Dirt & Sprague Thursday July 12th, 2018 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, July 12th
The guys wondering how cool it is that Kylie Jenner is a Billionaire, plus they debate whether the NFL is a superior prodcut to College Football and if so is it close.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right things since 1952. And. This is dirt inspiration. To say. I. Santander Johnson and Brendan spray. In the states it's. They played this in the variables down into the durden spray guns NA VOK. I'll ride in his 1202. In the rose city it is time for dirt in spring of Portland sports leader 1080 no fan. Brand it's greater John's it. In with you on this Thursday afternoon. A school watch had a day. 94 or 95 degrees. And it doesn't matter does Kylie Jenner is a billion. And nothing matters anymore. She's ability and I like put things into perspective for you Michael and until a good about what I've accomplished in life and then you see a magazine cover PC that did you see this guy did Kylie Jenner as a billionaire so you know and Kylie Jenner of Bruce and Chris Jenner fame now lack Caitlin Jenner. I also love this somebody known for their physical appearance they just he's a picture of her face for the cover. They were like business attire and tied up hair yes so she she had a thing that went kind of viral the other day. That somebody made a comment her lips. She's she's actually the one if you watched any semblance of that show and I'm sorry but my my wife did when we were dating as she's into it a little bit she is kind of than it is once. She lives. More so than Chloe. Oh Chloe what color which is bigger. She was like cousin it Alka Alka and then she got a lot of work done and became super famous for suddenly looking like the perfect Roddy and somebody notice like the lives torn his basic I took the fellas out Scioscia live sellers and she got rid of them Haas is going on match around town match around now she's not the body and plans IDS I'm Dobson plans I bet you it was her idea to do to cover that the way they did. Where she's wearing a woman's business suit ski professional right if I'm not gonna sit here and Thong underwear and take a picture get it now that was a controversy that I noticeably really you're not gonna use a naked picture basically like you usually used for covers like this that cracked me up all soul the the tagline of self made. What do what am I missing here how is she a self made billionaire I think you can separate this so she's not in she's not entirely self made that's ridiculous of course she's not she's born into another family looks exactly the same she's not a millionaire. Right what she's born into that fame is she's she's an NC Graham model maybe at best and she's just ram random check says she's is that she's 21 years old right now. That show I think started in 05 yet I think starter when she was like eight years old. And it's a crazy and out and my math is probably off on whatever it is she was a child she was a child on that those cameras started coming in to her house and the reason they were there is because her sister did a sex tape you exactly so we self made even lower. But this is what I set about them I don't know well like I know you are Kanye fan so let's hear your high ten and mailing card ashy instead I'm not big on Condit really what it's important technique you have to acknowledge is the acknowledges part. They have done things. To continue their success and celebrity to the point where they have absolutely cashed in on bit they have capitalized. Perfectly. On indeed. There's is what you said today that the shallow ness of America right right but that's not their fault America's sodium shallow and you know right so like this. I don't like the self made any of the dom that's ridiculous but nobody else in that family is worth a billion. I think Tim is the highest valuation on that family outside our current she's worth like 300 million dollars in how is up my legs at least I see NC apparently as a make up line is a cosmetic line that's why that's that made her that made her Nash for 700 million dollars because you just said Kim is only worth 300. Will she know because yes so her sister is the other Jenner sister. She's worth like twenty. So she could she more realistically go from twenties to a billion in cash. Is nobody's gonna hit on the Tim ride nobody's reading attempting so work I guess or cosmetic like that was read a little blurb about a 'cause I saw this article might jog droplet liked she's gonna be a billionaire. The cosmetic line I guess sells out everywhere she does a great job with a social media on and I don't know it is what it is people buy that crap. At least here at least your wife grew out of that stage that's one thing up. It wasn't like you know I know I says what he does like to the trash charity TV you watch it and it's addictive television right on doubting we all enjoy are certain. Elements of reality TV I grew out of Jersey Shore idea that it ranks. If god and I used to be that way with the do you guys use it lodged at a swaggart had been used to wash the challenge shows on MTV. Never got into that was always my eggs due to guilty pleasure reality TV show the real world you I like real world started by a Vegas is probably the only Diaz is down and make a kind of grow a little bit the challenge eulogies to be fun to stupid drama that would come within minutes is a did jump the shark a little bit so you move on in your life I will say the only thing that rubs me in on the card ashy ends. And is the the toilet time when your scroll Munster Graham because if nothing else did on the toilet nowadays he dispute just kind of waste time on your phone depending how long Iran there. And so you go to like the search aspect of it there's always pictures of them that pop up and now a category for me. I can't not click. It's a guarantee click on I am I don't want said TV show in forever. My year well if I see a picture of one of them. You know because if you click the sir staying at just all the random pictures pop up and you can just kind of scroll through it there's always want a mom and I have to click it through that's my thing though is like I can understand that. You know what's their talent. Well. They can't seeing they can act. And they're just known for having cameras around them yet. But you can't say they have no talent they have no talent. No that's not true yeah I am notes now did you can't put their talent naming their talent name me any day of reality star that's been able to cash in on having to show. No idea what avenue any of those hills broads. Don't know where any of Lamar Jay Cutler is the hero she's now on TV again she where the billion dollars boom goes the dynamite under Sam and I it's not like it's the greatest skill. And I I get it like I get every thing that is. I turn off factor about that I don't know I don't know if I would I don't know about it label at a talent though she's she's making she made herself a billionaire. As are stupid. Well but that's not her fault oh were also stupid enough to watch sports so much the athletes get paid three Letterman has a contract they have as they have a skill. There are there are 300 million dollars or professional athletes OK and on the flip side of that. Younger women older women and teenagers would tell you that she has the skills she makes really Emeka. She doesn't make it. Now it's got in the lab put together the chemicals. Coming up but the compounds for some of the put on your face I just adding it's easy she asked you I won't I have let my make up to look like NASCAR and they go maker may capture that they had done and taken skill or talent. I could do that right now boy you know let's kind of close I would like let's make teachers it look like that made people go make my teacher takes a scale to keep the following and get people in convince him to buy your product. Noon. There's there's there's an aspect of salesmanship log in via that's what I'm talking but I as a skill. And how far beyond the reason that scale and but then. That they're there it's harder to sell us it is the sold golf like I do nobody wants to buy you know that's a tough one that's that's why the salesman extraordinaire is in this building give pave the way they do yeah they're make a zealots they lack a year ago at their talent is their talent as a physical parents are given that. Well that's an Atlanta yeah. Yes and now. I just I get it in sorrento noted in his cart as CNN Kanye West defender I'm not defending OJ. I'm not defending Tonya I'm not defending Kardashian I'm just simply saying this Jenner girl. Mayors of a billion dollars we at least have to acknowledge how many people have been put in front of the camera. And then you don't hear about them ever again. She can never be on TV again it was social media and I think that she is built up it doesn't matter she's made herself a billionaire and a town. I think you just Nader did I really do. All right I'll I Arnie and on and what the tech side is saying right now the better you today takes on a 55305. Let's get to what's on tap for today show. What's growing and I'm not page to be bold and McCain to be writing there's a lot of sporting an easy sale I gotta go do that this is what's on tap. Ford might pelican. Our government more and had the breach on Jenny yeah. Amazon Lauren Conrad from Ellsworth 25 million you know clothing line yeah suck on that Sprague also said I'm embarrassed and notice while we embarrass my stuff like this we love dirt we love gossip piano really go to those web site's calendar to them we shouldn't care. I'm not saying I veteran reality doesn't make or break my game now not I you couldn't care solutions. Yeah I guess. By landless. Shut the bleep up about Kardashians go engineers sounder. We'll drop in Korea. Know people care that a maker billionaire who's gonna point down now down concerned about you man need to find kind game defending cart bashing and I and my family bringing exciting Verizon business and is findings came here I guess in its run its. He also defend Neil. Realistic perspective to themselves. We gotta get one today. This writer for MM QB wrote an article about college football and NFL football. And he admits that he although he is an NFL writer. It's not even close which game is better. And I was feeling a lot of people in this region are gonna really disagree. So we'll talk about that today. There's a Minor League Baseball team that is come up with a hell of a promotion. And it's right up a lot of listeners alleys. And now I love what they're doing with it will tell you what that is we'd like a good minor league promotion he did so let's get people riled up. The responses to this promotion to promotion Seattle or hot and bothered by the us why loving it's it's perfect now they know they're gonna sell it out I also want to talk about the tee and I also ask did you get away with doing it with any other genre people. No he could yeah you could cool okay guys have got one other genre. It's too bad it's not a skill to create summing it people talk about though he. He was what are about that Tom producer wrote a really good article on SI about Mike Trout. And how nobody's paying attention enough attention to Mike Trout. And I got my two cents a Mike Trout but that led us into the vortex of wasted careers for athletes because he's. Only been the post season twice and done nothing yet Vista team this debate derailed about an hour pre show work for us it did it was front trying to tell the names who's had talent wasted. Also a two qualifiers who go into so we'll get to that at 1 o'clock cliff king's very did an interview and a couple things stood out for us that we enjoy because it is very Kliff Kingsbury like. So we'll bring that to you Tony Romo gives his Super Bowl prediction. Curious of people agree with them Brandon Roy was on a throwback Thursday video today this kind of led to another poll question actor and Sprague. Basically which player you enjoyed watching more Brandon Roy or Damian Miller. We might hop and that one we got wags plums and strong and Charles Oakley got caught cheating in Vegas he sprayed line too hard that he did and he might go to jail for 16 years old city but the not had the temptation to do it he didn't think I want some do it three different sometime or another in Vegas the last time I not get it back and watched casino a kid that did little idea when you do that you know can't do that they don't. Roger actor and spray got Peter Johnson and aberrant and Spragan will start with the article from Sports Illustrated. Which basically states. NFL and violates college football will explain more next spring with the on the fan yeah. It's all night as seen on the fan. Promoted show today. Let's get to allow our Coors Light pole questions of the day actor in Spragan add 1080 the fan brats you obviously by our friends at Coors Light. The world's most refreshing beer it's frost brewed in the mountains blue. Don't forget to download the Coors Light rewards XP app. I am almost there of getting Morgan State football tickets ruled nice and redeem in how many plays into a four points to get some of those are. Just discreet and questions. And cheered the hey hey I question our own calls for that one now and so are. So that gives us our time that was enemy behind. I saw it and then he's only joke from a coworker of ours it's okay that I did anybody does that on up entirely hourly drop my dime on the tickets for Ohio State so that. Can we got some good hot take all questions and he's gonna get people rile up I was telling dirt based on the reaction that I just got eviscerate by the way at the better you today text line and rightly so you defend of the Kardashians like today's show and I don't think we came into work thinking it it might end up being kind of a hot bakery showed it to you had say dead they do the right thing you know it's hot outside everybody's coming out there animosity built please don't do it now who have a bring back a let -- go day at this. Surge into trying to find the frozen I'm sure his players. Our. You are all questions and none of them had to do to turn as Younes what current athlete is having the prime of their career wasted the lowest by their organization. This has got people fired up for different reasons but the four options that we came up with. Mike Trout Damian Miller Larry FitzGerald there Anthony Davis them so that for different reasons people poke holes and alum but that's creating a fun discussion. I'll let players is courtesy of slam online from Putnam Brandon Roy Vila a video up they got us thinking what player did or do you enjoy. Watching more. Damian Miller to Brandon Roy. And let us that we got here at the Montgomery biscuits are holding a month lineal might promotion. That's a good name and a gradient so here's another doing millennial nights going to be a week from Saturday and giving away participation ribbons for showing up to the game. They're gonna have napping and Sophie stations for hands. And I don't have a lot of pop avocados on hand so is this are you offended it's hilarious or pretty dumb and in the last one taking your rooting interest. And allegiances out of the equation what sport is more entertaining. College football are the NFL. This one I feel like a lot of people are not going to be able to do. Because when you talk college football there's an emotional meaning for most people in our area absolutely and the NFL there's a lot of NFL fans here too but it's just different the feel. If you can take out out IE. I'd actually be stunned if you voted one way vs the other we have a little the most reactions and got on that people say there's no way you can vote one side or the other. You can't do it. Asked that means college football or has to be Deanna felt all year that's what point then take the emotions out I would be stunned if you voted for this over that and so were revisit those cores like poll questions of the day later on in the show. Let's get to this and he'd been in law is a writer for Sports Illustrated in the MM QB a longtime NFL writer. And he wrote an article. Talking about college football in the NFL title and a phone Kosovo are not the same game thanks tips that no that. But he wrote this is the rulings on the reader Oakland is from him. I realize many fans watch football mainly for the glitzy presentation they love the pageantry. A football the tradition the sense of community most people say that in this regard college beats pro. To those people I say you're right in fact it's really not that close. But there are those of us who like footballs pageantry but love its strategy. We see the game is a chess match only work every once pieces are not the same. Those pieces are not combined individual squares they move not one at a time but all once and that movement usually doesn't stop until someone scores are gets hit. From a strategic entertainment standpoint. Pro football a denial rates college football. And then goes on to give you all the reasons why. I'm not that hot take no strategy in college football hum well edit it gets annihilated by the NFL's strategy. Why panels annihilate is the right word because you you're making it seem like college football you just go snapped at you throw around and there's no game plan involved or there's no. Is strategy in terms of value poke holes in the defense I eat you lose me there is there more strategy. Involved in the NFL game to have. Probably. Is the NFL in more polished and better prop up product sure when you're talking about the best players in the world you're never gonna be able. Two would be to do that and a sport simply can't Jewell college basketball and the MBA it is it's a much different game. And I and only one to 2% of those guys that play college football gonna play in the NFL and that's why is the lead ideally. So I I understand those arguments but. I don't like downplaying the strategy that goes to college football and I think it's a unique sport where you can come off wins. And offensive style or or kind of and a way to build a program. Beckoned cut into. I guess shortcomings that you might have in the NFL to me that's a lot more difficult to do you know those programs like Alabama Ohio State Michigan Notre Dame. They have built in advantages that is always gonna keep them relevant and as long as you have a good head coach they're going to win. But in this world like college football you can find the right head coach with that did the creative enough offensive can't assist on. That recruits players to fit his system enacting cut into that kind of stuff and in the prime example this I can think of as a got a Chip Kelly in Oregon. We go back and you look at the recruiting rankings and it wasn't always a top five or top six class. You're always getting the best players in the country the highest he had was twelve right and you if you went to a national championship game would Darren Thomas who couldn't hack at the arena league you went to a Rose Bowl would Jeremiah was solely used playing in the Canadian Football League. And those are some of the guys you have leading your offense yet you still were able to be one of the best programs in the country for for a number of years there. Because you have an offensive set and you went out you sound guys to figure set and you found an advantage over other teams. And I don't know if you could do that the NFL here's a couple of the the reason. Why I'm not gonna get into deep tell why you're just gonna have to try to piece that together alt weed this out with the show projector and Sprague during the commercial break. We'll start with this one to win the field he said that's the granddaddy. Issue of mall. And I just the different sizes. Overtime format this is an interesting when this is kind of a hot take. He says this one doesn't really need explaining does it. In NFL overtime you keep playing football. In college you play red zone ball imagine if the Indians to have court only rules for its overtaxed stint my colleague Suzanne argue college football hints the overtime out of the ballpark as opposed the NFL love college football overtime. The other one feet in bounds for a catch he hates that it's one should easily be two. Length of game. Jersey numbers that was actually kind of funny to read. A number of its players on our roster. Number of teams. Career lengths. Are the reasons. And any explains each and every one of those reasons. There is sense been a article written by Andy staples a co worker is and as side college football guy. Basically disagreeing with that we in battling columns right now it was probably a fun idea by that are to ham and amen FL guy I don't like college while he says in fact. You take away him Kino on a couple NFL pre draft project players. He has watched zero conference football games the last six years zero. That's amazing to be. How can be laughable and Alex any college ball ever that doesn't make any sense I don't get that either even if you love the NFL's of Steve I'd be more sure I love the NBA right. Galaxies more in college basketball all still watched a few kings absolutely if you wanted to make his argued about argument about college sports it would be NBA or college basketball if you watch enough NBA it can make the college product just look atrocious and M in brutal. I'd I would understand that argument McCain the NBA's way better and I anybody watches college basketball and outside a March Madness. It's a lot of people don't really pay attention of the sport college football you don't have that at all yeah out so will read some thoughts what do you think about this the better needed a tax line is 553. Ole final give my thoughts. As an even law says the NFL from an entertainment strategic standpoint annihilate colleagues. Football. Was this again next the first wagon sports up. That they are a lot of vibes coming in on this line. As and even was suggest the NFL annihilate college football from a strategic standpoint. My bond one problem of why give you my opinion between those two. The problem I have with that being team. You can give me cite reasons like field size in overtime all that whenever. Like if you're talking pure strategy how much is the NFL taken from college. It's going in that direction that's for lake you're seeing more and more systems that are fitting quarterbacks to make them more ready you were seen more up tempo. You just you've seen things that college is doing for five years ago. And in the NFL now starts to implement and for five years ago they would tell you would you can't do it began getting quarterback he can't run an offense like that and now a lot of teams are gonna drag I mean hell who did Bill Belichick wanna talk to chair Chip Kelly while he was an origin how to we get a little more up tempo a lot of we don't know huddle and we speed things up and I know they run different systems is Brady can't run but rack they are very up tempos shotgun but there's been a mix and company make it a little different they make it a little doron. But I don't I don't like using that lake strategy college football uses a lot of strategy the NFL ends up adopting because they feel a Dow ease your are easier skis me. To you know get the players more adapted to the NFL life from where they were in college. But if you're talking if you can take our poll question easy and you separate the emotion. We won listen that we did as Tyler and I IC is point but I think if you take the emotion. Out of what you have for your team Washington Washington State were nor'easter whoever you take got out of it. This isn't even close competition to me it's NFL. I do I love college football I'm not gonna go his route and don't watch it I love college football I love to get to talk about college football. But when you compare you are talking about the top 1% of college football on the next level you are talking. You know you all world quarterbacks that we just. Some of the guys we didn't really see any of that in college and in some other guys eagle watch and wait and bony ends up being exactly what you thought he would be. And I just think the speed of the game the physicality. It's on another level. That's the top and it's it's kind of its exact same reason why I much prefer. NBA basketball college basketball. I know more people would probably go that route that sport for sure but it's the same reasons it's it's the top 1% of that. And that yet lettuce is in the speed all of it. Just on another level. You out of motions to a and I easily understand why so many people would prefer college but you take that out. I you know the the playoff as funder. But a for my team organ state who's probably never going to be in that conversation. Yeah if you have a five win season. Did you really enjoy that. Purses the NFL and what they give you. Want you to do that with the NFL on your team goes six and ten in the NFL do you enjoy it ideally five Leonard every other team. There's just a level of talent with every other team even the Clara is still want to I get college can lose out on I I think if your between your ass in question like does it comes down to semantics for me it if if the if your answer that question with what is a better product. Vienna tells about a product that that's as I would I would say but I think did you use the words like entertainment. What is of more entertaining product then that's when I can lean towards college football. And I think when you look at the regular season at every fan bases get in in this is not easy when you're trying to take a fan base argument out of it. But it with in college football. Every single week of the regular season has so much importance riding on it. And I think that's something that has to be out it's how do you above OK and there's a lot of programs that don't have the how many surely means does that truly apply and there's a lot of NFL teams that your your fighting for a playoff spot all year in the last 78 weeks of the season your seasons technically on the line because you can't lose a game like that and you more teams right playoff tee so even if the have a but I take up for sure of weeks you still have that shot to run the table but and that's rising did you take that invest cinematic you're just turning on a game on a Saturday every single week there are basically elimination games for the college football player. Almost every week you're gonna have a couple of -- relook there's like noble hiring team plane and hiring team but even in those kind of recently had a big upset Mac teams eliminated from the conversation. So you are taking a cinematic organs not gonna have that this year ordered states not gonna have that this year we get it. But every single week when you turn on you could see a top five team lose and have their season ended. It'll give any NFL week nine if the browns beat the patriots in the shock the NFL had that happen. The patriots are still got to go thirteen and 312 and four there's still going to be the number one seed in the AFC improbably win the AFC again this year. That's part of the college football and it's not a better product by any means but the week in and week out entertainment of what can happen the craziness decadent beckon follow that that ties in an. Little bit of form but see here's the unfortunate part is I don't think here all the way wrong dealing I would say is let's take a last season just is an example I know he doesn't happen every year. The cameras last game of the year they lost our they did and they should have been in a playoff and it didn't matter they made the playoffs anyway so. To the point of the NFL where you can losing week for to a garbage team to know how to Steve is awesome crowns. The payers are right right. Yeah that that doesn't have to derail the whole season. But in college because of how supremely talented the top half teams are. Dave most of the time can still afford a loss you have some seasons where boils down in. May get two or three teams with the one loss that are right on that edge of which teams should get it that's entertaining and fun. But Alabama's of the world have shown. Both going undefeated season and then even losing a game at probably the worst juncture of your season is my friend right still doesn't matter you'll still find a way to make it. Because you not have any reasonable hick ups. Along the way outside of two games it has very little paring. Our football and I I that's the tough part about it. It's still does out in the craziness of upsets in you don't necessarily how that aspect in the NFL. And it we I thought the day to day text line from. They did a good point of highlighting it Marie cylinder pull this. He so I can make an argument the NFL is to QB centric if you are watching a franchise quarterback play any NFL those teams' offenses can be and watchable. Mainly because the quarterbacks ineptitude. Hot and also how good NFL defense is aren't college if he does have a good system you can overcome that it's dead that's fair and I get that's a that's a product kind of thing. You did the product in the NFL still better but. There's part of that with with NFL teams if you don't have a franchise quarterback you're not gonna win. You're just not the NFL and you're not gonna be an entertaining and exciting team to lodge in your look at and almost half the league that doesn't have that in there are NFL are to be college football teams. Khalil Tate is not necessarily agree cornerback he's a great athlete right the Mark Jackson there's differing opinions and how good quarterback he's he's a phenomenal athlete. Any fits the system where you can come up with creative ways to still be competitive and still be entertaining. In the NFL if you don't pass from quarterback to throw the football efficiently and you're screwed and you are going to be boring to watch. It gives some station credit here because I I got out of the gym yesterday at the show and I turn on I turn on 1080 and I'm listening to these suits of hazard. And never thought about this to they talked about it now I think it's. I think there's more in play then maybe they gave credit in my opinion. But I did he give me a really good point. Surveil be current. Landscape. Of the NFL. How many teams don't have I meant surveys are swagger. Sixty benefit for the buzzer by the way what did you say Jimmy Gunn looks now where's the buzz is that ice is surveil surveil that whatever. How many teams in the NF. Like Netscape we should is that a surveillance how many teams in the NFL had. Would you say right now to day don't have a franchise quarterback now I know it's easy to go well or any Dalton's not one I'm with you there he's not those yeah. But the NFC east all have home. The NFC north well I'll who. I mean who Eli Manning is he's still a franchise quarterback pat Shermer who loves a bishop curry doesn't add. Armaments to count that as a franchise quarterback to quarterback they were number two they could of drafted when they and that's an and that's a different conversation and probably should have great but this is a difference though I I can identify some of these guys are not going to be long term franchise right Eli in six years will not be the quarterback put right now today. Everybody Unionists he has won. And CEC's meet the NFC north they do. My idea or putting too risky is a frantic just because he's a rookie he's a franchise quarterback. They they jumped up to draft ending that doesn't do is your franchise quarterback what do be sexist or they could Cottam. They're gonna do that. The guys give they give up on court actual time and after two or three years so you don't think the bears think dammit they conference as orderly and illegal foreign twelve this year and he looks terrible that's a big if though I'm talking about right now the way teams at quarterback position and that's it that's a different conversation now how many guys are franchise and how many teams view that they have a franchise are different is bear fan today waking up going up well to be his he's gonna suck or are they thinking man shared got your two took a huge step Franco that's probably a different. As a mixture of opinions case so NFC north to me I think all those teams they threw seven touchdowns last year wasn't great statistically he had a bad idea where they were gonna disagree on some of these islands NFC north heading all have one NFC south everybody but Tampa. And that's may be a question mark in itself because it James can come back and keep his head on straight endgame is is more franchise quarterback that your risky that's fine I think from his skill level it's hard to argue that but right now the bears are feeling good. The NFC west they just drafted rose in the rams have got the niners signed Jimmy G and Seattle has Russell Wilson. So you look just in the NFC. You'll only disagree with two. Maybe three Heathrow champ is in here this is I think visitors see what did franchise things they have him wide. They actually all are because I did not I willing as a rookie quarterback to say you have your franchise guy. The rookie quarterbacks flame out of one a sixty or not Ricky quarterbacks but drafting quarterbacks claim out of what a 60% rate in might be mean I mean I don't skies and a B and actually grade so. You can't look at okay five teams selected a quarterback in the first round they all have their franchise guy well but when you play the odds to with a five likely will wind up making it having good career is right but if you were projecting for the future Don is going back to the techsters point of quarterbacks church as enemies wrong by. If you're just looking at the NFL a lot of teens think they've either identify who that person is or they have right now an yacht and it's if you wanna play it in that regard then yes that almost every NFL team feels like they have a franchise quarterback there's probably four or five teams in the whole league that. Feel like we're probably not gonna have this but if you're asking the general NFL Shannon does dad team have their franchise quarterback and they can play around for the next say 789 years. I think you're looking at the bills don't have the dolphins don't have it to jets don't have and the ravens don't have the Bengals don't have the browns. Let's see here with the browns have basically drafted baker mayfield. I would say I would still say the giants I would say the bears' side N I you look at and hire a list of teams that are they think they have their guy they may be so confident they have their guy that they don't know that they have their guy. Right where Jim some ears or get the Josh we towns of the world he may start for the jets but you have the Joshua towns of the world. Com and Brian Hoyer for the Texans we know what that is right. We know all okay your ego and by the way we thought about that at least keep them last year when he had to come in from Minnesota. In a dim sum contract and he did Denver is kind of one of those teams is case Keenan a franchise guy or. Except right just I think it adds to this conversation the difference based on that text from listener of college is no doubt the system can overcome about quarterback. But I think the NFL. There's a lot more teams that have identified franchise guys in their opinions right now than maybe three years assured mitigated to give back to the entertaining question right how many of those teams will still be entertaining to watch -- yeah I mean the browns offense going to be entertaining me and my feeling to have their franchise guys not going to be a -- tends to watch probably not probably not our let's read some stocks the better you today tech sign on this topic and then also. Just one of the better Minor League Baseball. Ideas we've we see meanwhile we'll bring it to you next on the fan. By the way cleared up by a couple listeners had text in the side jumped into the middle of that conversation with some. I guess that senator round franchises that are in positions right now where they're not really looking for need a quarterback yup. And that the vast majority NFL's in that position he never rookie on an Internet deal don't have you know whatever that's also I think Ian did you play the blood is scenario. It how does their season ago. You know I looked like Cincinnati Cincinnati will be looking and not South Miami oh Miami laws they suck on an odd that I even some teams that feel like if I did Denver goes six and eleven. Or are five and eleven again next year. Are they just not there at the fourth overall pick they're gonna pass again on taken a quarterback my point though there charm I'm not. There's qualifiers on some of those teams that right Knight I so yeah Denver's not looking for a guy. Right they have a bad year and same thing with the giants I would put there who guiding us for a fight tails off you know they have a bad year endgame is is still a headache exec yeah what the hell let's go draft and and I've by the way bears fan. Told you to socket college did bears fans excited while the stats aren't there because of multiple factors are excited about him with a gain table last year never felt that with Cutler sure I think there's an excitement factor when you're always is minding coach and a young notre there's always excitement factor with the young guys I had my argument though is. I think and in order to be considered a franchise quarterback. You have to have three or four years of high level production. Premiere play UN that category I know I and I ice Angel is there yes like if I wonder if if trip risky again Sox this you certain and he throws eleven touchdowns and seventeen interceptions and they goal six and then I don't think they'll cut them and I think I'll start to literally texting and again next offseason saying I'm excited there on tape. We'll probably knows this stuff evaporate pretty quick in the NFL you know what he's a bears fan Jimmy Claussen got a lot Jimmy Clausen got one year in Carolina and he was so bad they got the number one pick they sent his ass out it to Cam Newton. You know what to do had a root for Rex Grossman and Super Bowl by justly Malone parents aren't that hey how about this promotion Minor League Baseball teams do this all the time we had a Jobe who died in Jacksonville which I emailed the team and they Cindy Joseph boo Bobble head. The Montgomery biscuits and think yes there are the biscuits and Tampa Bay Rays double a affiliate the biscuits are having a millennial night promotion. And and they're getting clued participation ribbons napping southeast Asians and tons of avocados. This did not sit well via Internet. As a lot of people got outraged by the people be triggered did the snowflakes to triggered by this well they did and I I was actually outraged the colonials. I'm gonna read a couple of these and I I wanna say I don't know any of these. Humans. I think some easy when did this mainly just to throw barbecue different generation and to become a junkie a taxes might he says summary of these okay. One person quote we did their promotional week. Coming early August. Boomer night. Where approval high school diploma when July high paying job and arts and crafts tables will be available freedom burned down a diary Emma of the US economy while complaining about entitlement. Another person to reading your team name is basically a brunch items of sounds like this is Mariam brand and I and I hear the biscuits somebody else that you also do a boomer night where the price of admission and all concessions are deferred to the patrons of the next three games. It's only those two generations ever get angry about something like this right. But we personally you and hire in the work and don't category I think is fights ago related to get the attention on a Minor League Baseball team that's a minor league promotions all right well that's I think this is I caught and that's why the Portland pickles are named to the Portland tackles right you didn't eagle at some random and generic sports namely it's kind of funny look we put on a happened people talk about it let's go to nickel on there. And makes it funny people they get offended by this kind of stuff cracked me up just go enjoy it is there anything and we can't get offended by anymore. I did we just we are just looking for things to be angry about although I will say. In defense of some of those arguments. Could you get away with doing this against another generation. Could de group could they realistically have a baby baby boomer night. Promotion making fun of baby boomers why would hope you could. I don't think you could YE 'cause I think those people get offended by it too but that's my point who cares who gets offended by it. This is generated more conversation then I'd bet you they thought would happen and it's been picked up by every blog that shows dumb shows like ours are talking about it yeah. Don't cancel it keep it going well here's the beauty of it. People outraged are the ones that get on the Internet and type with their little digits in the net do nothing else. A lot of other people probably think this is hilarious sure I gonna show up and actually go to the southeast Asian. Eat it and I'm a Colorado and post a picture of their participation read and I got a ribbon for go to the game tonight exactly. It. I did this I I'm wondering how many would every generation though get offended by their generation being made fun of because I think it's easy to poke it millennial is not doing it right now the people to get offended by it. But I think indeed did this for almost any other generation I think there's still people to get offended by it I think it's only boomers. What's that what's image in boomers and who millennial that would be me I think words generation Exxon gas guzzlers they made fun of tied and some bad hair or no less and watched Jack is like Laurie and so music night what else did you guys have gone for you gen X or CL. Well yeah I think there's gen X as a get offended by that. By the limo when Il's 1981. So some you out there on your high horse could you might be just a couple years older than us they can funnel ideals you do sir are millennial sorry born 1981 hour after I in label it. Mean what is a one bill for what is ago known not FR I think it's 81 to like 97. Okay. Which at a sixteen years span just stupid I've argued this many a time on the show on people got really upset at me one time when I did that we should suit that generation should not be that spread out why not this is a guy ever really offended but that's the definition as it shouldn't be you should have sixteen years spinning a generation so what do born in 1997 is beaten in no way shape perform like somebody born in 1981 almighty god don't 81 person's probably aren't exactly. Adamant sixteen. This is a really good point why not do a combo night with more when he was in boomers okay because. Boomers were part of the problem of handing out blue ribbons right like millennial was defend themselves their own ribbons as well another I would probably more gen X or is given the ribbons and I don't think any grandparents soon did you relate and that's got to go point. A lot of people fall for all these generation I didn't give myself the seventh place trying to clear Morant cutting generation we're of the big first Wall Street explosions of it would be O'Leary's if you walked into this promotional night and you instantly racked up 20000 dollar in debt for deciding to do it because he thought it would that a life. I can identify without part. Nikhil JR. We have a load it the second hour a lot of things to get to me and ruin somebody's day was born in 1981 by the way if I'm sorry I talk to you just ruined my day and it ruined my day when I found out I was a millennia I didn't think I was either and then we looked at the years in that -- in their all right we have alerted second hour will get to it with the Tom -- the article are we not appreciating Mike Trout enough he seems to think so. And it might lead us on a path of waste careers in pro sports all that is next during spring back with more on Portland sports leader 1080 defeat.