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Recruiting with Andrew Nemec
Thursday, July 12th
Brandon joins Nemec to talk national recruiting!

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On this show I really try you see here local prospects aren't we definitely talk about the dots to talk about the beavers we talk about Oregon high school sports but what I wanna go national. The absolute best guy in my opinion to do that with is 24/7 sports recruiting editor Brandon company joins the show now. 24/7 just came out with their rankings how much is that a labor eleven how how difficult is it to kind of spice that up to sort that out. Are you know it always the most on day and that bought a year we come on you know Twitter all so her Iggy you're very understanding. You can imagine the technically in direct messages are always weak bat it could point. Idea I do organ rankings and knows can be a nightmare and those aren't even that hard off and it's pretty clear cut is just super fans of a certain player they get mad I can't imagine. Nationally trying to decide averages 85 or 91. I don't know how I don't even know how you can slice that out. What little weight one of the things I was wondering about is already kind of tiered with the star rating. Have you guys ever done kind of a deep dive breakdown where you kind of tear it can say. This tier of guys this kind of in their own grouping. Among the four stars where you where you kind of break it up a little more specifically do you do anything like debtors that just. Too much splitting hairs at that point. In fact between Burton Tony or certain lots all that that's been one of the heat that 20% really did I don't. Will be able to really discouraged by what I've worked somewhat low forced or led by region it. Of course everybody. Could be a good score I'd be. Well I'd settlement of course aren't you forced that'd be equally you've been to seven. And it got bad Enbridge is rated speed is the night. Even look at the scene about sparse next there'd be so quick your pal. Eagle the cream of the crop really hit the heat and and you look at that are under. I'd better bet you we want to. Generation. That you gave up. I'd push on you very types bet I bet you really eat at separate themselves from other guys didn't read it. Well of course are. Look at it today. To guide you organ prospects that that took a little heat and I just got a little he dropped a little bit. Sean dollars originally are rigid you know a couple weeks ago was the number one all purpose back in the country drop the number five in the Jeremiah Kordell. Drops over a hundred spots in the latest rankings. Assaults on those players in general to meet. There's still are who they are on film they're still Forestar prospects they're talented I think. Sometimes people get too bogged down in now but why did they drop and and what you expect from them in Eugene. Well I think it would want to get people forget when I go up other guys. All that they need every eight and drop you because you don't beat Al. It got at least art is that would be K but what happens is we do you eat eat and will be part of street didn't eat it shortly after signing date February diluted marched in the four months or that would have got a chant now. Eat more and more I'd urge you to see other guys. They already get it out Jack's. What idiot yet he's now being debt. Our record spot into the top 12147. You know because she did and at least look back into Bob. Well the guys that can. Other guys art what is it they're so that happened in it that could help. Kick the ball about August and questions about it it. Bead or seven I doubt it it's opening at the open final yeah Crisco. So that kind of speed you want Ecolab. More machine at the back to may not that you meet people that we're in it would be. Forced stove you heat the building. In fact at organ but there's other guys at least the gonna make it bigger impact whatever school they ultimately end up. And may is sure there was a guy who potentially was was almost a five star prospect obviously he he suffered an injury and that kind of hurt his rising stock. Or winning healthy. Was he potentially was he in that category guy who could have added a fifth star and and even with that injury how do you guys manage that where. You know obviously you're not gonna see on quite the same degree you'd see a healthy guy who maybe is in the top hundred how do you how do you deal with that. Well there are questions technique you know ACL injuries are treated people need to eight in the Big Dig work and years and a bit. Your attitude badly need to see years and you wonder it ever going to be. The player wants what he bet that's the marble marker senators need a lot more guys recover quicker and become just the fact that they were before. He indicate that he will position to potentially move and iron eight eat when you get in a war bent over the course of the screen in the summer and then an age like you'll be much like L or the net eat we eat. Mixed in in the treaty Likud. Emerge in law you only are we. Outlet but the UN does on a big social a little bit at that she let that he would but it is still bad it still help. Now you can bulk awake and indeed only LP you know what orca the young. Or he can back it. That would shape and our need for it if you don't. It would be a it still eat yet but looking beat him. Extremely talented. Football player yeah injury that packed yet these are probably keep him from movies out because pocketed the bodies were watched quite. That didn't equipment that excellent phenomenal player that would help the is among the sideline you're in the country. Which 1247 sports national recruiting editor Brendan Hoffman. I was so excited to see Giles Jackson I've got him on the show. I wrote about him and did that I never create a photo gallery Machida doesn't have offers for more in Oregon State and I created a photo gallery of me was like one of my favorite prospect. Early in the year it's exciting to see him rise up he's got a final four that includes organ and organ state. What do you like about Giles Jackson and if you had to pick right now where he say he commits. You know you can look at it until he argued that he or equal coming up a little bit of the Michigan. Official visit from a couple of weeks go by. Light mission it Britain genuine. Egypt in Michigan out of it a lot about countries we. Should we wanted to get air in the speed of about 78 it. Is already admitted addition he would. But ultimately 08 that the draw it could be him. You've always got. Well yeah well he could get. Lot of people in the arc and he went out of that it was the best that I in May he knew the actual global player. It would organ made that First Act all bought that are. Howard I bought for the significant obviously it's not PG AMP leak it's been quite a few players portable computers. But he also grew up within the UEE group. Watching Hewitt you know he he. Be utilized. It. Ultimately come down to USC mortgage. 100% out it had to leave school at stake the sit it. EU being recruited. Back which is what we want clay he took over karate Gregory junior is now at eight and a lot. Last year at the press in before that big was at school so. All the good morning back in his heart he wants to be ready when you watch him intrude on city lot. You bet he'd he'd liked so well in a buck you'd. Organs you are equal are in the opportunity to be multi purpose and it all purpose. You've really truly a bit compatible schools. Kane Brent and fill in the blanks organs next commitment will be blank. And he brings blank to the table. Let me it would be a picnic junior. But his luck Kyle or has written receiver I know I said I'm an immediate that we. Recruiting to eat that I actually like a football player bite it it just about as much as outwardly he but he is seven or even bill. Big Brother has been arguing here is he did beat that bad actual height the week that Michael. Who did acting like it better oh. Oh well there then go lucky little parakeet used I would really become all the company to US yup next couple years. We got it sells well but I love it. On route open that he's got a lot of dog eat that much which is between or why he did so much injured in a wedge I would. Adds to. And I eat that he probably conducting an organ. That they. Wanted to hear for all on your football players in this land it. Ellis is gonna summary shall find he's the best in the business that's why we among the shell. 24/7. Sports national recruiting editor for an announcement sprint and where can fans find your work that one region more frequently. Love what I ordered it and although there ain't gonna. Led you to all day and echoed territory I did read our on tweet or send sports dot com.