we reacted given what we saw in the 5 game series am sad to say it's a funny conversation have is a JJ hickson at one point was one of those guys doubled and DelHomme and 69 senator who doesn't want that. But he was arrested and Georgia last week for stealing a 100000 dollars worth of items and up punching a seventeen year old in the face. There is your daily JJ hickson update I want I dive back in the NBA draft have a question about four different guys in which one. You're the highest on idea to buy a stock of one of these players which one would you buy the most that's next on 1080 the fan. It's under for today it's got. Got some love factoid to bring you the bottom of the hour straight out of college football on I have a Major League Baseball one. Higher stats by the way from now yeah this series let's dive into this this is when Myers legend it was created yes unstoppable force in the playoffs what Indy what did he do against Memphis so he this is this is what really drove people lose their minds. He shot 76%. From three point range it's going to be an NBA record of the five game series they had. He had in two games in double figures out. But it one of those games he played just five minutes he'd registered. Two personal vows that was in some. And in the first game he gave you seven and nine. So not a bad little almost double double with two batteries OK and then their final game he had nine points all from three point range and four rebounds so. It Timmy primarily in the sense that people only lost their minds as he shot 76 from percent from three but. He only had one game where he shot more than three three's success that its. And a one from line one for to heck with two for 22 for two handicap. Not a lot of volume but man was he knocking down shots. All say this for his sake this offseason. An Emmy a workable weeks away from free agency. And I I don't expect much happened on Thursday night. Just for his I hope he gets a fresh start. I'd is that I'm easily won Sydney's Megan too much money. That's his accounting guy he. Spurts and Antonio Bryant trade some how he's involved. He does San Antonio any averages thirteen. Are we then going in questioning Terry Stotts Letzing organization in our dollar all idiots on on on an hourly go well it's the spurs everybody does that whispers carbonation do also what this first look like because if coli leaves maybe they're a bad team and he plays a lot nieces knocking down open shots occasionally. And I and the San Antonio command drastically different next here thirty gays already begun coli is likely to be gone. Danny Green might not opted for another year he could be gone and I can be a bad basketball team next year. He had an old pal Gasol LaMarcus Aldridge not much else left in San Antonio so. I I would overreact at that point but I do think he needs a fresh start of the guys get employees you need to start over I can envision that happening and already seeing some of the media upon and saying see. Told Joseph he can do it right and then some fans going widely queue for threat we elephant reading some of those that's by the way on the Centex line at 55305 just in the last segment about a these guys overvalued I didn't have somebody treat Meehan say this reminds me of all the weeks they've made in the draft. And I forget about Sony's Martell Webster was another pretty big one as the number six overall today she was Vietnam. It was going to be I know anything about Martell Webster in that draft and then the other three jump shut down. Eight days goods the good looking stroke gag a look at jump shot is a six fight is big body to. I would argue for most people though go back and take a five or ten year look that. Any other team and you'll find find this a lot of these similarities yet you must see the rarity. Of teams that can hit. Right every single year at least on somebody that's a regular contributor obviously if you're down that. You know below twenty you're not gonna get. You know perennial all star but at least somebody that's. A regular part of the rotation has contribute to top seven or eight. Now mark tells when those you're around guys to your average for your randomly just as Dan Walker has just hang in Gaza it was Martell I just saw that level was that. Might have been like during the follows a Bridgeport and I'd turn around and just walks arise by that shows hamburger shack in a Mike. Yeah right Martell Webster just hanging around Bridgeport and iceman has feel fear in the summer island ASE is his questions and address coming up on Thursday I am design cross my fingers for a lot of action with Portland I'm not hopeful I think we're gonna draft some guy. That desire like a three year project or somebody nobody's heard of I decides setting myself up for disappointment. Let's let me become a version there's going to guys even like him is try Padraig think's gonna be good at all. Right I sit and it only feels to me like there's two. Guys that are safe bets. Like I. I can really. Figure out what I can count on from them from day one. And it's Don suits. And Bagley. Which is it is against Baddeley has a lot of detractors out there about is I understand that chemistry fed and you know defense that canister of him. Peoples of their better live off the floor last year duke I don't know like Aaron Jackson. I did not see enough of Jerry Jackson. To succumb to a qualified position patent by far as the most talent and upside. I'm just he's signing suns jerseys already by the way for yes he's going to really I think getting his of course he's going to be the number one pay is that random like event called tiger was in Arizona as you stay in Arizona do they need deposition of course it's going to be an epic. And and ever else and kind of like. I can see. How we can go sideways so we possible ways in every year NBA GM hat on. Your team is on the clock now granted this is gonna depend last he had a cannon thinks it would just elect a starting from scratch kind of deal because. Not drafting basin of need it is 1 o'clock these four players are available which one do you select. The Andrei Guyton Marvin Bagley look at Don cinch or Michael Porter junior. Porter junior is. He's very confident in his abilities right now he is saying he is better that you can be very and Yana is DD like he's put himself in that stratosphere likes himself so Michael Porter junior it's tough go to town on the health he's going to animate dating unhealthy there's no problems here. I'm gonna go the other three because I don't trust the health part. I really like all three of those players I I really do believe not to be so cliche and fans sit I think all three of those players are gonna have impacts in this league to be very good players. If I'm forced to take one infant one album. The potential of conscience is so tough for me to say no to really badly feels like an insane eighteen in nine or ten guy. And titan could really come into the league and be a beast. But I the potential part of Don church. When you win in the Euro league that league and as guys by nineteen year old as the second toughest league and I think exists. And he's over there winning MVPs in winning titles. There's a little something to that it's not NBA talent but DM it is really close I think decade can come and MB. Special well and she of all those guys. Seems to be the one that involves. The rest of his team in his success. On the floor so whether he's scoring or dishing or setting guys up for those sorts of things his offense. Win when it's crunch time when they have to get a bucket and everything breaks Downey has no problem getting the ball five on the shot clock and make them happen and but he's also more than capable to be a distributor and whipped it around and try and find the best shot and force the defense to move and I think that's the most appealing thing about him right now. Where he could play 23 or four. In tip the ambient level given his size we'll see how it goes that the two. And there's concerns about his quickness. But. Bono and I think is. I think he'll have the easiest transition. Right to the NBA having played against pros or of their. Bagley. Allowed you really like Bagley and obviously he might be the most pro ready. I did you won and we didn't put on this list and talked about potential in all my data my team takes him I don't know how to feel but it could really pay pay off. Obama. Obama was a lot of fun among the bombs Katie has an 85 wingspan he's a free seat he'd just released a Visio. He's doing work outs right now where he's doing pull up three point jump shots and he's making them by the way he's not clank and a badly right. He's he's he's still a project he's still raw and a man if you could tap into the potential of that kid at 85 wing span. Oh no question yet let's facets of. Am point. If you've got if you've got an established veteran four or five that knows how to. Did the pain and bang or rounds of the NBA level. I worry about no offensive game now. Not no one knows not fair Bono no I think that's fair coming in this morning Zedillo's an Inglewood just he's not ready to have the offense well I really am one that aren't Cloris are makes a guy like that I didn't Obama's troubling bigger and and and had a bigger wingspan is New Orleans no well. And there isn't a tall lanky was blocking shots Duncan played good defense in college bombers for three or four inches taller in the swing speed and my in his foot lot on his literal as dog couldn't stick in the leader is isolating Italy because again doing on the offense and the floor I I hear you there I feel like my Obama though in and you read some of these kinds of you can say it's just the draft or sell themselves there's no doubt. I think the kids really driven to get better where is adding New Orleans no well. And I don't know what to drive there was as the reason he didn't steak dish since he was sky idiotic say no to a seven million dollar deal from the mavs have Bryan says an 85 wingspan and this economy. And this economy I I I like that rob potentially deadly snaring it's their salaries of these ads which runs it takes a vote question of the these four guys on the border into one of them to take I Bagley dodger pitcher out Michael Porter junior. Read severe drugs or did the results and you decide also I've of factly about baseball spring has a factoid. About college football get to that next. Basic and the man of the mayor Michael Porter junior very confident in the man in the mirror. Michael Porter junior knows Michael flowers he's gonna do in the NBA I need to read that could hear a moment first though. That's JoAnne paired ticket city McManaman is edged field first ever edged field Bruce says Saturday June 30 said edged field color number four finalists 32 final 1080. UN impaired tickets to get some more information available at the commitments dot com slash Ed feel and edged field dash Bruce has to or. He just go to McManaman dot com and as surgeon to Derek Holland before he went parent tickets to. The edge field Borough fast yes so this comes. Izod as Democrats wire retired and the NBA draft and is which guys your most confident and and I am not get a few constant battle and how to pronounce eaten titans last it until Thursday and I nearly commissioners say it. Not all commissioners say last names right I sure we had a Mario Todd had a bag don't say it. Mom he sent a very port it was like even worse than it normally is because some people goal. Mary yes I can remember how he did it but it was bad. Some a minute wait until I seed exactly what it is but this Michael Porter junior had to say about himself he said you know talk about how you view yourself in the NBA and here's reset right now I would salmon Nixon yeah honest and Cady for an effective it's beautiful okay good start Imus. Oh and BJ EC win championships next year are you kidding me. I like guilt because I like going to hole a little more than KB guys I like bumping into people a little more physical and Katie. But I like to shoot the ball more than he honest so I'd like to compare myself to also Tracy McGrady I can compare to him a lot. I like that 12 of those are three basic players I like that when it doesn't feel bad at the same conversation as them yeah I like that he puts herself for the conversation and says he likes being compared to those guys I know where we're kind of teasing it. I love the confidence in himself I think if you're a fan of the team that's maybe looking at drafting him you're worried about the injury history and potential but. You need to hear a kid have confidence in himself and he's not allowing the injury to. I weigh on him more sway him on on anything on how he feels about his game we know this from watching him in high school. He was incredibly dominant I mean he was playing against some of us talent in the country twos so. And let's not like he was playing in guys about our size in high school he played against really good college players brag brag but damn fortune of are we missing now for them in college basketball. I do believe he's got real good potential a piece stays healthy dad is the biggest gift and that as a selling point. That's not easy to fans but he stays healthy I totally violent guys like Jay guerrillas say. If he's healthy last year plays all season. He's probably the number one or two pick in the draft seriously. He had the U Sinai school you called a game for him. And I did she wasn't just a one dimensional player he he could get it done and in a bunch of different ways so. I think he's got the potential to be one of those really good basketball players. I know he's using names for comparison in some people will blow that out and say always thinks she's better new artists already. I can get to go in this league with that mentality it's a few years away glide. He's selling you on the company's said he clearly has any B stays healthy this is a kid that can get it done on the next level. They're taking him Mario tell. Mario Elie we have something apparently that we have this system anywhere is still the prime tell us that drop I think it's got to be somewhere and narrow Mario 20 I kind of like here acts she appeared on the eve screwed that thing up again. The guy that I would take though that I am highest on is the one and I can't pronounce. Eight I don't know how you pakistanis tighten see it Andrei Guyton isolated site two but I don't know how you pass on that. Yeah I seven I want to athletic can move Vietnam deal as a sedan blazers should know this you don't take the big man pass on and how does he play in the up tempo game. The example in the comparison that I would make him guy that is sitting easily. To modern AM BA is joy and be right I it does he have delays that MB has and has away from the hoop bill but it would be wasn't that kind of player in college she was draining threes when he was in Kansas. I ate he has the types to develop that part of his game to me when should be terrifying. TN BA teams because he can dominate the policy 71 he's strong. There's no major major injury concerns that I know of coming into the league like some of these other big guys that come out. And he's a guy that did shoot threes and didn't make threes in college occasionally. And if you have if you had that aspect of the game. Patent that that's the dream big guy he's not fat he's not slow week and moved c.'s good defensively could score and oppose a good score away from ago. I think it's amazing isn't a bid a lock as you can have a Maggette and have a big impact our this year this could out. Where the second pick in the 2015. NFL draft. The Tennessee Titans select. Markets Mariano. And re alioto Oregon duly gave us an Oregon went Mario tell let's look investors not knowing that you know mantra did that with the baseball draft when did you delineated magical. He said mantle's name around nobody gave it an Oregon State. A lot of people do that. Thus is the fear and there is Sam committee to get the shaft on the scene isn't it hillbilly from Arkansas are right you're the commissioner of Major League Baseball but it isn't nobody gives a say that secrecy in the area your company. That's the way you've always heard it announced yeah. Come on now been out those things are supposed to be there are so there's an ESP enter there's an NBA draft why video I Ole. He sent out there and I think that second round. Mari not a whole night. You talked about condemn. Is that he's a mildly concerned about Dayton or Biden is easy at thirty year old man choked it does have old man look to lump what is he just gets up there and goes at the first take the scene is at Phoenix Suns select. DR Andre from Arizona he just doesn't even try it backs out of the last time an attempt to go to dinner. Are OK come on. He's known names here. So at Arizona by the way titan is the overall vote leader at dirt sprayed on Twitter. A Michael Porter junior was the last. He's the most compelling now and he's a got aegis -- is a lot similar to dungeons because we haven't seen him at a high level right you know dodges we nobody sees him as you're like spring and you watch highlight tapes of him. Leading into the draft importer I think we saw locally if you went to the LSI his team didn't win may be Marvin back Li's team that was a crazy German that was the championship but you think about it a play against each other I'm assuming they both had huge performances but I can't remember there's stat lines continue -- I came. Not the title game not how big enough to call on Alan side tile game c'mon now a lawyer on the island ice semi final I would like an ancillary qualifier game here OK now let's I was a quarterfinal broadcaster for that tournament. But that Jose a much talent goes the Allen cy year and year out but when you when you only see it got played two college games is just it's tough to. It's tough to translate OK you were dominant high school. Was that because your bigger stronger and everybody can yes in part right. Figure how he ended up with an oh. You say it wrong. We did the Mary Odom Mario and a Mary on as the one in a lot of money rather us be a Peter mutter cup's place anti ship. Leader mutter. I meant to say peanut butter and he's an emcee you know what Roger Goodell had a hell out I'm sorry were both idiots Evans the best analysts heater minor happens at best about us how is not a good time on the tees on a good time now. It's good when he Peter Mueller caps sad moment the bad moment please mind wasn't on a stage in front right we'll take ten million people in a few more people watch the NFL draft to listen to our stupid little radio show planned after a fact. Okay outlet is set up my baseball factoid before we go here and a little. Hey guys upon minister in a commercial break let got a good cause you'll want to okay well it's that do when no cheating I hope you haven't seen this yet. So Bartolo Colon pitched last night got a when he became the winningest pitcher Dominican history. About that yeah second on the list. Who. Bartow upon us now face for a different father son combinations. Do you know who they are. He's faced for father's father and son counties face the dad and a for the Griffey's dad and the seven. This forum can enable that's my factoid springs at a college analogy does next on the champ. He bought it and lol you guys but the guessing game in the commercial break out one album I got one and I'm not thinking of any others this bloom I saw this last night and I was like wait a minute White House or three more handsome Bartolo pull on one little place for your team currently. A chance and yes now. Now that Turner's that the right well the villagers. Daddy exam the Belgian media pop and we need it it expects to recommend seventy. So the status bar to look at on a listener element to bodily. After Monday march oracle is now face four different father son combinations and his Major League Baseball career. The one you guys got was Cecil in Prince Fielder yes you just guessing clay and Cody Ballinger. I remember clay ex member claims if it had his Jersey vividly big fan clay. With the listener guesses on Rowell and and Alberto. Oh yeah on the scene the Mon to seek my number democracies. Grow Odyssey was as he was the fire is a bad idea I had for demos can. And then the last one is that Eric and Eric Young junior. While that Eric young's young's than the darn young legs so why are jest the boos as he went Bob OZ that'll go right. Bob Boone I can Elena surgical. At what year did Bob Boone retire from Major League Baseball team played a lot now my other bounce onto my other guest act of cancer forever it was in 1990. Man boy that's Bartolo and start that's what's he's got a 24. Year it's over thirty year career. Political odd shots alone because first it was 97 now thrown around that but yeah. Pummeled him. I guess they go winds which makes sense but. He never plays Tony said but he started you got a memory started in Cleveland so they probably didn't play a name facing tethered interleague in the late ninety's dizzy I adding the way it was for England played for a couple of years after that it's like 2001 yeah but he probably unit is in face each other 'cause he was in Cleveland -- -- San Diego might even -- neck as he was in the 2000 World Series now let me give let me just swept by the Yankees deploy am so he might retire -- three. Tony gland. And. Laid in detail all. 2001. So when you that in the interest and they went on in the 2000 emerald series. Was it they were one of those one or bud a born again I wanna say it was 9798. Entry 2000 was the subway series yes. So a.'s bright idea was 98 that's I think it was 98. That's exactly not bad right matron wanna deal a gets huge gap I doubt I will it's a different category college football factoid. Did you know. Lincoln Riley going to start just signing a N a contract extension Oklahoma ha. She is gonna make four point eight million dollars per year got a million dollar race. She is gonna make 100000. Dollars more than his starting quarterback. Tyler armory it was strapped to bio play and who gonna make a four point seven this year. Then head coach is gonna make a 100000 dollars more than the starting quarterback in college football. All how that works in college boards where as long as you're not getting paid to play that sport he gets the money. Could make all the money you are right we don't care gulf florid. I Izod know who is the pot are both the parliament today. Did the YouTube videos that he NN I'm getting banned the NCAA wouldn't Jordan Taylor hit it it's. He had a funny tweet of the day when he saw the collar marine whose equipment you guys would let me play college football because I was making YouTube videos. This guy just one outside of five million dollar deal almost it's he's still want to play one more year how does that compute if Murray has a good season and his coach yells at him I think he turns back to and tells him to shove if he's he's forty point seven million in this round. Coach showing make a hundred K more to go play baseball get the hell out of here that's a different scene us and eyes instead of the you know I just. A 100000 they're all there is a small gap man. I wondered how much fear there is that the whole other segment a month on Oklahoma. How much fear should their idea of the impact baker mayfield had. Because that's a bit of a mark Alfred situation got saying he's the next mark health for all uplink and rightly took over had a Heisman winning quarterback on his team. At that inflates things a little bit makes it look a lot better at times then maybe you are as a coach what do we know about Lincoln Riley though before he said coach he called the plays what do we know Lamar Caltrans where he said congress did not call plays and OC I'm Cassandra you wanna see maybe how he is as a head coach without a Heisman winner. All you're not a doubt and in good dual column very bold you're you're the real deal will give you that big contract extension there's approving factor but there's a big ditches and sand. A baker we're gonna go around Jumbo jet split 86 on three. And then being the head coach and then being hate chip. That was a good play call you had there and then being head coach. Big difference. In playing up and about factoid right there the fact joins from us. Now bands. All we're just Valentine to the NBA draft comes ads on Thursday. We'll talk about it more tomorrow. I do wonder the poll question all the we brought up earlier would you trade CJ the 24 pick for Chandler Parsons the fourth faith. Somebody Diebler coolest dad onboard. Even though Janet's got like fifty million dollars left on his two year deal. They weird zeman ablaze uniform to. After all the transpired. But I don't know for us today folks permissiveness LS rubbed tires podcast and the fan dot com is where you can find it was we get out after his re enact any the fan as. Well we got a good show tomorrow we got a great show tomorrow I decide look at it. They do in a teaser is giving it show it's going to be when we tees and I don't know you find out it's giving it's helping edited in a white scored thirty on his program before the show and then you'll find out what's coming up. Ali we'll talk to you tomorrow at noon number one is next you're listening to 1080 the fan.