Dirt & Sprague Tuesday July 10th, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, July 10th
The guys go through NFL notes about Michael Bennett wanting to face his former Seahawks while Bills RB LeSean McCoy faces domestic violence accusations, plus the odds to win the Pac-12 are out, and 94.7 FM Program Director Mark Hamilton sits in rallying all who will listen for his English side in the World Cup Semifinals.

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Hey it's break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcasts excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Was that any utensils or talking about it there's any thing. That you want to talk about. Any kind of say creates fans camped on the table and and retail me. Various news Durbin Sprague. I went into petting zoo and a I went into public mental approach I don't know hunch how easy when demand an end to this kind of thing Amish. And eager Johnson and Brendan spirited one tunnel of fire plan about what happens. In some parts of our. Durden sprayed on an eighty 'cause must sell it scary on the pulse or how high. Linda they. Don't. I think it's not a final hour back again. Thanks analysts around Portland supports entertaining the fans. Arsenal cup in the final hour conference title odds of playing Neil Austrian being built here a moment. Blazers up my sixteenth dominant performance assembly. Now and we now. And navigating to LeSean McCoy you're in a moment because -- how about that story coming up this morning but let's we didn't have a chance AM posted podcast this yet we wanted to bring me on unity above we just figure bull bull talk about it now briefly but. When I'm blanking on his name Michael Bennett Michael Bennett thank you was. Who pay on Sports Radio KJR this morning with a clip April he's now host up there is he has any it was almost a pocket and cliff April this morning Andy was to our god is kind of transition and not be in his pocket more being in Philly. And he has some quotes about being can't wait to go after Russell Wilson he can't wait to take on the Seahawks. And get after his former quarterback and they don't play this year. Which was our first question because you told me about physical and I said okay will be today played their that they don't. Face each other in the regular season they got to face each other in the playoffs if they do get there. And you know that's a questionable on depending on different analysts with Seattle on their chances to make the post season. I think everybody wants to see that dog day I mean maybe not see doc fan but I know I wanna see a shattered adds a you gotta say they were Richard Sherman do right on against until at least get those two opportunities if he can give back in time. I'm either team matchup zone until December anyway is second in sixteen so. He's got a lot time recovering get back out I would just I I like this part of sports. When you get to see the the player reversed their former team LeBron return to Cleveland. Have an rants returned Oklahoma City. I'm Michael Bennett returning against Seattle Richard Sherman against Seattle Brett Farr his return against Green Bay. I love those kinds of story lines because he's the athlete left as they were angry even teen Cottam they'd given up on numb. Or some other dynamic played a factor into it. I'm so from that perspective from a sports fan I think I would love to watch Michael Bennett going into C docs and see if he could get to Russell Wilson. At a B funnel by the unfortunately I don't see that playoff matchup happening this upcoming year but could be wrong on that but I'm bush it's always fun to see teams go against. Our guys go against their former team the Michael Bennet had that to say this morning. Up in Seattle we can't wait to go after Russell Wilson when he gets the chance he can't wait to face the Seahawks the other big story in the National Football League this morning. Was not a pleasant one and a NASA do would LeSean McCoy Buffalo Bills running back there was an NC Graham post that was spread around. And I believe it is this friend of Branyan had a friend of the girlfriend and her former former girlfriend thank you. And she posted a picture of that took our picture of one of the girl untouched in Indiana won an extremely graphic picture. And they girl beat noble blood all over face bruises. Swollen limp and it's it's really nasty really graphic. Is Graham post reads LeSean McCoy is the WR and animal. We didn't say anything about how you beat your dog Henry Indy kidney failure. Let's not talk about all the time as my best friend had to stop you from viciously beating your son for small things like peeing in the bad. We kept quiet about your drug usage all the illegal steroids in needles you were using but I will not keep quiet. About this I can't believe he did this to my best friend your karma is going to be so real. The world needs to know what type of an animal he really. All our. And I and it is dame rarely. Graphic picture hey mom it's re arrest ask. Ray Rice as down but it looks may be would not worse as you saw the actual action but right. Her face is on reckon you should get open arise she's got blown all the faceless Shawn McCoy has responded to these allegations and the bills are obviously aware of this. I put something up on NC ran a Twitter today saying for the record the totally baseless and offensive claims. Made against me today on social media are completely false furthermore. I have not had any direct contact with any of the people involved in months yes there's also a lawsuit against her in Georgia issue would not leave one of his houses and he tried to get a route. This seems like an obvious ugly situation between them to both of home. This is pretty easy to figure out well. They'll do an investigation Libya as a witness saying where he was yesterday yes he hasn't had any contact have been anywhere near many months and obviously you got to imagine there's a way to track if he was around her. And if there is in this is going to be one of the uglier ones you're you're looking at. Serious jail like what he did is going to be serious jail time. Any of the Alley. That adds that's a nasty when he deeper unease denying it. Then that's how far too is if he comes out in their like case it wasn't him he won there. That the Dow about part was social media is that people. Before finding out what is in his sending guilty people can post things like de friend did of him. I'm not saying he should be exonerated of probably treat her like crap and and having about a relationship. By you know you basically said he killed his dog he did he beats his tail didn't. Things like that. You gotta be careful when you put stuff how their life that sister comes up that he is that I just I it's sometimes SF rousing the wrong way right. And there were odd just for them and they they obviously did date so they they knew each other and there's there's a lot of posts on each of their instead grams of McCoy and the girl who was beaten up. About in just being together a certain war kind of sayings and posting pictures of each other so there obviously is a relationship there you mentioned the depending. Litigation against her in Georgia and now have to wait and see what kind of evidence we can find out here. But it's not even does that mean there's a lot of allegations he had thrown out of this child abuse steroid use animal of the animal abuse Saleh and then not to mention obviously. Saying that he. We'll keep dep data on it I don't re ready for old Shea bingo do we have that so this is he was on NB ATV you watch the starters. I once a while now can I you know I respect the hell out of those guys because one day love basketball. Probably more than me. Which you know that's psychotic level and to their show started and garage in Canada. They wanted to talk a basketball so they put it on film and how they put on you to an 88. Got a following in don't hang in BAT's today we'll give you show and now you know they're kind of what I what is. Her to be yes kind of a fun little things so they're actually adding they're called the game today and NB ATV either the broadcasters are. One of them had a chance do I catch up when meal when Neill talks we listen. Because he Jersey Johns was a modest sell this bingo let's get ready to play Neil. I mean look I you know I think we've said you know we're not gonna you overreact. Muriel playoff loss there was some architectural things everybody dreams that always happens. Knew they were unique match up for us in terms of style of play. Come to really have as much of a foundation in terms of them playing a small with her kids she obviously had a great. Post season much better than we hadn't regular season portal and under react to it either. Pretty I'd be writing we're losing a little bit of perspective that we did with 49 games and finished. Toughest conference and won the division outright. And I think we take some pride in that donors and we keep building on it while also out in the second youngest roster in the islands so. There's there's a great foundation here we need to add veterans. The draft with the draft you know we did have a lot of resources and trades to the taxpayer and a level we broke up. And now we'll go to the rest of the offseason looking make trades to bolster your top nine guys in the rotation. Boy you had asked Cuomo forum in a ball he hit literally all oval in a mall pretty impressive. And he's doing it to troll us. Really do well I will say that question was specifically. After such a great regular season with 49 wins in winning the division. You have Yuri seasoned and so broccoli in the playoffs howdy I mean it was. There was kind of a set up job now I don't know of meal plan that of the blazers plan that but for that specific answer it it was a setup Jai got you. Coca. Still I don't know we got at all in I don't Piazza's and you got it all in so even if it's a setup he's still got all twelve men. He is unbelievable. He's mule shame second youngest roster Italy though folks no need to worry your form a five year rebuild the were all poised for that big year next year. I didn't but always a good points coming into the Betty today tech site about the NC Graham posed with LeSean McCoy. This is also really bad luck that you allowed if it's true all that other stuff to happen and go on reported. You're exactly I think that's another basically saying that you allowed him to beat his son. And you allowed him to in a murder is dog it sounds like beat him to deploy and kidney failure sent imagine the dog is dead and and nothing came of that so maybe when you see actions I tell you she reported if this stuff is true yeah out with a stomach glad that that was a good point. At the day you today text line OK we'll get to any broke up coming up bottom of the hour when our friend mark Hamilton. He's got an English accent it's gonna sound really really gut that's on the matters when he talked soccer and they'll get ready for. The big semi final game tomorrow as well but let's get to this conference title odds those are officially out. In Vegas what pac twelve teams have the best odds of winning the conference which bets you place and talks in college football next on offense. The British and at a time. Arsenal cup bombing our Q1 doesn't says royal couple C a 240. But they might wanna stick around for this one mark camel's nose in the English accent okay badges immediately makes things more sophisticated. I I sometimes are on the opposite known as like the loud inappropriate guy yes you are. And it's older and after we talked to one Friday if I had his accent I would be even more loud. And inappropriate yeah. If I could talk like that what's his what's the hairy guys in the Golan Perry Cain Perry can he would he was locked on the office from the week and a half and you would just hear random Harry Kahne. Dizzy which he'll always your point is. Well. Both are both simple I don't spurs fans could mark god come down a little bit askew who does the better English accent. Is that offensive that I'd. Probably but I think he'd be OK would it yeah but you know what I mean now I'm gonna say it's now offensive Jerry out. What word ego with for an English accent and I got knocked it. In the what that is. I don't know either madly in humans really does that they say it. But these are promising a jacksons are fun noted on the plane hit looked up to him and at the bottom of the hour. We have conference title odds out around college football. Satellite and phone logs and he's my gift I'm glad that. That's an underrated Carriker and Emily. The odds on favorite to win the pac twelve breaking news. The Washington Huskies pomp. Soccer. Shocker there huh that's he's about five to nine odds with the fact lost and that he's not gonna make a lot of money to gamble on you dubbed this year. Because they are the overwhelming favorites then comes in USC. At Florida won the Stanford is in third at nine to two odds and then organ the docs and fourth at eight to one odds as the only teams. Almost single digit odds outside of that you start to get into higher territory Arizona Utah fifteen to one. UCLA is at 42 line Arizona State Colorado fifty to one. How little Washington State I was surprised watching estate was that far down I guess find some of these teams that eighty to one. And then the Oregon State Beavers yet that the horse 500 to one odds to win the conference this year I would only ten dollars on that upload about one dollar one dollar bat OK out to be a dollar and begin give me a guy you maybe 500 dollars there ya get take advantage of odds like that I ninety. Pac twelve is gonna kinda end up playing out the way that the odds are set I know that's very cliche all day Israeli again they did it. Washington with who they returned their coach. I don't know how they're not the outright favorite the way they are absolutely Stanford's a pretty good wild card debt to me I know there odds are still good to win it but you can get some decent value for them at least on a return. To vet them to win it if there's going to be a team I think in that division. It's going to be down that's no offense to organ I think just in harbors can have a good season if he can stay healthy and ready to be does he is gone. But I don't know of they have enough quite yet the receivers are still a question mark. I know they got some talented guys in the backfield led by Tony Brooks James Dean but I'm not sure they have that lead that true lead back yet. You know on American Ivan why you don't have Royce Freeman. So who fills that void is it by committee is it you know through the tackles style or do you find different ways to implement into the offense. And defensively I like what they're returning but ultimately I don't know if I can trust suit against the the upper Echelon of that division. In Stanford and Washington. So I think the odds are pretty close I think the south is gonna be the most entertaining though. And I'm not even sure it's close food you have USC was returning thirteen starters on eleven and three team. They're quarterback's a big question mark but it's either Matt thinker GT Daniels they've got car coming back they're offensive line is really experienced. And oh by the way they still guide to Kim Smith at linebacker who is going to be probably first team all pac twelve this year. So USC I think he's got a good shot. Clay Helton needs to continue proved to people who Wii is in what he is head coach. But US he's got a good shot I think CU tot is really really good value for gonna make and outside that live there were turning fourteen starters they were seven and six last year. Their running game was down to seventh I think they're gonna jump way up from nagged given what they have been traditionally. And they've got Zach moss returning chase Hanson on defense is it Tyler Huntley is it going to be the title kid. You know right now I think it's tough to decipher but anytime you get. Awaiting him. It's really tough to bet against somebody like that. UCLA I don't buy them as an Avalon not in year one and only really have five guys are turning on offense their quarterback might be a freshman in the what's his name Thompson Robinson. Or it's well in space who's almost in mobile. In defense of believe man I don't know what they're going to be getting chips gonna need more than a year to to get that going if he is gonna get it going in contention. And Arizona in of that it's gonna be a really good three horse race in the south to me. Arizona with obviously having Cleo Tate they were the number one offense on on the ground but they were literally dead last in passing. Does that get better with Kevin some when he does the running game tape take a step back. And defensively they haven't been that great since that year they beat out organ with Mario and a I think this is a year they have an opportunity take it step. And be significantly better than they were last year they have a lot of guys were playing experience so I think the south is the more interesting in the divisions. In the pac twelve this year just because it's a little more unpredictable. Stanford's got that shot but I is I think Washington is gonna find a way to may be going to feed in the conference. Did it they're two different divisions 'cause you make the argument is three best teams in the conference are on the north and need to look at Washington Stanford and Oregon and it's kind of like that balance of power is is back again I don't know I'm ready to see the three -- do you think there's approve it factor for organ but I would it's for sure saved two term I think the reason I would put organ at a USC is simply because of quarterback questions of when Justin Herbert healthy we debt that today answer that organ already has solved. And USC we do is simply don't know on name without Sam Arnold last year winning them some of those games. Yes and on the end of the year they had a nice record about how many of those were sand Arnold Paul wins out of his rear end around me those sand Armon just keep him in the mix. And he that Texas game that they won they had no business when and I came early in the year. It was Aussie and Arnold the Utah game when they were down wanna say 21 knots and are big Sam Arnold led to come back so without him there's a lot of questions I have about that coaching staff. I and the quarterback position and didn't get the south does feel wide open and there's a fun aspect of that no doubt I think Utah's a pretty good value bad. A platoon of played a freshman quarterback last year is always a complete football team and you know they're always in the mix. The concern you have is can they finish 'cause they're there every year they can't finish in last crazy to have that one last and always there they just can't do it Khalil Tate is the explosive factor because he might be the best player in the conference this year and you pair him. They my coaches for in the country you pair with the coach did seemingly will sit his offense perfectly. And then USC is always the most talented of the teams but again I just I don't trust her coach and on. Trust their quarterback a thing that someone's gonna have to battle is if offensively take that step back so I see what you're saying because we have examples NA and down. Are we sure were a 100% that someone's the best fit for him. Rich Rod he said we want about rich rush ever tried as a great often thrown to be out damn the ground game that he created both at West Virginia and Arizona. That day it's very hard to duplicate I think within athlete like we'll Tate. You're always gonna have that added advantage but I think he did see against certain teams organ was actually one of them last year despite not being. Up arrests on the conference. You can gear up when you know a team can't pass. Washington I don't know the scheduled summit so in Washington plays Stanford plays them looters are org and if they played whoever plays them. That might be kind of near the top half of their conference. I think anytime you Mateen neck can not pass that way you've got a great shot to win it because you know what you're expecting. And you know other teams the Colorado as the organ states. They then the may be to cow this year they don't take that step forward some of the teams that might be on the bottom end of their division. It's a lot tougher because they clearly don't have the athletes or the speed experience. That those other programs do someone may very well work out well. I hope and I I would expect to see an improvement in the passing game. Especially if you're trying to bolster the draft stock a little bit for his career easy but they were dead last they were not an impact player on the passing game. And if you come and again even in your nonconference and your playing the scrubs in you can't pass. I think it's going to be an eye opening. I'd note for other teams in this conference in Tenet to take. And and and know going for when you played him as say still can't pass the ball they're dynamic. As all hell he's an amazing athlete. Stack the box. Yeah I know a lot of the south north stuff to lending depends on the way the schedule breaks out just look at an Arizona they do not play Washington this year kind and they do not play Stanford this year the Al they do it docks at home don't you play a orient home they USC at home video but they do have to go to Utah to UCLA into Washington State. Not that Arizona. Take your phantom out of it because we all have a Titus something. Arizona might be in school you circle with in the conference though and say look at that schedule and look who comes there in the where they go. And that is a I can't mysteries you don't wanna miss watching Cleo tape play. And you're going to Utah. We always know Utah that environment and what they can present defense Leon mentioned chasing NC coming back he's a leader that defense. And then you get teams like USC coming to the zoo. I'm in an area around fourteen states gonna be terrible this year and I'm well aware that isn't he for a lump. So there is a you know what organ seeds get blown out Arizona starting in the game's not over for in state. I'm turn the channel. Because I I really do wanna watch a lot of we'll take this year Yasser and they get used and on the road early in the years that's kind of a fun non conference game in order is going to be fun to talk about in the coming weeks is becoming Europe's social policies because it feels like there's very different opinions out there of them of a just how unjust and this is there year they're ready everybody back and then a lot of people saying gimme a break they're nowhere near the town of Washington or Stanford yeah I don't I'm not ready to say that I I know some people can feel that way I think they're they're schedules gonna help the not a lot with the start of the year. But the wild card in question mark is going to be just in Herbert self. And I think we know even if it shock when it's not Burmeister I don't know if we can trust any I've of of them yet we know we can't trust Burmeister. I wanna see how they also recover net in a big conference game. Who'd they play starred as a Stanford at the start. Who organs GAAP one of their first pac twelve games don't they have a decent opponent the start of that I know they give both Oregon and Stanford at home this year or Virginia Washington and Stanford at home this year yet I sigh I feel like there was a bully and up calling up pulling it hold on hold on Stamford in September 22 they get both Stanford and Washington early they played them to their first three conference games are. Right inferred and in their act towel and ending in Washington at home and I know it's not creek as we were the new partner with organ that those 31 three games are going to be garbage I mean they're going to be absolute other hostages on the blogs are all right through it so they get a vegan and a great test at the start of the season. And I think that's going to be a big indicator for some doctrine not all but some. Because of how ugly that baseball was that was an opportunity where a lot of meals but it's a rallying cry around a guy. And they just got punched him out they can never recover. You don't bases entire coaching career on that one game but I think it's going to be a real over a real. Water mark for them when they go play as Stamford C how you stack up I'm not ready to say they're close though. Herbert could have an amazing season but there's a lot of question marks with this team. That the only way in term for me are going to be to watch them play some of those top level teams in this company got to be a full strength when they do it led Justin pointed to differing opinions we have the most votes actor's friend on tour of course simple questions people love the eight to one odds for organ 43%. Take those bad Saddam we get techs like this at the Betty today tech Sinai Strider organ is even near the top for the pac twelve. And ride but outside the quarterback they have nothing on their roster so you are labeled top four right now in the all too early rankings on July 10 you would go Washington Stanford presumably USC for most people. That fourth one might be up they might be you Tom IP Arizona might be organ in my missing one. Not that to neckties and now Vincent in that conversation known outside as Julia went there yeah as of now some will say they say is the toughest out of logs around those are. Lot of fun to talk about a lot of fun to look out we got us some of those up actors bring on Twitter. The you can go check out OK let's see if we can wrangle Del Mar camel consuming and final walk around the hallways skin is English accent in here. And Sox a World Cup now what do that next references like a sports center. Yes there resident. Don't imagine doing 36 funny gets dressed dock on the better you date text line 55305. Its regular mad. Cocky giant Sander. I think the whole world this guy cocky giant fan Jerry says it's thanks laments how much she jets the giants because of view it's a bit of an animal there's no doubt about it and also met cocky ducks entered since the rise coming back this year dissuade OK dom but now we have to give we introduce you cocky England fan yeah Marcus Hamilton mark how are you today and I idol thing a full of the cocky category and all who's gonna win the world gobbling lid on this nation. That's the big cocky as being realistic. I think I don't know that's perfect so how your show on grey look at look at different England team for you look is the deal. England donated to a semifinal of the World Cup since nine. 901990. Eat them all love us frogs lost. It loses when I'm ninety I don't steal long time. And since then. It's been miserable. And horrible ride the euros. Was horrible lost Iceland. A lot in las Iceland allies are. I'll run listen we lost Iceland. Bowl people. I think. You know this just not acceptable. Plus you had an England coach Roy Hodgson who's having Harry Caine take the quarters of the freak yeah yeah which Iraq he doesn't that. Exactly yeah you'll get your key strike is taking the coldest. So you know a culmination of that coach gain. And just pick in the wrong people from now we goes the excited now. Great young team events in the country's gun shots seemingly the only you ought to Beers that are flying solo that's. So far too much of the day I Giuliani is empty one idol back and edited out of Ohio game this jury detainment for the day. Crazy you watch and I say hey are you nervous about Croatia you knew he shoot it down and they play France and you also don't care who they play. Why why such confidence because. When you played at that level. It doesn't matter who you play you've got to claim anyway right. It's like in the drawer of the ball and who do you feel mold on it this is able who do you feel able Argentine you know Sweden. Argentina will hope listens well you know they were set so. It just depends on the day UConn Thea anyone. Else the right other than what's the movements of and just watching the France Belgium game today. Wonderful how would you rate I I felt early on he actually did dominate and their passing was by far the best player on the field. Pedroia is brilliant. That. Cop who did nothing no absolutely this as an opportunity to right right so it's like you see that ilk who. Don't fear anybody out. Who have the French side. You know about these and many a nights and bouncing his play in it pick food now I dispose back. And I'll come up in a sale or until I hit it talk I could Sutter hospital pad. I've always had a question oval Reese goal as the national. Pick fed. Through this Talbot has been bad so okay so right now there England and the panicky. Right now as in terms of how we rally right into the Allah. Who else on the French side. And bop a fantastic. Then she got good people in defense of the grease that obviously. And that upfront. Libya Giroux useless. Useless useless. When I don't know I'm a total fat and the longest hitters time. He's played the Oscar he. It is they're useless now it what's the Wii music France's momentum is probably yes equally England's right now put it exactly the same as they weren't 98 started real slow you know look struggled to get through that group. They picked it up picked it up again this felt that that if that does happen it's from spine that will be Greek aid. So IQ can I kind of generate some trash talk here because we we we don't break we mentioned earlier this year there gonna have you on the right world famous mark Hamilton. He's gonna come and toxin World Cup when does. My co host here and talking about that game tomorrow immediately responded with a comment of he's rooting for Croatia yam who. Croatia via I'll go for. You know good luck. I lost the last time my said the value routed to Sweden to did he tries to idea always gets up against your people I don't know what does not know and now I had money and life last month. It though. It's of the equities at money you do is go for it if you earn a sock easier back in the Ramos and right you're pretty vocal around the office let's take you to World Cup right now for the final yeah. Argues psychotic England fan are you paying your face and you're like in denounced rails and on a path. No no the face any. That and you know. Yelling at Pete have you ever gone to look up in the event actually yap and it was the year because that goes down when it was but a couple of gazes at Stanford. Oh relief and in that didn't qualify that was the ninety full okay yeah. Is are you irritated are you excited I'm assuming three years from now then will we had a North America better you get yelled. Yes hmmm yeah now it's just absolutely yeah yeah. That's. The utterly going to be confident. I I didn't hear that you believe. But see I you know I don't mean we did in the wilderness this is currently it is Clinton really really rattled loose teeth and so I don't know dispute or Hispanic. This is not in an idea okay. USA has been irrelevant in this thing. OK with the great amounts told them. Great I mean what's that he's got music I was there I was at the thirsty lion. Where it and I think is to sort of as ago when England that you are saying in the same group. In the back yet as to tone of his love of the first line of the day execs in the morning. I I I swell Imus to be the only England fan in the place is when guys did you imagine what it was like. What in the goal keeper but he let it slip through it's yeah all that's right all by god acting. Suddenly all the attention was on beat and if only if it O'Leary and that would insults right and right. It was just like oh my goodness. And next time I got to go to a place where the least some of them. That area. This is viable we can't wait for moral we're excited for what's it gives an eleven again tomorrow Soledad a video celebrating an incumbent pop and celebrate bring me champagne if you want you can smack talk him for losing another bad tomorrow adopting any other sports in America. I you know outside soccer Bentley have you followed the American football yeah flew it went before this to pull those this is definitely the latest on when they weren't camels yeah I am. What was it in polls. We did this the tailgate me in my and in an immediate poll see some poll in the ultra. Yeah it's early yet and go due to his games obviously you know. Wells in the blazers now about basketball on. It. I enjoy watching the last three minutes. A very boss and I can I can appreciate that and gets really excited the last three minutes the blessings to be okay yeah I am back and that's. Let's wait the last three minutes right in theaters soon after. Who. Else. Another one of the things that I have embraced blowing lines Balkans we were debating if we should ask you is it offensive if we ask you to judge in English accent contest is that offensive load a little by the way the other thing of got into lately is college football coach Greg Katz gray does bowling on 94 it's that Israeli guardians of the college. Doubles would you tech. I literally have what it is like watching it I just I can I have to sort of go along with dragons from. Liberal tide yes no zone satellite. Watch him dance. I suppose. We have. Clinch TVs in organ states and the kind of like the queen's park rain there is there in the wilderness right now air and it's gonna it's them mean a lot when they get out of the wilderness. The benefits and then I've got to be cap focus if you go with one Oregon team ranks and I don't feel I can do that and an ability animosity that yes so now so I think a killer is the most sort of English sounding. College for me the bull bulbs this should go Fresno state prison in Baghdad. Right you guys don't go like an adult human. Such an idea that our. That and I'm excited and looking at the list whoever you go away. Just stick with it and never change or should he be Stanford isn't into the Bay Area for cardinal. Has got to be able. Tribal belt law to cut public the most English mascot in college give us soccer mascots right now reflects well we just usually the dissident named off to. That the global team and this looks like. Them. Talk it's good man and it's yeah creativity and I don't know I don't really it's a Max. Skull yeah. On names and you don't have any Toronto Raptors over there it's no big wondering why you named after rafter as the goddess gunners and Canada kind ought Genovese. Then it seemed as you Rupp played full and 43 to do and Chelsea you know that. Dorothea tool and I love the teams that there's a ton of bad. It's like that will weave his thieves thing though. Had to Belgium. And in England. In the final eight top players of the World Cup fine. Really it's Belgian defense that's incredible and I anytime Belgian defense. And you know Harry K yeah I am. Yeah. Yes yup and deadline tomorrow I'll go back to celebrate celebrate tomorrow we're excited to watch it it's going to be a lot of the mark Hamilton about 90% of the race that you. We'll close the show next out of him. And the this tells life. And passion Aggies away and it. An active is gonna market observers have mine. I do kind of funny sometimes a soccer guy and and building will double talk broke happens often stop by and share their thoughts. And we always is checked we always kind of playoffs that we know what they're talking about oh and they buy today doing nowadays is being a war on a sports station so therefore we know a lot about soccer and we just got to let me just and I'll just kind of shaken not and ours oh yeah he's great. About 75%. Of what he just talked to what I know now. In his round he said some name of the French defense and I believe it was like of course he's good now that gap sports odds that guy to be in eighty it. Who agrees month a yes no response wears number seven for France Kamal voice through the front don't know. Number seven on the ski ms. number sent us an exciting it is now. You can gain you know one out that can match Belgium and a lot of chances early that's why not take on it and they did not capitalize others scoring opportunities. I know lies. You have you can identify with this because well this is kind of who you wall are beginning there's a bigger percentage of fans they get more nervous. The longer their team advances in to a stage of something. Where as people like him and you who. You are team gets deep and you basically say all we're going to win with the notion that asking well what fan -- talking about with me or guarantor of the giants I don't think it matters and I've seen you going to a national title game is against Karr dale Jones NTELOS they were down by three touchdowns should've won regimens retention I'm seeing you go into a World Series and rightfully so proclaim all Rangers. Rangers tigers and royals cute. Get out here dad's term. So in the two biggest ones in your life and not this you know dismissed the blazers here but in the championships and aerial images are of the Matt and conversation you have been very khaki fan what are they think if I were in the other end. Let's take the 49ers in the C ruled against the ravens. I I couldn't even be around anybody because I was so damn nervous. The cockiness when a cab out of they want now. The arrogance led they would line it breeds it twenty once you get that TF pizza at the Canon. It stokes the fire inside but here's a great thing is greatest the ducks' run was in won a national championship and uses now they'll infect confident busy Florida State by thirty points a guy that Heisman Trophy winning quarterback did that was their year cash and that was disease said it and then to people don't forget what his name. He. Singularly as he gets 742. Yards on a war sports broad just ran all over you can pieces at a I've never seen does after that game Seattle is Russia's Elena suddenly gotten over that one I remember look around go to again do show with this guy. I don't even know he wants to talk right now. And we had to try to be break down the game reaction guys in your sit there like. Damn I cannot believe we just lost two cardinal freaking Jones analyst stuff. Let's get to the course lab poll results of the day shall we enter spring on Twitter we asked him how many baseball games do you watch per season whether it be your team national games are both. The number one answer was watch regularly fifty to 75 games per year. Some people are twin 9% said once a blue little watching game 28% say you wait until October. End up 15% of you are diehards say you want to hundred plus schemes every single year ago. Conference title odds are out what actual nor team are you gonna lay money on it when a conference 44% of you by Leslie said oh gonna need to one odds. 34% said Washington five to nine and then Stamford. Got 17% of the voted nine to two odds and then in the south USC was number one getter a book or 50% sinking in those four to one odds. For the trojans have Carmelo Anthony goes the rockets what does it do for Houston's chances 51% of you say they get. Worse and little. I don't know want to have forty resents that no impact either way 9% of you believe it's a great fit in a great addition for the rockets fell on against Carmelo fans in the area and we remember these guys Dan Tony fires he had that handled her fine folks that Adam got him fired new York and then we ask probably the most important poll question today. What's the best stripper name in Portland. That's pretty of one knotty any known no overwhelming 48% favorite. Toxic suicide took home 26% of the vote sapphire got eighteen from Qatar are testing could only 8% of the vote. I don't know man I kind of like the testing part just in his two words by the way it's not one word it's. Tested with a capital T you mean it's two names to it. If things so anybody names so dead they named it twice after. Very young got a little show today folks. You miss any MLS drug czar's prime cast tending to defend dot com is where you can find it we can even get to Cleveland Kliff Kingsbury sleeping would bring his announced today we deny it's hit me baby one more time that happened. Yeah I also would not talk about Gordon Hayward. Could quite possibly being the most disappointed that of all time and you'll find out why not having an agenda that's not happy.