Dirt & Sprague Tuesday June 12th, 2018 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, June 12th
Kevin Patra of NFL.com joins the guys to discuss which minicamp holdouts have the potential to become issues later this summer, plus Swag has another edition of NFL True or False, and why Brett Favre believes he invented the RPO in the NFL.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. It's time to tee off with dirt and sprinted through the Mexican tackle -- got to figure out why I'm still shaking a ball this is third in spray. Your brain must get in the way defends US open winning tradition of dirt and spray it grabs you by area heating and cooling. Don't wait for comfort with the area heating and cooling go to Syria meeting dot com today your local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop the train surgeons. Pray and on insanity we think we found your music and golf for her affair and I look back and our number two under and scrape with you on Portland sports injured 1080 the fan. The thoughts and conversations coming into the text line about Ko be LeBron. All of those kinds of things. I am curious like them this free agent decision he's gonna make. Boy it's a big one I just about what he values the most thing everybody seems to think they have the answer which nobody does buy it is a championship super team staying home just living in Los Angeles thanks seeing what you've ninety's most is going to be fast I guess I would say. What do you think he should value the most. Maybe that's on the we can dive into later on an area. Off later on in the offseason. I we wanted to talk some NFL a lot going on in the NFL around the different mini camps and read an article in nfl.com. From Kevin packed truck. And he's joining us now on to any news in your import and I don't DeVon. Calling human palate. We're doing fantastic things are making the time for us man out really good piece on nfl.com. I guess those are with the big one in this is a puzzling one for me Julio Jones is choosing to. Not attend mandatory camp with the falcons but he's got three years left on the deal so what do we make of Julio Jones making this decision. Yeah I mean it came up at this decision made by key he's got an average of fourteen point five ports 125 million. On the lat EDO. Over the courts aren't aren't and that eight. Eight under cheaper to pay out in his dot that's how he even. I'm Catholic upon Adam. Anti lock and took got paid sixteen million per year so that he's proud to expand. What do I got to do you pay I'm making less than half a let you get paid Matt Ryan. The bass player on the team talent wise I carry the football team when Matt Ryan struggled sometimes. What do I need to do to get paid I'm I'm look at the numbers cannot work or they're not gonna make it here I wanna get paid and the be not coming out day. You know keep doctor PM. You know actions speak louder than words and this to me just thank you want to reach that deal rip up what he got a couple years ago and Arnold. It paid at the top receivers in the game. It's not fake news after on a bathtub. You know definitely we got a handful of high profile guys early on in nudges Julio the Davey Johnson I believe Aaron Donald wants a new deal. Cleo mackerel oral comments. And I look I'm I might even be forgetting something what would today's and yeah. Do the log on accurate tackle from the right and yet which one of these sand bases should be most concerned about their Sar holding out of me camp. I would pick Arnold Palmer because there's been talk. That tried to trade and they tried to trade in order. The draft didn't work out each one older I can wants to pick up what could be your last eight contract. He talks. Don't don't don't come like they want it. Well given to a demand why wouldn't they have already if they it. Maybe somebody comes back and opera and protect your and he thought that what you want all the guys the young guys. That still aren't rookie deals that these are gonna get done sooner or later and that's not gonna gonna get franchise that. When I shall solar power he beat either one that stands out after ejecting that you don't get. But aside the one that eating out you want a. Our guest is Kevin Patrick nfl.com you an article today on nfl.com. About the 28 NFL squads and a little mini camp and out what to look for the story lines and all of those you can find that nfl.com. I kind of a stay with this with the oral Thomas and see out two parter for you one. What would you be willing to give up if you were an opposing team and what team stands out the most in your opinion when you kind of look at the landscape of teams that need a free safety. I mean yeah it wanted that it team to pick it apart like a person yacht he talked about and that outcome. That's to keep want to play for that's been talked to that he talks earlier in the year what a crappy it didn't want to give up that amount pick. Out of the third round pick get it done now. But he's still up in the problem there a common stock to pay it eighty back. He's still want to your country you're not gonna comment click for new team without and beat the product of any deal. So to me that the one that jumped out what Atlanta being able to get him convince him to come play for quit for one year taking and that. One year and would you not pick pick a penalty except that under the salary cap maybe because they take that we use that that would put them over the top man at the and a cup and a seat. Bill but in any doubt is the one enacting the reason that he had to do it because who nobody wants to. Paper paid high draft pick and get him a contract he won at his age. You're one of the enemies relies not a guy holding out Buddy Guy we've been waiting on seeing and finally did today is Andrew Locke I think he was throwing high school's size football's not quite the NFL. Size but how big of a step is that in in just kind of what are we hearing out of Indianapolis in terms of him being ready for training camp. We'll get you know twenty minutes ago he was just talk in the media and he clarified that yet that it with the high school football's. But he has loans and it felt by all sides AK that duke with frank Reich. Under under guidance and prompt the coat had a coat prime. That the talent but still he has grown that local law holt and usually hear it slightly ridiculous. I think me take away here is that. That put them on tape. To get ready for a training camp which was always the goal. And it would kind of weird that we hadn't seen him throw any balls at all even even even high school football to this point because how can you be fully ready to go into week. You haven't done that. Even that we just throwing core record high school football whatever he can't out there on the field is either benefit. To the stands to go to calm them down and it was just. A weird situation. Where we hadn't seen you do anything at promised year last year they had all the problems. Before about how he'd be great that he had many what those kind of Asia all over again for colts fan but thinking today should call from the sat down and and it sounds like he is trucking it. The paper he's armed and trusting that he will he really will be ready trinket that I'm not too much trust shall. Democrats are nfl.com is our guest he wrote an article going around the National Football League to for many camps. And you can find it up on their website. Aron Donald is holding out he wants new contract he did that last year as well Cleo Mac. Is saying that he is gonna hold out because he wants an extension on his rookie deal. If you are having to choose between these two and I know of a team isn't having too but if you're having to choose which one would make more money. Premiere O'Donnell. And gene. The pressure he gets up the gut is just ridiculous and when you talk to any quarterback. That. Where he really struggle I mean you can put extra blockers. On the outside you can get back to ship you get a tight end chip but they're only only guy when he double teamed up the gut EU 82. You can't even back out on your back and yet. He took me eat squirt them vote. Aren't that bad it doesn't sound like he's in good position to get them out because the stare in contrast to turn down a Mac it's like. Mac has. The leverage to weed out where you're out pretty much done to Egypt where he drafted out top and. You know a lot of these new holed out guys are stealing the headlines away from one guy who has been distraught about his contract situation rely on tennis lady on bell. In Pittsburgh dude where's this gonna houses can end I mean the guy's been dominant when he's healthy. Beat. It's it's unique window and Pittsburgh with Ben Roethlisberger getting up there in age our ideas and palladium tells situation going. Problem it is just meat per can only get from what I've. Reading no sort of situation. And the beat last I think he's gonna put out. And eat and take care of business. And when you have to show up social up until playing on the flag and that helped create texture and also eat it doesn't. That the Pittsburgh Steelers are one of those organizations or not gonna go out there away. To recreate the patent schedule where running back. It's just not how they operate its just not well they they've ever operated really and it. That's what you want to do you want to get paid. We get eaten thing occur a year and a half now he. You want to get it but not running back and the number two receiver he wants to reset the running back market. Are guys who are dual threat like he would and he feel that they're getting under pay economic working some ten million dollar a year and a vote it's unclear eight. And that that gap gap which is not really painful and not kill an unlucky which is pretty. I don't get Johnny on this one of Sports Radio so let's be cliche let's to a scorching hot take from Kevin Patrick non playoff team last year that eating has this chance with a Super Bowl this year tell me it's the browns. Well I wish I could pay. At which. Yeah that the non that non playoff team from last year but now comical to Houston Texans. I think if they if they can be if they can get but we helped edit their. They depend only guy that were injured Charlotte NC a lot clowning Ursula. Yet it honey backed IP that they can you dominate the parent and I think what he'd bring that up and and and I think they can it get it to a much copper. And he now. But I think that that he had been put them on the top and that would be a ticket they aided in the clout that that eat and the it's only help eat the whole year and JJ watt who can be. Even if he even keep record isn't what JJ watt what it's still better than most other people and letters I think they could they could make a run in the lap that there. Aren't there ago Kevin Patrick nfl.com. Writer Kim follow on Twitter. And he just wrote an article going around the National Football League with the fall of the mini camps could stuff kennel catch over the down the road and talks mourn without. I'd the Ringo good stuff from Kevin patch for a nfl.com. And a lot of these contract situations and just into Julio Jones won actually brought down the long time ago I think it was when you routed Beecher or your beard when your kids are sicker scented. I did a segment on that and I just wonder where it was gonna go because he was sentenced and he was total abroad descendants of passive aggressive signals that he has followed all the I have also gone on there they say what's going on here he was on everybody's sake news Delorean about it now here we are mandatory minicamp to guys actually up. If it gets back to a tough conversation now I understand both sides does that mean first you signed a contract as your deal he got three years left on it. But I also understand where he's coming from of saying I am the best wide receiver in the NFL on dominant the best player in my team. July deserve to be more than the eight highest paid wide receiver in the national football I have a problem with it and all the talk about that now actually Jones sitting out and then also really good news. For NFL fans in general today something surfaced and it was a really good news would say about that next on the fans. Are we got an intellectual calls coming up in ten minutes but right now we've got a four pack of tickets this TV let's Schwab tires bowl presented by express employment professionals. Organs all star football game Saturday June 16 at Hillsborough stadium. Doors open at four kick off that six tickets available less wobbled dot com. A four pack of tickets to less Schwab bull. Are yours if you're the fourth collar at 50325. Votes and eighty that's 503. 2501080. You see the organ all stars at the at a less Schwab tires pool at Hillsborough stadium. On June 16 caller number four there ego. Julio Jones is. Opting to skip out on camp as you mentioned in the last segment he called a fake news when people wondered if he was sending subliminal messages. Turns I was any was sending real news that he we needed more money. And there's a big difference between what we got into yesterday NS. We had brought temporal Thomas with one year left and I said you know go get your money right to it takes me to listeners say well he signed a contractors must honor a matter why. I if you don't dealer contracts in your life I can't really blame you for not understanding everything isn't. There's a huge difference seeing having a year left in saying hey are we getting extension hearing keep going and or my gonna go somewhere else and having three years last chair having just agreed to a contract. And then suddenly going I want more money again. I'm not a big fan of when guys do this Julio Jones is phenomenal. The he can arguably be the best receiver in the league and I wouldn't be mad about that I'd take them over everybody. You just signed a contract now you have three years remaining. It's not the teens ball that other players ended up timing wise. Signing contracts after you do eating getting more money. And it's kinda looked at is your fault for maybe not projecting out your career better and asking for a little more at ya and they don't wanna putted and you figured out negotiations eyes I don't like when you have three years left me your jump and ago. That's the tough part about a lot of these contracts is even if let's say they restructure and now the falcons came which it doesn't seem like they're going to but they came they give them a new deal they make in the highest paid wide receiver in the league. How long is that gonna last for. One year. And by next offseason we'll have another guy and it's probably higher paid to him you get two or three years in that deal will probably be fifth or sixth on the highest paid wide receiver list again. And then all of a sudden he's gonna want more money it's the unfortunate part of the NFL right now that. We have guys that that's the more armor they wanna be the highest paid at their respective position. But that changes so rapidly so we can sign that deal and you can you can look at Julio Jones and enact project when he didn't say wow look at all the money he got. And then you get a couple of years into it these guys may be but barely even top ten highest paid guys in his position is this more about being highest paid a position and I can't leave I'm asking is with Julio Jones and never thought I would. Or is it more about Matt crying getting his contract with what was it hundred guarantee you has probably its product dominates in the both side that I I actually meant I. I think the reason he's holding now. You know I'm sure people are an easier. When you see your quarterback. Cool and they've shown this on with late little clips. On the Internet about how he helped Matt Ryan a lot last year there were some bad throws he made catches. When that kind of stuff happens to formulate sinden bone he gets paid and you don't. I think that gets Schiavo right outside of one dominant or to dominate years Matt Ryan is not been a top five caliber court Aggies had those two years. Great pop the woman wants the NFC title game they lost the niners then of course the they went to Super Bowl in the theories NET I was a monster but Julio Jones has been the consistent factors entire career. He has been in the league now on 234567. Years he's been in the NFL. And I in five of the seven years he has gone all over a thousand yards he's been the model of consist the only two years he has in the years that he's played less than fourteen games if you get him to fourteen games he goes over a thousand yards he's had seasons of 15118114114100. Yards. Each of his last four years he's only man as three total games in the last four years that health he's been consistent he doesn't drop the ball is in deep threat. A great route runner is 29 years old that he doesn't seem to be following I think he's sort of Clift. That's where I understand where he's coming from a you're gonna pay my quarterback all this guaranteed money and all these guys or make a Mormon enemy. Again take Khalili Jones away from Atlanta offense how much does that change your opinion on the season the falcons are gonna have. Because it drastically changed it for me and I think that's where he's trying to pull power players and you. Need me I know you need me you know you need me now pay me so what are the falcons do it and because I am looking at from their point of view I let's just paid you good luck figuring out and now I just paid you give three years left. Why am I being penalized because you've negotiated agreed to a price. That was then beat by like six guys a year late night right why why is that the teams fall I know it's not that's what you do as the that's the difficult part about being an NFL GM how many of these guys are you willing to cave then you got a strong arm people sometimes you didn't and you mention what's the offense like with out Julio Jones is that Cooley LA from Atlanta next year I don't think there is gonna drowning in the playoffs. I I will say that they had little filing and acres on defense sure they do they're not now he had 14100 yards and then at news he was Donnie sixteen games he's a beast I'm not saying he's not good. But many got to draw a line somewhere right. I don't know if you can change that the structure of the contract roundup make him happy with immediate money. But if you GM I am posting don't you gotta kinda draw a line here and say would do deuce in that to maybe give you upfront money. We're not restructuring the entirety of the contract in in guaranteeing this or batterer. Upping this and that late at some point you gotta say we have three years left if you had a year hell if you had to. We may think about doing this a year we would probably do it three. It's the NFL right and and yours guy you pleasure quarterbacks maybe you don't think Matt Ryan. Can lead a group of felons for Julio Jones and humbling for having an opinion. But hey you got a hold firm sometimes with salary cap situations when you're dealing with opposition player. On the other top you get into as a list of points doesn't go whining because Seattle and through this is when you when you start thrown out huge chunks of change to a small number of players what does that do for the rest of your young core. In Seattle and through this where they had a Tony young talented guys that were on cheap deals they had to figure out. Which ones they wanted to pay. Which ones they wanted to let go a NN they got to a salary cap point where they could not upgrade the roster. Where they needed to because they had too much money sunk into chancellor and Bennett and sure amended Thomas Ross ovals and they dissent too much money tied up in a small number of guys they couldn't go get that one or two freeagent peace. That the need insults for Atlanta to give that kind of money to Matt Ryan. To me that's where you lose it and I'd rather give Julio Jones the money that Matt Ryan I think Julio Jones to. Doesn't make all about Ryan off man -- doesn't make him but I live better player but again he's our quarterback Sherry Julio Jones can be great but it's not blowing 23 in the Super Bowl here Matt Ryan all right well but Larry FitzGerald wasn't going to the playoffs that's your quarterback issue but that's were I mean if you're the point now where you didn't pay Julio Jones what does it mean for the rest of your young guys out of my -- have financially and campaign and it's it's it's you have to pick which route you wanna go. He won a cave in a one star. And hope that you can gamble on a one or two year window and against his Super Bowl at this nucleus or you call his bluff let them hold out trying tray at. Figure out another way but it's not an easy position to be in. Listeners says that guaranteed contracts is to continue to happen owners can cut you loose at any time regardless of how many years you have under contract. No doubt I 999%. Of the time on pro player here when you get three years you lose me and I I've on the falcons I hope that they kind of strong arm it. Now. Now miss missed games missed camp get find miss game checks you let us know when you wanna come back and maybe next year co produce like you have been which doesn't seem to be a normal for you. And then we'll talk about a new contract got three years left. And this appointment and drafting really well defensively as a young starter on that side of the ball you got to think about paying those guys as well. So Julio Jones is missing mini camp he sightseeing new contract and a highest hated his position that's maybe what he's aiming for. Andrew Luck we get to him honorable as our rob that Andrew Luck was seen throwing at camp. Really good sign considering it felt like we continued to hear that he wasn't gonna throw. He is throwing I think that's good news for a while France let's stick in the NFL and go to NFL true or false would do that next. Ever make it 135 of the Jews days are gone wild. They loaded the old showed docket we stood as a step to get you Brett Favre says he created something he's the adventure. Do we buy it. No it's not conversely that promise Favre looks good man he yeah well as keep himself in shape is gonna think at southern man look he's always racquet at all. Throughout his dad has is old dog catching passes from guys is how do thrown bills ahead in the net the back authority and is gays get down Delorean early yard line feels got a high school for seven runs on drills what are your breath. Are living the dream man. Bronco Mendenhall admitted something that I wish more coaches would admit meets area we have what events coming up for you most excited for drama Andre Lehman got to dream on green yet. What he's gonna do this offseason they could be ingesting for the future of the Golden State Warriors do you have any any causing Jordan bells with Jordan knows he ran out Joseph George mills hammered he's he's let long parade route that is day that was the only part of them went in the championship does happy about Jordan melt the final four he had last year now boxing out on back to back plays and that being and after going that far I was happy at least for him to win a championship. And then at some point we gotta get some Dennis Rodman crying on CNN conversation because. I want to say yesterday and it was awesome. Let's go get US soldier falls it's Tuesday signing after 130 what are we S Ryder. Blow mentioned. The big story with many kids opening up dissolve the veteran guys we know that descendants not to show up including Earl Thomas up in Seattle despite comments out of his camp earlier. That he beat there. He is a no show once a new deal tour false Thomas will not compete in a Seahawks uniform and Tony eighteen season. Games. I think this is true. I think behind the scenes that he put out the right statement. I think he's really pushing a trade to Dallas. We we we know that he wants to be there in the video surfaced after they oh loss to cowboys. And he's kind of downplayed dad says he wants BCI just. Entire careers so maybe Schneider Carol reward him by chairman I'm saying this is true I think you really pushes for Dallas Dallas steps up offers the right package for Seattle. They save themselves some money. Using young felon. It is what you have to do man this is what we brought up when they were winning is at some point. You come to a financial had a lot of these players yet to make tough decisions I don't know Thomas has been using just turned 29. He has a little bit of an injury history. And say good luck in Dallas playing in her own state and a new young. I I think this is true. I decide I don't see Seattle giving him an extension and if he if he doesn't get that contract he doesn't seem like coming and it's gonna back down so I I do think this is Jim. The interesting part about the trade. That is getting talked about enough is that team going to work out a contract extension for him you know he we restarted about him a few minutes ago that. Atlanta possibility go to the falcons from one year was thrown out but would he be OK with that for one year without getting any deal because even if you get traded. You're still in the same spot you where you got when your last and he's he's a guy that wants from our financial security. So that's music part of of what team could not only pull off the trade give up what it takes but then also potentially get a contract extension done. But I do think this is joining to be playing tomorrow. Guess this is true. I don't know how this all fits together if you will not back off his demands for a longer term guarantee. Feel by the way they stopped the count was my mistake. Now analysts are just now. Next dubbed apologized Aron Donald Leo Mac Julio Jones David Johnson among the other big names that's showing up. For the start of mandatory minicamp stroke falls all these players to be in uniform and on the field we won playing for their current teams. And then I'll say true. Erin Donna I wish he had more leverage because of all the guys that are fighting for this money she's the one that deserves and the oldest. Arguably there when they suck tough. When doing any arguably the best defensive player right now the most disruptive defensive lineman league that guy deserves to get paid I don't know why LA is refusing to do that. The Jones won as we mentioned is interesting because he's got three years left I think there's some way you can p.s that have thrown him some more salary bonus money up in the annual amount a little bit make him happy. I ultimately think though that this is true all these guys will be uniformly one. Yeah. You know what the Julio Jones an error in dollars such. Up in the air I'm gonna go false I think Aron Donald misses we won. I do being ironed out really wants is money and yelling he should want his money because of what he's been able to accomplish. In Saint Louis and LA. So I think he's had enough he wants city inning and hit and it and so with the stipulation of not getting a contract I'm gonna say this policy will miss one game in the rest those. Guys who show up yeah I think this is false I think at least one of them if not more. Adrenaline still be with different I think Julio Jones. Maybe digging his heels in. I divot they care and Donald and collegial Maktoob wheels asking them. Ridiculous he wants to be the highest paid not quarterback in the league. And you know Jon Gruden is not gonna listen much to that. So it's put Reggie McKenzie and toughs it out ages paid their card to exactly. Number three cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory expected to meet with the NFL commissioner Roger did till sometime this week he's seeking reinstatement from his suspension under the league's substance abuse policy. That's kept him out birdie the last I read a few games in Dallas shortfalls gray area player. More than half the regular season games and forgot cowboys and 28. Dean or Wesley told Gerry McAvoy is you don't wanna take that guy he got from a drug use those suspended named for guiding the other Jerry don't listen to nobody better here you don't actually said to me answer your. Or three years ago kind of yeah. Cancer assassins EF ninety can't boss's office. I think orange in half now eight games in this year doing you missed thirty of 32 line. Your deal with more than just a little attack in the attic. Yeah actually go Josh Gordon and revive it Gordon had this need seems to be back on the right path a little bit. What they all roll the dies I'll say this is true I think yeah I think he'll play nine then I'll give pop percent and get suspended for the rest here. Yeah I think this'll be true. I think you know they'll make it good ace to the commissioner. Might take a little while the vehicle and about yeah I think. They'll figure it out. All finally bills head coach John McDermott gonna give rookie quarterback Josh Allen first team reps this week at Buffalo's mini camp. After a false Allah be the week when starter QB for the bills well wanna say false because he's gonna find out that it was a mistake to trap. But it is a. Being realistic we that I say. I'll save falls I think he gives AJ McCarron two or three weeks and then they're gonna. Lose and figure out they need to give the kid a chance and see what they got with the big can. Yeah I would say this is false to maybe I'm giving the bills too much credit here for being Smart still the bills they are still bills after playoffs last year and I will say day yet for the first time in two decades. All say this bill out of all the guys that have a chance to start week one he has the best. A lady look at his starters ahead of the other guys Tyrod Taylor in Cleveland more than Arnold in New York on. More than dub because of a gimmick actually had a decent year last year he knows his role I don't think there's any rush to play and Bradford getting started just gonna get hurt it's a matter of when he gets her. Guerrillas many questions about AJ McCarron is that are exactly the guy I completely agree gave me gimme a break. Bradford throws in the health of Bradford if he gave rapper gets her drink again and obviously this is different conversation that you don't get hurt my feet for Sonny hill. That's the first couple weeks Saudi adding his best chances are but I don't think he will I may give McCarron a couple of weeks. This will be false. I think me Karen yes will be given the opportunity. Unless he she just asks is awful in pre season. And Alan. You know Rossum attention. It's an audio duties analyzing pre season football cast their fans are gonna exiled in the pre season no question about that much awful war so I'm excited is sealed for now it evolves you'll watch all or rookie quarterback's play in the trees he's true I will bet that they'll actually play at Wimbledon they're not be guaranteed starter they're gonna get a lot of wraps. Chris I actually just got cut. Tallied again shocker what team Xeon play that game dear Larry Jones impact now. You're eating you know we're going. Since then. A month I want yet again and he was against Arizona. The differences go into a dark turn. Do you downloads raiders another raiders. It's okay. Yeah I mean he just got son and a couple weeks and they've been you're always somewhere on the West Coast. I remember watching one game that you're going in that he was Kitna but they lost to temple it was temple and once the dimple on the temple he threw a seven yard pass straight into the ground I got this kid's cell. Top guys sing hearts. You gave me an air of airing on NFL a juror falls every single Tuesday at 130 I was stick with the NFL shall we. Angela principles of bring out because it's really good news for football fans everywhere but also Brett Favre claims to have invented something. That everybody talks about the National Football League now we gotta crunch time next on the stand the pressure is on. Now we have an opportunity. Re establish themselves get a big win college mostly steel and they need to know we're gonna go home and make sure that we take care risks that are humanness you know its current stuff. A look at the hottest topic in sports right do you mind crunch fitness home is 995 for money so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. Hey Chris Simon seemed like prejudice always non ending five months so why would you pay more free gym membership Bobby out of the glorious housing gains tomorrow morning. That is all I. Shut your mouth. Big top of the hour let's see you earlier coming on top of the hour Bronco Mendenhall admitted something that we wish more coaches would. We have highs and odds to get to today pac twelve Heisman odds. Artist. Waterway what makes people think about pac twelve pessimist the odds the odds are gonna be there but. I think we have three of the top six players have the best odds in the country that they do Bob that regressive we got to poll question on that we have not got to dream on green yeah we needed that at some point Dennis Rodman of course a lot still to get to. I'd rather as the show but one of the things that is dominant now in the vocabulary and every football fan. Is they'll run. Last option RPOs dirt however he knows I'm not know what our PO ways and I think Collins risen Michael's Noah and our PO is after the Super Bowl. But in the run to our RTL is a play that as they run any pass option now it is what every offense seemingly runs the Eagles used it to perfection. And winning their Super Bowl and shocking the world would they falls. Well this. This was an interesting bite so Jon Gruden does these QB camps. And I don't know how long ago this one was filmed it and if somebody does resurface this thing. Because I don't believe he's doing them any more. But all I'm but it passed and sister he's doing the show and coaching the raiders. He said Della Brett Favre did you one of his gruden QB camps M Brett Favre had this to say about. Coming up with the idea. I start seeing a practice without changing boy I'd get up there known as a run play and I got nothing to think about. Just handed off not only was our channel more with the handle all smaller nose and trying to be creative and the spice it up. But I thought to myself and I guess why don't now if I had not changed it to open you know hit your son maybe it works but maybe this guy comes up maybe this guy now all of a sudden. Do it now plays not as good so why and I just knew nothing. So in practice I was like okay. This runs away from me. Then just that no matter what control what steps lineup we don't look. But so I started in practice that's said to myself I'm all do it and showing that it works before I ask is suggest permission Ali's old old coach is there like. Well we're removed ways bush we know the practice I would tell our guys if you're opposite the wrong. You Ronald Wannstedt. And then if I had new guy and I would do that I was in high side just walked out I do that. And about one if if the same quarter was inside. I'll just do this just a smoker so we just and our driver was impossible task. They say and that lizards and it and run plays designed to get into the line of scrimmage he'd see a defense of backed lined up 1015 yards off the wide receiver needs into himself. While I just hike at throw it to act quick slant and go get to 78 yards therefore the inaugural if we will yes run pass option in the National Football League degree to ensure false want to rip his hair out after listening to him ignore his coaching park he wouldn't acknowledge it didn't only was doing because he knew of he brought up the coaches would say now. I don't know what part of the story and doing more than that of the in making fun of flooded Eddie coaches are unwilling to change and listen in new concepts and ideas. Or listening to him talk about his boredom during running plays. And edited turnaround and a novel board should on the whole answer very entertaining and also kind of in a roundabout way summing up his career. Well and I can ask coach here and I sat and I do records of say you know if you do what I do and Taiwan and he's already thinking about. Taking a chance on something that he thinks will work hit the interceptions he threw his career. And edge is Caribbean bored with certain thing out of board handed off turn around non demands the most Brett Favre thing that's why he developed his hand off strategy the way that he did and by the way he did that's Aaron Rodgers copycats it yet a guy holding the ball out Wayne did make the play action guy or right. Those are all things Brett Favre developed throughout his career. And obviously I think weakened. Tie it to be bored in a lot of regards so he was one of the best players to watch. He's not in my opinion the best quarterback may be the strongest storm ever. But I thought that answer kind summed up his career in really entertaining. And your also kind in the vacuum mind on this doesn't sound like suck you should be doing. Any kind of hacked it plays indiscretion on that path and provision out I'm on their radio listener asked if he had he invented depicts Nolan was better he did aid through more anybody that that's for sure. One other quick whereas if Brett Favre by the idea too he was a great character he was a ton of fun obliged to play but that childlike enthusiasm and he's running around on the field kicking you think of the current crop of quarterbacks in Tellme. How many entertaining ones do we really half. What did he keep it up personalities stamp or so far as cool Wally you're never gonna match who he was I do think Aaron Rodgers is in that same line when I watch Aaron Rodgers I see that same kind of enthusiasm subtly protege and the protege of kind I. Potential for baker mayfield to be that I think so too. And he's got will Favre in him he recreated the draft photo too which is what you saw some amazing yeah I would say not from its not all positive. Entertainment but I'd say Cam Newton oh I think you're gonna go Philip Rivers. Philip Rivers is similar about it Jim Newton is it would you like him or hate him he's entertaining yeah Philip doesn't. Have you more screams at people than he does yes clause that's an angry and it's not not of whatever edge the way Roger's status yeah. I. Acts. Taking hated this back at. He was throwing a high school football sell not quite the NFL's eyes. But Diaz said that he's been throwing apparently. Two coaches and stuff behind the scenes they just kept it away from the media as it is the first time. He's done it they only concern I have about this is a great step we've been waiting for this we've been wondering like how is this guy contract he's not throwing footballs. If you remember back to last year what did everybody ends radical organizations say ads are famous couple weeks out beyond getting Irsay copied and pasted his answer alas like every three months it was the same thing out he'll be fine don't worry. Guess a diversity came out said today. That's a good. He said he will not have any limitations when training camp opens once again setting himself up in as quarterback up for failure. But a step in the right direction at least for Angela today. To skim on the field and that's been healthy that's while we can disagree. Because you always want some of the best quarterbacks available. I want him on the field I love watch him play football there a Gaza quarterback knows Brett Favre I invented the RPO according to him and John gruden quarterback camp in Andrew Luck throwing footballs once again in front of the media anybody refuted that claim by the way that he Diana the RPO not yet we're waiting to see if somebody else and that in Atlanta now copyright that badly Brett Favre. I lost delegates to any final hour they show a drain on green could be the one that breaks up the warriors dynasty I'm not buying it but Sprague is a look at the that. In the final hour Dennis Rodman cried on CNN dot needs to be discussed Heisman odds of the taxable over interest English bet would you place and Bronco Mendenhall. Admitted something about this team that we wish more coaches would admit loaded final a loaded final article in order to break on 1080 the fan.