Dirt & Sprague Thursday July 12th, 2018 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, July 12th
The guys ponder Tom Verducci's article regarding Mike Trout not being properly appreciate by the sports loving public, plus more evidence that Cliff Kingsbury is a stud, and Tony Romo gives his Super Bowl LIII prediction.

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Hey it's break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcasts excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Welcome back to enter spring with you I'm Portland sports leader and McCain fan I hope you're doing Thursday afternoon. By the way what is the time that lunch starts. Let's look at what time does have to be real well lunchtime. From here for the general public I I think after 11 AM that's I think that at the rule has to be 11 AM it's lunchtime assuming you have a normal work schedule. You're not like on a great girder swing shift right and right if you have a so what normal work day every day schedule after 11 AM. Wanda my lunch yesterday or no two days ago and it was like eleven O two has an lunchtime a lunchtime escalate in the co worker goes it's 11 AM. Yeah like I'm kind of in his let's get up early and got things to do my man and I kind of stroll in here at 930. Peta spaghetti in the break room at like 1015. Yet you don't you feel ashamed we need your line clearly and only six meals a day so hungry I eat. I often don't eat breakfast so I get here I ate my lunch ago. We are a lot of things to get to cliff Kingsbury did an interview Tony Romo gives a Super Bowl panic but I wanna start this convert dude she article it's quite good our our old friend somber DH I love that guy. Friend of the show the old for the children DH. He he wrote an article on SI Mike Trout is better than ever so why aren't enough people paying attention. And he basically just goes into it how Mike Trout is he's only getting better. And he says by one measure of the best young hitter born in almost the last 100. Years. I bet you if you asked him like he was on the show again. He had top five players of all I'd be stunned if he's not getting to that level for a lot of people. I know that sounds crazy because numbers are quite the level of other plays first career numbers it's gonna take a long time to get there but just where he is at. I mean he is an unbelievable player he's having another great season the angels though went from being. Topic of conversation AL west to slipping back down. As the Mariners have gained traction and a Oakland Athletics have gained traction easy and there you know their one of those hovering 500 teams yet again. He's only human the playoffs twice. And if you look up his career stats I mean they're just stupid. With who we compares with and what the numbers he's put up. So far in his young career so why are in leader John. That's why don't people pay attention to the best player. In Major League Baseball because I was thinking about a three show. And you don't have that problem any other sport. No you don't it's it's unique single base focused back to what we're talking about India today with a popularity of the sport and can they do more to brand their stars and and to make sure people know. How good they are what they're doing Natalie Major League Baseball does anywhere near good enough job. Of doing that my shot is a national commercials though so we as Jacqueline form I do think we only had the argument. Before the show of how many more faces in Major League Baseball or more recognizable than his. Because it was hard for me to come up with another one outside a Bryce Harper and getting gets back to national TV commercials. That the biggest reason why a Mike Trout is not being paid attention to. It's twofold for me won the angels in my opinion aren't aid nationally relevant team. They're not in the same category as you know insert the cubs yankees Red Sox Dodgers who. There's just there's some organizations that are above the others and people pay more attention to Iranians are not one of those teams. And it also goes and the fact that there they're not good. They got a really good start the beginning of the year and they've been terrible sense in how they find themselves fourteen games. Out of the division lead I believe there about 111 games outside of the wild card lead. The earlier game over 500 so it's going to be a tough uphill battle for them. To make the post season again and that's that's the biggest thing hold them back is that we just we have not seen him play consistently. At the biggest level of the sport year after year he does get better he's on pace this year I believe. To have the greatest war season we've ever seen in the spore that's added weird analytical stats on people don't pay attention to but it's wins above replacement. And the current pace cities on nobody in history the sports around a season Mike has and it tells you how goodie as you know many playoff games he's won in his career 00. Now they've been one time I believe he's now been a full time Major League Baseball player for sadly this is a seventh full season. They have been the playoffs once they get swept by the Kansas City Royals. He's 25 years old yeah it's crazy he broke and when he was 1920 years old I actually he's going to be drafted at the end of the first round I believe he's out a new Jersey's. These type age 26 he just turned 26 I think poverty she says is Tony five but maybe this article. Came on a day I whenever his birthday whatever is 25 point six. It it reminds you and I thought you can't really good point. If you want to know Washington square mall. Would seek a huge reaction. Would people know who years. I dig his size would stand out in his six foot 3230. Nominees massively built. Three years ago I went to marry game in the angels were in town we are elderly so I just walked down by what are warm he ran right hee June jogged past us at. In the dude is huge he is built like a linebacker out. He's he's that they do I think people would lead and went back. It might wondered but the right and you know not everybody would be able to identify and again. This gets back to to me I it's it's not playing and end the ALCS the World Series that's when people nationally watched baseball. People in the year I got in LA he plays Anaheim I know right yeah but the daughter's the attraction in LA not the angels. The Dodgers in the main attraction down there. You're you're not seeking out an angels game on Wednesday night how many players from bigger markets though are more known even without the playoff success. Eating nanny was shot it was more no no oath and all I can Bryce Harper doesn't have any playoff success that would put him up there are thousands hunt of attention he does get a ton of attention. -- judge easily been the big leagues from one full season it was bielsa has last year and we don't have knowledge and Carlos am I do think is recognizable he's never been funneled the Marlins government playoffs with him I doubt the idea don't negated so they're on pace to do it this year but I think those are recognizable faces a mom but yet another you've had guys like David Ortiz retired Derek Jeter retire. You're you're losing some of the old faces and more recognizable faces of the game. You know and the other thing I I aids which is we talked about this before the show and it's such an interesting dynamic for league to have for the best players not. You know talked about horror. Maybe even recognized in a lot of different areas. And I don't mean this to sound like I'm sliding and I I do appreciate Mike Trout do you there's four games I've seen him play live. He's been good and for single one of them. His team has lost three of those four games so why there's an element of you walk away and his team loses it's easy to forget or maybe just go used to four but the loss. Where is that's like a nightly thing for him as an Angel right outside the playoff years and even then they didn't winning games is he. I general feel with hints its sports fans in my life I think most of whom know and understand how good ideas and Grady is. I don't know if you cared hell and I feel weird saying that they feel like I'm completely disrespecting him. But I I don't I've never been approached by any sports fan. Outside of win we'd choose to bring him up and bring him up. You know LeBron has been a point of contention Kobe Bryant has been a point of contention Millard. Go to the NFL with quarterbacks or receivers or running backs go to Major League based I hate Bryce Harper Yemen opinion on Bryce Harper though. Everybody knows my trucks great. I've never really Vince sucked in UAE who might Charleston are facing by anybody. Yeah what I think that's how far they're too is what's even a conversation that you had about a it is he is he is so good and so consistently good. That you take for granted iphones in my opinion baseball and I these guys are somewhat can parable. He's he's the modern. Eight of his teammate and Albert rules. EB reminds me completely opposite now he's in in my opinion a better overall baseball player and an opera tools maybe not a better hitter and not a better power hitter. But I easy to speed in the defense is there for for Trout like it wasn't for some other guys but. I I think we did this without her tools. Would it and we forget how dominant he was and now he is getting the point of his career free Campbell he's still an okay hitter but he's passing those career milestones. And you're saying yourself how he does his 600 home run. How about that then you go back can you look at his numbers you forget that like friend and yours spanned. Every year he was at loom high forties low fifties and home runs 15020. RBIs. He set and it over he 300 forgot about Poulsen a well I look prime I don't I don't forget about a Trevor is only people forget about Mike Trout I think when your exact good did LeBron suffers from the sometimes. You take for granted. You know Mike Trout is gonna go out there and hit threes some zen winds thirty to forty home runs he plays a full season is gonna have a hundred plus RBIs. There's not a debate about it that the debate will come when he's at the end of his career and where is he ranked in the all time hierarchy of players. Would Bryce Harper Yemen had that. The Bryce Harper there is big questions of how good is he actually. Because the numbers have been a roller coasters entire career including this year gap resent MVP type season he's won the award I believe once and many come back can you strike out a bond to be average don't fall for cleansed. And then you also have the pending free agency with Sam how much money is he worth because he's available at the end of the season. I also think the harper thing too that can stem from him we can carry this over as were against it the harper thing carried over for me. High school. You know he was a huge deal huge pride Gianna high school was LeBron was the chosen one and he was he really was and he's you know I know is is stats have been a little up and downs as she's batting average good. In a way you can kind of say he's delivered using gotten a World Series but in baseball to different scenario than one player carrying teams he's kind of delivered on the appeal and all I got to watch in effect play thing whereas I think some people can see an angels game on. Change channel. And I I don't know what that says it's it's a weird years when I'm trying to say though I get it to asserting standing applause and I'll say this and then we got to go and him will come back when this but. Even living pools the advantage she had. You knew it was great but he also played for one of the more and iconic baseball teams around. You play for the cardinals and he won a World Series still in you wanna worlds like when you put the cardinals though you're gonna get a lot of attention and so some season may we didn't talk about him enough for what he did but. Is still a cardinal and is still up talking point for people in sports will continue the conversation also other athletes that you think may be wasting away. Right now in sports on their current team 55305. Back with more on the fan. Are. Cliff Kingsbury did something every guy would be jealous of I mean he is a thirty year old. Power five football coach making fifty million dollars so I guess a life is that it. He took it to another level few years back and you've got to hear for yourself. We're tomorrow Mike Trout. And you know I I I may have seen this before but I do think this is a valid comparison he's Tim Duncan a Major League Baseball. See I disagree with dad though why because there was and Tim Duncan was consistently steadily good. There wasn't a wow factor to me about his game. There clearly was always great you knew he was always great when my when you watch my trial play he will do something almost on a nightly bases. The major John drop to the floor he would dump all that far. Howdy howdy go to first to third on how do you throwback guy out how did he rob that home Roddy is a freak athletically Spokane. Today there I I agree with the consistently maybe not great you know home marketing ability. But from a house standpoint Tim Duncan was fundamentally so it was a big fundamentally sound basketball player that wasn't. A wow factor when his game there is a Mike Martz and shoot bank shot excited to watch says eight foot fadeaway bank shots I think that's a dead on comparison for me in terms of greatness in their respective leagues. That the difference though in this is why it's kind of crazy is. Trying to as the best player in baseball right no we agree on that chart our pitchers may be more valuable I mean. Dana and I'd rather have as a mum guarded in my trial playable looking bad disseminate great year but he does not the track record demy trot has over the last six seasons and Tim Duncan had a few years where he was the best player masking will be a lot of years where he was amazing. Somebody else might have been slightly better so it's almost you know more apt to compare the best player at any other league easy personality wise is no doubt though. Both milk toast. Both hard to markets or the personnel in part I agree with. Do you think he should you do it baseball would benefit more he was going to Will Smith route and going and NC Graham and I tell you been doing. Personality things probably. But he doesn't seem to care about anything about playing baseball me angry Null and I hate to acknowledges Toobin a listener pointed out and I agree within com. There is an East Coast West Coast thing to this. And when you play on the East Coast this year just more recognizable. Baseball games and Damian Miller suffers from this all the time. When you play in a sport that has you at the vast majority of your games the home games especially starting at 10 PM. Nobody on the East Coast stays up and watch as Mike Trout the Dodgers don't have that problem. Yeah but I think Kershaw suffers from this a little bad we know how Grady is the people on the East Coast aren't stand up to watch his start on Tuesday night at 10:30 PM but people like Colin would have conversations about Kershaw up. They this is cult acts like don't I just I think there's a benefit of when you played and East Coast market you're just does it's gonna be more eyeballs on it and there are had been when your plane attempted anybody's ever been he's goes and tried to watch games like this right whenever I go visit my brother North Carolina during the summer I'll try and stay up and wants giants games has started 1015. It's like the fourth inning and you fall asleep now it's midnight out he can't do it yet the other thing too in this team whatever. We he's almost been talked about more than Trout he's got his controversial. Right and harper is that same wedding you know somebody Tyson was in a lot of people have different opinions on harper dropped. Harper is is the eighth guy I think LeBron is the closest comparison and I can make when you are labeled something when your high school. People form opinions on you like that they hate you or they're like all right let's go when you have the chosen one's attitude and you're on the cover of SI when you're sixteen years old. People formed opinions of LeBron that long ago and a lot of other held true that opinion may be some switch to the other side. But for the most part you felt like the is a certain way about a guy that long ago Bryce Harper was the same same thing I mean he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated when he was in high school. And it was an immediate kind of reaction either you like him or you don't. And he's he's he's gotten into it a little that was some guys he's done controversial things. It in my Trout just hasn't had that he wasn't me. Well known commodity in high school he was a late first round pick to the angels he broke it right away and there's not much that he's done in his career. That is caused any form of controversy just a great baseball player you debate. Every year should he win the MVP but that's about it yeah out you know somebody did Texan and said that they live in Anaheim. You don't hear a thing about Trout and he is the price he says worth the price of admission if you're down there. All I'm Betty is six dollar tickets to get in that pay them maybe they need people who has stadium. But he's worth from way more than that when I go to Mary game and if there's not a team I really. Want missy and I know the angels are kind of close on a schedule. I'll go see him. 'cause I know he's gonna be worth it to watch from the other team perspective when you go to America is somebody and and I really there's some reason it's Johnny's talking about more than Trout on his own O Donnie is to generate our headlines is here and in my job as might try and and it takes let's appoint is that as well in the Betty today tech sign he had a stretch this year in eight games. Just think about this in an eight game stretch this year where he made six outs. I did and that's phenomenal you don't see that he is on pace if he's able to keep these kind of numbers up because of his age now early he broke in. He is on pace to have one of the best careers and history of baseball. And that's the kind of player that he is to put in perspective Aron judge I believe. Is a one year younger than him. And judges I believe Erin judges 25 years old when you look at opera quick umpire known are the same age 26. While they're the same age and M Mike Trout has been doing this now this is his seventh season of going to an all star game two MVP is never finished lower than fourth place in the MVP voting his entire career and I don't count the first you really put forty games in 2011 when he was nineteen. But every year he's played a full season the lowest he's finishing in a few people and is fourth in out. I that puts things in every second we all think Erin judges this next big thing a baseball third the same aged 26 to me says he's the. AJ green of Major League Baseball the problem with that is AJ green is amazing is he is. He's not projecting to be a top five wide receiver of all time we are talking about rarefied. A lot of people are I think we might track continues off since this trajectory a 25. You are talking about a player that a lot of analysts organization he was the greatest baseball player ever watch out. He's on saudis on Mac kind of pace right now because doesn't every regard. And that's always up my take into account when you have the best of all time conversation there are great hitter is. There are great defenders you know some guys have been spans in their career they do one good in the other not good. He he's the kind of guided does a ball. Worries and he's a phenomenal defender he can steal bases he can hit for power PST hey it's practice. Day in a very woke up I mean baseball crimes can last until you're 34 years old yup it is always a fall off at some point went. If he can do this for another 789 years. It's remarkable side the way we did a poll question on this winning get to this 'cause we ran out of time but this kind of sparked this into a wasted careers question. And I Dan Marino was huge talking point simply be yes we're not gonna dive into it. But there was a very good back and forth on Dan Marino was he wasted to Miami. Where did he not merely do enough for Miami excel at a rock. But this lettuce to a poll question actor and Sprague. Who right now in sports current players current players would you define as. Wasting their careers or wasted their careers Larry fits in Arizona. Anthony Davis pelicans dame in Portland. Or Mike Trout on the angels who have been the playoffs just twice. In his seven or eight season I doubled him in once. The angels I think so. I believe tonight I'll look up but I believe they've only been the one Dominique that's up by Kansas City and makes it even worse since. Asia yet or not gonna go again this year. All right. Related dots at 55305 but he needed a tax lying coming up next. Kliff Kingsbury to head coach of Texas Tech did an interview. And we are already jealous of him. He's gonna say something that's gonna lead you to be even more jealous of what's new what he said next the first why it was sports update. And this is. That you me Evelyn I get 134. How hot is it out there. So high so high us but sue my opponents say and unload dolphin today. Controversial decision but I figured the course would be empty says 88 on my iPhone. You might look like David tepper as press conference by the end of that Eminem but a few buttons and I think so all land. I think the laws like dolphin in a Sauna let's do this you could look like guys to injury did you seek can read today is elegant and getting good collar concede breed all I don't know what Reid did but he's gonna make dinner is this natural I don't think Troy he's are out and he looks like he doesn't get sunburned guy yeah. He's got some George Hamels and don't move easy Christie's errors occur over the next Chris leak early eighties the Krispy colonel right now. Anglican thing to look at Anglican finger like can act to protect a map. A dame or on its on to Daimler bread general way. What are you enjoy or did you enjoy watching more we'll get to that Rem fund debate stuff today's web slums in the final hour of the shell and Otis Tony Romo things go to the Super Bowl. He predicts all those plays on the telecast as he does a losing predicting for the NFL season we'll find out a matter of moments. A question to ponder before we get to it. You could pick one famous celebrity chicken their prime to sleep with who would it be Salma Hayek good luck with the is siphoning gain down to one some lack battery today Tex I'm 55305 we'll tell you why arrest and a question a moment. But Kliff Kingsbury. Head coach at Texas Tech. Was on a comeback season podcast for a bar stool earlier this week. And you have a couple of funny tidbits you wanted and to play for him and remember he coached John hands now. He was that we was the offense according your timer I was at his gig yeah I am so it was offensive coordinator and he told a story. About men's l.s party had a smile on oh you guys wanna tee it up this is though member of the picture that came out where he's with the smoke and how yet on in the outfit he's in the Scooby Doo W costume that is the romance into this answer. Think we're gonna be like always the way that I disperse crowds today and I did know the different you know I didn't know until it. Had failures in my life and things go a long way ma 01 season ago nine. Or I the next year your plane didn't shoot Ole Wohlers Xena and you know almost BCS bowl lineman in the humble so are always. Well I was and that's all that work what is. Go out you worked we continued cards than you do exposed you. You. All player appeal. Enjoy the life can be an SEC quarterback and everything whether that. And I had always there you know went out and partying and doing all. Well as part of what makes good on Saturday. I actually liked that not only now who was what made us play so well it's no like that we this whole season went really well that it ever really. I hurt when it was like damn I'm you all know were I'm I'm not my game. Are never never. That's a great cut by a man zone because I do I producer Deanna was Johnny Mann Zell but Kingsbury did add in that question. Yeah we saw him at what we had a walk through the next day the next morning and he couldn't tell. Because Johnny always went a 100% or walk through is no matter wide. But they knew we really partied hard because at some point he went so hard mark through that he would eventually throw a side. Non material and he wasn't even mad at him right was it look as he went out there and play well they've won that game he he he he said Ed. He admired man Zell in the midst of all of that run that they had made him. One because it made him a lot of money yet he gave credit for giving him head coaching job and until he said to watch a person be with a live the life that he lived in still perform the way he did. He really thought he was this generational. Athlete that was going to always succeed there's probably a lot of athletes over the years you can point to like that I think elect a Lawrence Taylor story and what he would do I want Jordan church still go out and play at a high level and and be able to compete. Acid that was that was done and Enzo talking about bananas immediate cost him so let's get to this on though. I had a gets brought up there's like four of them talking gearing this but there is always been rumors about Kliff Kingsbury. And Britney Spears the team is it true cliff. Is true that you dated to Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson and there mayday is. Sure faults. Are bad premiere of their signed autograph or spears picture I said we need a Heisman baby your calls. But that's a true Tony is that there may make regards. No they just read about lawsuits where. It. Is these are things. As I'm. But all. These things and today. Deborah inner. Come alone in that dude up high on his senior year of my best friend god what we're going backstage I get stiff arm like L today they had Johnny. Our I don't get backstage emerges an hour later with the gods are cross bay smile. Want to hear hear that it pulls up all. Our eyes and I got I got left out on that. Kliff Kingsbury. Well it was a kid's name that Katy Perry love on college football's game day show all. Something Trevor night. And he was Trevor night. Oklahoma Oklahoma QB before mayfield I don't think we give college football players enough credit for how popular they really are if king's varies kitten Brittany and her heyday that's a big deal this was python Britney by the way and Katy Perry on TV purpose. You know in talon the world how much she freezing loves Trevor night. And guy. On a life. If teens Mary should absolutely be writing a book when he is 68 needs to. And god there should be at least 44 chapters. Per share for wearing her USC hires after they're done with clay of the clay held a ceremony at DuPont don't know that would now LA all my life outside dogs Baddeley goes I've made and if there's been bad stories about sergeant Lane Kiffin and LA just imagine what Kingsbury gets into. Yet he's he's doing that and love I think there's there's there's like funny tidbits we come out sometimes in the recruiting trail of like single moms that he goes in and post yet and the kids go to the school because the single mom thinks it cliff Kingsbury is hot. Yet and they like push their kids that direction with that picture he's got would like to college aged looking women and pool when he's wearing shades and he's. Raid with the assured op you dislike. That guy. And by the way I didn't know he was only 38 is only 38 years old can a Felix and Bennett taxed for is his very and then coach since 2013. How. The Antony did he got it was he was 32 or 33 winning a game that is amazing. So he's bad for five full seasons as best year was his first Yuri five you know say which you want I think Sean McVeigh had the easier out. 31 in the NFL. Okay we'll see which you are as a coach 32. In college football in a tiny town with smoke and hot women. You're not just battle in on the field body that's another guy though that nabbed at a smoke show. I'll make today yeah yeah well that's an N'sync he's the NFL his her life is centric to just football yeah. Where is Kingsbury. Yeah pretty young John domain and being a college town it's tough and a I specially attack odd in that town because you played there. Every restaurant he goes he's in there every bar ego yeah there. Like he already was a big name before now he's the head coach. And oh by the way he looks like Ryan Gosling. I think he's doing okay for himself a believable. The eyes of the Britney Spears in her prime. Not to have not crazy Britney not like bowl bring in the car isn't Golan and about their bare foot Brittany python Brittany. Like he's toxic for your love Britney and well done cliff well done OK what's yours you never give us yours. I know swipe cards is Janet so that's an easy easily go Janet it's Janet old young crime it doesn't matter it's always going to be Janet. You know one that's gonna be tough for me to get over that I always had a thing for him peak. Despite some of the stupid comments Ole. Jessica Simpson. When the when the trailer came not legitimate that he was a music video whatever for the Dukes of Hazzard movie. I know exactly what went on the national ashore is under caution do these dudes you know the that I am. Yes you're gonna you know loves it and had chicken of the sea I can look past that stuff K what color. What color your fiance is there. What colors her fiance is or your fiance is there. Well blonde Anna DIA in my wife here is as black eye when semi accurate Jessica Simpson he's he's in a family you know there's a there's something we don't look for here after. Well Doug Clifford brown and M Daniel Miller Brandon Roy evidence that any final hour of the show enterprise bribes for yes wags plums coming up. As well let's get to this though Tony Romo. He predicted all those plays correctly during the telecast to games lesser on fox he nailed album. Okay and in L a simple prediction who's got Golan to the big one this year will tell you crunch time next an example don't pressure saw another grim and I'm. Tim can reestablish a stone's get a big win all the votes whose real women need to know we're gonna go home and make sure that we take care races that are humanness you know it's. Spread stuff. I look at the hottest topic in sports right do you mind crunch fitness home where his 995 Vermont so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. Angry and so I'm Reggie back prejudice always none and he found a month so why would you ever pay more free gym membership I was not the glorious outcome. Snags all. All. Giuliani now well. I yuk it up. The car owners yeah listeners I hope you're trading like I AM for the next year and a half when Max. Renewed because this year you know that's never gonna happen and then I'm taxing out at a mile and a half at some point going to hate you know well into only assured I know that and I both the now know enough of the coast the Boston never allow that. Fly because there be no show that no I don't learn and I will never run good accounts that you worry about that's not true so I guarded and we've taken any days off together every absolutely figured out but it's not gonna happen that's way too far. No idea Indian land tournament at Sonoma. Fair enough mentally to driver no that's a terror twenty minutes to run a mile and a half the slider was the last you exercised. Yeah but it went. To run a mile and a half. Gas supply side the ballpark to about a time by itself. OK and we'll get to move final hour Damian Miller brand and rural life fun question there we don't poll question on that once wags moms. And and Charles Oakley was kicked out of a casino. If we're cheating a Montana who spigots that as well but Tony were all all he is he is the greats serum all futures in the NFL fabulous news telecast last year on CBS. And he was on the NFL network asked about who's making the Super Bowl this year we think Tony. Suspect it right now I'd probably go live I'd probably go with Green Bay vs Jacksonville I think that would be just a tentative rough guess here and in the summer months. If you're given me the exact jags signed me up for that Super Bowl jags and Packers sell yet Aaron Rodgers verses that defense I know Jalen Ramsey the pass rush. That team is fun to watch and I I wonder with played portals. If he's gonna be the reason they take a step back. Or he's gonna be the reason they can be right back where they were I think that divisions going to be tough if Watson's if Watson can stay healthy eaten Mario rounding will be is bad so he takes a step forward. And then with Andrew Luck in that I'm telling you I think that division is one of the best of all four quarterbacks. Are healthy. And that's why you wonder where is Jacksonville got to find themselves they did benefit they were good you don't want to in any way they probably should be new England and gone to Super Bowl. But they benefited no Andrew Luck no. Did Shawn Watson after five or six games. And then Mario I just didn't have a good season Tennessee was too inconsistent. The studs are there all bringing him back but it. And to duplicate what he did last year in catch everybody knew lead kinda off guard a little bit it's tough to do in the sleek. In addition party about Blake portals is. I don't know if he's ever gonna take a step I just think he is who he is I don't it's not like he had a career year and that's why they made it last year and his numbers up he had 21 touchdowns and thirteen picks anything he does that again. And see why not so I don't know why this are raising you know especially but the running threat that they have a Leonard for that they have decent targets and the defense is always gonna put him in good field position and turnovers that kind of stuff. There's no reason he can't go and have Y 113 you know if they had made an. And I and he had this season Mikey didn't 2015. Where it was 35 touchdowns and eighteen picks in your sand man. Can he duplicate that that is it that would remind me of a Cam Newton got a question of when Cam Newton won the Super Bowl that's why you know he was MVP that year any of those huge numbers. You ask yourself can they can he do this consistently. And that's a thing lake Jackson million I dot element in large stretches a last year and I certainly Blake morals is that good. Many guy couldn't do it inning and he still won a playoff game against buffalo. But he can go out there and caddie Tony touchdowns and thirteen picks that's the beauty of having a dominant defense and Leonard for net. You're going to be the next and for as bad as he was in stretches last season. They are damn near close to beaten when the majors and the AFC title game king Green Bay get. Through the NFC you know its greatest Rodgers is there is a lot of talent on that in that conference and we know the AFC's got their own. Giants but can Rodgers lead that packer team right now is currently constructed through the NFC I think so did this. I would say about both of these teams to schedule line is. In my opinion it's easy I'm in Green Bay the green Bay's Matt Japanese with the down with the AFC east. Seattle I mean you got a tough game that knowingly no doubt going to be a great sign and I game in November. But then you get a play from Miami. New York in buffalo. I mean that that if you're gonna play one of the divisions in the AFC and E*Trade at awfully annoying because that's a tough game the Miami new York and buffalo overall wins for them yet but let let's is latest retro quake I know we're kind of plane the scheduled game here a little bit but. You start October 28. You're at LAC fly from Wisconsin California. And then you fly back to Wisconsin and you go to Boston to take on the pats yeah I knew you stay home for Miami did you flight back to the West Coast in Seattle absent a strategy in your at Minnesota and that's a tough stretch that's a brutal stretch of travel and teams you play but I would say that and is easy with Arizona Atlanta Chicago and New York Jets and Detroit. It it it eases up Afro that at least a little bit of form unless Robiskie takes a step forward in Chechnya. Take an avenue never enough I do like that prediction I mean Green Bay is obviously their season was derailed lesser Aaron Rodgers went down so yes to say healthy. And Jacksonville. It's going to be a fun to you know watch because they were so close last year with a great defense and not getting much from their quarterback. Now I don't know I'll Wear the excitement factor is a peep hole of Jacksonville's in the Super Bowl. Because you have to watch Blake portals would you been excited last year it was Eagles jags Nadal. I don't think so it's it would it's fun to have new teams and fresh faces. But was anybody pulling for its holes vs Blake portals on that we wanna parity. Only to sort next. It's uneasy have a good quarterback a guy camps open in like a week I noticed regiments crazy we need to do aren't Celtics know what Greg noble we lingle people Romo will bring the heat and give our Super Bowl suitable job exactly the same suitable now for like four years in a row pats Packers had stat I don't know I've gone out Packers Steelers has been my super ball flight four years in a row I think ideally. If my team can't be involved. I really just wish one year we get Rogers pre Jimmie Rodgers again gaffes I see this is gonna be Brady's last may be. To anyone Morga one more shot out at you out one more really good season where lashing he threw 500 yards in Super Bowl was amazing and yes and they don't don't are almost as Packers and jaguars if he's taken right now as a Super Bowl. Pancake or seventy back French and has always 95 a month so why would you ever pay more free gym. Number should be to find out more about restraint in our chaotic crunch dot com lots study into any final hour of the shell. We got some wild news stories Soria a guy would no arms stab somebody and a mechanic did something that all mechanic Chanel is probably a bad idea. Charles Oakley was kicked out of a casino we can't do that we look at the slats plums. At 215 if we have time we'll get to the wasted career poll question which we did not talked about earlier in the show. But there was a video that surfaced yesterday on Twitter courteous slam. The magazine and they just did a tribute to Brandon Roy just 'cause they just felt like doing a tribute to Brandon Wright and it got us thinking and a fun question of what thirty you enjoy or did you enjoy watching more Damian Miller Brennan rival Starr at the final hour there to put a murder Sprague on 1080 the fan.