Dirt & Sprague Tuesday June 19th, 2018 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, June 19th
The guys are already sick of all the flopping in the World Cup, plus who is on your Blazers NBA Draft Day wish list, and how much do you want to see Neil Olshey take a swing a something dramatic even it ends up backfiring.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. And. A live. Have my vote. This is good drive which edition of dirt and spray that's you nicer way buildings and. Here's summer after a project and remodeling story online at SH YW a Y dot com dirt then sprayed on 1080 some breaking news they're both fair and. I'll ride in his 1202. In the rose city it is time for dirt spray don't Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. Brand as radiator Johnson in with you on this beautiful Tuesday afternoon. And man do we have an amazing radio show today we have a great radio show today. There is a guy on Egypt that is rolling around on the ground he looks like he just got murdered he touched he didn't crisis. All it just dislike glanced at that she and my G is to design. He is on now. Around like somebody. Just punched him in the face there's not a lot of I don't know it's Ariza of these okay now he's fine he's fine heating get that yellow right here is Paul Pierce is back and it was chaired the Nolan had the disease here. I do have a question oh where does everybody go at the halftime these games because this place is packed in now what is empty at the start the second half foul call it a shot at taking time vodka giants like go organ game man content audience get that all the time resistance and may even blazer games like that started the third quarter it is just empty everybody leaves at halftime he takes around the eight minute market ablaze a game for it to be filling back tabulate while they was there to replace the the trumpet sound to let everybody you know -- -- a dead -- and. Teacher aspect of your seat is there is there a soccer guy out there or a woman. Willing to acknowledge that the flopping they do you drive some knots yes or is it just universally accepted given the kind of sport it is because basketball. Their basketball people that get really upset is presage a scored accidentally in their somehow probably gonna win this game that way. There are some basketball fans that hate the flopping in the NBA. And they need a lot of likes fringe slash football fan that will watch basketball and then just so they can make fun of said basketball player I can't stand. There's a. An option that I think would help cut a lot of that out for the life of me I do not understand soccer is of most of the traditional sports we watch team sports ball sports that's an own goal outs or Egypt it down and it. Soccer is the soccer field is bigger than a football field mean so. I don't know if it's bigger than a rugby fields. But there's only one ref for a re out there who's supposed to cover the whole thing and a lot of the falling down on the flopping is Jude to rob the referee's attention to what you think occurred. It see if you can force him to blow the whistle just like it is an NBA where you'll. We you'd take the contact you hit the ground chair to Joseph Robbie at the officials' attention. Why there's not too rep for re you on the field one in front one in back. To catch some of that nonsense nonsense stuff from the fact and then another guy can get up closer to the goal. And have a different angle looking back on free kicks on corner kicks those sorts of things is beyond me how. How do you only have one guy running around I don't it doesn't mean it's a big eighties doesn't change anything about the game and never talk about them yeah I didn't know they had just. Zito right now dude on there I don't tell me those assistant referees or can make calls they don't make calls at the guys of the flags yeah there's supposed to make off sides and who who's ball it is when it goes out of bounds and half the time they screw that up so. Don't give me that blind I know the NBA is tried to put fines and if you're cost flopping though did she went to a major pocket a little know one thing if an official deems you are it's called embellishment but if you're diving seeking give you a yellow court indoor red card in two out of the game well they should be done because that's the way. I'm gonna does. I met a hockey we'll do that where I mean even if you even if one guy commits a penalty like say yeah trick somebody you're still got to get to two minutes. But if the guy on his way down in bella says the act of falling to the ice they throw him in the penalty box two for two minutes. So it's basically a washes out until four on four situations and you can't oversell. Apparently the rest sable C you don't need a solid to listen if you embellish will give me two minutes go to the box. And you negate the penalty that you drew on the first play well you don't even football as tough as that sport is they do it a lot to. Wide receivers will do it for PI all the time in defense of Lyman will do it to indicate holding the other thrown our lot arms out I angle. And Asia cornerbacks will sometimes do it doubly barely touch of the flock. The ground like they were up John FL you got seven rate officials on the fielder's three NBA officials and a confines spot share the NHL finally how long it's been fifteen to forty years since they added the second refereeing the reason we won refereeing to linesmen they added a second refereed. To catch that stuff behind the play. Like if there's a breakaway dead though officials trying to skate up the ice with that and then somebody you know takes a slasher Sumpter and grind a play. They wanted to clean that up. I'd just been soc re of this enjoying enormous field people run and all over the place the Balkan switched directions in an instant and how's that gospels to keep up with didn't see everything. I think this is mandated to things that bother you malice in sports are the flopping which happens in every sport soccer against some pretty bad baseball doesn't get it. From now there's no it was in Italy a flopping in baseball framing pitches. Yeah but that I'm in PM but that's not so bang bang you know you guys that. It is not really occasionally a gay guys and I'm writing Derek Jeter did this a number years ago and and and sat in the former guys suck up Pedro come inside look trying to act like it hit on we have Dudack Allah got me in a trendy you know it was a rarity that I that it happened very often. But I I would put flopping and then complaining about calls that are obvious are probably the two things that make me wanna throw my TV out the window the most. But when you get the guy that is just it's so clear as day especially in 2018. Dream on green apple we have only have fifty inch televisions that are HD with 800 different angles on out we can all see the camera guy in the back camera and let them on the Saturday here are ways you know that you did do that we've all played pick up basketball enough to know for guys who can you lack of money are you know that you whacked him on the arm what to tell you bitching about I think some players to actually don't help themselves like LeBron is a notorious whopper like thirty volleys the queen James -- gaga. But sometimes you watch those replays and it's like. When dream on poked him in the guy. And he grabbed his face the files are all LeBron. And and you watch replays you know he's finger really went into his side that was such disgusting picture this still shot of it as a half of his finger was undesirable and that is I was read the rest of the violence like he was a four. Some guys are reputation right doesn't actually help sell its it's of fans that watched the game and then this a good of listeners can text like kickers and punters are pretty bad absolutely cars are binges when anybody breeze on and they keel overdo it trying to get that could take somebody there are they out land on the back there. When you say they're all coached to do that can and it's somebody comes in front of you are is close fall down and see if you get fifteen keel over well you know I had a camera once I'm Craig Robinson was doing a practice or insane I was there. And he had air Moreland is in the league right now didn't foul somebody. But they blew the whistle music I didn't Fallon and Craig Robinson goes into it looks like a father gonna call the whistle. I think does seem rule applies for all basketball players coaches say it looks like about scandals now you're gonna get the whistle on that situation does doesn't work all the time in soccer and our let's find out what's on tap for today show. What's growing and I'm not page to be bold and McCain to be crying there's a lot of sporting and as you say oh I gotta go do that this is what's on turnout. Ford by intelligence. In government more and had the reasons I'm Jenny yeah. What's on tap brought to a standby pelican brewing company boarded the beach online at pelican brewing dot com. Thanks to pelican yesterday for lunch at cannon beach who failed all of that facility took ladies like differ birthday ad spots on some. Everybody's got to gear up for them to a neighbor they hit the they were to hit the golf tournament last year. I believe my will be back on the tenth hole that was though Isabel just say this there was a bit of a weight on the tenth tee box slot. I'm conscious that we're gonna ride for every group they came through because they throw the party and a tee box I Sunday confess to you guys here in about three minutes. I'm not proud of it. Yet three minutes will be back from the break trust me moments I know of quick. I guess something had to confess. That I know sound really pathetic. We'll dive in the NBA draft a little bit Toronto wants to make you really drastic move and I get any news out of four. Portland and I ask you one source BI got one for you got one. It just came across the wire about fifteen minutes ago I know I did not see it as great a game that sealed. Former blazer in the headlines for all the wrong reasons you may remember this man he is a fan favorite wise. And I think easier. Dealing with mental problems or he's brought. Play that fun game of the site for both Gloria probably vote yes indeed you have to be a little bit about Duncan. About 1 o'clock feel Lawson is gonna join the show he probably sitting there going to help steal Lawson that's why I was wondering I'm going to steal Lawson. He is it beat writer that covers Washington State football for the spokesman review them. I wanna talk to him about this might lead story. And we may be able to talk about this after we speak to him. Because it is strange you do not see this with head coaches in college football CC guys delve into politics but this this was a little bit of a different term very different turn and he's being criticized a lot foreign. He's kind of stood his ground on at Washington State releases statements of field Lawson will join us that wind the. The SEC considering doing something that well quite frankly they already do it before games now they wanna do it during games. And it may be a good thing for everybody also tell you why. And I thought shortfalls at 131 diamond maker may feel a little bit TO is mentor and Julio Jones and that's got everybody. On their pennies this. We had to shop. There you go that's what's on Saturday's radio program it's brought to you by delicate brewing company born of beats an online. At pelican brewing dot com on director and Sprague at Peter Johnson and hampering in spray coming up next I'm not proud to admit this. But I think a lot of other people are doing it is well. Say what that is next she entered the spray on 1080 to fans are welcome back Tinder and Sprague with you time to get to our Coors Light pole questions of the day. Actor and spray and wonderful questions of the day here Ali got a number of poll questions out there today. Bomb let's see here -- we will start whereas scrolling back we had a lot of read tweets today which in GM hat on in the NBA your team is on the clock these four players are available which one do you take. The Andrei eight and Pam. Eight or write a nice and tighten tighten a mess up every time. The Audrey I didn't Marvin badly Luke Don should show him for sure Michael Porter junior all the about so far titan is leading the way we disrespect and a couple players thereby put in Porter junior on at mile high tech doctor does for just radio only have four slots and I was curious how many people would select Michael Porter junior with the injury history. Should alcohol be sold everyone at college football games of age yes Twitter followers of 21 years general other quick question I saw you put that question I saw a couple read Suisse did people really think we words and I testing a slam every single human in the stadium and he responded what about toddlers and children and no that's not what I'm suggesting I'm just asking should be sold around the stadium on the iPhone was the only way -- -- comes and he had to sleep for the resting game on military dangerous or yes what former blazer did rich city overvalued the lows to Rudy Fernandez JJ hickson. Sebastien Telfair Nicholas the two Lipton and then now we got one more here would you be comfortable using a top ten pick on trade young kid to be a star in the NBA note too small no defense. Or yes good fit for the league's good suggests a mile listener earlier Thomas Robinson probably should've made that Thomas Robinson a good one too that's Ghana on us a couple questions there's records like pull questions and we'll today promised. Acquired in a trade and not drafted though he was that we got we were pray hi Don Thomas try a year battling breast JJ hickson. No we got half yeah I one point on this show mentioned why Gonzales drums and not be. A Dennis Rodman as player. Does that grab some boards plays defense extremely athletic let's go T rob you would never admitted that out in never down. Yet not I said that Knightley an animal ourselves accountable. We are gonna do it our there's a course like poll questions of the day brought to you obviously by Coors Light makes you get the XP rewards after they got it's really cool you by twelve and eighteen tax and then register to get some points and I entered to win some cool prizes. I have to sadly admit this. But I also think I'm not alone here. One is I watched 27. And a half minutes of Luka Don church film yesterday. I'm not kidding I was in my man. And I just went on YouTube and I started watching look at Don church. Why. I don't dress in two days I'm not upset about that. And by the way I am I love that kid I mean that's not out hot take jets not even an original thought but I think he's gonna be really good. And then I actually dove to the area and hitting some blazer fans are willing to admit maybe they've done. I started reading about a couple players that are not top three or four you know that the post top five guys right. And I said. What I'd be upset if Portland somehow. Worked out a deal of trading up into a top ten to go get a guy so. The player than I was really looking at the most that made sense in like not getting too crazy of gold to be in the top three. But if you could sneak into the top 78. And you could draft Michael bridges but it required you. To trade away CJ McCollum. I was asking myself how what I feel about that and then how would rip city respond to that. Have you don't know bridges he is the kid out of Villanova he's 22. He is 67. He is lengthy some people arranged and add another maybe five to ten pounds you're put on 28 Villanova serve he shot the three ball pretty efficiently. He can handle the rock a little bit. Any plays really good defense. I dove into the vortex of wondering. Would I be mad if the blazers. Got rid of one of their two stars. And said we're gonna kind of start a little from scratch while still using the pieces that we can't get radio. I would be upset about it at all. I wouldn't. That it's a risk because you're gambling on a kid and as a chance he's a bus that you're trading a you know how many guys in the NBA averaged twenty points per game not many but when he album it's not a long list of guys that you're trading away. At least a known commodity we know at CJ is at this point these guys not to play a lot of defense he doesn't distributed time. But he did you block it's probably best serve to be a six man and you're risking an on me on a prospect but. I I I I've had this mindset now is ablaze a transfer I don't know how many hers in a row of what do you got to lose and and just trying to sling something for the upside of a player like bridges to get. The three Indy caliber guidance desperately needed on this roster to shake things up a little bit it might not be the best for Damian Miller in his happiness but. At this point I don't think we have much loses an organization and I would be totally fine. Done deal that's the biggest caviar is. Any particular one individual move over another I don't know I mean it would depend on everything that's involved in the package but. I think the biggest thing that you have to do is make sure. At least Damian Miller is open to it. Our nobody ever liked and I'll think. He'd hit my problem without a Jersey mine I'd be happy in a moment but it bridges has a big rookie year you ask to be tickets. You missed an a year and can not what you cannot allow yourself to do is an organization we've seen some teams do this you can not. Bow down to the end. Every. Wish or feeling of your star player now I do believe in making him happy and including him on conversations that's a given. But if you were to go to him and say no I don't I and he goes I don't want to get procedure. You gotta be careful playing that game because one this is not a loyal sports we see now from the player in team side. To. She doesn't know as much about that players may be a scouting department does more guys you've hired a trust they can and I we talent so. If I told you right now and we're just using one players example this is not a rumor. That's out there and this is just me being bored at my house last night. If if if I took the blazers right now and I told you listeners CJ McCollum is gone. Now you've got a player like Michael bridges from Villanova who is 67. He's a little bit of a project obviously because he's a rookie but it's a three Indy guy and has potential to be more than just a three indeed I quote unquote. Would you be upset. Because here's my thinking they got the three seed last year was great we rode that wave of excite man in slight optimism. And then they got swept and we realized very quickly that that was fool's gold that winning streak. So if you get bridges and you take CJ offs do you lose some wins. Sure the tabloids how what's the wind share value of CJ McCollum in your opinion he just threw a number out I would say five or more maybe less now not much these players don't have as big a win share valuation think now. So for that that reason I would say okay we'll that means as being the seventh seed we're really no worse off in the playoff picture we're still gonna have a tough match up. And we did win our match that we album home court last year and if it means taken a chance on a guy of that size and athletic schism. Sometimes you've just got to roll the dice in this league and say a dame we know you or 29. You're going into year seven. And this kid is going into year 120 tool. But Zach Collins is in year two weeks site news of America H we've got Al farouq Aminu and come off the bench or he can play the for a long bridges. We got Malarkey assume come off the bench. Evan Turner is says he's kind of hit or miss we know how frustrating he can be. But EE take a flyer it's it's not gonna happen we got Casey old on the show on Thursday I'm pretty confident to say something crazy like that won't happen. But it does I I don't know fund going to be upset at all if they're able to port deal flight. And now lie in exact causes of an example that because an M look I know the jury's obviously still out on him and he is a guy that a lot of blazer fans disagree on in terms of what kind of player he's gonna be saved three or four years down the road. But he just go back to may be you know last year's summer league watching him and what the opinion was of Collins. And then fast forward to the end of the season of blood the opinion of Zach Collins was it was drastically different and he showed how quickly a player can develop. Over the course of just one season and now going into year two for him. We're kind of expecting him to take that next big step in play a pretty big role for 82 games this upcoming year and be more consistent and maybe use immediate differently in the offense in any should adapt pretty nicely in your two in the NBA. That's how quickly it can happen if you hit on the right player and so. If you go get bridges sure there's going to be growing pains in your one just like there was for Zach Collins was moments he looked really bad. There were nights and he went 0506. You like on god you watched him and summer league. And it looked like he was these are warily so it's like I EU you can be fearful early on but they develop fascinated supporter remember that. Was whoever they take and the reason this is a fun conversation is because one listener time Dan. Exactly the opposite of the way that I feel I he said as much as we sat over value our players in bridge city and we worship our best player here I think we're equally guilty of disrespecting our number two stunt on the roster under valuing his worth. Like we give a brand and relate nobody give the proper respect to LA. We lost him on these bases are now I feel like we're gonna do that same thing with CJ and that's a fun part about CJ is I ate I feel exactly the opposite of that. You know LA had the chance when Roy left to fill that void and beat a guy in so I don't like using that comparison. Hopefully we don't have to face that would Damian Miller it and seeing what it would just be legacy Jim Collins team. And maybe he could elevate his game to that point. But I feel like we go the opposite direction of CGI that we over value. Is is is worth on the market in the NBA are saying and I think sometimes when you float out these trade scenarios with NBA experts that come on our show. It's Maxey in the face of reality of what did you get for CJ McCollum well. Harrison Barnes. Mean that's the kind of player that he's linked to it you're not getting an all star returns for trading him and I think it's important to remember that. Are allowed you as icing in on this this is by the way just tuning at this is hypothetical idea analogy would be carried away thing for link into a story or that we have any source this is just hypothetical is strapped conversations so. Please spare the text of you guys are idiots this is a total I've vertical tree are going out here are young we are morons but to you know saint. Hustle read some dots on this and also Toronto may be looking to go this avenue. Of what we're talking about in trade young. Is trailing the top ten player. I I still don't know if I'm convinced he's gonna be really good in the NBA or if he's gonna be a bust he's an instinct player to think about so we'll do some more draft talk next. The only as a text from a listener I'm 31 I have actually no problem taking a flyer on 23. Year old project just as long. As she has sufficient talent. Hopefully Daimler lasers can find the flexibility within themselves eyelash I was happy last time I did act as it would to do their somebody else breaking news from spring miles bridges is playoff caliber player know a thing about Michael. My Ailes is the other one ST emerges in the strap yeah we want Mike Cole bridges but miles bridges mighty good player turn key slotted more realistically of what you may be to trade up for but I doubt again they will be trading up if you wanna get your -- sports fans really tied with the scuttlebutt at a draft camp is the blazers might take in for Denise Simmons. Yeah he's back in town that's the editorial passed up college human the academy route. 63. Shooting guard to go RA days they CJ McCollum kinda gap is combo guard a more Laura project he'll be a back up. Yes. Ryan says I completely agree it thirds assessment was CJ we totally over value him as a fan base. Another listener we over value CJ for sure he's a great score but doesn't ought to pass and defense is not there. Say you know there's there's some people. Data agree with what you're saying and the umps are sure some people are always gonna buy EC Jeanne Iraq we'll talk him out of it EUI I think sees is a great player there's no doubt but. He gives you nothing on defense he doesn't facilitate I don't think you do we runs offense very well. Eight team is on the bench so outside the scoring when Izzy. I hate to say this because it almost sounds like a slide I don't mean it to be but. To me I think he's a may need. Some a slight better version of Jamal Crawford and yeah that way for two years now and I think he continues to play itself out. But. If Neil is shaping say give me one more year I'll get out of some of these contracts then I'll be able to build around those two. That's a wait and see process and I'm not a big huge particular big fan of it. That's why I throughout the hypothetical to you look at any name. And even if Michael bridges the guy we uses the example here is top ten player you're able to somehow get in that top ten. You you take on a bad contract to make money work gloomy gets picked. Are you willing is a fan basis at during though you're one might not be the most stellar. By it's worth taking a shot with somebody that's 67 has the ability to put the ball on the floor hit three pointers when he's open and play defense Yani averaged about eighteen points per game last year I think 25 minutes per game. 32. 32 minutes 32 minutes per game OK our cause stream from Jay Wright was basically said Ali that was from his career. Yeah sounds about right yeah 120 minutes for his career yeah that sounds about right yes we need to to huge jump last year shot 43% from 351%. From the floor. Knew we mentioned the lankans the size that he brings. That that's the intriguing part in yes I think were willing to do that as a fan base because again I go back to the original statement of what's the alternative of keeping this thing together. We know what that team's gonna be next year that's not gonna get anybody excited at least this gives us some. Is up to talk about something new or fresh face may be some hope for the future. You know it I was go back to where the listener about is that we believe we can undervalues CJ. In terms of only talk about him and don't give him the proper credit I did the tough part for CJ in my mind and is a kind of highlights for you just brought up Sprague is that. If he is his role was different on this team I wouldn't feel this way about him. If he was the number three scorer if he was the sixth man coming off the bench. Or if we had a roster bill in Portland where she wasn't the only god you can move to bring something of value and returned. I wouldn't be sitting here and saying trade him because they wouldn't have to you can build around conceivably those two. Or you could go get another guarded defensive minded to guard and have him be a six man can come off the bench. And scored twenty points that would be a great role to half but. Unfortunately when your hands are tied behind your back to when they are right now for the blazers. There's nothing else to you could move of value to give value in return in a low heart this is a good player but he's not gonna bring you much back. The 24 pick doesn't have any value and lets you attach it to something else. Evan Turner Myers like none of these guys have value on the market. Since it change or improve your roster is CJ McCollum. Outside alert who's not getting get moved is the only guy. That seems friendly look and say and we can do this guy like Denny's courts when he points per game is a good shooter he's being create his own shot. We could use that guy on our roster and fortunately you only have two of those guys and one of American betray. Would you switch CJ. And the 24 for the fourth pick and Chandler Parsons. Yes because Memphis is rumored to whining they want out of that Parsons contract that was the dumbest contract isn't Parsons contract. Morse than CJ college terrible notes that glow worse I mean does he see oxy ten makes it warm I think he suddenly in 95 million dollar deal is got a bag daddies and basically the policy Evan Turner deal. Now he got paid like twenty million dollars Moreland been Evan Turner tried to get here remember and he chose Modesto California. So there's rumors that they wanna get ready him to lose by the number four pick yeah I would do that I would take on the rest of Parsons deal. How many is what two years left on nine DO two years and then they would take CJ who they would price nearly could be look and this is again working in such after article but trust is what it is. The can take on CJ they could say a CJ. The potential there you pair him with a guy. Markets all Mike Conley coming back we really like we saw from from Dillon Brooks. And what he can may be doing your two. Memphis is kind of one of those weird franchises where it by CNET T you can be laughing. Memphis is one of those teams that I would axe absolutely put in the category of might actually consider doing it so. Again I am no expectation that they're gonna make any movement and on the Internet down depth but it's still. You continue to look at draft she McKee your team gets swept you can't help anybody from wondering. What move can you make to make your team. Better train young is another interesting one in this draft now from Portland standpoint Odyssey don't need that yeah united trip to. Weren't taken undersized guard doesn't play defense and how do you feel about trade young. Are you come to an opinion on him I don't know all bad because I it is one of those guys it's that is he's extremely polarizing for me because there are. You you'll watch it at times you'll think I just I don't see how that translates to the NBA. You have the staff curry model in the back of your head I don't quite see the comparison as closely as some do but. A lot of people thought that about curry coming coming out of Davidson he's small he's undersized as a play defense is no way in hell let's go to work in the MBA. And look at what turned out but I did see it there was a crazy stat the other data came out about him. And terms of like uncontested three pointers last year of like when nobody was around him and he shot like 95 resilient he missed a three able all seasons a very deep is leagues he's a phenomenal three point shooter which I think second transit to leakage is is. It was like a quarterback it's all about stick if he goes somewhere it's a bad fit this will flame out miserably he was taller than they body would be to an even as he goes on the right fit how can a guy that shoots like that not. Fit in today's MB SE in the. Sleep yeah I think for him is if he slides. It actually benefits him more I know not from a initial financial. Position as you go down that first you know your slotted a lot of catered rookie contract but. His effectiveness goes up with a more. Outstanding all star caliber players on our roster. As it teams you saw this late as it went along and everybody figured out on Oklahoma's team who could play and who couldn't ride. So they said okay we're gonna take him away and the more bodies they threw out he's got worn down towards the end of the season. How much of that is I see what you're saying about the body thing that was also a staff curry knocked. To doubt I would respond well but look at Golden State now in the fact that duke who you. You don't leave him for what but I'm saying is like with staff curry you have to take into account. Or are not separate tray young. She did get worn down at the end of the year he still put a ruse to get numbers of the in the year and yet nobody else on that team understand that he doesn't want to say and if he goes if he's taken up high and a team that's really rebuilding that's gotta yeah I like together now I think it's going to Orlando it's going to be a rough first couple years for a myth he slides into the teens if he's taken possibly by a filly who's got two of those picks. Or someone really could use a shooter like Dennehy I earnings and he goes to Philly you put him next had been Simmons on. I you know they would act is Simmons well they're guard and he was a very ball dominant player at Oklahoma Ben Simmons house to have the rock Zito should. That's brought all these young guys have to figure that out when they go in the NBA and you you know very few of them are going to have the ball all the time. They're still packing you. You know that's what Fultz is trying to figure out you know how to play without the ball and if he can't shoot me NBA what's he gonna do Bryant. Yet I heats in how he's managed. Guy. It in and today's day and age in the NBA it's just hard to see how there's not how he doesn't do well is not some guy there by the attitude he has to he does have a good attitude and he noted though he has to be able to transit to play off the ball like him if he can turn into a great spot up shooter not if he goes Orlando he doesn't. Nobody is I'd yes if he does Orlando he's going to be the ball Dominic idol have a guy like Jonathan Isaac on defense. Airing Gordon is still there they won or early match him. So. There are there's ways and teams you can go to where he doesn't have to IC we're sampling on the step replace up the ball pretty damn well right. Guys like Jim I think always will maybe half of that. And we did see a lot in Oklahoma but when you get the MBA in your really proficient shooter. The league is is basically hate run around just a little bit you're gonna get open because we're gonna screen the health area. Mentally Jenna Parsons as two years left on his dues beat army twinkling artery to 2.4 125 is when I looked up by did the NBA trade machine they both saw make the same for a warehouse the money works and then you view maybe get a chance to take down to its number four. So nine media cloud that's a whole other conversation might not be there for a buddy well is how that would go with dame go. Dodge it seems like he is gonna be another kind of James Harden ish player. Dribble dribble dribble I take it James Harden on this team I mean yeah health why would you not correct. At. We get to the raptors the rafters wanna make an interesting move and also your former Portland TrailBlazer when your favorites. Did something very very stupid. And now we'll get to those things next on 1080 the fan. All right 1249 welcome back in on the fan. Yet the other I decide to tax machine and some people think trailing his Jimmer Fredette 2.0 Jimmer Fredette was the same bank college. Especially train young is a better player though how so how would you classify pray young's he's actually better all the great it was a dominant college basketball Larry shot a lot of volume shooter dinner. I didn't I don't think regulatory young can do I think Kim in the break in the open court as a facilitator he'll be OK I worry about him. In a half court set when things are tight if you old. Trust given up the ball with 45 seconds to go or start jacket staff who do you trust more as a point guard. Yeah Australia's please appoint a I would dress tray on Mars appoint her effort that was always it to guard forced to play the one guard yeah. And I don't think I don't be solicited on the India elicited six to. Trey I Jimmer Fredette is a cat. Symmetry Andre Young ever thought he was like 5116 foot I think he came in at 61 attack on them at stake is visited 61. We'll get to JJ hickson there because we promised time and believes did you Hixon later member JJ hickson and I just I didn't remember JJ I remember JJ hickson from the less Schwab invitational did you. Now think yes tumbled because this year it do you think what we get a baseball team. We'll stop doing this is a city where we. Following level yes es role players I do think we will 'cause we'll have more to entertain as we won't have to get our hopes of about one team timbers hazards in your fans are dying are but for those of us who don't actively daily follow what the tumors are doing. It it's the one Schoen downs so when you have a guy you over value and you over talk about him it's the only thing you disguised with your other sports friends if you have another team. That the majority of the people follow in the audience changes completely ruled to timber fans do that to their team yes they have players that don't like anything to get rid of this guy. Yeah I mean there are kind of that way about win nagged he got traded them. All angry and upset so because last several ways Ed Davis we couldn't get we can't get rid Ed Davis Damian Miller asked what his whole career with that Davies an eagle is a guy saying that glib guy lovely cement Davis but I mean. But let's I psyches out her is that he's not a lot Ed Davis is in the NBA and Ed Davis shirt into anything in the playoffs dating. So let's will get to Jay Nixon later as he's in the news. Let's stick with the draft was his wrap up the whole first hour on the draft with this Luke Don church. How many people know anything about him I've gone out your own way to look at my watch highlights read about a make Sandra. I don't know what their percentages of our listeners probably not very high as we're not gonna pick him. But look at Don sheets might be the best player in this draft some people think he should be the number one pick in Phoenix. But it seems like it's gonna be heightened from Arizona yeah and whether he goes to drew for who knows but dodge is going to be in that top four. And you may not know much about him but he created a video. To kind of show his person can't be a little bit he doesn't have a lot of people what he says. We saw this for the show and I quite enjoyed it so here you go you don't know anybody's game. But here is the kid in the NBA draft that might light up the NBA in the next ten years. Luke at Don GH. I disappointment to me. Let's go. You want I want them into give me I want a blister disease I would have received. Sort of compete. There's so I learned together might be focused our business and I was lone team to since Holland is Wales coast and just that pick me. Yesterday. I think and UConn went. And then they've been doing so used to call Leo myself believes. And then I'm gonna see myself they sent you out. Beautiful. So the best. And finally. Due to. Think good. If we finally mean and these tin can. Fellow mothering and beggars. Kitty don't use it as a safe I felt like Anderson a better and we watch out for the show that we played a life you're wondering the gen Ahmed take my shot he sends a text message to Jennifer Aniston is a big Jen Aniston out for Jennifer Aniston friends just getting over to Serbia and error and it debuted two years ago that he's don't cougar hunting I am on the Don judge bandwagon like Don I'm. I am all on animal aboard the train mandates six foot six point guard they estimate 69 it was a 69 these times are he's pricing today. Hole and and I'm firmly on the bandwagon people that are concerned about. Defense I saw some lab. They bring in these prospects to make do their studies on how athletic they are how they move. And Cao who's Maxi got some traction because included Damian Miller and a tweet on this but does that lab at sent out. Look at Dodgers for those that don't think he can play defense. And they sell the numbers I guess he has the ability. To move as well side to side as any player that they've seen in a long time. How clues in the found that tweet and said it's one thing to be number's its another to get on the court have to do against carrying game. Now one kind of blew up because of danger yeah. It is. But of all these gas cumin and he's he's led his club team in the best European. League eighth ranked arguably the second best league in the world against grown men and professionals. And he was the MVP. The final four MVP won a title and he's nineteen. Now. He's he did is grown man stirring fear and a couple of years to. He's only nineteen years old. The defense and we're against it the defense part of the draft. A stand and I heard this yesterday just stick it just I just laughed because it's so true. A lot of these players we nitpick every year in the job I don't play good defense. Okay how many players the NBA are great two way players. Granite there's not old count them on one or two hands up collide clay Tom send. Clay cant create for himself true love gazes to Gray's been phenomenal shooter you can sing dream on dream on is a facilitator and it's really you know which is good to have for that team but it he put him on his own team drawn offense Chris in all when he's healthy. And Anthony Davis the honest. As you on us that credit if I mean is the shot is block or a wingspan Libya did you know I don't know how great of defender but that wingspan held some met up for things. But that's my point though you named 56 guys yeah. And we singularly well I can't play good defense. Barely anybody can quite its defense and James are getting their nail those guys the NBA finals this year LeBron James is so good on offense. And sharing the ball that his team was second to dead last in defense in the NBA and got to the finals. So defense we value defense but sometimes. We make a bigger deal out of it and we're critiquing these players that I think we need to. Sourcing for incoming rookies are gonna struggle we know that very few guys go to league can dominate right away. Are we have a loaded second hour gonna start with steel Lawson. He is a beat writer for Washington State football. And he writes for the spokesman review what does he make. Of all of this Mike Leach stuff that's going on. Following a tweet that's sent out a fake conspiracy theory video involving Barack Obama a lot of heaping applied to Mike Leach. How is that going over in Pullman we'll talk to feel Lawson an hour to next dirt in spring back with more on the fan.