Dirt & Sprague Tuesday July 10th, 2018 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, July 10th
Dirt fires back at a recent column about the doom & gloom facing MLB, plus Swag has another edition of NFL True or False and it's Crunch Time for new Panthers owner David Tepper who faced the media after finalizing his purchase over the weekend.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right things since 1952. I welcome back to our numero de posts here on the fans. As France knocks off Belgium. Then move on to the championship round. World Cup final. I'm I have to root for whoever wins tomorrow I don't all follow my friends I went for sure rooting for whoever wins tomorrow and root for England they're Croatia upon goal for the croatians. Human courage is to win. Yeah I'm sure mark Hamilton is gonna join us at 230 and he's on he said that. That's ominous start the interview with him that's could be awkward bring on this guy's Croatian yeah definitely not now not a fan a look at motor charted how I love demo address he hates your people Hamilton who now that's a bit far. That's called racism. So we will talk a little woke up at 230 is France advances. I wanna start. This article and I want to have a wondering that line you Redick yesterday S entity. It's an Abbas thing glow. The Red Sox may be red hot but baseball is striking out in and three way now how our. The Sox are now 622933. Games over 500 the royals of loss in nine straight and 27. Of 31 good odds. It's terrible it's as cementing their almost forty games under 500 up. On a night goes meaningless game after meaningless game as the Red Sox put a cartoon is cartoonish numbers while we wait for the real games to start in October so much winning what edu -- And he says as much as I love the game I can no longer defend all the things that are hurting the sport there are too many bad teams are Toomey noncompetitive games. There are too many strikeouts. There are not enough balls in play baseball stars are increasingly anonymous. He also cited the attendance dipped loud 21 of 32 by teams are down from last year easy baseballs on pace for its lowest total attendance and 03. And he also cited something else on a USA today. Hole with players young players are you know they're not then I'm probably wait a game is being played. But this writer just goes on it's it's a link into you know it's a typical column. But he says there are there and irrelevant story there one of the best teams in baseball and if you listen to our sister station WEI embossed or the other station there. All they wanna talk about his trip at patriots or Celtics free agency chair. Makes total sense. What do we mostly talk about during the NBA regular season. You know and I found out football. Okay. Look he he brings up valid points wins the pace of play in the strike outs I agree 100% with the there is a bad it's concerning to me. The trend ever going down it's concerning to me that it's OK teach guys that don't matter how many times you strikeout go and swing for the fences. The equivalent I guess and other sports should be guys jacking up three small the floor but. For the most part that's entertaining in basketball you do have moments three yell at your TV game will pull up like six feet behind the three point line in. We all end in unison yelled what the hell you do win right but for the most when it goes and it's okay it's exciting and it's not necessarily killing this border or. I'd make people turn it off so the strike out thing Israel and the pace placing Israel and I think they go hand in hand that. When you add more strikeouts in the mixer throwing more pitches quite often I you have less action so it's not quite as entertaining in the pace plays slow down. I read it's it's a triple whammy air for the sport that at some point they're gonna need to try and figure out. How to curtailed it's a little bit and it's gonna have to start with the teams. To solve this issue. Every other thing that he brings up whole in this article is really easy to poke a hole and it. The attendance numbers are down largely because early in the season we had more rain ounce in snow lost the lead time and a long time in the sport and for about a month and a half of the season. He got a lot of cities that were played in forty degree whether it's not easy to go to a baseball game and those conditions I can't blame anybody in Chicago or Detroit for not wanted to go watch their team. When is 39 degrees you also have a unique situation right now on baseball. Where half the league is actively trying to save money and lose. That's just the model that a lot of teams followed last off she's like the model I don't minded because eventually you come out of it and it pays dividends. Houston is a great example this would reconsider the Astros have a good fan base right now they packed up place every night I'm sure there atop the attendance numbers and all Major League Baseball right. Look at their attendance numbers from 56 years ago. Buster Posey had a great quote he was asked one time by a fan of what is Saber at least favorite ballparks to play and work. But he said Wrigley was his favorite he said his least favorite was Houston because it's like playing in an abandoned warehouse nobody goes to hear each other talk there's no atmosphere. That was within the last 67 years now they're selling out every single game and people love baseball because they've come on on the other end a bit. I can't blame a lot of these cities for not wanting to go when their team didn't commit Tillman the offseason that's you make it felt financially. And if they end up winning those fans will again show up services. You know right baseball is what baseball has to people write my biggest contention is this line which you can't refute this. One player like Mike Trout. He's a great player he's one of the best we've seen in generations you how why is any is popular is like Kevin or intercept Chris he's never won a playoff game. He's never what was Seth Curry before he went to four straight NBA finals well he was known as a juror player cherry was no I don't know how know he was he's not a household name that he is now if you had Mike Trout in four straight World Series. What do you think is at it what do you think is is recognition numbers are Bryce Harper's pretty you know Bryce Harper's never won a playoff series I nobody's sure pretty known he's pretty Null but that's again the issue that they have right now you have to organizations that are wasting the talents. Until the better players in the game. He also said analytic try to control even the commissioner rob Manfred agreed telling athletic there is growth growing recognition that analytics are pretty certain trends in the game. That we may need to be more proactive about reversing. There are owners that feel that way there are fans that feel that way. So analytics is may be room adding that that goes to the defensive shifts in the strike out right there's no doubt about that as the analytics and the Indiana laced mind did the new swing is basically saying. A strike outs that it's in now altered the same so you might as well swing for the fences yak you know the interesting part about this article to me. Is. I feel like his whole reasoning behind in this. Stems from dup dup paragraph and it where he basically laments. Hey. I listen to this to Sports Radio stations. They didn't talk about it. Nobody cares so. And I'll look up where the attendance is right now in Major League Baseball where Boston is Sharon they're probably doing great that they're doing amazing at their son out every single game at Fenway they'd probably are. I'm sure there TV ratings are through the roof locally up. And nine that is highlighted its 88 it feels like and I'd like certain parts of this article by the way the article is written by Dan Shaughnessy. If you're not as in touch with who he is he is a rule longtime columnist embossed in it. He is a more. Well known better right dean. Been around the industry a lot longer in the columnist we have here controversial to some people in Boston some people don't like commit all the vitamins are saying they ruffles feathers here ruffles feathers. But I think. It feels like when you read it causes paragraph is probably the sixth one in. Even though it's six down it feels like that's where it is senator around Bryant KI turned on the radio the today. And the Red Sox just swept this team there forty games over 500 winner of the freaking number news and talk about a watch this act. That means nobody cares anymore and it also and also read to me and the columnist who's covering a team who's in an extremely easy portion of their schedule and blowing a lot of people out and he's boy it's Bo is boring and cited the players carrying boring you sit JD Martinez say there's no personalities and clubhouse and yeah I I just. But it also a we just swept the royals therefore this is a boring it that you're speaking from above pretty big. What a privilege there and I think the eagle to a lot of fan bases across baseball and ask have you had fun this year as a braves fan do you enjoy this baseball season I've followed it more right and I have the last year Dodgers got off to a terrible start but I'm sure is why guards roped in now and I'm in a great time I giants almost finished with the worst record in baseball only three games out of first place at this point in the amount at a great time. How are rare fans enjoying this year when Bob brewer fans what about cubs fans. But cardinal fans are still on the mixing even go all over baseball. And find the markets that are loving every minute of it and I think if you're going to point to the attendance numbers. And say that is the concerning Trent I also want you to point me to the TV numbers what are you doing in each respective market. Because of a lot of people are still watching and following the team on a nightly basis. They don't tell me that the sport is dying there's certain cases of things are too expensive the giant city T eighteen hours or charging twenty dollars for a beer. That's why some people maybe are going to game you know I just got a notification when he dollars for a twelve ounce beer to sometimes you you get these ram notifications when you're scrolling I got one for a giant came. And it should get a gagged and the giants want to point six dollar tickets. Probably for outfield seats were super super high seas super high act and a they've had to come back down a little bit on ticket prices because they had the second worst record in baseball last year by the way I'll give them credit on this Boston right now this year third in attendance percentage only by percentage 'cause our numbers are different. 93%. Of their games are full via. By the way San Francisco is 92 yeah. So they've taken a dip their stove top five player that's I just I think it's important no when you talk about the relevance of the Major League Baseball. Regular season. Of course it's irrelevant nationally this season is too long we can all agree with that there is only one sport. That has a relevant regular season from start to finish rather we saw slower yet it was only once more the NBA you go to game 46 of an NBA regular season nobody cares right right unless you have one of those matchups that is Houston Golden State. Golden State LA Boston LA anybody you know of Philly Goldenson if you one of those match ups on a Thursday then on TNT it'll garner national headlines outside of that. Nobody's following it paying attention to it and I also don't lie. The example of saying how much more attention the NBA offseason is getting I am guilty of following the NBA offseason way too close so I I understand. I guess re trying to contact with the Lee is the dirt make sure that you chaos seasons norm for in the regular season to it is most people you also have to point to be out at the reason why that is and impart in my mind is the calendar. What time Europe we yen via is the NBA offseason was hitting in November and December. We went our way of following it as closely as we are now because John Carlo stand just went through a crazy offseason member I was while losing to get traded to demand he wants to go here what teams can take. That was just it was a small little blip on the sports radar from one of the best players in the game that was getting traded right but nobody talked about it because it was happening in November. In December. Right in the middle of college football in the NFL season heating up the NBA has a benefit. With the at the off season is greatest entertaining don't now but we're also in that part of the sports calendar right now there's not a whole lot going on. Yes Dan Shaughnessy wrote in the Boston Globe he thinks Major League Baseball is going the wrong way. And the article is titled the Red Sox made red hot but baseball's striking out in every way basically just says old funny daddies like baseball. And not another younger people are into reggae beat I think he legitimately did use coded ID he says you said the people who still get newspapers are the only ones watching baseball asked coincidentally he's writing in a paper on a line that's still prince actual paper and he's like chastising people who get newspapers. Sorry you burst your bubble and I do not get a newspaper I did not have dial up Internet and my phone is cordless believe they're not yet I still of the game of baseball you don't have a land line nice and I do not have a landline I had a landline once like a year ago and did I took offense to this is do you value it land line guy c'mon man you had it in your bundle. Are all out we'll get your thoughts at 55305. The better you today. Tax line also well. The Golden State Warriors are getting another player. This time from baseball yup they just get every talented Blair pages from the world now going say it's not even just a basketball team. There is sports entity someway somehow we'll explain more next on. Regulatory NFL tour false here in twelve minutes the blazers are winning summer league. A drop before you. Attack. I must say I love there's some really Younis I think I was saying you know I wouldn't mind dizziness in the regular season and it's a good luck although there's a part of me that when you look at it real quick it feels like hell is that guy. Who respect but has went up for the lay up. Oh heck I was coming in hot and eight I can't see. They're they're Younis kind of like the clippers duties Mara from the and the lettering is similar to ensure man kind of looks like the the clippers one out somebody's Warren number seventy self yet he's got to the foul line who has this guy. Those numbers to get anybody name that number seventy on the blazes some early roster. I watched two quarters so far so I'm out on this and haven't. Can we get a number seven the on the regular roster to we get a name on the screen Ian Williams and bill Archie Goodwin logic and still trying to make it man about town right for the dream house pop Jian as Dylan terribly dome crowd should come. So we are talking baseball as Dan Shaughnessy writes an art it's you know. I like parts of the article and I can see why somebody like yourself hates it. You do read it and you channel blocker Wayne earlier rising go is suck well you're not getting great amazing quotes that people run racket then. You know watching eighteen G sodium talented that they blew other teams out I can understand why you Disco really. The whole game of baseball's broken because you're teams. I going by what you want to tell our leader and an entertaining columns to right every single day I also love to listen to the point out of the Betty today text line. I wonder what Collins he was riding when they had entertaining players ever drinking beer and eating fried chicken in the clubhouse before games. Because I bet he wrote columns that were saying these guys are unprofessional Willie Warren are her -- by the rioters try and sell have a wonder I wonder what those columns are look I'm like yeah a lot of really good points the band Tex lines are and have better you today tax on ski union got used to that F 553051. This or cinnamon a baseball fan for over thirty years. I know what telling guys who pay for MLB. At bat right now MLB may have some of the best young talent. In the history of the league it is what it is not for everyone but as a lot of parity and is doing fine. Another listener and go get a Mineola baseball outside of football Tabasco cubs that's from your buddy Steve from crunch of Steve Jim. And it's let's see another one baseball still regional until the playoffs regional means good teams have class attendance is bad teams negative and exactly is that it's fine. The Mariners are fun hell Jeanne seeger is leading the all star game. Last in vote over players from new York and Boston because of policies and assess what the city yeah I would argue most people lit by a the MLB. TV rapper service. That's 'cause they wanna watch and their team. I mean I have it meant bad. 90% of what I watcher dodger games and I only wish they flustered by it though if you're in your region called Charlie is obviously mariner fans don't need to buy ahead in this region they're getting mariner games some teams -- the daughters and that TV dispute the blazers happier where you're on to it's test Time Warner whenever there on indoor -- that so you can't and amp but they're black died I get blacked out locally sell out night I think that's a that's what baseball is it's a regional sport and and I feel like the NBA is heading to a sort of sent in that same direction and outside of I'm OK if you just pulled the generals sports fan. As a how many NBA teams are national draw for you how many would every. Right now for. Five or you're a regular viewers psychotic some I can see that you're now general and yeah I've metal warriors Max whatever team LeBron is on you know. The Celtics. And I think. Right now you've had a car rockets. Yeah with Harden and Chris Paul yeah that still. That's still there and if this 76ers are working their way into it maybe after the not quite there and I would say baseball and probably little you know maybe the Yankees for some. It is read summaries of these threats are all cubs Astros you know riots is skits the same thing. Outside of that would do a lot of people just watching this area. Her dreams spelled yeah and arrogance to that extent and I'm out ways and I love baseball more or any other sport I don't watch much as. A follow it and I look at scorers and if there's Mara game is close off flipped to that are. I watch a little of the Sunday night game between the angels Dodgers Ian and I just curious for a back it was goal on time I'm not run yeah I'm not. Private and watch him brewers and cardinals on Wednesday and I am and watch my team. Football's the only sport that transcends that kind of category I think. Yeah I think the other thing the NBA though did when they went to NBA or when they went to TNT. That Thursday night double header is a national. Tune in sort of danger. And Major League Baseball they got the son and I came on ESP and but as far as does horribly bio it allows you want Caspian gonna get rid of the rights to that game. And so. The Major League Baseball because it's. Every day I mean between between the games ESPN has we can games on TBS and then MLB network. If there's not a national network that's playing a game dared they've got a gamer to almost every day. There's no specific. Dial Lynn appointment. That I got to go to an end to this great national game. Because you don't know the players. I I I sort of I am always thought that was a big thing it says he saw a national crowd. You know you're not gonna sweep the country over the Milwaukee Bucks on TNT. But just selling point in your honest. Oklahoma City most fuel and I don't camera Oklahoma City but you got Russell Westbrook to sell. You have some teams Anemia to have somebody does sell on I think baseball absolutely has more than their fair share of guys sell. I just have never liked the way they've sold and they they should be doing well near ticket we better job at that every take take it right now. The biggest name on the trade block right now is Manny Machado. In Baltimore. And you know for a lot of sports fans you don't follow baseball I don't know how much that registers on your scale. And he could be trained by the way to New York Yankees. I jokingly said the Golden State Warriors but the New York he's right now the same thing they are in the running they're not the favorite but they are in the running potentially because their farm system. To be able to give Baltimore enough assets to say give us the guy will take MR one year renal 'cause he's going to be a free agent Eugene. And we'll bring them over here we'd love to put him at third base out. And you get a team like the Yankees that it's not given the win the World Series it's pitching and everything else but. It's Golden State asked in the names that you concede that they have all you got standing on strategy guide. And indeed you've guy now I get much I don't mean they would have that kind of potentially name recognition. But again they don't sell names enough to me no I and I and I get back complain I wish they would do more you know open whenever he once had a Sonnen is a decent teams for more than a one point one guy over the team I don't think there's much to it there you know Mike Trout so national lads Bryce Harper's a national lads. If you watch baseball channels are gonna see guys in commercials I I think you just have a built in disadvantage. In terms of its not a sport like basketball where one guy dominates. It just you never gonna happen that you you can you can market pitcher is. Which I think they should do more of because when you have a dominant guy a he's got the ball half the game and you're watching him in your talking about him. And that's a tune in aspect right even then he's pitching once every five days. If if if Russell Westbrook is your draw he's played 82 games he's got to average a triple double every single night. And so I think it there's just a built in. Disadvantage there and I think that's than this the tough part of the game's at right now is that some of the faces that they have. Heavy they're not made any noise in the playoffs or they haven't been to a World Series and that's what it's going to take Derek Jeter was a transcendent athlete why. Because he went to the World Series and he played for the New York Yankees and Derek Jeter plays entire career for the Milwaukee Brewers. He's a forgotten guy now and you're gonna sue Juarez just guessing that I either I don't know let it. And I sort of got right now as a shortstop but he's not the household may be as he was because they won. Three straight World Series and went to a fourth and he won another one in 2009 and if Mike Trout goes on Mac kind of Ron. He'll get to that same point after the same way about Bryce Harper guys like Chris Bryant if the cubs go on some run like this. Those kind of guys have the ability. Do to make it into the household conversation I just think it's tougher for a sport like baseball. Because you're seeing four at bats or you're seeing a guy play every five days REI guaranteed contracts in politics rearing its ugly head with the NFL vs the NFL PA. We'll take latest on that a crunch time but coming up next to find out what's true what's false in the NFL. Back at 131. Nestled Tuesday out there may get some football stuff to get to come and out. Again odds to win the conference championships. Out not only the back Talbot get a major confidence look at that a final hour of the show. It's an NFL notes we need to get to other Shawn McCoy in the news today for some wrong reasons an interesting tidbit about a the Panthers owner templates. Not only what he had to say about gambling but also something he's not allowed to remove that I found rather interest written. Yet this was this is 99 sociable part in the cell of the Panthers extremely awkward very weird given what the former owner had to leave for that is an emotional well our friend mark Hamilton 947 he's gonna come in studio with us at 230 and talks broke up with him because people don't like when we talk broke up or talking about are gonna bring somebody in the knows what they're talking about breakdown Croatia brags. Saw that sort of got on the -- but it is it is a slightly after 130 let's get to NFL. True or false when we got tired will begin with the NFL players association filing a non injury grievance against the league for installing a formal policy on how players on the field are expected that actor in the play in the National Anthem. True or false bill league will be forced to retract the policy they enacted prior to the beginning of the season. Boston. ZNFL gets away and does whatever the hell they want to. At some point this has to come back to buy them right. Think in the next CBA is some sort of there's got to be something that happens that there's a lightning a lot of things are gonna bite him in the next he BA had to I mean this line. Why can't they just get out of their own way are you got to do a sit down and talk with the players association. Figure out what the best course of action is instead they enact this policy without talking to anybody if if you talk to the players that are you coming to an agreement on this. In the only trauma none of this but I they would be more willing ending to come to an agreement at least if they were at the table and had a chance to have their voices heard in this. No this is false idling in his cabin in the short term this is gonna buy many ass long term. Yeah I don't think it Jim being done. What whatever proceedings. You know going through the union and arbitrator there than if they don't like get off to a federal court. I think at some point yes the NFL owners will have to back off of this policy but I don't think it'll be before the start of the season. Our representatives from Australia I have reportedly met with NFL executives pitching them on the idea of having a game played down under further expanding. There international footprint true or false the NFL will have they regular season game played in Australia within the next five years. Since I have. I think a lemon travels not. I'm an eighteen hour trip and I might. It's true that this is true they will do it they'll copy college football and do it and traffic goes a calendar. Please Stanford played there. Accounting in nineteen Miami's back to back years and they each had a game their Stanford played rice baseball's done listed Dodgers and Diamondbacks started their company years ago. Playing in the middle of the night a three game series started one in the mornings on the way they did when they played Japan same thing right. He added. Is true unfortunately I think this is true I think you're more likely to sell NFL player central and Australia. Yeah heavily depends some other places especially if you. You know put the body in the right spot and get schedule O'Neal assays on TV he's by from the bifurcated out he's by advocating Narnia out. Neo what what do you think about your offseason you get sucked so far. What do you think which are paid well and really you really can't judge yet. Did you upset and so early in the week. Yes the NFL will play regular season game their the next five years. It'll take him appears to figure out but within five years absolutely if you've got people tourism people coming in saying we're gonna roll up the red carpet for you absolutely. What is he saying right now I just wanted to he. The other fellows provided some tangible standards for referees to observed during play to determine if the catch is catch. Under the new clarify federal for 28 team. A true or false there will be fewer reviews to determine if I catch is a catch this season compared to last season. Men still not only do you get the third foot but they also say if the players' dinner reaches width. The ball. This is the same there's gonna be more catchy is just simply will there be more reviews. This is true I don't care how clear you make the let me let you are here is there are not be fewer review also false excuse me this is false there'll be Lauren did did that third foot come down. Did the ball really not do this or that there will be more reviews it's here. They're there to replay happy this. It's false. But I've actually believe this is true and the way I've read the language I think this gives the referees. A little better idea of what it is they're looking for in the course of play. With clear benchmarks and they can go and say. All right player did player X did this with the football. Before you know once he established possession or or control of it I saw him do this I signed him. Take the third step by stung him he'd change the direction of the football under his own. Power. So I think they'll be a lot less times where they don't blow the whistle at all and let it let the video guy and deal with that. So I think they'll be less but you have to take into account the team part no I understand but you only get three challenges. Yeah I am so I think for a this'll this'll come into play for for change opens you know interceptions. As well let's end zone scoring plays Virginia and I think I think the referees will be able to shake their heads. More often and say he did this or he didn't do this. And be declarative in. The call. Finally the sale the Panthers to it David tepper. Has been completed a record two plus billion dollars tour false the Panthers will be back in the Super Bowl in the next three years. The ball some. Is that far outside of the realm of that's possibility. I think it's crazy but I'm saying falls hi guys who are looking Green Bay wants to apple and Aaron Rodgers sounds like he's in his state Clinton is not easy is there that's how silly and what they've built in Carson once if he can stay healthy. Atlanta as always going to be irrelevant team in my mind Minnesota look Kirk cousins the next couple years you have major Carter is the same seven good young group and guys sleazy yeah. True he's can be done this year we might forget and LA in this super team they've created but it lists synthesis in Arizona with Rosen I I think the Panthers are better than people give him credit for they're really close to beat New Orleans in the playoffs last year and advancing to that game in Minnesota. But I need I need to see it from camp this year if cam as a big year and yes that is next here might say you know through this can happen but as of right now Iowa. To save false yes false and I think it will be Cam Newton in the pressure packed situations. That prevents keeps them from. Getting over that final hurdle and back to Super Bowl you know apartment add to those nominated true peace of false false start nobody gives a chance couple years ago and they weren't. I anybody's radar and casino one I didn't see that coming out there was not a perfect season to start what is certainly thirteen and older a year it was in my late loss still but. Yes I I think the thing on this is I think cam is a fine quarterback. He's one of those you can't. Lose him but she can't necessarily. You wonder how far can you really winning when I know we went to the super won't play. Hopefully Denver just kick their butts defense was included defense as a new chief Tom Brady's but EMC tile game I know. But then he followed that up with two sub par season germ. So. If he can come man doesn't seem to have a new coach back are not the new coach factor they lost. Wilkes. To Arizona. To something like that affect them at all. I don't know what song and keep he's gonna play. Thomas Davis is gone first four games this year so if you only they went this year basically banking they winning it. For those two years arrived I I I don't feel confident that I think this is false. Yeah the other young teams in the NFL stressed the NFC and makes it. Makes it tough but young's problem falls on Monday on a touch her false you do it every single Tuesday at 130. But that's Freeman done on time that you she does not happen actually I done early and we dead. We need to get to Michael Bennet had some comments this morning abound potentially facing Seattle Seahawks Mats Sundin received. For the final hour of the show we'll bring you what he had to say about going against Russell Wilson would show a cut some people's attention nobody is a Philadelphia eagle -- -- playoffs is they don't play they don't play in the regular season Mark Ellis and our good friend for all right 947 years he is all on board to England bandwagon and he's gonna join us at 230 toxin World Cup gonna have some fun with that. As a France not top Belgium earlier today and so one half of the World Cup final. Is now officially set we have conference title odds. That are out and college football so we get to that at 215 let's stick with the Carolina Panthers though since were on them to begin list. An interest eaten. Interesting couple notes about the zone they cannot remove from the stadium and also what is the new owners think about the impact of gambling. It's about crunch time next runs rusty bankruptcy as always not 95 months so I would give it more free gym membership. It was not a glory assessing gains this morning. Now there isn't alone I did. I saw bill. I didn't go ideology again back to back days of the dogging. Hoyer bagging outing and then you're doing I mean this is really quite ire on the ball over the I got the fever the obviously this alcohol usually what is wrong with you and to really good question and a chance to meet with it after. I did he mean last animal tonight to have a stake predicts he will be meted at. A also a quick Allaire mentioned last segment and he'll say it was on NB ATV gearing Mia blazers and spurs summer league game. If you are wondering how many of these squares and yellow shape bingo Diddy Diddy in a mall. In one answer and one answer he would youngest team in the league. Look live we have flexibility with the trade exception. And isn't. Outright division winner raise interest third seed in the Western Conference wins in preceding the west. I think that's had an edit that was one answer that's one media all of those and wanna answer I wanna try to find the video policy if NB ATV's tweet it out at all. And now hopefully we can pull it in play it because. I I saw that from a friend of ours on Twitter that he put all of that in one answer I decide just. There's Neil that's impressive and they're there and is impressive. OK it would get to Michael Bennett LeSean McCoy coming out you're top of the hour. But let's get to. The Panthers situation did this once it using have you ever dated a girl you date a girl that still add pictures of their acts up around. I'm not up but I found a box and there were a couple pictures how can buy Canon diving elect Allen what's going on here blow lol I citizens who do politically is this act like your brother you don't tissue brotherly Baghdad. There is this bro law that's going on with David tepper is the new owner of the Carolina Panthers. That's sale officially went through NFL record 2.2 billion dollars for the fantasize about that. But get this so he is a take it over there in Charlotte for the Panthers. But he hit a hot do you take down a thirteen foot high statue of former owner and team founder Jerry Richardson. He is contractually. Obligated. To keep the statue up. He would not negotiate this hour. Provide him first off this does he only you know my. This dude put a statue of himself out front of the stadium next to Panthers growling so AZ like Walt Disney is sexy guy waving my hand there's an aside he's got a panther running side one's leg lounging in something in the yellow ones on the ground growling and he is holding a football pointing it out. How. Eric gay and do you have to be to put a statue and of yourself I don't blame you for wanting to do a statue of your billionaire what I would say is have more fun with that don't be cliche. Why aren't you writing a panther. And like to make Jamaica. Right that would be funny you may get a random dance they're yes have finally look back I know he's an older guys on the track 1015 years from when you built it. And go with. McKinley who actually did that was kind of crazy man has tech grad Panthers so that's gone others to medium well. The other part of this too disease can't move it he would not let anybody buying the team although he would not allow them to negotiate that. So you keep the statue there. But they're advocating for a new stadium yes does that have to go with them or can you say hey the paperwork said specifically not to rally here a Bank of America yap funny if I'm damper on terror that tabloid downed inside build a new stadium that statue is gone let's head. But let's get to that is stadium doesn't have Brad is injection press conference today and we'll get to his takes on gambling here a moment. But he didn't talk about it in using gambling and his answer kind of stayed within the stadium and renovations all that stuff they need to do. Look we have. Just a law that was passed just recently and it's not yet hit the Carolina's the whole gambling aspect. And you think about the fans in the U wanna keep the fans in the building eventually is gonna hit you know north of South Carolina. It has to from a revenue standpoint. Give issues with you pay teachers and other things are there and you know tax revenues. The system available. When thinking about these things we have to take that in consideration because you know I wanna make sure they answer in that building and sharing this team. And I don't want fans not in that building so we have to hit the things calm. So you know we're we are. You know sometimes you get lucky when you don't think you lucky you know so what are the things we look obvious that we do have a north station in the captures do. We do have an old practice field we don't have oppression we captain and new practice fields. And along those things with some of the changes with the the gambling. You know we do have an advantage that we can think about what fans may want to make sure they're in our ability. To tear this Seymour because I do think an active fan base I do believe that. The fans are goods to twelve men on the field. OK and I wanna make sure that twelfth this in that stadium. He had police Jay Leno and just yet at dad's. If you're wondering man that must be really old stadium what year was until I believe it was built in 1994. Because that's from the team came in via so. Terrible statement I think what is that now let's eighteen sixes 24 years not 24 years old that's who that is sold how what year was the Mota senate bill. 1996. It was before 96. Lose or don't know any so I think it was 96 was a 96 I'm guessing I thought it was earlier earlier in the night and it was like 93. Lot of that not quite that early thumbing its data early. Sway act. 95 to five up as but the difference somewhat house club on the I I I don't get I've been to a Panthers if they don't need a new stadium it's not have that not happen at all I mean it's not beautiful it's not the state of the art and saying it's not an iconic out of a slab of concrete so sure I guess if you want nicer about how to walk guessing how is it for luxury boxes lows sweep areas outside an answer I sat literally in the Topper on the stadium so accurately answer that you can be going for this suites and stuff but if you're citing bring you their seats. The fix is very simple you don't charge an arm and a leg for one person to get in an Angel and also I'd be able I'd be curious to ask if dam building in the stadium means they wanna move out of that location because there right in downtown Charlotte like this guy escape of the city is right outside of the stadium. So VA if you're gonna terror down and rebuild our brilliant play. Yeah he talked as well and there are about a bigger develop similar to wide. Concept would be with the potential Major League Baseball stadium in Portland third the heat a development. Other things around it with which they limiting restaurants Levin retail restaurants. And entertainment that sort of saying so. You know if especially if he's put up a lot of money for it. So they can get a return on a. Yeah led to good luck went back has Richardson a couple of years ago threaten believe they didn't build a new stadium and the taxpayers elected do we're not gonna do that and he ultimately back down and then he had a solid team but they're not gonna pay for a new stadium down there are things only twenty some years old. He also talked isn't especially press conference yet hot take on gambling so everybody seems to think NFL ratings are down. You know there's actually a piece came out I believe earlier this week about how it's not quite the case free sample over reacting with a TV ratings. But he says third down and what's gambling gonna do those TV ratings Dave. You know social media apple Amazon that I don't think. Footballs been affected us any more or less than anything else. I also think this thing that we talked about a little before I'm Colin Campbell and is gonna make Brady's go down I just have a feeling about that okay you may know more about that than me because that's my feeling. So football. Club. This is the best sport OK in my opinion I mean I love this game. I love watching this game I'm watching games and watch all kinds of different games and is the only sport talk about football game and I don't know about you folks out there. But I can watch almost any team on a Sunday. Okay 'cause and it discusses entertainment in this great entertainment. And -- love the play also some other sports just awful well okay you watch the regular season baseball game when we know how that goes for some of the teams so it was actually. Show on Monday cracks about baseballs around us and we'll artisan ordered of that. I loved baseball when we reverted to my that was my title when I was. Just happens that. The back Clinton who is that's that's been my feeling about it eight greater impact it'll drilled. Back back back back back back back next turn. I don't know what are we get that black kids you have did merit ardent gambling is get a big TV ratings out I don't know how well. He's never been debate enjoying as relevant football games are you kidding me. Some may think he had Betty and it takes time again today it is guys really knows a lot about a thousand bucks on his team not even bother to watch the game. What may well you talk about the only right I wonder if he thinks. There's going to be. You know sports books in a Vegas style that are gonna set up that will keep that's a thing or can think of like people will go to the sports book. Tibet and watch the games there rather than going to the stadium but I don't think that's the way he's talking about TV radio guy and how many did -- watching NFL Sundays of bars and what I did to go to bars every sigh I think he's mostly out of touch with Powell doesn't gamble we gamble he's going to be implemented I think in order for it to. Go across the country be successful it has to be mobile on your app or do you trim. Yeah he's yeah he's significantly. Wrong on now dad says that one will all takes expose on inside today's somebody was so many lives between the press conference and had that quote a tweet and they call it tweeting with just the right to know Jean elect noted that he noted it's all those TV ratings and gambling enacted all the bitching and moaning about TV ratings you gambling going and I think we're gonna tackle. Numbers have gone out so that rusty text we got today the better you today text thing get to know the new order my team is an idiot. And then Linda (%expletive) by the Panthers this dude socks so there's your update beat Carolina Panthers situation. David tepper buys the team lead is not think that tag gambling. It's going to improve TV ratings let's put that aside because we all know he's wrong on that let's put the stadium stuff aside because you know the work that out whatever and Carolina. Did you see this press conference. No did you see anything from the front and I just other colts and heard I did not see any thing Google Dave tepper press conference and let me know what you think about his introductory press conference as the owner. His attire. Oh did he goes super cash I mean he wow (%expletive) happens we went we went dress shirt with three buttons on gun. Short sleeve button up shirt now let's long sleeve from when I look at that oh is it. Game I don't rolled up the sleeves and a lot I shared it got halfway I'm hope and that's 'cause there was in the middle of the heat wave may be and they were somewhere where air conditioning was not fired. That's now on and I well they have Macy and their news at the stadium his chest to calls her hostility he is says let live just here lol you would think he's about to walk on the beach and gravel mine tie the act. And I tried it I love that this is your cat owner payday when he learned a massive cash. They were anyone aware at this function I don't wanna wherein I think I don't like close. That for you Dave and I see that. I'm not that unbelievable sailors in order to Carolina Panthers seem to spot the team for an NFL record 2.2. Being only in dollars a lot so to get to the final on the show a toxin World Cup. Coming up the bottom of the hour we have conference title odds and double bringing all the pactel teams and what their chances are. To win but let's start the final hour with a couple of controversial players who are in the news for different reasons say bad day for the shot McCoy will update you on that one. Also what and Michael Ben I have to say about Russell Wilson. Start there next on the fans.